Her jaw dropped and whispered something to the effect of OMG and how BIG and DARK it

I have been showing Jocelyn and her husband Martin what seemed to be an endless number of houses for the past several weekends Mrs. Murphy chose to visit what turned out to be, by my reckoning, house number 67. As you might imagine, the husband getting a little sick and tired of more house showings as his wife never seems to be pleased with any of the houses. Each had some minor issues/problems that she was not willing to settle for. (What house doesn’t? I keep telling Jocelyn that to no avail). Therefore, I was not entirely surprised when I saw her alone at the showing on this particular Saturday afternoon. As she had to work overtime this morning, she came straight from work wearing a black business suit and matching stocking and high heels. What immediately caught my attention was the fact this exceptionally pretty executive wore underneath the jacket. It was a very low cut white blouse that left very little to the imagination if she leaned in a certain way. I immediately felt an awkward boner when I greeted her at the door of property. I used the key the sellers left for the realtor to get in. Little did I know what awaits us in the next hour or so.
To be perfectly honest, I found Jocelyn to be very snooty and nit-picking. She and her husband are very well-off and she certainly acts that way. But I already spent so much time showing her all these houses, all I can do is persist and hope one catches her eye so I can earn my well-deserved commission. But today she looked a little different and was just full of enthusiasm. She later revealed to me that she had found me to be very tall (for an Asian man as I am six foot tall) and quite fit and therefore very sexy.
As I greeted her, she mumbled something to the effect of calling her Jocelyn instead of Mrs. Murphy and smiled radiantly. I thought that was a little odd coming from the condescending and often rude woman I have been dealing with for the past few weeks.
I went straight to my prepared sales talk for this house. Jocelyn followed me throughout the spacious, two-story house and as she looked into the usual rooms, her bitch in heat attitude became ever more apparent. As a plus, she loved the house and for a change, did not find anything to object to.
I asked Jocelyn what she thought of the house and she took her time to say that she was interested in making an offer while giving me a come-hither grin but wanted to know how badly I wanted to close the deal. Because this is a highly-priced house that will give me a nice commission and I haven’t sold anything in months, I said I would almost bend over backwards to get her to buy this house. I was a little flustered by her borderline inappropriate remark and began to smile uncomfortably which showed her how desperate I was to keep her interest. I then suggested we go to the living room and discuss the terms of the offer.
Jocelyn asked what I had to offer and for the first time, I think I knew what she had in mind and I could not help but get a little aroused. Jocelyn has a pretty face that many men, including myself, find attractive. Her mouth with lovely pink lips and her big blue innocent looking eyes had captivated boys and men for years. Jocelyn didn’t have any single outstanding feature that stood out, it was the whole package combined. Her bust was neither too large nor too small at 34D and well-proportioned and her cleavage was shown to its full potential that day in her low-cut white blouse.
Jocelyn is about I think 5ft6 and her slim, elegantly shaped legs were accentuated by the black skirt, black stocking and black heels (which revealed plenty toe cleavage) she was wearing that day. On the way upstairs, I purposely walked a few steps behind trying to make out her panty lines but saw nothing other than two vertical lines that I assumed to be her garters. The fact she’s wearing garters immediately gave me a hard-on for it is not easy to find women under forty nowadays who would wear them. The skirt hem came to just above her knees and her three-inch heels put just the right level of tension on her calf muscles and gave her legs that little ‘extra’ to cause men to take a second glance at her as she passed in the street. The narrow waist of the skirt emphasized her delectable hourglass figure; which I found to be extremely intoxicating and made it difficult for me to maintain my professional attitude.
I sat on a chair and Jocelyn sat opposite me in a couch in the living room and immediately began to cross her legs to great effect. I tried not to be too obvious but she knew where my eyes were focused as she parted her legs even wider as she leaned back comfortably into the couch. I was so captivated that I lost track of what she said and asked her to repeat several times. Finally, I forced myself to raise my eyes up from Jocelyn’s legs and asked her if she knew the asking price was and whether she thought it was reasonable. She told me in a very authoritative way that given the state of the market, she wants to negotiate a bit despite the very reasonable asking price. Her face then showed a look that only her husband has seen a few times in the past and it is one that she had only ever displayed while drunk. It was her “horny and flirting” look.
