Haunting of Palmer Mansion Pt. 19

tagIncest/TabooHaunting of Palmer Mansion Pt. 19

This will make more sense if you read the earlier parts. Don't worry, they're fun, action packed, and build the tension. Read them first! Also, all characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older. Enjoy.
"Wow, Mom. I missed your tits so much." Daniel looked down at Julie from the edge of his bed where he sat. His puppy dog eyes were filled with adoration.
"Gosh, Danny." Julie pressed her breasts firmly together around her son's penis and moved them up and down with steady rhythm. "First, don't call them tits, okay?"
"You just said … tits, Mom." Daniel smiled. "That's … ugh … so hot."
"And secondly, we did it this morning. How can you miss me so much already?" Julie smiled back at her overeager son. It really was flattering how much he loved her attention.
"I'll tell you about that … later. Right now … I'm about to cum." Daniel leaned back. This was heaven.
"Okay, go ahead, pumpkin." Julie released her tits and lowered her mouth to his dick.
"No … I wanna cum … all over you."
Julie spit him out with a plop. "Really?" She took his long penis in both hands and stroked up and down. "I don't know about the mess, Danny." Her lips parted as she looked down at that bloated, purplish head. She was so used to taking his seed in one of her three holes, he hadn't sprayed her in a while.
"Please … Mom?" Daniel was close. He'd loved every orgasm he'd had with Erin, but there was no substitute for a mother's love.
"Well, okay. If you really want it that badly, mister. Give me your sperm." Julie worked him with her hands faster, his thing slick with her saliva.
"Tell me … to give you … my cum."
Julie paused. She'd said tits, even though it was accidental. She'd started saying pussy. And now she was about to say cum. She was talking like a crude teenager. But Daniel seemed to like it. She took a deep breath. "Give me your cum, Danny. Cover me in your hot stuff."
"Yeeesssss … Moooommmmmmm." Daniel grunted and let go. His thick cum launched up onto Julie's face, into her hair, and landed on her boobs. It also splattered on the floor all around her.
"Oh, my." Julie closed her eyes and let Daniel's eighteen-year-old penis do its thing. She was a canvas as Daniel perfected his masterpiece. When he finished, Julie wiped the cum from her eyes and looked up at him. "There now, I should probably shower off and get back to your father. He's working on that same leaky valve down in the basement."
"That … same … valve?" Daniel let his dreamy smile widen. "Dad is such … a dummy." Daniel looked down at the wedding ring on his mom's finger. Her hands still held his hard cock. Cum dripped down over the diamonds. "The house … is messing with him. He's a sucker, Mom."
"Be respectful of your father, Daniel." Julie tried to sound stern, but she squeaked a little as the penis lurched in her hands. Despite herself, she pumped him again slowly.
"But he is a dummy, Mom." Daniel pulled her onto his lap. "He's the one who wanted to buy this house, right?"
"Yes." She willingly straddled him, her heavy, cum-soaked tits jiggling as she moved. Without thinking, she guided him into her pussy. "Oh, gosh." Her body quivered as he hit some hidden place deep inside her.
"He even saw my dick, Mom. The whole family saw how big it was, but he didn't protect you from it." He gripped the soft flesh around her hips and bounced her on his dick. "He's either stupid, or he wanted me to have you. He should have known. You said the seller even warned you guys about the house, right?"
"Yes. A … warning. Oh, gosh." Julie wondered what her womanly body looked like shaking on top of her young man. She'd have to ask him to make another video sometime. "But … it's not … your father's fault."
"He's a dummy, Mom." Daniel was emboldened by his time with Erin. He'd seen how willing she'd been to literally throw her wedding ring away. "I mean, I like my dad. But he's oblivious. How many times have you slept next to him with my cum inside you?"
"Many … many times." Julie's orgasm built inside her.
"His wife's sleeping with his son right under his nose." Daniel slapped playfully at one of her hanging boobs. There was a wet, smacking sound as he hit some of the dripping cum. "Say he's a dummy, Mom."
"Oh, gosh … gosh … gosh … your father … is a … dummy … Danny. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh." Her hips rocked wildly, and she came all over her son's mighty penis. She dug her fingers into his meager chest.
"Wow, Mom. You're amazing." Daniel looked up into her twisted, pretty face. Cum dripped down her left cheek and her chin. Was this the same woman who'd raised him for eighteen years? The same woman that read him bedtime stories all so long ago? And kissed him when he scraped a knee?
