Her Helping Hands

tagIncest/TabooHer Helping Hands

In the night's dark, a white sedan Uber turned from the corner of the alley. It darted straight for the end of the alley. A woman wearing a yellow sun-dress and high heels got out of the car. Her thighs were milky, ass tight and breasts were melons, measuring 38DD. One could say she was full from where it's necessary. This woman was drunk, she paid the Uber guy and hammer-walked towards her house's main door. Pushing her hand into her purse, she got the keys, but it fell on the ground. She bent to pick them up but struggled to get back up. Once again, the keys fell and again.
"Oh, FUCK!!" she screamed in frustration.
She falteringly reached the main door. She tried to unlock the door, and that's when the door swung open. The drunk lady at the front door looked up and saw a woman wearing a nightgown shorter than her. Lady had a figure of 40-30-42, or an hour-glass figure if you fancy too much. Her name was Kavya Singh.
She asked, "Aliya? Sweety, is everything alright?"
Aliya, not just drunk but hammered, said lousily," Yes Mom, everything is just fine" and entered the house.
The whole house was designed in veneer while the walls painted white. Aliya dropped her heels on the doorway.
Mother asked, "Where is your car, honey?"
Still trying to get hold of herself, Aliya mumbled, "I was too drunk…left the car at the bar…will pick up tomorrow."
Kavya quickly closed the door and took hold of her daughter by her left hand. She guided Aliya to her room while saying, "Both your devils are asleep in our room, you go have some rest, we'll talk in the morning." Her mother tucked her into the bed. In no time, Aliya was fast asleep.
Next morning, 9'O clock, sunlight was beaming onto Aliya's face. With a painful groan, she opened her eyes. It was her breasts, they were full. She turned and slept on her back. She looked down and saw that her yellow sun-dress had tightened from her bust area. She tried to get up but her hangover showed up and she fell back into her bed. She again slowly got up from her bed and went to the bathroom. While standing, the weight of her entire bust was felt by her on her neck. Her breasts have filled to its complete capacity.
Aliya looked herself in the mirror – her chest was really full. She slid her hands over her dress towards the breasts. When her hands touched those udders of her, they were sensitive. She realized that overnight her breasts have filled with milk, enough to feed the babies for the whole day. She came outside and picked the breast pump from the bedside table. She sat at the bedside and looked towards the door of her bedroom, which seemed closed. Aliya got hold of her dress from the thighs and slid it upwards to remove it. The dress got stuck just under her bust, so she couldn't remove it in one go. She tried once again, pulling the dress even harder this time. But the following pressure on her chest was so much that a loud gasp came out of her, "Aaahhhhh…" The movement was so swift that she just threw the dress on the floor.
Now the real challenge came – to remove the bra. Pushing her hands back to the bra strap and somehow managed to open it up. As soon as the bra straps were released, both of her breasts kind of bounced forwards as the tension was gone. Aliya very gently placed her right hand under both of her breasts, providing support. And with her left hand got the straps off of her shoulders. Her bra just fell on her lap, latched to her right hand. Both of her areolae were incredible, full 3 inches in diameter, nipples thick as AA batteries.
She took her Medela Swing Breast Pump, latched the breast shield on the pump to her left areola. She set the speed to slow settings, and after a while, milk started flowing into the container bottle. She took a deep sigh as the tension and pain were reducing from her left breast. She just realized that she can't feed this milk to her twins as she had too much alcohol last night.
Although she was not worried about the supply because she has been known to produce enough amount that she could feed her babies every 3-4 hours a day. Somedays, she would've to store the excess amount in the freezer.
Aliya was now relaxed, as the pressure was off her chest, literally. Suddenly, the door of her bedroom swung open. Aliya panicked and picked up the yellow dress from the floor to cover herself. But in fright, Aliya lost grip of her breast pump, and it fell on the carpet with a *THUDD*. She peeked towards the door – it was her mother, Kavya. She was donning a pink salwar kameez and holding a cup of tea. The kameez was so wide from the bust area that Aliya could see the deep cleavage it was revealing. Mom quickly set the tea on the side table and went to pick up the breast pump.
