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This story grew up from the seed of an idea in my Sister Act series. There I had a character who was very much conflicted by her best friend's behaviour. This story was in part designed to introduce and flesh out her brother, who would eventually try to help with her issue. Please read or re-visit chapter 1 for context.
As these things tend to do, it has now grown into its own ongoing tale, my original reason becoming merely a minor plot point. In fact, I've now found a way to tie in another storyline, albeit entirely accidentally!
As a result, I had to pin down the actual dates and timeline of the stories. This means they now occur in a world very much like ours but with a lot less COVID-19 (in fact none) and a lot more incest! Yeah, I thought you'd like that. Bloody perverts reading my stuff!
I hope you enjoy what you find here. If you do (or even if you don't) please don't be shy to comment or feedback. I shall always endeavour to reply. I may respond via feedback if you have points or queries that merit further exploration or discussion. There is mention of rough sex, but in passing only, bad memories — we all have them, unfortunately.
My friend, the tireless no1Uno has done another exemplary job of editing this one, those few deliberate mistakes are just left in to give the curmudgeons something to complain about in the comments.
If this is out in time, Merry Christmas, if not, Happy New Year!
Anyway, everyone here is over 18 and hopefully pretty good fun to read about!
Shawn woke with a start. Checking his phone he saw it was 6:30, but he knew immediately that he was awake for the day. Thoughts of incest whirled in his mind, Gray and Susie, himself and Miranda. He couldn't make sense of it; he should be appalled, but last night's fun in the pool had been just that, fun. No one had been abused, no one had been violated. Three consenting adults had played a silly game, their relationship to each other was irrelevant. What he'd heard at Susie's bedroom door last night was the sound of two people making very passionate, very satisfying love together. He had heard no sounds of protest, none of regret. It wasn't rape, it wasn't… it wasn't… it wasn't anyone's' business.
He pulled on a pair of trunks and headed down to the pool. He needed exercise; he needed to lose himself in the activity, become subsumed in his body's physical efforts. He knew from experience that it would calm his mind and let his subconscious do the real thinking. He knew it was the best way for him to process the new thoughts and emotions that he was experiencing.
It was going to be another scorching day so Shawn wasted no time in diving into the water and swimming a few laps. The pool was not long enough for a proper swim so he resorted to using a variety of alternative techniques to get the exercise his body craved. He felt like a synchronised swimmer doing a routine as he remembered the various drills his coach had taught him for such occasions.
He continued for about fifteen minutes, working reasonably hard but it simply wasn't taxing enough. Pulling himself out of the water he decided it would have to be a run. He remembered the doughnut shop Gray had pointed out on the drive from the airport and thought he would pick up some nice pastries for breakfast.
He set up the route on his phone and headed off, initially ignoring the directions in his headphones. Gray and his mum lived in a pretty flat area which was ideal for Shawn. He didn't enjoy running, it was a necessary evil he always thought, but at least there were no hills to deal with. He'd covered just under three miles of random twists and turns before he started following his phone's instructions.
At the bakery, he bought an array of doughnuts and other tasty treats, before walking the last half mile back to the house to warm down. As he strode up the drive his mind felt clear, his mood was relaxed, his run had done its work in his mind and body. In the kitchen it was clear that Gray and Susie hadn't started breakfast yet, 'probably tired out after last night' he chuckled to himself.
He went out on to the deck to see if they were up yet; Susie had said they were going to start their day with a swim from now on.
They were out there, sitting in a lounger, facing away from the house. Susie was in front of Gray, both had their backs to him; was Gray brushing her hair? No, she was moving, perhaps he was massaging her?
As he walked towards them, about to say hello, he noticed their wet swimsuits on the ground beside them. He also became aware that Susie was actually sitting on top of Gray; who was inside her! They were fucking! Jesus!
He came to a stop, his running shoes squeaking on the tile. He froze. Susie's head turned around languidly and she smiled at him, still moving rhythmically on her son.
Susie considered her son's young friend. Gray was pretty much the world champion at understanding human beings and judging their characters. For this boy to be his best friend then, truly meant something. He was smart, funny, guileless and honest. If she hadn't suffered complications during Gray's birth she would have definitely tried to have more children. If she'd had one turn out half as well as Shawn she would have been eternally grateful. If she could have another son it would be Shawn.
"Gray honey, it's Shawn. Would it be ok if I sucked his cock? I saw it last night and it looked mighty tasty," Susie asked her son. Shawn began to take in more of the scene. Susie was nude, her large pale breasts undulating hypnotically as she rode atop her boy. Gray's arms were wrapped around her waist, as he ground his body against hers, trying to maximise the friction of his penetrations.
"Sure, if Shawn's ok with it. Hey Shawn, you want mom to suck your cock? She's really good; to be honest I could use the help man!" Gray turned his head and gave a twisting nod, indicating to Shawn that he should come closer.
Shawn's mind was clouded with lust and confusion. He'd thought his run had allowed his subconscious to process his incestuous thoughts, and it had. Unfortunately, it had only processed the theoretical thoughts and imaginings he had had. Dreams and fantasies were as nothing when confronted with the real thing, right there within touching, hearing and smelling distance.
