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So I was a slut in high school, and a complete fucking whore in college, and if I wasn’t getting fucked, I was being a total cock-tease. So when my husband was shocked to find me getting tag-teamed by a couple of black dudes, I thought he totally overreacted…but I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s start from the beginning…

I always was successful at everything I tried. Fuck it. I don’t mind being conceited. I got great grades, hung out with the elitist social circles, and always had whatever boyfriend I wanted. Granted, lots of those things were due to my sexual prowess and my looks. I have been told I treat sex like a guy, and I actually take that as a compliment. My looks have opened several doors in my life, and my 5’9″ slender body with tits, legs and ass to die for have definitely helped me seal any deal I wanted. But really, it’s probably my willingness to use my assets that’s put me in this last situation.

I ran my sorority in college. No girl got in to my ultra-elite sorority without kissing my ass (sometimes rather literally) and no girl’s boyfriend was safe if I wanted to fuck him. Many a time I would seduce a sorority sister into my Presidential Palace (the two sorority rooms I had combined to make up my living and fucking quarters), only to get her face between my legs and then reveal I had her boyfriend bound and gagged hidden in the corner of the room. It’s hilarious seeing how ashamed a girl can be when she’s outed as a submissive pussy-licker in front of her stud boyfriend. From there on out, I would usually have their boyfriends treat them like sluts and make them embarrassingly report to me after dates.

One of my favorite sorority sisters, Suzy (what a lame name – that just deserves to be turned into a slut, right?) had this hunk of a boyfriend who had given me the eye at one of our mixers one night. I told him to be at my sorority that Tuesday at 6 pm. By 7 pm I had him bound, gagged and hidden in the corner closet of my Palace. I told him he’d better be quiet and I’d give him quite a good show. At 7:10, I called Suzy and demanded she come to my room. Within five minutes, I had her confused and naive face at waist height after barking at her to get on her knees.

“Suzy, do you know why I made you come to my room?”


“Because I need a new pet, and I think you’ll be perfect for cleaning out my pussy.”

“What? I am not into girls and-“



I’ve always admired what a few well-timed slaps can do to make a girl give up. Suzy started crying and immediately drew her hands up to feel the damage of her stung skin and shield from any further slaps.

“Now Suzy, I don’t think there’s any point to you objecting. You know I run this sorority right?”

“Yes.” She still cried and wouldn’t look me in the eyes. Damn that makes me wet!

“So you know that unless you please me, I could make you ostracized or worse yet, I could kick you out?”

“Why would you do that?”

“Like I said honey, I need a new pet. And I know you have a boyfriend that probably likes to wine and dine you, but when you’re not his, you’re mine.”

I nonchalantly stepped out of my boy shorts and grabbed her hand shielding her face and placed it on my sopping wet shaved pussy. One thing that I never took for granted was with all of the cocks and dildos I had let ravage my pussy, that my cunt lips were obscenely huge, especially on a slim figure as my own. Suzy saw my distended lips and gasped out loud. I laughed and told her, “Suzy, my pussy is a monument to worship. Soon, you’ll crave my taste and smell, but for now, I need to see what type of cunt-muncher I’m dealing with.” I laid back on the bed, spread my legs, and craned my neck up to look her in the eye. “So get to work or I’m going to make your life hell.”

In less than five seconds her mouth dove in to my drenched, loose pussy. In about five minutes, I had wrapped my arms so tightly around her head I was in danger of strangling the girl. Then I came like a freight train. I’m not sure if she was even licking me at that point or if her ragged breathing on my pussy was getting me off. Sometimes the weirdest things make me come.

About half an hour later, when I was riding her face and leaning over her trying to get the rest of my skinny hand up her hairy tight pussy, I started to mind-fuck her.

“So, Suzy, I think your boyfriend is hot. When I fuck him, I want you to know it’s not personal, and it doesn’t mean I don’t respect you. It just means that since you’re my pet now, you will share everything with me.”

She just grunted, as I finally worked my fist totally inside her, I thought she would cry. She was having trouble breathing or getting out words as I dragged and mashed my pussy lips across her lips.

“Suzy, you need to agree that I own you now. In fact, I want you to understand that if I let your boyfriend own you too, you’ll have to do everything he says as well.”

I bit her clit hard with my teeth.

“YES. YES. You own me!”

She came like crazy and I slid off her. I walked to the corner of the room, her lazily looking over at me to see what I was doing. I opened the cracked closet door, revealing her boyfriend’s rock hard cock, his eyes bulging at the show he had just watched, and unhooked his hands from the clasp to the ceiling, and slowly led him to the bed.

