He was a Tall – Very Dark and Handsome Black Male

Well, we had been looking for a black lover for some time now, always been curious about the stories we had heard and how they are naturally bigger than most men. Chris (my husband) had been on the search for us and finally came across *Shane. He was a tall – very dark and handsome black male. Being shy at first about how he was going to treat me and whether or not this was the guy for us, we decided to hang out with him for a few months first before we decided it was time to “go black”.
He was a gentleman on every level, was sincere in his thoughts and always respected me as well as Chris. We decided to have him come over to the house one night and “hang out” with us. We had bought some liquor and some naughty games for the occasion. He showed up around 11 pm. and we started to flirt, I would lift up my skirt as I walked by him and he would rub his hand down my leg every chance he got. Every time he touched me, I would get all hot and bothered and I knew I was gonna fuck his brains out tonight. Chris would direct him to do things he knew would drive me crazy and every once in a while I would glance at his crotch and see that I was getting to him as well. We played some poker and some jenga and then some of the naughty games we had bought.
By the time we were done with the last game every one was naked and Chris told me to go over and sit by him, and with pleasure I did. When I sat down beside him, Chris started taking pictures of us from various positions. Then he would tell Shane to put his hand on my leg. As he did I could feel the goose bumps start to raise outta my skin…and all I could think about was how wet I was becoming from just my thoughts. As the night progressed Chris’s orders were become more and more sexual. He kept telling Shane to touch me in various places that he knew I wouldn’t be able to ignore. The one I can remember most was when Shane placed his hand over my pussy, I was so wet but as he cupped my crotch, I could feel his finger wanting to enter me. I looked him in his eyes and took my hand and pushed his finger in to me, and so it started.
I laid back as he fingered my soaking wet pussy and he started to lick me on my belly. Slowly he progressed down to my clit and began to eat me out. By this time he had positioned himself so I could reach his dick. And I had one hand on his cock stroking its full hard length. I had never in my life had so much meat in one hand I was come just from him going down on me and the warmth from his cock in my hand. After a few minutes I wanted to test my sucking skills, so I got on top of him, allowing him to continue to go down on me as I started to slowly take him in my mouth. Now don’t get me wrong Chris is huge in his own right, but Shane was so much wider than I had ever had. As I would try to get him in my mouth I could feel shames hand on the back of my head and he would ever so slightly press me into him and that alone made me cum, feeling the size of him in my mouth and the power behind me was almost over whelming. At this point I had already come three times…and I knew there was more to come.
After we had orally pleased each other for enough time, I knew it was time to fuck, so I turned around and grabbed a condom, I handed it to him with the sexiest smile I could muster and watched him tear it open and put it on, I’ll never forget the rubber stretching so much I thought he was going to break it by just putting it on. I laid on top of him with my arms over his head and kissed his neck and arms softly and I could feel his cock throbbing as it yearned to enter me…but I was teasing him, he would thrust up a lil and I would make a slight movement to the side to keep him from going in me, I wasn’t ready just yet…plus I wanted to be the one who put it in myself…so I asked him in his ear how he wanted to fuck me first…he replied with “any way you want babe”…so I got off him and told him to come behind me, since doggy style is by far my favorite position, I figured it would be a great start.
I told him to get closer and I reached under me so I could grab his cock and I rubbed his head against my dripping wet pussy and too my surprise he didn’t try to push in, so I played a lil, he had me bent over the couch, my knees were on the floor, and one of my hands were on his ass and the other was slowly getting him prepared to enter in to me. he on the other hand had one hand grabbing my waist and the other was grabbing my tits…after a few very long minutes of me teasing him, I finally leaned back into him and let his cock go, I could feel him wanting to go fast but he made sure to make me feel every inch of him go into me…I could feel him so deep in me that I didn’t know I was that deep….I came again without even trying. I don’t think he had even backed outta me before I came. He had my pussy lips open so wide and his head was so far in to me, I couldn’t help but cum. I was trying to back in to him, but he had me stationary and wasn’t allowing much movement on my part, which was great, I loved how he took over my whole body and did to me what he wanted…he had his one hand on my back and the other was spreading my ass open so Chris could get some good pictures.