And he was invited. Susie wanted to blow him, Gray was asking for his help. And Shawn? Shawn was pulling off his shorts and marvelling at his erection, where had that come from? It must have grown an inch overnight! He moved hesitantly around Susie's side and she just slid her mouth over him, right to the base. She sucked him harder than any woman had ever before, her arms coming around him, hot hands clasping his buttocks.
As the suction relaxed momentarily Susie somehow managed to slip out her tongue and swipe at his bubbling balls. 'Ball-surfing' he'd heard it called, but he'd never truly believed it was a real thing! Shawn had always been pretty successful with girls and had enjoyed what he thought was a fairly exhilarating sex life. But he realised now that he had just been called up from the minors; he was in The Show now.
He slid his hands into Susie's magnificent, silky red hair, using his light grip on her head to direct her movements gently. She seemed more than happy to follow his guidance, concentrating now on swirling her tongue forcefully around his tip, holding that astonishing suction the whole time.
Susie maintained eye contact throughout, mewling softly as the soft sucking sounds of her mouth almost matched the ones Gray was eliciting from her oily vagina.
Gray announced that he was close to cumming. Susie raised an eyebrow at Shawn and he nodded. She inhaled his cock and started to suck for all she was worth. Shawn leaned down and clutched at her breasts, pulling on the rubbery nipples until Susie yelped quietly around his embedded length.
Gray was cumming now, holding Susie's hips and raising himself up off the chair to force his prick into her. That was enough for Shawn and he began to spray his load into Susie's throat. She, in turn, pulled back to take the next few squirts on her tongue before releasing him to finish on her beautiful two-tone breasts.
"Come on my beautiful boys, cum for momma, fill me, cover me, never stop cumming for me," Susie was bouncing on Gray, clearly about to orgasm herself. She didn't stop jerking Shawn's prick until she howled out her release; when legs shaking, she had to let go of him, falling back on top of an exhausted Gray. His hands took over massaging her breasts where Shawn's had left off.
Shawn stood shell-shocked. He'd just had a monumental orgasm; his own knees were not far from buckling. He sat down on the lounger, watching as Susie turned to give Gray a loving kiss. Then she leaned forward and pulled Shawn in for a toe-curling smooch too.
"That was wonderful boys… well, men I guess," Susie giggled. "Everybody up so I can clean you off."
The two boys stood by the lounger, cocks still firm, as Susie alternated between them, her heavenly lips and tongue seeking out any nasty fluids that still remained from their coupling.
As she finally relaxed back on her knees, Gray turned to Shawn and said "Yeah, so this is kind of a secret man, if you know what I mean. You're part of it now, I really love her, but she needs more than I can provide by myself. Will you help me look after her? She'll do anything we want, won't you mom?" He turned to Susie who was just scooping up the last of Shawn's cum from her tits into her mouth.
"Oh yes baby, I'll do whatever you want, whoever you need me to. I'll do it all, as long as we get to fall asleep together in our bed at night," Susie smacked her lips, licking her fingers clean.
"It didn't sound like you did much sleeping last night," Shawn said, "but yeah, you're incredible Susie, I'm along for the ride, wherever it takes us. Your secret… our secret, is safe with me."
Susie stood up, unashamedly naked and pulled the boys into a hug, kissing each in turn. "I thought a swim was the perfect way to start the day," she said "turns out this is way better. Now, I'm hungry, let's eat."
"I bought some pastries from that place you showed me, Gray," Shawn said, hugging Susie and his friend tightly once more before letting go.
"Mamma Mia's?" Gray asked, high fiving Shawn when he nodded. "You fucking genius, perfect post-coital recovery grub. Get as many calories on board as you can – we're going to need every one of them!"
The three of them wandered into the house, naked, satisfied and hungry.
Across town, Arnold Edwards slowly closed his laptop. His life had just taken an irrevocable and fundamental left turn, straight to 'who knows where' and he was a little shaken.
The silent alarm in his office building had been tripped and he had logged onto his virtual security system to see if there was anything on the cameras. There was. Josh, his super keen new assistant, had come in early and forgotten that the alarm code had been changed. A quick phone call had got everything reset. Problem solved. Phew!
As he'd gone to log out of the camera viewing app, Arnold had noticed the icon for East Texas Avenue, the house where Susie and Gray now lived. He remembered when the security firm he'd chosen had tendered for the job, they'd fitted a single camera at his home for free, to show what their system could offer him. The inducement had worked and they'd got the contract.
Arnold clicked on it, feeling an illicit thrill at his voyeurism. He hoped perhaps to catch Susie in a bikini at the pool. Their marriage might have ended but she was still an incredibly sexy woman!
The camera came online, the 4K picture quality astounding. The mics were directional so the user had controls to remotely steer and refocus the camera. Arnold didn't need to touch them. It was perfectly centred on a lounge chair by the pool. Susie was not wearing a bikini. Any more.