Julie came three more times riding her son before he finally unloaded inside of her. "Wow, sweetie. It seems like you really needed me today." She lay on top of him, her boobs pressing into his skinny frame, and her head beside his on the pillow. The smell of his cum filled the room with an earthy vitality. His penis flexed inside her when she said that, and she gave a little gasp.
"Yeah." He reached down and gently slapped her full butt cheek. "You're the best mom in the world. Thank you so much for saying those things."
"Well, don't get used to it." She sat up and looked down at him. Julie was well aware that she looked like a wreck at the moment, but she couldn't bring herself to care. "And you're welcome." Some sperm dribbled into her mouth. She licked at it with her tongue and swallowed. "Now, I better go get dinner ready. Let's hope your father isn't finished with that valve yet."
"My dumb father?"
Julie sighed. "Let's hope your dumb father isn't finished yet."
"Thanks, Mom." Daniel reached up and squeezed her nipple. A little warm milk spilled out onto his fingers. "I have a feeling he's still hard at work."
"There's something else I wanted to talk about." Julie pulled off Daniel with a sloppy plop and stood up. She waddled to her clothes as cum ran down the inside of her thighs. She picked up her shirt and mopped up some of her son's stuff that covered her. "Mrs. Samatar will be staying here a couple days as she recovers from her fright. It didn't seem right to send her back to an empty house."
"Oh?" That sounded interesting to Daniel.
"She's in a fragile state." Julie looked back at her son. He looked so handsome leaning back on the bed. His enormous thing still hard as ever. Julie wiped some cum from her eyebrow. "Please don't … you know … um … have sex with her."
Julie tried to make eye contact with Daniel, but he looked away. She pulled on her skirt. "Well, if something does happen with you two, I mean, it shouldn't, but you're a young man and you seem to just go and go, so …" Julie bit her bottom lip. "If something does happen, please use the condoms I bought you."
"Sure, Mom." Daniel looked back into his mother's brown eyes and smiled. "Thanks."
That night, the Anderson dinner table was lively. Brittney had a friend over. Madison Granger was in the twin's senior class and had struck up a friendship with Brittney recently when Brittney helped her with some math homework. Madison told jokes, and seemed a good-natured dinner companion. Throughout the evening, she kept pushing her blue hair back behind her left ear, so she could steal furtive glances of Daniel.
Brad was also there, although his wife had vacated her place at the table. He tried to match Madison's humor, but of course he took it too far. "Hey Danny," Brad laughed. "The only difference between your momma and a washing machine is that every time I dump a load in the washing machine, it doesn't follow me around for a week. Oooohhhhhhhh."
"She's your mom too, doofus," Brittney stared daggers at Brad.
"George?" Julie frowned. "Control your son."
"What?" George never liked to get involved with such things, but that comment was over the line. "Now, Bradly. None of that talk about your mother. It's unseemly."
"It's only a joke." Brad pressed his lips together.
"They say more snow is coming." Khadra also sat at the dinner table. She was not used to such bawdy language. She wanted desperately to change the subject. When no one took her up on her weather conversation, she tried another tack. "Where is your wife, Bradly?"
"Her mom just called. She's somewhere in the house on the phone." Brad shrugged.
"Oh, well –" Khadra was about to compliment the meal, when Brad's tall, blonde wife walked into the dining room.
"I have to go." Penelope sat down next to Brad in a daze. She placed her phone neatly next to her untouched plate of food.
"What's wrong?" Julie suddenly worried that something had happened to Daniel's baby growing inside her daughter-in-law.
"My mom fell on some ice. She's in the hospital." Penelope's ashen face was very still. "I have to go see her." She looked around the walls for a clock, but there was none in the dining room. Only the tick tock of that ponderous clock somewhere in the house.
"That's a long drive. I'll go with you, sweetie." Julie stood. "George, you don't mind holding down the fort here for a few days?"
"No problem," George grumbled. He could use her help with the house, but now that the valve was tiptop, he could at least get to work on the spare bedroom.
"But, Moooommmmmmm," both twins chorused and then looked at each other suspiciously.
"What, I'm not good enough?" George eyed the twins.
"Little Danny's a momma's boy." Brad curled his lip in a mocking smile.
"Stop that." Penelope hit Brad's shoulder with some force. "Leave Danny alone."
"What?" Brad rubbed his shoulder. "I'm the one that should be complaining. It's my wife that's leaving me."
"It sounds like you are complaining." Penelope scowled at him. "And you need to focus, Bradly. My mom is in the hospital."