After he made me cum like five times from fucking me like this, he wanted me to get on top…which I was glad to do, cause now I get some control…as I sat on top of him, I noticed his grin was as big as mine, and I couldn’t wait to feel it again, I slide him inside me and I could feel all my cum all over his condom and Chris licked it off my fingers and I started to grind into shames huge dick. Chris stood up and placed his dick in my face and I started to suck Chris and Shane was thrusting up into me…it was hard to have 20 inches of cock in me at once but I did it. I had Chris fucking my face and Shane fucking my pussy.
I could feel Shane gripping my ass and Chris’s hands were all over my tits, and then I had to breath a lil, but as Chris pulled out of my mouth Shane started to roll me over…he put me on my back and Chris kneeled down on the floor right above my head…so I didn’t get to breathe much before I was being pounded so hard from Shane’s end and Chris was fucking my face from his end…I remember thinking about how big Shane’s balls were cause they were making the most peculiar slapping sound plus they were slapping my ass with every thrust…after about five more times of cuming I told Shane I wasn’t ready for him to cum but if he wanted to take a break I wanted to fuck Chris for a lil while.
So Chris switched with Shane and he went to town on my wide open hole…as I felt Chris start to enter me, I fingered for Shane to come over and lay down in front of me so I could play with his cock. I wanted to suck on it and lick it up and down and lick his balls which I all but got to do while Chris made me cum a few more times…I had him half way in my mouth and I couldn’t for the life of me get him deeper without feeling like I was gonna gag…so after a while of this, I saw that Shane wanted to blow his wad…so I got up and sat back on top of him and being I was feeling a lil wild & slutty, I allowed him, with Chris’s permission – to fuck me without a condom, mainly cause I wanted to feel it – skin to skin… we knew he was safe cause his job requires it and we get tested every 4 to 6 months so we figured why the hell not…so I took him inside me bare.
He was so warm and I could feel the veins rubbing against me. He would grip my ass and shove himself into me. I had my hands on his chest and his muscles were bulging, I loved watching his arms flex as they controlled my ass…after just a lil while of this, I could feel my cum running down my leg, dripping on to the floor. I got up and laid over the coffee table…I had my mouth on Chris’s cock on the one side and I told Shane to fuck me as hard and fast as he could from the other side. He grabbed me and forced his way into my cunt…and he shoved so far into me I let out a whimper. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and started to fuck me so hard; I couldn’t help but scream and moan. The table was hurting my tits and Chris was having a hard time keeping his dick in my mouth, so I got on the floor on all fours and told Shane to keep going…he again had some hair in one hand and the other hand was gripping my left tit.
He had such force his in thrusts that I cam for the longest amount of time I had ever came…I asked him if he was close and he said almost…I began to notice I was getting sore and wanted to slow down but he wouldn’t go slower. He just kept going and then when I thought Chris was going to say something about it, he just stuck his dick back in my mouth. I felt so good being taken advantage of…Chris asked me where I wanted them to blow their wads and I said anywhere they wanted except inside me…so Shane made me get up and lay on my back and he said “I’m gonna blow all over your face”, I just opened my mouth and waited for it. He came all over my face and getting most of it in my mouth too. I spit some out and swallowed some of it too, Chris blew his on my tits and when I sat up I let the two mix a lil on my stomach, licking my fingers from all the cum all over my body. This was by far the best threesome I had ever had, never had I came so many times and never had I been so sore from just fucking, I’m shames new fuck toy till this day, Chris brings him over all the time and lets us play in the shower and on our bed, he even had Shane waiting for me after school one day while Chris was at work… but I’ll save those for another time.