Harem Sisters Pt. 16

tagIncest/TabooHarem Sisters Pt. 16

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Chapter 46
The woman who sat across from me was a familiar sight, yet she was also strange for me to gaze upon. Her red hair, green eyes—framed by glasses—and cute freckles that dusted her nose and cheeks was once a welcome and loving sight. But now it felt like I was looking at a stranger. It hadn't been a great deal of time since I'd seen her last, but it felt like a lifetime since I was the man who'd fled Melbourne in the wake of our breakup.
Madison and I sat at the dining table in my parents' apartment. Just the two of us. Hayley,
Tori and my mother had excused themselves almost as soon as I'd come home. I could tell Hayley and Tori had wanted to stick around—probably to chew Madison out—but my mother had insisted they go out for a spot of shopping. Now I sat here, alone, with Madison.
"You're looking great these days," Madison said after a long stretch of silence.
"Thank you," I replied. "You look nice too."
My words were true, but more from a polite perspective. I didn't hate Madison or hold any ill-will towards her—like my women did—I just didn't feel anything towards her at all. She was a part of my life that ended as soon as I returned home. I wasn't even the same Jason anymore.
"So…was that your girlfriend?" Madison asked after several seconds of silence had passed.
"She is," I replied, knowing she was referring to Hayley.
"I see," she said, looking down at her hands on the table.
My girls and I had agreed to keep it simple when telling people about the relationships. It was clear to everyone that Hayley and I were together—since she was pregnant with my child—so until any further developments arose, that was the narrative. I felt it wasn't fair to the others for Hayley and me to openly be together, but none of them seemed bothered by the decision.
"She is quite pretty," Madison added.
"What are you here for, Madison?" I asked, getting to the point. I'd been screening her calls for some time and ignoring her messages in hopes she'd get the hint.
"I know I fucked up, Jason. I really do," she began. "I wish I could go back and stop myself from making those mistakes and pushing you away. I know I can't make it right now, but I just needed to see you and tell you I still love you, and care about you."
Madison didn't make eye contact with me at all during her short speech. She was obviously anxious and upset. I actually felt sorry for her. It must have taken a tremendous amount of courage for her to even consider coming all this way to confront me—something I never would have done. Well, the old me anyway.
"But…" I sighed. "What do you want? You can't just waltz back into my life and expect me to drop everything for you."
"I don't want you too. I understand you've moved on, but I couldn't move on with how we left things," she exclaimed. "I just want to be part of your life again. Even if we're just friends."
Madison and I had been quite good friends. We'd had a lot in common when it came to gaming and movie choices. I genuinely did enjoy the times we'd hung out together. Maybe hooking up was a mistake for us, but it didn't mean I had to let that mistake dictate where we went with our friendship. I'd just have to tread carefully around the subject of Tori and myself.
"Okay," I said after a minute of thinking.
"Okay?" she asked with surprise clear on her face.
"Let's put all that behind us and move forward," I said. "As friends."
"I'd love that," she smiled. "I promise I won't try to get between you and your girlfriend."
"And I promise I'll keep her from being too mean to you," I chuckled. "Hayley has a mean resting bitch face, but she is lovely once you get to know her."
"I bet she is," Madison smiled. "Anyway. I have taken up enough of your time today. I'll be in town for another week. I'd like it if we could catch up before I go."
"Sounds good. I promise I'll answer your call next time," I smiled.
I walked Madison to the elevator, and we rode the lift to the lobby in a comfortable silence and I used the time to check my phone. Three messages. I quickly skimmed over the first message from Vicky.
Hey stud. Heard your old flames back in town. Hayley's a bit pissed, but I trust you, babe. Come see me soon. Xxx
P.s Liz had been moody. I think she needs some of your magic cock.
I chuckled and shook my head at Vicky's text message. To be honest, it was quite tame for the blonde bombshell. Usually she would include a cute selfie, scantily clad erotic pose, or a mixture of both. Then I checked the second message, from Liz.
Miss you xoxo.
The message was short and simple. But the image that came with it was definitely not.