"Easy Aliya, you'll hurt yourself!" mom said as she picked the breast pump, which was still on.
She turned off the pump and placed it next to the tea. Kavya turned towards her daughter and greeted her, "Good Morning, sweetheart!" and sat right next to her on the bed, shoulder to shoulder.
Aliya could see the deep crack on her mother's chest. Kavya advanced her left hand and placed it right on the dress, which was covering Aliya's chest. She took away the dress from her daughter's chest and said, "Hey, no need to cover it. I'm your mother, relax." They both smiled, looking at each other.
Kavya could see her full chest, sitting right next to her. Her eyes were glued to the large areolae that were still leaking some milk. She was mesmerized by her daughter's body and didn't realize that she was checking out her own daughter. Aliya caught her mother starring at her, and she blushed looking down. A droplet of milk formed on her left nipple. Seeing this, her mom said, "Let me take care of that." And saying this she swiped her index finger right across Aliya's left nipple. Aliya was stunned.
The Bedroom door was still open, the sound of some news channel came from the living room. Aliya's father had just turned on the TV. Mom asked," Tonight, your father will be leaving for his trip with his friends. So I thought, why don't we do our own girls' night?"
Aliya replied with a smile, "Why not mom? We'll have so much fun! But what will we cook?"
Kavya moved a strand of hair from Aliya's face and said, "Oh! No need, I've got covered everything."
It was 8'O clock in the evening, everyone has gathered around at the dining table. Aliya was wearing a white shirt and black gym shorts. Kavya was wearing a tight green T-shirt and white yoga pants. Aliya's father, Shrikant – was already and dressed-up for his trip as he was to leave just after dinner.
Kavya asked Shrikant, "Have you packed everything? Passport, tickets, et Cetra?"
Shrikant said," Yes, Kavya honey, I've packed and checked everything. Now I'm just waiting for that Stupid Rupesh to come."
Aliya asked her father, "For how many days are you going?"
Shrikant replied, "I'm going for 5 days."
"Have lots of fun, dad!" Aliya said mimicking a little girl's voice.
Both her mom and dad started laughing. At the end of dinner, Shrikant's friends have arrived at the front gate, so he went and said to them to wait. "Goddammit, he did come on time!" Shrikant cursed.
Kavya scolded him for swearing, "Shrikant, Aliya is sitting just right here."
hrikant picked his luggage, turned around, and started walking towards the front door. "Wow! It takes just this much time to forget your wife, hah?" Kavya threw a tantrum.
Shrikant realized his stupidity, so he turned around and asked for her and Aliya's forgiveness and went off.
Aliya and her mother both were done with their dinner. They cleared the dining table and were now doing the plates in the kitchen. The whole kitchen was white and with ample studio lights for cooking. The sink was in the corner of the platform where Aliya was standing, "Mom, I can do the dishes. Why don't you clean the platform 'till then?"
While doing the dishes, Aliya was thinking about how the day was spent. She was glad that she had such a good time with her parents. While in the thought-train, she felt a little pressure in her chest. Aliya was lost in her thoughts; the pressure was increasing in her breasts. Unaware of her state, she was touching her breasts with her hands.
Mom was cleaning the oven, and that's when she noticed that water was running in the sink. She looked towards Aliya and saw her touching her own breasts. She silently moved beside Aliya and asked, "My dear, is it hurting again?"
Aliya suddenly became aware of her surroundings and replied, "Yah? What? Oh, these are filled again."
Aliya excused herself, "Let me check if the babies are hungry?" She left the kitchen and went to the living room where the babies were playing in their cradles. She returned to the kitchen in a moment, "Both of them are asleep!!"
Kavya suggested, "Then use Breast pu-"
"All the bottles are filled. They're in the freezer."
Her mom got worried, "So? Now what?"
Aliya could not understand what to do, so she decided to ignore the pain, "Don't worry, let's first clean the kitchen, then we'll see what to do?"
