Helping my sister-n-law | straight story from Told by Mother and obeyed

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Long story short version.I’ve 2 siblings and I’m the oldest at 35 (widower) have 2 children live close to my parents and parents-in-law. Who watch their grandchildren went I’m away working; my sister is married and has her first child and also lives close by. The youngest is my brother a total failure in life and he married a nice girl who worked for the family firm. She was shy and he needed to marry to keep getting family handouts. A wild child he was called growing up and never grew out of it. Drinking, smoking and drugs are his main occupation, having a family isn’t high on his list of things to do, if it’s on there at all. But he has a nasty streak and had her sign a prenup on getting married. Which states she has to provide him with a child 7 years of their marriage. Not a hard task, but he doesn’t sleep with her much at all less he is passed out. Anyway, after 5 years and no child his wife was concerned, she had no family and being so timid and quiet she never said anything about her worries. As she cares for my children, I see her quite a bit and I think more than my brother does. I saw her worried look several times and asked her what was wrong and got her to tell me. I said I’ll have a talk with my brother, it would have to wait as he had an accidental overdose and was sent away to detox after recovering. I did tell my mother and she straight out told my brother was useless, which I knew anyway. But she did tell me something I could do to help my sister-in-law straight away. Bed her and get her pregnant, I was shocked and also a bit excited. My mother said he had been to detox before, and it never lasted, and she didn’t think this time would not be any different. In my shock response I asked how, do I get her to sleep with me. My mother said I’ll tell her too and she left to talk to her daughter-in-law. An hour or so later she returned with my sister-in-law, and I was told she would b e staying with me in my bed until I got her pregnant. I asked what the others going to think, and my mother said she will tell them she is looking after the children while I’m working on a project. Also, it was her idea (mothers) that my sister-in-law stay over. As instructed by my mother I started fucking my sister-in-law and I was really enjoying it and in total agreement with my mother on her choice of action. By the time my brother returned she was pregnant not yet confirmed by a doctor. He of course soon proved my mother right and was back to his old ways again. Which was rather handy once his wife was declared pregnant, he didn’t realize he wasn’t around to get her pregnant and just accepted it. With my mother watching over his wife like a hawk. Then my brother had a massive attack from a combination of alcohol and drugs still alive by machine but declared brain dead. My mother then told me I had to marry my sister-in-law, I said the others and she stopped me saying they know you’re the father they aren’t idiots. My now wife was moved in with me almost straight away and a quiet wedding followed a month later. Even my late wife’s family were happy with the whole thing and have adopted her as their daughter (not legally) in every other way.

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