Heavenly experience

Hai, all ISS lovers & admirers, I am lokesh, back again to continue part 2 of my experience. First of all my hearty thanks for all of you who sent me ur overwhelming response & love to my [email protected] , thanks again & would love to get such replies but I am sorry cant reply immediately as there is no much time and so many mails r there.

Well I said you all how I enjoyed my night with roopa – the sex goddess of that night , now to continue the incidence after that – I was forced by aunty (roopa mom to stay back that night & give roopa all happiness she is missing from murali – I was literally shocked but roopa too was willing so I readily agreed to stay back ) so I called my home said I have urgent work & will not come home tonight, I &roopa went to bed room & aunty slept in hall. I sat on cot , roopa came near me held my hand & said she is very thankful b’cuz I agreed to stay back & helped her to get relief from terrible pain of her milk pots & now want happiness in her life which she is missing from murali ‘s dick. She pulled me near to her and I too embraced her in joy ,gently I squeezed her back , sensing scent from her long hair ,head & she also did same, I then moved my hand and placed on her boobs which had become full and warm again , it felt so warm , tense due to milk & her nipple was poking my palm , she unhooked her blouse & I eagerly took her nipple which was almost 1″ long , my god now she is really turned on and nipple is hard ,meaty & slippery due to oozing of milk , I tuned it so that whole nipple is wet. She took my mouth to her nipple asked to chew , suck hard & fast , I did so again milk started spurting like jets of shower touching my back of throat making me sudden cough, I continued sucking and drank her sweet & precious milk which is like amrutam , I thought I am starving her so asked her can I share her own milk with her only and she agreed & I now changed breast , I sucked my mouth full milk & gave half toroopa mouth ,she also drank that and said she tasted it for first time and felt satisfied as she don’t remember the taste of her moms milk , on hearing this I suddenly felt my body getting electric shock when she mentioned her mom name so I asked her will she mind if I share her milk with her mom , b’cuz she is also not taken anything in the night due to priya crying problem ,she thought for a while and agreed but said I have to convince her mom for this as she is feeling shy and I said ok & both of us went to hall, I was surprised & shocked so called roopa to come without making any noise to hall & see what her mom was doing ,, she too got shocked seeing aunty intimate lusty body ,she had closed her both eyes ,lifted her saree to hip & put finger in her chooth and fisting with low moans herself , I thought its not good to live her alone in that situation and got an idea so took advantage of it I asked roopa to just put her nipple in her moms mouth & I will put my reddened hot rod to her cunt at same time so that even if she gets angry she cant get up & scold us both ,, if she tastes milk good & feels my rod in her cunt warm.

She will also enjoy & continue by supporting us other wise we both will get kick from aunty but I dare take any thing so we both went near aunty , me towards her pussy &roopa near her mouth, suddenly at same time both of us put rod & boob to her cunt & mouth, suddenly she got shocked tried to get up but I held her hips tight so she didn’t move , slowly I said her our plan to feed her from roopa’s milk & fuck her pussy from my stainless steel hot rod , hearing this she felt that her prayers for years for a cock had come true and so she quickly gave away her resistance and started drinking & emptying roopa milk jugs , I kept pumping her juicy warm pussy heavily in and out with deep long thrusts and after some time took out my rod and asked roopa to lie-down & put my cock to her love cave entrance & took left boob of aunty & sucked but no milk came as she was widow while aunty trusted her right boob to roopa’s mouth to suck ,she said I am sorry dear I fed u when u were e new born and now I am giving my dry milk pot so don’t mind , I screwed roopa cunt and churned her pussy juice and took the oozing honey from roopas cunt and aunty cunt in a small bowl and again started to fuck her fiercely in out of her wet chooth and now I felt like cumming ummmmmm what a sensation -I was flying in space ,now I felt all nerves is burning so started more force and fucked her with all energy and said I am cumming ,cumming and took out my dick & came into bowl having aunty and roopas pussy juice and continued to spray roopa belly with my last jets of thick milk , aunty now squeezed roopas boobs for milk & mixed both milk into a milk shake , after that aunty tasted first and then roopa , she said its superb and gave me ,I refused initially but aunty said she will suck my dick for some more milk if I drank it so I agreed and had first sip ,wow it was tasting so good I gulped fully & new took roopa boobs to drink milk & get energy , aunty dried her belly & all went to bathroom to get cleaned & went to bed ,it was almost 3 AM , morning 7AM again aunty woke me up giving spl tea as it was made with roopas milk & said to get ready asmurali may come any time, she gave permission to come daily except Saturday & sun night when murali is at home to fuck roopa but I can have aunty those days at night only when murali goes to his bed room ,I can fuck her . I said poor to myself and sorry to priya as I am taking more of her right (roopas milk ) but roopa is extraordinary in producing milk so no problem , I am enjoying & helping them as good friend .

More I will write if any thing happens like this, all readers write ur comments & advise what I do is right r wrong & any aunty milking can write to my mail [email protected] any help if in r near Bangalore, thanks all, bye, wait for ur response, bye again.