He conducted the service with a warm smile on his handsome, black face

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It was cool in the church and Rosemary was grateful for the blanket around her knees. The small group of wedding guests filled the first two rows and her wheelchair was behind them in the centre isle from where she had a good view of the wedding service.
I should be up there supporting my friend, not sitting here in this wheelchair, she grumbled to herself. All because I didn’t look where I was going and fell down those church steps. The doctor had told her that she would be fine in a few weeks but in the meantime she had to endure a constant nagging pain in he back.
Rosemary watched the priest as he conducted the service with a warm smile on his handsome, black face. Yes it’s true what they say, Rosemary mused, the good ones are already married, and this one is married to his church. He really is a good-looking man though, she thought. She had always been attracted to coloured men and she found this new priest particularly appealing. She watched him intently and unconsciously slipped one hand under the blanket to press against the pleasant ache that was stirring between her legs. As she allowed her thoughts to drift into erotic fantasy she pushed her hand under her skirt and inside her panties. The pain in her back was forgotten as she giggled to herself wickedly. What would they all think if they knew what I was doing? But they don’t know and they can’t see. Even if one of them was to turn round, the blanket hides my naughty secret.
She suppressed a moan of lust as her fingers teased the erect nub of her clitoris and she longed to cup her breasts and squeeze her nipples, which had become hard and sensitive. Just as she was wondering how to do this discreetly, the congregation was directed by the priest to stand and sing the final hymn. Reluctantly, Rosemary took her hand from under the blanket and holding up her hymnbook, she joined in the singing.
Later, next door, at the reception in church hall, Rosemary was bored. She sat alone, with a glass of wine in one hand and a growing temptation the slip the other hand under the blanket. Her lust got the better of her judgement, and minutes later she was quivering with sensual bliss as her fingers played in the wetness of her sex.
‘Have you been left all alone then?’ said a familiar voice beside her.
She turned quickly and found that she was staring at the front of a pair of grey trousers. Then bulge in the material left her in no doubt that the trousers belonged to a man. She looked up with a start to see the handsome priest smiling down at her.
‘Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you; I am Father Joseph,’ said the priest, going down on one knee so that he was at her level.
‘Er… no… not at all… it’s okay, my friend has just gone to the buffet,’ said a very flustered Rosemary, wondering if she could discreetly bring her hand from under the blanket.
‘It’s very sad to see such a pretty girl in a wheelchair. May I ask what happened?’
‘It’s nothing serious; in fact it’s a bit embarrassing; I hurt my back when I slipped on the church steps. My legs and everything function all right, I just have trouble walking.’
‘Oh I’m sorry to hear that. So how long do you expect to the in the wheelchair?’
Rosemary explained the doctor’s prognosis and as they continued to make pleasant small talk, her fingers she began to stir, once again, under the blanket. She was surprised and flattered to realise that he was flirting with her and she knew that her face was flushed with her arousal.
There was an awkward pause in the conversation and then Father Joseph cleared his throat and said. ‘I studied to be a doctor before I joined the church. I wonder if you would like me to examine you? You know…er…second opinion, just in case.’
Rosemary could see that Father Joseph was a little uncomfortable with his suggestion and she was not sure what he really meant. Had he detected the signs of her arousal? Did he suspect the reason that her hand was under the blanket? But as she her fingers continued to writhe in her wet crease, she knew there could be only one answer, ‘Yes Father, I would be very grateful. Are you sure I’m not being too much trouble?’
‘No trouble at all,’ said Father Joseph, standing up and taking hold of the wheelchair. ‘We’ll go round to the vestry.’ And without another word, he wheeled her towards the door.
The vestry was warm and airy, and during the short trip, Rosemary had managed to bring her hand above the blanket. As her ardour cooled she began to have second thoughts. What am I doing here? This man is not only a priest but also he’s nearly twice my age. Behind her there was a sharp click as the key was turned in the lock. She looked up slowly at Father Joseph who was now standing next to a very large oblong table in the centre of the room. The table was covered with a variety of clerical vestments. The priest patted the table and said. ‘This should be okay. Shall I help you up?’
Rosemary smiled helplessly and held out her arms to him and he lifted her on to the table.
‘I’ll tun my back while you undress,’ he said, stepping away from the table.
With trembling hands, Rosemary unbuttoned her blouse and then with some difficulty she removed her skirt. Wearing only her bra and panties she lay face down on the table – and waited.