The photo was clearly of the twins together, although they'd cropped the majority of their faces out. Leaving only their mouths and jawlines visible in a kiss. The girls were kneeling on the bed together. Liz's pale, athletic body contrasted strongly against Vicky's tanned curves. Both girls were completely naked, and the flow of their long hair down their naked bodies was incredibly arousing. The position of their pose covered all the hot zones of their bodies, while still maintaining a highly erotic image.
I smiled as I closed the message, making a mental note to visit the twins as soon as possible. I checked the third message from Hayley and sighed at the wall of text from my beautiful lover.
Jason. I'm sorry for how I acted at the news of your ex being here. It was uncalled for. I'd always expected her to show up some day and try to win you back, but it still caught me off guard. I've been so happy with you these last few months, and I do not want that to go away. No matter what decision you make regarding Madison, I'll stand by you. I'll even try to be friendly with her if she is to stick around. I realize I'm babbling quite a bit, but I had to get this all off my chest.
I love you, Jason. With all my heart. We all do.
P.S I think your mother has a plan to deal with your father. She won't tell me what it is though.
I recalled Hayley being silently furious as I drove back to the apartment. She hadn't said much, but I had gotten to know the curly-haired brunette well enough to know when she was simmering. Although, I hadn't realized she felt so strongly about Madison. I remembered a discussion we had shortly after we became lovers, and how she didn't want me to leave. But I just didn't think that much of it. Hayley was incredible—all of my women were—and she oozed confidence. It was easy to forget that she too could feel insecurities like anyone else.
"Is everything okay?" Madison asked as the elevator stopped at the bottom floor.
"Yeah," I smiled. "Everything is great."
Madison gave me a smile and nod before stepping out of the lift. Only she yelped and stumbled back. I caught Madison in my arms and steadied her as Ash—the cute redhead who just moved into the building—stumbled back and fell on her ass. She looked up at Madison and I with a shocked expression.
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry!" Ash exclaimed, jumping to her feet.
I steadied Madison and let my arms fall away from her before stepping out of the elevator.
"We have to stop meeting like this, Ash," I chuckled.
Ash blushed, then looked from Madison to me with a puzzled frown. She'd seen me with Natalie the first time we had met, and probably thought she was my girlfriend. Seeing me with Madison now probably gave her the opinion I was one of those guys. It was an easy enough mistake to make without knowing my situation. Thankfully, Madison stepped in and stopped any confusion.
"I'm Madison," she said, extending her hand. "Jason and I are old friends."
"Ash," the other redhead replied, taking her hand. "I've just moved in and only met Jason recently."
"Pleasure to meet you, Ash," Madison smiled.
The two seemed to share a moment, and I suddenly felt like a third wheel standing there.
They both snapped out of it almost at the same time, and I actually saw Ash blush a little. Madison had a small smile plastered on her face.
"I better get going. It was nice to meet you," Ash said, looking down at her feet shyly.
Ash darted past Madison and me and into the elevator, glancing over her shoulder at the last second as the doors were closing.
"What was that all about?" I asked with a cocked eyebrow.
"What?" Madison said, blushing.
"You're blushing as brightly as your hair," I laughed.
"Shut up," she giggled, slapping my shoulder. "You're such a dick."
"It's part of my charm," I smiled.
I escorted Madison out of the apartment to her rental car where we shared a friendly hug before she departed. It actually felt great to have sorted things out with her. We did get along quite well—we had a lot of common interests—so maybe being friends would be a good thing. It would obviously take some time for my women to accept it totally, but they would. If Madison had a thing for girls, maybe I could set her up with Ash. I'm sure there were sparks flying between the two redheads when they met, and it would be nice to see Madison happy with someone. Even if Ash was a little strange at times.
Alone once again, I decided it was time to visit my twin lovers and see how they were doing. I probably should call first, but I wanted to surprise them.
A short drive later I was parking out the front of the house where Vicky and Liz lived with their mother. I still hadn't met their mother, so this could be awkward. Before heading up to the front door I sent a text message to both Tori and Hayley to fill them in on the details of my meeting with Madison, and to let them know I went to see the twins. Knowing my women well, they were probably glued to their phones, waiting to hear from me. Replies came almost instantly from both. Tori sent me a simple 'Okay, Jace. See you at home tonight'. Whilst Hayley replied with 'Thank you, Jason. I'm going to be with Lucy tonight, but I'll see you tomorrow.' I wasn't too sure the meaning behind her being with Lucy, but it gave me a nice mental image.