They continued their work. Aliya would touch her chest every-now-and-then due to the increasing pressure. Kavya came by her side to put something in the cupboard, and she noticed that there were two big wet spots on Aliya's chest. Aliya looked towards her mother while doing the utensils and saw that her mother was looking at her breasts. At first, she felt uncomfortable that her mother was noticing her, but then she looked down at her chest. Her breastmilk was leaking, and the shirt was getting wet from the bust area.
"I'm sorry, mother. These are filling way faster now." Aliya felt embarrassed.
Kavya placed her left hand on Aliya's shoulder and comforted her, "What is there to be embarrassed? I know how it feels. I've faced the same problem when I used to breastfeed you."
Aliya was about to cry, "Mom, were you able to ease the pain when you breastfed me? I'm starting to self-loath."
Kavya could sense the desperation in her daughter's voice, "Well? Yes…" Kavya mumbled.
Aliya was now entirely focused on her mother, "How mom?" She was now chewing her lower lip due to the sensitivity.
Kavya said in a similar lower pitch, "Whenever I used to have such a problem…Your father…Your father would help me relieve the pain."
"What? Dad? How was he able to…" Aliya realized what her mother was talking about, "Eeeww…no mom!!" She backed off a little bit towards the corner of the platform.
Kavya moved towards Aliya and tried to reason with her, "Honey, you cannot just knead it out? I mean, it will be painful" Mom raised her left hand and took Aliya's right hand into her own, "Aliya, do you trust me?"
Aliya quickly replied, "Of course, I trust you. You're my mother."
Her mother smiled and came closer to her, "Then what's the problem?"
"Dad is your husband, but you're my mom." Aliya made a simple point.
Kavya asked her again, "Does my sweetheart trust me?"
Aliya quickly replied, "Yes, Mom, I do trust you. But isn't it a little weird?"
Mom took her conflict as a sign and stepped forward. "Mom? What are you doing?" Aliya was all hyped and quizzed at the same time.
"Don't worry honey, everything will be alright." Kavya comforted her.
Aliya moved back, and now she was cornered towards the wall and platform. Kavya raised her hands and placed them on her daughter's waist, right below the hem of her shirt. Kavya slid her hands upwards, lifting the shirt a little bit. Aliya suddenly stopped her by holding her hands (Kavya thought that Aliya got angry).
Aliya said in a low tone, "Mom, all the windows are open, and what about the lights? Anyone can see us."
Kavya got to her senses, "Oh yeah, right! We would've just put on a show for our neighbors!!" Both of them giggled. Kavya quizzed Aliya," But wait, if we turn off all the lights, how will I able to see?"
Aliya looked at her mother with insinuation, "Why DO you want to look?"
Her mom clarified, "Hey, dirty mind. What if my clothes get spoiled?"
"Okay, sounds fair."
Kavya swiftly shut all of the windows. And in the meantime, Aliya turned off all the lights except the one over the kitchen sink. Both of them came to their original standing positions. They were able to see each other due to the sink light.
Aliya's mom gave her a relaxing smile, and she moved forward. They were looking at each other, anticipating what the other will do next. Kavya placed both of her hands on Aliya's waist and pulled the hem of her shirt. As she did, her fingers were touching Aliya's soft waist. When her mom reached below the bosom area, the shirt was all bunched up and got stuck. She took a quick glance below and smirked, staring into her daughter's eyes. She sensed that Aliya's breath was getting uneven. Kavya tightly clutched the bunch and pulled it over her breasts.
Aliya's breasts bounced on her chest with a *flap* sound due to the wetness. Kavya was looking at some significant breast swelling and two big fat 3-inch areolae. The size, shape, and most importantly, the slippery slopes of Aliya's breasts took her mother's breath away. Literally, she skipped a beat!! Although they had the same size, a leaking breast did the work for Kavya.
Both of their chests were just inches away, and both of them were taking deep and uneven breaths. A sudden wind gust caused Aliya's chest to waver a little. Aliya took a look at her chest – it was drippy, and then back at her mother. Her mother got the green light.
Mom whispered," Close your eyes, honey."