Rosemary kept her eyes closed but she heard the movement of the priest’s feet and then she felt the warm and gentle touch of his hands on her shoulders. ‘You have lovely skin,’ he said as his hands moved in small circles over her back. ‘We need to undo this,’ he said, and he unclipped her bra. His fingers located the place of her injury on her lower spine. ‘This is clearly the cause of your problem,’ he said. ‘It seems that you may have a partially slipped disc.’
‘Yes that is the spot,’ she said huskily. Well, she thought, perhaps he does know what he’s doing. Maybe I have misjudged his motives. She realised that she was feeling a little bit relieved but also a sense of disappointment.
The strong, dark hands gently massaged her lower back and as they stroked and kneaded, they moved down towards the line of her panties. She felt a renewed sense of arousal as the hands pushed against the thin fabric and began to move lower.
Now is the time to object, she said to herself, knowing full well that she would not. The pretence of treating her back was now quickly passing as the priest clearly took her silence for acquiescence. Rosemary could feel the heat in her face and there was a growing heat between her legs as she felt her panties being gently slipped down her thighs.
‘It will be easier without these,’ Father Joseph said, tossing the tiny garment onto the rest of her clothes on the wheelchair. Then his hands resumed the pleasant and sensuous massage of her bottom.
‘Would you like to turn over?’ Although it was a request, it sounded more like an instruction. Rosemary felt her heart thumping and knew that this was her last chance to call things to a halt. The decision was made quickly and she rolled over onto her back, still holding her bra in place. Father Joseph took her hand away and with it the bra. She lay perfectly still with eyes closed, while he slowly examined her nakedness. Then she felt his hands again. No, it was only one hand! It stroked her flat warm tummy and moved gradually upwards until it found her left breast. She heard the rasp of his zip and the rustle of his clothing. Still she kept her eyes closed. His fingers were gently teasing her nipple and this sent small delicious spasms down to her naked pussy. Then her hand was lifted and placed on his warm, firm erection and she gasped as her fingers closed around the hard throbbing flesh. It’s so big! I must see it the thought excitedly. She slid her hand down the length of Father Joseph’s penis and as she cupped his balls and gently squeezed, she opened her eyes. The priest was smiling down at her and she gasped again at the size of the dark brown shaft-purple head of his cock, which was only a few inches in from her face. Without a moment’s pause her tongue flicked out and lapped at the smooth, bulbous tip, then she fully opened her mouth and fully engulfed it. As she sucked the full length of him into her mouth, she felt his fingers delving into the wet folds of her pussy and she groaned with lust as he eased two of his fingers into her. He climbed effortlessly onto the table and buried his face between her thighs. His tongue probed and teased, and just when she thought she might come, he reversed his position and without pausing drove his engorged prick into her. He rested on his elbows above her as his hips moved in a slow and powerful rhythm.
‘Yes! Yes! Oh please yes!’ she shrieked, as she felt the glorious pressure of her orgasm building up. She dug her fingernails into his firm, brown buttocks as he pounded into her and as the orgasm exploded inside her. As she arched her back to meet his thrusts there was an audible click and her injured back righted itself. They lay entwined in silence and as she slowly came down from her orgasmic high, she could feel is cock, still hard, throbbing inside her.
‘You didn’t come,’ she whispered, her voice tinged with disappointment.
‘No the treatment isn’t finished yet.’ He lifted her legs and rested them on his shoulders and then reached under her bottom and slid his fingers into the open gap between her buttocks. She gasped with delight as one of his fingers touched her anus. It was very wet from the juices that had trickled out of her and she moaned softly as the finger probed her tight opening. Then he slowly withdrew his rigid cock from her pussy and placed the rounded head against her pouting orifice. He looked at her questioningly as he pushed his penis into the yielding, wrinkled hole. She took a deep breath and nodded, then gave a squeal of ecstasy as he sank into her.
This was a new experience for her and she wallowed in the delicious wickedness of his penis stretching her and filling her. She watched his shining, ebony face as it seemed to be contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure and then he shuddered violently and spurted his seed into her.
They lay together quietly for some time, stretched out on the crumpled vestments.
‘Well Father Joseph,’ she said eventually, ‘perhaps you should have been a doctor; my back feels wonderful, and so do a few other parts of me,’ she added with a giggle.
Father Joseph sat up, and supporting himself on one elbow, he looked down at the young girl. ‘You know, you never told me what work you do. Or are you still a student?’
‘No!’ she giggled impishly, ‘I’m not a student. I’m a teacher. I teach at Saint Mary’s school.’
‘But the teachers there are all nuns!’ he exclaimed.
‘Yes that’s right we are. We are all nuns.’

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