"Sorry." Brad wasn't used to receiving a scolding from his wife.
Madison watched the theatrics with a smirk on her face. She so loved to see other families in dysfunction. Her smile widened when she noticed Daniel looking at her. She brushed her blue hair behind her ear again, and looked down at her plate.
"I'll go, too." Khadra spoke up. The small dark woman looked over at Penelope. "I mean, if you think it would be helpful. With Maxamed … um … not here … I'd like to help."
Penelope looked over at Julie and Julie nodded. "Thank you, Khadra. I'm sure it would be helpful to have you along."
"I want to go, too." Daniel looked with pleading eyes at his mother.
"You've got school." George reached over and ruffled his hair. "But I'm happy to see that you want to help family in a time of need."
"It's almost winter break. I can miss a few days." Daniel tried to sound manly about his request, but he wasn't sure he succeeded.
"Your father's right. I still don't know why Mrs. Haskins stopped by yesterday only to run back out." Julie looked carefully at her son. "I wouldn't want you to get into any sort of trouble at school." She also didn't want him sharing a trip with Penelope. Julie wanted Penelope to focus on being a good wife to Brad.
"Um … who is this lady, and why is she going on a road trip with my wife?" Brad nodded at the woman in the hijab and looked at his mother.
"Don't be rude, sweetie." Julie furrowed her brow at her oldest. "She's a friend of the family." She turned to Khadra. "We needed to pick up some of your things anyway. Shall we stop by your house on the way and pack a suitcase?"
"Yes, thank you." Khadra nodded. How strange to find a sense of belonging here among this white family, in a house formerly possessed by demons. She smiled, looked at Daniel, and quickly looked away. And in a house where she'd met a virile teenager that she'd somehow let between her legs more than once. But that part of it was now behind her.
Daniel watched the women get into Julie's minivan and slowly drive away. Thankfully, Brad left at the same time, his pickup truck roaring ahead of the minivan. Daniel sighed, closed the front door, and turned to find Eloise standing behind him wearing one of her long, flowing dresses.
"How felicitous." Eloise's pretty, freckled face beamed at Daniel. "You made it back. And now the good Mrs. Haskins is hooked like a walleye. You just need to keep reeling, Daniel."
"Were you the reason I spent all that time in the cabin?" Daniel frowned at her as he carefully gazed up into her green eyes.
"That was my partner, dearie." Eloise tilted her head and gave him a look like he might have been an ungrateful child who'd just spilled his milk. "And I don't know about 'all that time.' You were only gone for a couple minutes."
"I didn't like it." Daniel walked past her toward the stairs and she fell in next to him, holding her big, round belly. Daniel tried not to be comforted by her presence. "Well, maybe I liked it a little. I didn't like being trapped there."
"That was a bit … unexpected." Eloise nodded her head thoughtfully. "But that's what happens when you have a partner that likes to break rules. No?"
"A partner?" Daniel climbed the stairs and glanced over at her flowing red hair. "I don't have a partner."
"You offered Mrs. Haskins the deal. Did you not?" Eloise walked carefully up the last few stairs, as if to protect her unborn baby from an accidental fall. "You and he … and me …" A warm, friendly smile parted her lips. "… are confederates now." She put an icy hand on his shoulder and they stopped in the second-floor hall. "I know your companions departed for a time. It can't be easy watching your mother go after you only just returned. Let me comfort you." She kissed him on his warm cheek. "Take comfort in Mrs. Haskins arms when you are at the schoolhouse." She kissed him on the other cheek. "And maybe you will find another." She kissed him gently on the lips.
"I don't want another."
"Life may surprise you." She kissed him again and explored his young mouth with her tongue. They broke the kiss, and she led him to his room, closing the door after them. "But as I said, let me comfort you, Daniel." She stepped out of her dress, completely naked underneath.
"Wow. I … um …" Daniel looked her up and down. Her freckles spilled from her face down her shoulders and onto her chest, dappling the pale skin on her large breasts. Her hips, boobs, and belly were all so full. Eloise embodied promise and fertility. "I forgot how beautiful you are," Daniel murmured.
"There now, I knew you'd like what's underneath." She leaned her naked body up against him. His warmth spread through his clothes into her. "What's mine is yours." She nibbled on his ear. "I'm so proud of you, dearie. You learned a lot in your time away. Look at what you made your mom admit to you." She pulled down his trousers and undergarments. His swelling penis pushed back at her fingers as it readied itself for what was to come.