Suzy was speechless. I hungrily made out with her boyfriend. It was funny, but I had almost forgotten his name. I mounted him and rode him for the short time it took him to come in my pussy. I made sure Suzy saw our tongues intertwining the entire time I fucked him. Neither of them had said a word. I simply loved the awkwardness. I lifted my soiled cunt off his cock and plunged it down on Suzy’s face. She knew what to do. But it was so cute how her arms flailed about like she disapproved or didn’t know how to vacuum out her boyfriend’s cum while I forcefully sat on her face.

“So my new little pet slut loves licking pussy, huh?”


“It’s OK Suzy. I’ve given your boyfriend permission to use you however he wants and to dump your ass if you don’t put out. I want constant reports of what you two have done together, and if I am disappointed I will kick you out of the sorority house and start rumors your precious boyfriend here is gay.”

His face looked at me pleadingly.

“Oh I’ll do it, and you know I can sell it. So here’s what I require. Dan, your name is Dan right?”

“Uh huh.”

“Dan, I want to see pictures of you fucking Suzy here in the ass by next weekend. And I want those pictures delivered to me by Suzy when she still has a fresh load in her ass. And by the weekend after that, I want pictures of at least two of your friends fucking her and I want to see physical evidence of that as well.”

“Holy fucking shit,” he said.

Suzy just wept underneath my gyrating pussy. Fuck I came again quickly, but powerfully. I don’t know why being a bitch makes me so fucking wet.

Before logic, reason or anything else settled in, I screamed at them to get out. Suzy could barely move but her boyfriend helped her get dressed and yanked her hand as they left through the double door entrance to my room.

Suzy was one of many sorority sisters who I used in such a fashion. I enjoyed watching other girls’ fall from grace in such a way as to alter their sexual paths. Eventually, when I’d see Suzy at some gangbang getting fucked by the basketball team, I’d feel proud that I had set her free. As for Dan, the boyfriend, I sensed a little bit too much submissive nature to him and so, although it took me a few months, I turned him into a raging bisexual bottom cum-slut. My proudest moment acting as this couple’s sex therapist was when I got them gangbanged right next to each other, moaning like bitches in heat.

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But not every girl worked out as well. One boyfriend I fucked after his girl (my sorority sister) was oh so willing to dive into my pussy just set some long-term need in me loose. It wasn’t that he was the hottest, smoothest or most popular guy around. He wasn’t even that amazing in bed, but without a doubt, he was the richest, and so there we were. Two college kids in love. Kind of. I mean, he loved me, and I loved his money. So of course I let him ask me to marry him, and I said yes after he crafted my dream proposal.

Now, he had to know about my sexual deviancy, I mean, after all, he did see me force his previous girlfriend to go down on me with him bound in the closet. But he didn’t seem to care, and he asked questions and I told him a decent amount of the truth. He seemed to believe that I always had my eyes on him, and that I thought he was sooooo dreamy. He knew I loved and craved all kinds of sex, I guess he just didn’t take the cues that my pussy was not just wet from my juices when he licked it.

But lots of that was his fault. He instantly took a liking to having me play with my toys in front of him. Soon it turned into us sharing toys and then ultimately, he accepted taking my strap on while I made him eat whatever pet’s pussy I wanted him to. He definitely had never been getting laid like this before.

And I, too, could say the same thing. There was something about fucking other guys behind his back. I had never been monogamous before, but the whole “cheating” thing, while in a “serious” relationship, turned me on to no end. The sheer joy of fucking some professor’s old wrinkly cock knowing I’d let him drop me off at my boyfriend’s condo afterwards with a fresh load was fucking insanely hot.

Some might think it’s perverted and cruel, but the time I lied and told my boyfriend I had already put lube in my ass and made him fuck another man’s cum even deeper in my asshole made my pussy clench with an orgasm unlike any one I’ve ever had before.

I knew I was evil, but I had no idea I’d like cheating so much. So of course, we got married. We had a fantasy-like honeymoon on an island where I had the black staff set up a vacant suite next to mine which I could sneak into 24/7 and find hung studs to stretch me out. I would literally walk next door and find a roomful of black guys watching porn ready to have a quickie.