Jocelyn laughed with enjoyment and demanded to know what I was going to do to close the deal. She stared at me and challenged me to make the next move and I began to fidget a little in my chair. Jocelyn’s very thinly veiled suggestive remarks had obviously made me very uneasy. Jocelyn then feigned ignorance of what she just said and smoothed her skirt over her hips and gestured for me to move next to where she sat so we can try to have a little fun working out the details of the offer. I mumbled something as I was lost for words and began to look increasingly uncomfortable. “Um….Ah” was all I could get out of my mouth as Jocelyn placed her hand on my crotch and asked in her sultry voice whether I minded having a little fun with her.
I replied that it was ok and tried to regain my composure and suppress the growing and ever more visible bulge in my pants. “Good Lord!” Jocelyn whispered when she felt my cock and asked if she made me hard. She giggled nervously but was clearly shocked by the length of my hard-on.
All I managed to say was how sorry I was but she replied that I had nothing to apologize for and looked at me with evident lust in her eyes and whispered in my ears about whether I was going to show her what I got down there and how badly I wanted the deal. That’s when I begged her to please stop but instead she interrupted and told me to relax while stating in a very calm voice that she wants me and she can tell that I want her too. Jocelyn pushed her body against mine and writhed slowly and planted her pretty pink lips on mine without any warning. I tried to resist but my willpower wilted in the face of her persistent advances. As we kissed, her right hand began to loosen my belt and zipper. She reached inside the gap her face gave a sign approval and delight when she felt my raging erection.
She then grabbed my cock and pulled it out of the opening. And while her eyes fixated on my tool, her jaw dropped and whispered something to the effect of OMG and how BIG and DARK it was.
Jocelyn’s delight was apparent; she was positively salivating at the sight of my exotic manhood. In response to Jocelyn’s eagerness and wide eyed anticipation, I grew harder still as I realized that I am about to fulfill one of my fantasy of fucking a white woman. I have had it since puberty when started lusting after white girls and Caucasian teachers, anchorwomen on TV and actresses. I have only seen them in online porn and movies and have never even come close to seeing one in person, let alone having sex with one. The excitement in her voice turned me on even more as I abandoned any sense of professionalism and propriety and I wanted this continue as much as, if not more than, she did.
I began to unbutton Jocelyn’s blouse and in no time she was standing with her nude-colored lacy see-though bra exposed. She let go of my cock and pulled the blouse from her shoulders and threw it over the couch with nonchalance. I then approached her and unclasped her bra and caught the beautiful sight of her alabaster, cute and perfectly round 34D breasts as they were freed and my eyes lit up in wanton desire. I stared at Jocelyn’s breasts and pink nipples for a moment and began to play with them immediately. I cupped her boobs with my tanned fingers and that contrast of skin tone sent a surge of lust through my body. I took a deep breath and began to suck her nipples as Jocelyn moaned with pleasure and arousal.
Jocelyn then commanded me to remove my clothes as she worked to lower her skirt. I did so with a sense of urgency because she threatened to change her mind if I did not comply. Doing so left my cock fully exposed and erect in its full glory while she looked at it as if possessed.
Jocelyn was nearly nude as well, with the exception of her garter, stocking and heels, which turned me on enormously for images of nude beckoning white women from Playboy I saw when I was a kid still have an tremendous hold on my sexual imagination. That’s when it dawned on me she was not wearing any panties so little wonder I saw no panty lines earlier. So this must be have been planned but I am glad to play along. I was also struck by the tremendous beauty of her body and especially her well-shaved pubic area that is covered by nothing more than a thin land strip similar in color to her shoulder-length light brown hair.