"You mean about Dad being a dummy?" Daniel smiled. "It felt good to say that stuff. And even better to hear Mom say that stuff."
"What a good lad you are." Eloise dropped to her knees. "Let me tend to you in your mother's absence." She opened her mouth wide and sucked him in.
"Ohhhh … Mrs. Palmer … your cold mouth … feels so good." Daniel intertwined his fingers in her hair and leaned his head back.
Later, as Eloise rode Daniel hard, Daniel looked up at her wobbling body. It hadn't been that long ago that he'd been a sexless teenager. Why was he pouting about his mom leaving to help family? That was stupid. Here he was getting ridden like a horse by this goddess. He listened to the low, guttural sounds she made. He stared at her boobs, bouncing off her belly over and over, and her thin arms, flexing as she held her pregnant tummy. And he had Erin to look forward to as well. "I'm gonna cum … again … Mrs. Palmer."
"Yeeesssssssss," Eloise hissed. "Fill me with your … heat."
"Oh … you feel … so tight." Daniel knew he'd be just fine while his mom, Penelope, and Khadra were away.
"So, is Daniel dating anyone?" Madison sat on the couch in the basement and looked away from the boring space movie that played on the television.
"No." Brittney sat, engrossed in the action. The alien escaped from containment, and she just knew it was going to do something icky to the scientist lady that stood there gaping at it.
"Really? I just assumed, since he's … well … you know." Madison was usually pretty upfront about things, but for some reason the Andersons made her a little nervous.
"No, I don't know." Brittney turned her eyes away from the movie to her new friend. "Tell me."
"Well, me and some of the other girls at school have noticed that he … um …" Madison fidgeted with her bracelet. "He's been really cute lately. I don't know, there's something about him. And … well … we've noticed that he has a pretty big lump in his pants."
"Gross, Madison." Brittney twisted up her face in a sour expression.
"Well, he's your twin. Have you …?" Madison twisted her bracelet faster. "Have you seen it?"
"Eeewwww." Brittney took a pillow off the couch and threw it at Madison with a laugh. "You're a perv, Madison."
Madison caught the pillow and hugged it to her chest. "Well, have you seen it?"
"I can't believe you're asking me about my brother's dick. Jeez, Madison." Brittney rolled her eyes. "Well, if you must know. My parents thought there was something wrong with it, and the whole family got a good look while they were debating whether to take him to a doctor."
"Something wrong with it? Like an STD?" Madison whispered.
"Nothing like that." Brittney shook her head. "It was just so big. And I think it was bothering him. We talk about a lot of stuff, but Danny and I never talked about it."
"So how big was it?" Madison's eyes went wide.
"It hung really low." Brittney felt heat in her belly as she thought back on that day. "Don't tell the other girls at school I saw his dick, okay? They'd think I was a perv."
"I would say it was maybe seven or eight inches long?" Brittney definitely felt butterflies in her stomach. With everything that had happened with her mother, she thought for sure she was a lesbian. But now she wasn't so sure.
"You saw him hard?" Madison's mouth dropped open in shock.
"No, that was soft."
"Oh … my … God." Madison felt her panties flood. "That's too big. Your brother is some sort of animal." Madison threw the pillow back at Brittney.
"Shut up." Brittney caught the pillow, laughed, and put it on her lap.
"Yeah, okay. I'll shut up." Madison climbed over to her friend, and put her head on the pillow and watched the rest of the dumb movie. They didn't talk any more about Daniel, but Madison had the strangest feelings moving through her body as she thought about what Brittney had described.
Brittney put her fingers in her friend's blue hair and played with it as the movie moved to its climax. She lost interest in the alien, instead thinking about her friend's warm body next to hers. And her brother's impossible dick.
The Anderson house was certainly drafty. Madison tiptoed out of Brittney's room and took the stairs out of the tower. Her pajamas barely kept her warm in the freezing hall. She didn't know what time it was, but she had to pee like a racehorse. Or that's what her mom would have said. Madison remembered that the bathroom was on the right, across from Daniel's room. Earlier, she'd brushed her teeth with Brittney in another bathroom on the other side of the second floor. But this one was closer.
The bathroom door was closed. The cold knob didn't turn in her hand. She listened at the door and heard the shower running. And then it turned off. Oh shit. Daniel Anderson was on the other side of that door. Naked. Madison wasn't one for crushes, usually. But there was something about the contrast of that skinny, gentle boy with that manly bulge he could never quite hide.

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