Harry, Ila and the H.S. Reunion

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tagGroup SexHarry, Ila and the H.S. Reunion

Mistress Ila was feeling horny so she asked for my dirtiest fantasy. This is what I came up with on the fly. It's short and mostly to the point.
I take you to my next class reunion. My former classmates are amazed and wondering how a nobody like me is with someone as beautiful as you. As more drinks are had, some of the men ask me how I got with you while I'm taking a leak.
I let them know you're just a very open woman and if they'd like they could probably get with you too.
After the official reunion, there's an afterparty at a farm and I ask if you'd be interested in some extra fun. You, of course, are ALWAYS interested in some extra fun.
We dance a little, but I've always been awkward about dancing in public so I pass you off to Steve. He's tall, and while he's not quite as lanky as he was in high school, he's certainly not fat.
You dance normal for a bit, but then you start grinding on him. He shoots me a questioning look and I give him my nod of approval.
Steve starts feeling you up on the outside of your shirt. You took your bra and panties off in the car on the way to the afterparty. Your nipples have always been sensitive. He massages them and you purr like a cat in heat because I suppose you are.
The other people in the room aren't quite sure what to make of it, but it's mostly men and why would they complain?
Another couple takes this as a hint that it's ok if they turn up the heat as well. Being as busy as they are with three kids it's been a long time since Will and Andrea have had a chance to truly get frisky like they used to.
You bend over and it's clearly visible that you have nothing on under your skirt. You take Steve's hand and make light spanking motions with it. He gets the hint. He lightly slaps your ass, but you shake your head at him. "Harder," you mouth to him. So he gives you want you want. A solid smack on the ass! And then another, and another. You grin.
Sean walks up and gives Steve a look that says "my turn". You dance up on him, face to face, and you lift one leg up to curl around his body. You're leaving a wet spot on his pants as you grind your bare pussy against him.
Andrea shocks everyone by taking off her shirt. She doesn't have the body she had 30 years earlier, but who does? She does have massive tits though that look wonderful in her push up bra.
Now you're dancing with Dale and his wife, Susan. Unbeknownst to anyone there, they've been a part of the Lifestyle for years and can see where this party is going.
Dale is grinding against you from behind while you make out with his wife. She pulls your shirt off and tosses it to me. You're exposed to everyone and no one is complaining so it continues.
Dale bends you over the pool table, and unzips his jeans. They slide down to his ankles while his wife starts to blow him and he fingers your wet cunny.
Mindy didn't actually graduate with us; her family moved a couple years before graduation, but she decided to come to this reunion and she's glad that she did. While going to college in Europe she had her mind opened at similar parties, but it's been years since she'd been at one.
By now Dale is fucking you while Susan has climbed on top of the pool table and offered to your mouth, her cunt. She has her hand on your head, keeping you in place as you probe her with your tongue. Dale finishes inside you. You lift your head up enough to grunt out one desperate word, "More!"
So Steve enters you now, and then when he finishes, it's Sean's turn.
After Sean, Mindy decides to get a taste. She has excellent technique. Using her lips, tongue and fingers all to your satisfaction. She decides to test some other boundaries; she's really glad that her career as an archaeologist helps keep her nails trimmed.
While fingering your pussy she starts eating your peachy ass. She already has three fingers in you; what about four? You really start fucking her hand now. Then she slides her slender feminine thumb in your ass using only spit for lube. You take your mouth off of Susan's pussy as you shudder through a powerful orgasm.
I'm starting to feel like it's my turn now. I stand you up and you share the taste of pussy with me. She doesn't taste as good as you, but it's still not bad.
I turn you around, and then I lay us both down on the floor with you on top. By now the crowd watching is about 20 people; almost all my former classmates, almost all men. You giggle with excitement. You love the attention.
I slide into your pussy, my favorite pussy and hold you close. Mindy starts fingering your ass again, trying to create a sort of lube from your natural pussy juices and her spit. One of the women in the crowd, I'm not sure who, hands her some lube. Mindy puts it to good use with two fingers in your ass while you're fucking me, but it's not enough for you.
Will, who I assume has gotten permission from Andrea, crouches behind you and slowly enters your ass. You love it! You love being DPd. You love being a fuck toy. Then there's a dick in your face so you suck it. You are in Heaven. After that dick spasms on your tongue, there's another and another.
After Will cums in your ass, Mindy pushes you up so she can sit on my face. This is wonderful for me. I've had a crush on her since the 4th grade. I suppose it's never too late.
As I'm exploring her folds with my tongue, she's laying back against you while you're still fucking me. You're caressing her body and kissing her neck as we bring her to orgasm together.
By now I'm ready so I cum inside you like everyone else has. And then there's another dick in your pussy. And in your ass. And your mouth.
At some point, even Andrea who had never even kissed a girl, let you eat her out at the encouragement of the crowd. And of course you tasted Mindy.
In the end, you had sexual contact with at least 10 individuals, maybe up to 15. Thoroughly used, and covered in and leaking fluid, I gently carry you to our car. I lay a towel down on the seat and drive to our hotel room.
I draw a bubble bath for you. I light some aromatic candles. I put on Enya. And I gently clean your body as you relax. It's almost dawn; I don't think we're going to make checkout on time, but that's OK.
After towel drying you off, I lay you down in bed and with scented lotions I massage your feet, your calves, up your legs, and your back. You're almost asleep by now so I quickly lay down beside you and let you drift off in my arms.

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