Jocelyn looked at me appreciatively and whispered to me how she had this fantasy of being fucked by a dark handsome Asian guy for year but never had the guts or the opportunity to make it happen until now. In that state of extreme arousal, she looked even sexier than usual. Her face showed a feverish excitement and her eyes sparkled with unbridled lust. Her nipples perked up and stood out and although I couldn’t be sure, I was convinced her pussy is dripping with her juices. And those heels! Jocelyn knows dressing up in a pair of what she called “slut shoes” and the magic effect they had on men and this time was no different. I slowly ran my bronze hands over her curves. I gently massaged the silky smooth skin of her breasts and took a firm grip of her hips and then squeezed her buttocks while I continued to admire my first white lover’s pale skin with palpable angst.
I complimented her on her perfectly shaped tits and ass and assured her how sexy she looked. She thanked me with a feigned modesty as she knew the nearly hypnotic power her body has had over men of all races and ages since puberty. That’s when she got on her knees and began to examine my uncircumcised shaft up close and to toy with it gently, first with her hands and then with the wet and pink tip of her tongue.
Jocelyn examined my uncircumcised penis from close range and then stuck the pink, wet tip of her tongue out and started to lick the dark foreskin backwards to reveal a pink head.
I began to run my fingers through Jocelyn’s increasingly tussled hair and cradled her head between my hands while I looked down at her beautiful light brown hair and pretty creamy face and thin pink lips and asked her whether she loved dark Asian cocks. She looked up briefly and nodded and went back to licking my dark foreskin backwards to revel my bright pink glans. Jocelyn then shouted how she wanted me to feel her pale tits with my dark hands and fuck her tight white pussy.
Jocelyn slurped and drooled saliva over my penis. She held it close to the root at its base and licked up the outside of the shaft from top to bottom and back again. She then popped the big glans back between her painted lips and sucked at it so that her cheeks were concave. As she sucked, Jocelyn caressed shaft of my cock and licked my hanging balls. As my Asian cock began to drip with precum and a milky thread of the stuff ran down her chin, she told me she loved sucking cocks and mine is the first Asian one for her. I said nothing but pushed my fingers into her hair again and held her head still. With my other hand I grabbed my stiff cock and then rubbed the slippery end around her impeccably made-up face.
By now, I had been transformed from a smartly dressed professional into a dominant Asian stud who handled Jocelyn just the way she wanted to be handled and even said exactly what she needed to hear to have her pussy overflowing. She then slid her fingers through her labia which made them glisten with her pussy juice and held them up for me to examine and I took in the unmistaken musky scent of a woman in heat.
Jocelyn then laid back on the couch and eagerly spread her slim pale thighs. She parted the folds of her sticky labia and exposed the wet pink of her pussy for me to watch. She rubbed the tip of her index finger against her opening and then used its wet tip to excite her swollen clit. As she masturbated lightly, her eyes closed and her mouth formed silent O. Jocelyn’s taut stomach clenched as the electric sensations from her clit fired through her body and she let out a low, animal groan of pleasure.
Jocelyn then told me how much she wanted me to fuck her then and there. She then rubbed her clit more heavily and quickly and her face changed from a wide mouthed silent expression of delight to one of pure satisfaction with her biting her lower lip gently. Her body convulsed slightly and her breasts jiggled delightfully with the movement. Her eyes shot open when she sensed me kneeling between her thighs, and she grinned slyly as she slid her hips to meet me and offer me her feminine treasures.
Jocelyn clawed at the edge of the couch desperately and her chest and throat grew flushed red with her excitement and begged me to shove my big Asian prick into her tight white pussy. I was on my knees and had a momentary hesitation about whether to go through with the whole thing. She urged me on and lifted her butt off the couch and said she wanted it missionary style first and then from behind with me squeezing her tits at the same time.
I lifted my swaying cock and held it still with the two-inch wide glans revealed by fully retracted foreskin up tight against Jocelyn’s labia. I pushed forward and grunted, and my cock head disappeared inside her tight but hot and wet opening. She then sighed and said looked down to see more of my dark member sliding rather easily deeper into her delicate pink pussy. I was also engrossed with the beautiful sensation of my cock being surrounded by such as welcoming white cunt and could not avoid looking at the incredibly arousing sight of my dark manhood sliding in and Jocelyn’s tight pussy and stretching it to an extent she has never felt before.