I climbed the three steps outside the twins home and knocked on the front door. There was no reply for several seconds, then I heard footsteps from inside as if someone were running for the door. The front door had a coloured glass panel up one side that you could see through, but everyone on the other side was warped beyond recognition. But I did see a figure stop about a metre away from the front door, then calmly walk forward. A second later, the door opened, and I was greeted by the surprised—and smiling—face of Liz. She opened the door further when she saw it was me, and I took her in her enticing figure. She wore a long white t-shirt that barely covered her pubis.
"Oh my god!" she beamed. "I wasn't expecting you."
"That's kind of the point of a surprise," I winked. "Vicky home too?"
"Yeah. We were…" Liz blushed.
"I guessed. Is she still in the bedroom?" I asked.
"Yeah. We decided best if we act like she was either asleep or out," she replied.
"Good. I have a plan," I winked at my redhead girlfriend.
Liz's smile widened as I explained my plan to her, and she eagerly agreed to do as I asked. I followed my red-haired lover into the house, making sure to keep quiet so Vicky didn't know I was here. I got a fantastic view of her butt-cheeks peeking out from under her shirt as she walked ahead of me. Liz led me to Vicky's bedroom door and turned to face me. She had a mischievous grin on her face that told me exactly what she wanted. My hands encircled her thin waist as I pulled her into a kiss. Her body melted into mine as our tongues danced, and she moaned softly into my mouth as my hands kneaded her firm ass cheeks. After several seconds, we separated, and I smiled at a flushing Liz.
"I needed that," she whispered.
"So did I," I replied quietly.
Liz flashed me a beautiful smile, then turned to the closed door. I stepped to the side of the door as she opened it and slipped in. As instructed, she left the door open slightly.
"Who was that?" I heard Vicky ask.
"Just some guy trying to sell stuff. I sent him away," Lis replied.
"Good. Now get over here," I heard Vicky say eagerly.
The sounds of moans signalled the girls kissing, and I chanced a peek through the open door.
Vicky had her back to the door as she started stripping her sister of the t-shirt she wore. As I expected, my lover hadn't been wearing a stitch of clothing under it. My eyes drank in her athletic figure. From the definition of her abdominals, the lines of her hip bones and the bare pubis between her legs all the way up to her perky breasts and rock-hard nipples. Her blonde sister was as naked as she was and had been positioned so her juicy ass was pointed directly at me. Her vagina's entrance greeted me like a long-lost lover, and I licked my lips at the sight of moisture across her labia.
"It's your turn V," I heard Liz say.
Vicky giggled, then she dipped her face down low as Liz opened her long legs. Vicky wasted no time as she dove into her twin's pussy. Liz raked her long fingers through Vicky's messy blonde hair as she locked eyes with me. The moan she let out nearly made my dick burst through my pants.
"You're so good at that," Liz moaned. "Only thing that could make this better is if we had Jason's big cock here."
Vicky moaned from between her sisters thighs at the mention of my name.
"Does the thought of Jason's cock make you horny?" Liz asked.
"You know it does," Vicky replied, coming up for air. "I wish he could fuck me right now while I enjoy your pussy."
"That would be so hot to see," Lis replied.
She was putting on a show for me, and it was a surprise that Vicky hadn't caught on to the act. She was a wonderful, beautiful and caring person. But even she admitted that she fell into the 'dumb blonde' category most of the time. I loved her for it though.
Vicky went back to pleasuring her sister. I slowly slipped into the room and started removing my clothing as quietly as possible. I didn't want to ruin the surprise. Liz bit her bottom lip as she watched me get naked, and her eyes dropped to my painfully erect cock as he sprang free, pointing at Vicky's ass like a heat seeking missile. I gave myself a dozen strokes as I admired the view, then padded across the room slowly to get into position.