Aliya, like a good girl, did so. She placed her left hand over the counter, and her right hand clasped the shirt over her bust. Mom moved her hands below Aliya's breast and placed them over her waist as if she was holding her. Kavya lowered herself a little bit; Aliya felt a warm breath over her left breast. She sighed as and when her mother would release a warm blow of her breath. Kavya leaned forward and with her tongue, cleaned her daughter's wet nipple in one go.
Aliya jerked a little and gasped. Kavya again leaned forward, and with her soft lips, took the tip of Aliya's nipple.
Aliya sighed, "ssss…ahh."
Being fully filled, her breasts were tight and nipples were sensitive. Her mother started sucking slowly, and milk begins to flow into her mouth. It was warm, thick, and had tasted like almond milk. Kavya gained some confidence, so she increased the suction. Aliya's milk came out like a stream in her mother's mouth. Aliya's breath was now taking deep breathes. She was gasping and bringing her chest forward near her mouth.
Aliya was moving so much that her mom wrapped her hands around Aliya and took her hold from behind. Her milk was flowing at her full capacity, enough that both of them were enjoying it.
Kavya was enjoying it so much that she never knew when her help curved towards an erotic action. Her Yoga pants were wet from the crotch, and she was leaking. She always knew that her daughter was beautiful, but today was different. Kavya looked up, continuing the sucking; Aliya has still kept her eyes closed. Without leaving Aliya's nipple, she slid her right hand into her own yoga pants. She caressed her pussy; MAN was it wet! She ran her middle finger over her pussy crack, from clit to vagina and back. To check if Aliya didn't suspect, she looked up and found that her daughter was struggling not to make any sound. Until her left breast was not empty, she continued to suck it and finger her own pussy.
She released the left nipple with a *POP* sound; it was swollen and red. Kavya quickly latched to the other nipple and sucked it with the same dedication. While sucking, Kavya was in such a haste that some milk got spilled all over her chin and throat. She pulled her hand out of her yoga pants and grabbed Aliya's waist with both her hands. She pushed herself towards her daughter. Her crotch was placed on Aliya's left thigh. She slowly started humping against her own daughter.
Aliya was so swamped in her feeling that she didn't felt her mother's crotch rubbing against her thighs.
Kavya knew that she should not cross the line but was not sure if she had the willpower to stop. Aliya was now out of control, and she could not bear the pleasure and relief she was getting. With her mother milking and dry humping, her, Aliya's craving was growing with every moment. She was sensing her mother's wetness on her naked thighs.
Kavya sucked her hard for one last time. Aliya moaned," Ohhh, maahhaay gggoodddd…" Her mother released the right nipple, *POP*, it was a strong sound in the kitchen. Out of nowhere, a gust of wind blew into the kitchen, and Aliya felt a tingling sensation on her wet nipple.
"How do you feel now, baby? Good?" Kavya asked her in a motherly tone.
Aliya just nodded, looking into her mother's eyes, and tried to catch her breath.
"Do you want anything, sweetheart?" her mother teased her.
"Um, no. Thanks, mom. I feel much better." Aliya swiftly lowered her shirt and went to her bedroom without looking into her mother's eyes.
While in her bedroom, she laid there on the bed but, 1000 questions were circling around her head. She cannot let go of the image of her mother sucking her breasts. She knew that this is wrong, but her pussy was soaking wet. She was still excited. She unknowingly caressed her pussy over her shorts. Carelessly, she undressed and started caressing her breasts with one hand and her pussy with the other.
Her pussy was soaking wet. Her palm was slipping over her mound. Aliya could still feel her mother's soft lips over her breasts. She was lost in her fantasy. Aliya would not wait for anybody, so she inserted two of her fingers into pussy. It slid inside her pussy with a slurp sound like the pussy has sucked her fingers in, causing Aliya to open her thighs apart. She got her business on, and won't stop until done with herself. She orgasmed thrice during her self-molestation.
At last, she removed her fingers from her pussy. Her fingers were dripping wet with all the pussy nectar. Aliya was done for the night, so she tried to get some sleep.

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