I grunted and grimaced as Jocelyn strained to accommodate my thick Asian cock. I held still when I saw his jet-black curly pubic hairs met her neatly trimmed bush in the form of a landing strip and watched as I eased my dark pole in and out of her lovely pink pussy. I wrapped my hands around Jocelyn’s narrow waist and pulled her close and watched intently as her labia clung stickily to the shaft of my cock as though reluctant to release the prize as I pushed in and out of her. We could see her goo smeared along the length of my dark penis when it was exposed and free from her body. She could not take her eyes off the sight of my Asian cock as it invaded her ever deeper.
I soon began to pick up the pace and the sound of our bodies slapping together was increasing in volume. Jocelyn’s eyes were beaming with lust and her breasts jiggled under my powerful onslaught and although she said I was in very deep, she pleaded me to move faster and harder still. She directed me to redouble my effort and fill her tight little white cunt. That’s when I groaned and let her know I was close to unleashing my load.
Jocelyn then cried out aloud and begged me not to come yet. She pulled back from me and simultaneously pushed me away forcefully. My cock slid out of her well-used pussy and my eyes gleamed when I saw a trickle of her syrup running down perineum. Jocelyn stood up next to the backrest of the couch and turned so that her delectable rear was fully revealed. She bent at the waist slightly and offered herself to me once more.
I moved behind Jocelyn and probed her labia with my cock head all the while admiring her stocking held up by a garter. Jocelyn moved her feet back slightly to get her balance and to give me easier access to her body. I gripped Jocelyn’s hips firmly and pushed up inside her again while staring at her little pink pucker hole just above her pussy and her beautiful pale and stocking-clad legs.
Jocelyn let out a huge groan when I pushed inside her again and her head drooped forward and her hair fall over her face. I grunted and picked up the tempo without a pause. I slammed my cock into Jocelyn with vigorous strokes and dug his fingers deep into the soft flesh of her swaying boobs. Her buttocks wobbled cheekily and her entire body moved in sync with the force of my hard fucking. She then begged me to grab them as if I owned them and continue fucking her as if this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
I am sure my expression was a mixed one of lust and tension as I was about to come. Then I let out a nice grunt like a professional tennis player and shot my load deep inside this beautiful white slut. She then reassured me it was all right and she won’t get pregnant and told me she wanted to feel me coming deep inside her and fill her up with my semen.
I groaned and slumped forward against Jocelyn heavily. I wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close to his body. With that, my jerking body shot loads of my hot sticky thick Asian seed into her and let out a shout of triumph. I groaned loudly again and threw my head back and lifted myself up and held Jocelyn’s hips and continued to pump my seed into her waiting cunt. The sensation of my pumping cock finally sent her over the edge and she too climaxed loudly and spasmodically squeezed any remaining semen of her Asian stud.
Jocelyn’s head was pushed deep against the cushions as she surrendered totally to the most intense orgasm of her life. Her hips jerked and she moaned and sighed out a release. Finally, I pulled my thick shining Asian cock out of Jocelyn’s and a thick glob of my cum began to trickle down her landing strip. I felt triumphant and proud of what just happened while I gazed at the beautiful sight of my cum leaking from her pussy and down her pale legs.
I just couldn’t help myself and as soon as I had moved clear of Jocelyn’s body, I picked her up and rolled her over onto her back. Without a moment’s hesitation, I pried and held her legs wide open and briefly surveyed the cum oozing from inside her. I then pushed my cock against the slippery opening and slid inside her instantly so I can relive the crowning moment of my sexual glory. My cum and her pussy juice then squelched obscenely and dribbled out of her gaping cunt in a thick ooze. I could not hold back for the excitement was too much and my cock pulsed again and pushed some more of my hot milky Asian seed deep into her womb. That’s when I called her slut for Asian cock and cum when my face was merely inches from hers and she retorted that I was eager to take a prim and proper older white lady like herself in order to clinch the deal which I duly closed a few weeks later.

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