"That's it! Right there!" Liz moaned, pulling her sister's face into her cunt. Vicky wrapped her arms around her siblings thighs as she allowed herself to be pulled in tighter, and I could hear her slurping and sucking. "Now."
I stepped up to the edge of the bed and aimed my cock at Vicky's waiting pussy and ran the tip along her wet slit. Vicky jerked her hips forward slightly and tried to raise her head. Although Liz held a firm grip on Vicky's hair, and kept her siblings head between her legs. My blonde lover must have caught on to what was happening. When I placed a hand on her hip and guided my cock into her vagina again, she pushed her hips back, taking me inside her willingly. I placed my other hand on the small of her back as I sheathed myself inside her completely.
"Does his cock feel good, V?" Liz cooed to her sister. Vicky's reply was muffled since she was still devouring the redhead's pussy.
I pumped my hips slowly at first. Relishing in the warm, slick feeling of her pussy. The walls of her vagina gripped my shaft as if trying to milk me for everything I was worth, even before I started. I gave Vicky's plump ass a solid slap, gripped her hips firmly to hold her in place, then started pounding her.
I knew Vicky loved it rough, so I skipped the slow, teasing motions and started hammering my cock into her with such intensity that after a few minutes I felt like I'd run a two-hundred metre sprint that continued into a marathon. Her juicy butt bounced each time my hips slammed into her, and I heard gasps, yelps and moans drifting up from between Liz's legs. Liz was staring intently at me as I impaled her twin sister again and again, and I knew she was looking forward to going next. But she would have to wait her turn.
"Oh my fucking god!" Vicky moaned, finally coming up from between Liz's legs.
"Is he fucking you good?" Liz asked, flushed and breathing as deeply as her sister.
"Mmmhmm," Vicky moaned.
Without missing a stride, I reached over and gripped a fistful of Vicky's hair, and wrapped it around my fist. I pulled back hard enough to give her the hint of what I wanted. She lifted her upper body off the bed and supported herself with her arms. From this position she was able to slam her hips back into me with each thrust, creating a much more audible 'Smack' each time I thrust into her.
Liz moved to kneel on the bed and shuffled closer to her sister. The two shared a long, hungry kiss as I continued ploughing the sexy blonde from behind. Liz fondled her sister's huge tits and kissed up and down her neck, and down her chest. She disappeared from sight for a moment, but then I felt the unmistakable feeling of her tongue lapping at my balls. Liz had dropped onto her back and crawled under Vicky and me like a mechanic working on a car. Only instead of changing oil, she was greedily lapping at the joined sex of Vicky and me. The feel of her luscious lips around one of my balls had the desired effect. Before I could even think to slow down, I was painting Vicky's insides with a massive load of cum. I slammed into her hard enough to force her forward, and I went with her. Hand still gripping her hair tightly.
"Holy shit," I breathed heavily. "Sorry about that."
I'd broken my fall by placing a hand on the bed beside Vicky, but there was no way I could will my body to move as my balls continued to dump its entire contents—and more—into the blonde sex-goddess's willing pussy.
"You…don't," Vicky gasped. "Have to apologize for…for fucking me."
It sounded like she wanted to say more, but she trailed off with a series of moans and groans as I shifted my weight on top of her. My cock pulsed a few more times, sending more of my sperm flooding into her already overflowing vagina. It was like my testicles knew what I needed from them and worked overtime to give me what I needed. And what my women needed.
"Or me," Liz added.
Slowly—and regretfully—I slipped my still hard cock out of Vicky and watched my gooey seed spill out. Liz was there in a heartbeat, creating a vacuum seal around her sister's pussy as she began lapping at my cream with the enthusiasm of an alcoholic getting his first beer for the day. The sight was incredibly arousing, and I felt my little dude twitch once more, as if saying, 'Let me join the party again. I'm not done.'
My penis was coated in a cocktail of Vicky's juices and my own sperm, a cocktail that Liz eagerly cleaned up for me when I brought my erection to her lips. She licked along the sides, took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around my glans. I pumped my dick down her throat for a minute or two before pulling out. The redhead pouted a little and opened her mouth again for me, but I gave her a wink and moved around the bed.

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