Heavenly Sex With Mommy

Hi to all and this is is Preethi from Bangalore narrating an real horny incident which changed my life completely. My dad died when I was 10. So my mom went to work for our living as she could not care me well, I was sent to a hostel type school which is very far from my house. I usually come once in 5 or 6 months only to my house to spend few days with my mother.
My mother Viji is so affectionate towards me and very free and open to me. We are from a very conservative family and so my mom couldn’t go with any other guy or marry any other man. During my school days I was very young such that I did not know any of the sufferings my mother would have suffered as a single woman without husband after my schooling.
I got seat in a good engineering college in Calcutta but it was very far from our house so that I could go to my home only once in a year as I studied my school in hostel too, it did not worry me to be too far from home in the college days I learnt many things about sex and other wild things in my college I had 4 proposals as I would look nice but considering my family I didn’t give any opportunity to get into love or other such things.
All the other girls got committed and went to outings and some even had sex with their partners. Seeing all this I felt very lonely. Two of our friends were very close to each other and later we came to know that they were lesbians. I one day even saw them fingering each other unknowingly. It made me real horny and my panty was wet after that I got very curious about sex and started to see dirty movies in my lap but still.
I didn’t let any boy in my life after the 1st year semester I went to my home after 1 long year but didn’t know that this was going to be the best vacation I would have ever had. My mom greeted me in the entrance. She hadn’t changed much in these days but she maintained her 34-38-36 structure very well but after seeing my lesbian friends, I somehow felt wrong in my inner heart. My mom gave me a nice coffee and she asked me to get freshened up.
I slept the whole night well as I was too tired the next morning when I woke up mom wished good morning. She gave my coffee and asked me to take bath. I still had the unusual feel towards my mom. While drinking the coffee we discussed many matters of which were very wild. I had a nice bath and I came out with only a towel wrapped around my body as only I and mother were in the house and our bath room is immediately next to the bed room when I entered the bed room.
My mom was sitting in the bed. I just thought to dry the hair and sat by the side of mom under the fan. She for a moment stared my breasts. The unusual feel in my heart just rose.
Mom: Preeti you have grown a lot ma.
Me: S ma. I am 18 na.
Mom: You very much remember my young day’s Preeti. I was really like you.
Me: S mom. I have viewed few of your photos taken in your teen age.
Mom: So nice to see my girl growing into a nice woman. Guys would never miss such girl in their life on.
Let me comb your hair for you as my hair had dried enough I went and applied some coconut oil and went with a comb and sat my back facing my mom. She was leaning in the wall for support. I was in front of her. She gently massaged my head with oil. She usually does this to me whenever she combs hair for me but this time I felt something different and uneasy. Then she started combing my hair. I felt too nice.
Mom: So how are your college guys?
Me: Hmm nice guys. All are very funny.
Mom: Preeti. Have any guy proposed you for love?
Me: Yes Mom. I got 4 proposals.
Mom: Hey my girl is so lucky. Did you pick any of them?
Me: No mom. I didn’t.
Mom: Why da?
Me: With our family condition I can’t get into that and hearing that my mom slightly cried. I could feel drops in her eye ends. Then I asked mom are you ok? While telling this she just hugged me from behind. I felt little embarrassed. I was still only in my towel. My mom had real huge breasts that were still in shape as she was still single. She said I love you a lot da I too replied I too love you a lot mom both were still in the hug.
My mom stopped combing the hair and remained on my shoulders from my back. It was a lovely moment from behind mom stared my breasts and the cleveage in the top of the towel?
Me: What are you staring at mom?
Mom: Nothing da you too have large breasts like me and pretty attractive and very stiff.
Me: Mom, come on you are seeing me from my childhood I’m very different?
Mom: Yes da. You look very attractive in this wet towel.
Me: I too said in, my heart you too look so beautiful mom
Mom: your boobs have grown large da!
Me: do you want to have a better look mom? And asking this without waiting for her reply I slightly loosened my towel. Mom just astonished seeing my assets.
I was really proud of my breasts as in my college days many guys stare at it.
Mom: I am so unlucky that I am not your husband to touch them.
Me: Mom! Without you I am nothing. You can always touch my boobs. Saying this I took my mom’s right hand and placed in my right breast and wow!
What a feel it gave! My mom’s hand is at my breast. She slowly caressed my boobs and my elbow was pressing against her boobs. I could feel her nipples getting strong. And mine were already erect.
Mom: I love to my dear. You were the only one who gave me pleasure in this world.
Me: Mom, really? When?
Mom: Once you were born you would bite my nipples when I am breast feeding you. You sucked a lot of milk out of me..
Me: Oh mom. That would have been deadly. It will pain you na?
Mom: No my dear every mother gets pleasure when her child sucks her.
Me: So nice mom. So even if I get a child, will I get the pleasure?
Mom: Not necessary da. No need to have a child even now you can get that pleasure.
Me: Oh nice mom. Lovely advice from you but how will I get my boobs sucked?
Mom: You have given me a lot during your childhood. Why don’t you give a chance me now to do that?
Me: Mon, please. I’m all yours. Just do whatever you want. Just before I completed this word, my mom started squeezing my boobs. That made me so horny that I wanted to shout in pleasure. I just couldn’t control myself. I screamed “mom, please don’t stop mom. I want more and more
Mom: I’ll give whatever you want darling. My mom just kept on fondling breasts. She started fondling my nipples and that sent me to heaven. I couldn’t control. In the process my mom’s saree fell on the ground after some time
I turned around giving a straight view to my mom. She asked “do you want mine? I without any reply opened her blouse. Oh! What a sight! I without any delay I hardly pressed her and squeezed her boobs. I lost my towel somewhere and I became totally nude. I asked my mom too to become nude. She replied Make me nude within seconds.
I untied her petticoat and removed her undies both mom and daughter were totally nude and were fondling each other.  I pressed her against the wall and planted a hard kiss on her lips. She responded violently and we were involved in a lip lock, for about ten minutes. What a feeling that was! Without breaking the kiss, we pressed our boobs and pinched the nipples still hard both were moaning lightly with full of joy. 
She made me to lay in the bed and kept her mouth in my pussy and made a deep kiss with her tongue. I never had felt such a feel and was far beyond from the heavens. I shouted harder, hareder!  She then started licking my pussy and pressed it harder with her face. I shouted aaaaahhhhhh and my liquids started oozing out of my pussy. My mom licked it and drank it without missing a single drop then she planted a gentle kiss and started fingering me with her finger vigorously.
I had my second cum within seconds. Then my mom withdrew from my pussy and layed in the bed with her legs wide spread. I knew what to do and did what she did me in return. She too had cummed twice. She again made me cum once and then we were too tired to continue further. So we slept in the bed itself hugging and pressing each others breasts. Then my life turned upside down. I got a transfer to a college in Bangalore itself and enjoyed happily with my mom all my life.