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I’m not the greatest with women but do fairly well at times and wasn’t looking for a wife. But by pure accident got 2 wives, all because I like having fun. I’m not married to either woman, but they both live with me, because I got them pregnant. They are also sisters one is 23 and the other is 25. We were all friends and I had over the time I known them had sex with both. This relationship was an on, and off arrangement and I sex with the younger of them and the condom broke during the sex with her. I pull out and thought it would be okay and wasn’t concerned. Two days later I was with the older sister, and we had partied a bit and were going to have sex. But I hadn’t a condom, I did but it was old, and its packaging was cracking. But ever the optimist I was sure it was fine to use and did, like a repeat of the sex with her younger sister the condom broke inside her. Both got pregnant and I decided the best action was clear out. No just joking I had them move in with me and promised to take care of them and their babies when they arrived as well. I’m 28 and I come from a fairly well-off family, so I wasn’t poor and already had a house of my own with family assistance. Along with a good paying job, I could afford to take responsibility for my actions, and I was also told I had too by my family. But I’d already made my request to them to live with me, I could marry one and just support the other, but I prefer having them both living and sleeping with me. They are both almost ready to have their babies within a few weeks I’ll be the father of 2 children. I’m also prepared to marry which one who wants me too, but as of now neither wants to elbow out the other. I’m quite happy to marry both if it was legal, but it isn’t.

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