It was so cute hearing my husband say he wanted to compete with our neighbors who must be honeymooning…he assumed they were when he kept hearing fucking sounds coming from next door…he was so adorable when he wanted to try and make more noise than them when we fucked. I obliged and faked huge orgasms. I still can’t believe he never pieced together that we were never fucking at the same time as the neighbors because obviously I was the neighbor wailing as I got railed and to him he just always thought I was at the resort gym or getting the newspaper from the front desk.

But once we got home he grew sad when I stopped constantly giving him attention. I fucking loved denying him sex. And I used the “we’re-old-and-married” line all the time. He’d get home from golf or work and I’d be too tired to let him lick my pussy. Truth is, it was fucking covered with other guys’ cum. I wouldn’t even let my husband see it. Some nights I’d feel bad and flip the roles on him, telling him I wanted to fuck him. After a while, he got used to getting fucked by my largest strap on, and he stopped asking for sex. I made him ask for permission to beat off, and after a while, he became quite the little bitch. So I was absolutely shocked when one day he showed up early and found me fucking three young black guys from the local gym. Well, not really shocked at all. I guess I just didn’t care anymore.

We were all soaking wet with sweat and I had a cock in my mouth, ass and pussy. They were pulling my hair, calling me dirty names and slapping my tits. Black guys just know how to use a slut like me.

But I was truly shocked when my husband came in and screamed out loud. What the fuck? How dare he interrupt my pleasure. My black studs laughed, and asked if this was the bitch I was married to. I told them to keep going and eventually he’d come around. He just stood there pouting.

It was so sad seeing him tormented. Part of me was surprised that he didn’t get hard instantaneously. I mean, gosh, I had made him watch countless hours of interracial porn while I pegged him. And he loved describing how big black cocks were fucking white whores while I slapped his ass while we watched porn with his ass riding my strap-on. I had trained him to have such a filthy mouth, and an accommodating ass.

Then there was the evil part of me. The part directly tied to my cunt. And it was fucking gushing. Forget the three huge cocks invading my orifices, my pussy has never clenched itself so tight with a lights-out orgasm as when I looked over at my husband and saw those first few tears streak down his face. I came so fucking hard I literally passed out. That orgasm washed away any guilt I could possibly muster up as I saw his wimpy little tears as he saw his wife ravished.

I have no idea how long I was out. I just remember waking up, hearing the sounds, instantly being jealous, and then losing all love for my husband.

Initially, everything was foggy, and I couldn’t see so well. I was still on the bed, and every part of me was wet. I knew I was a sweaty pile of cum-slut. Cum oozed from my ass and cunt and my facial skin was tight with dried sperm. But the sounds were everywhere. Moaning. Bed creaking. Gagging. More moaning. Slapping.

I instinctively took my fingers and pulled on my cunt lips, which breathed life into my worn pussy. Frantically rubbing my clit, my vision came back and I realized my husband was getting spit roasted right on the other side of our California king-sized bed.

He was moaning like a pathetic fag, and I told him so. Several times. My black gym buddies instantly picked up their pace and fucked him harder. The poor third guy didn’t have a hole to fuck so my husband was jerking him off. Occasionally he’d switch between the guy he was blowing and jerking to give them equal access to his slutty mouth.

I watched the stud fucking my husband’s ass tense up and shoot his cum in my hubby’s bowels. My husband moaned like a true whore around the cock in his mouth. Before the cum could drip out, the guy getting jerked slammed his rod home in my husband. They assumed rocking back and forth with dark meat on both ends.

My hand was strumming my lips and clit a million miles an hour. My eyes met my husband’s and he was beaming with pride. I realized then it was over. He was going to be OK with this. He would want to share everything. I could no longer get the thrill of cheating on him and lying to him. I hated what I had done. I never wanted him to enjoy my sex life. I felt a huge orgasm start to build, and watching the studs continue to work over my husband, I started to come, and screamed out while my orgasm started to pulse through me, “I want a divorce!”

When my orgasm subsided and my husband’s tears were back with a puzzling look aimed at me, he so badly wanted to talk to me but he was crammed full with cock, and the studs wouldn’t let him budge. My mind started racing telling me that maybe I just needed another serious relationship. Someone new to love. Someone new to cheat on. Someone new to hurt. Then I thought that maybe I should just keep my husband. Let him and his money serve me. But some flame inside me would be lost. And then I smiled, and the evil bitch took over when I spat out: 

“Yes my dear, I really want a divorce. You need to move out. Once they’re done with you, pack your shit and hire me a divorce attorney.”

As I walked out of the room, my mind turned to the excitement of fucking my divorce attorney in front of my soon to be ex-husband.