He watched the illicit coupling, Susie riding Gray hard while she worked over the other boy with her mouth. Arnold had experienced both of these positions with her and knew that the young men would be in 'hog heaven' right now. The amazing microphones picked up all the lewd and nasty sounds and dialogue that the sexy threesome was producing. This was like a porno! Fuck, it was way better than any porno Arnold had ever seen!
His cock was 'honest to god' hardening under his robe. Things were occurring down there that hadn't happened for nearly ten years! He continued to watch, a tiny, shrinking part of his brain feeling nausea and revulsion at the incestuous union, but the vast majority just felt overwhelming lust and passion.
He grabbed his penis and began jacking off like he hadn't done in nearly forty years. His dick felt like a teenager's again and he wasn't going to waste it. Within a few minutes, just as the onscreen trio were reaching their own climaxes, Arnold Edwards had his fastest and finest orgasm in living memory. Cum shot out of him on to the floor, his leg, his robe, his laptop. Everywhere! His normal little dribble had become an explosion of pleasure, like a honeymooner's. It was amazing.
Arnold was breathing hard, suddenly worried about his blood pressure! He did his deep breathing exercises, lowering his heart rate and tension levels. As he calmed he saw Susie cleaning the boys with her talented tongue before she hugged and kissed them and headed inside. Clearly, she had forgotten all about the camera looking down at her. 'Thank fuck for that' he thought.
'Or had she? Susie had always had an exhibitionist streak in her, a submissive side that Arnold had wished he could have exploited. Was this her way of exploring those desires? Or was she just a horny bitch, making up for all those years in a sex-free marriage? By fucking her son and another boy in an early morning outdoor threesome?
He began to think rationally now. Jesus, Gray? He had looked pretty well invested in the events, his hands had been all over Susie, there'd been no signs of coercion there. And the other boy, curly blond hair, athletic build, was that Shawn? Gray's Australian friend? He was a lucky bastard, whoever he was.
Ever the businessman, Arnold's mind turned to exploitation. Not of Susie and Gray, he loved them both dearly, but of this situation. Was there a way where everyone could benefit? A way where no one would get hurt? He thought maybe there was. He'd have to think about this. He called Josh and told him what happened with the alarm and not to worry. He told him he'd be taking the day off and to reschedule everything. His cell would be on but only for the direst emergency.
That done, he began to plan.
Shawn's pastries were a huge hit as the three new lovers savoured them with strong coffee around the kitchen table. Susie and Gray had haltingly explained how their relationship had begun and ended up here. Shawn soon realised that this was the first time the two of them had ever talked to each other in detail about it. He felt privileged to be included in the conversation but also like an interloper, surely this was something they needed to discuss in private.
"So it was the panties in the hamper that made you realise I was serious?" Susie asked Gray.
"Yeah, if you'd come into the laundry room right then, I'd have died of embarrassment before fucking you into the middle of next week. It was easily the most turned on I'd ever been, up until that point," her son answered.
"It was obvious to me something was up straight away," Shawn said. "The way you 'helped' Gray with the limes yesterday was so sexy. Like something out of a story, not a silly porno skit, it was clear that you loved him deeply and wanted to show him. It was beautiful."
"Sorry about the shorts last night," Susie grasped Shawn's forearm. "I honestly thought they were Gray's. In all the confusion I was just so excited to have got them off I didn't really notice whose they were. You styled it out pretty well though!"
"Ha-ha, it's funny because I remember thinking that my cock had never looked bigger. It was a 'now or never' type moment. And then I had déjà-vu outside just now when I took my shorts off, but it was at least an inch longer than ever before! I just can't believe how sexy that was." Shawn held Susie's hand and looked at Gray.
"After you took off last night you missed a bit of a show, down here. Mom talked me into a 69, she was convinced you were coming back out and thought that would be a good way for you to catch us. We were at it for hours! Thanks, mate," Gray winked.
"I fell asleep, sorry. It was a good thing too though coz it meant I had to get up for a pee and that's when I heard you," Shawn said. "Sorry for listening in, it's becoming a bit of a habit in my family." Susie raised an eyebrow. "Long story, I'll tell you later," Shawn said.
"We knew you were out there; we could see your shadow under the door, mom went apeshit when she noticed. I'll have bruises for a week to prove it!" Gray did a pretend wince.
"So, what does the future hold for you two?" Shawn asked.
"I don't know," Gray said, "we haven't really talked, have we mom?"
"It's pretty simple for me baby. I'm totally in love with you, hook, line and sinker. I'm your woman, to have and to hold 'til death do us part. I have no expectations of you, I planned to try to seduce you over this six-week summer break. I had hoped I might succeed by the end, not on day two!" Susie had clasped Gray's hands in hers while she spoke.
"I don't need you to feel the same way, I'll do whatever you want, you've already given me more than I ever dreamed of."
"Me too, ditto. Well, except for the seduction part. It's always been my dream but I was never going to act on it," Gray said with equal gravitas.
"Bullshit mister, I don't believe you. I would have known if you'd thought about me like that," Susie was smiling.
"I can prove it," Gray said, "Shawn, hand me your phone for a sec would you please?" Shawn unlocked it and passed it over. Gray fiddled for a second and then handed it to Susie.
"That's the login page to the members' area of an erotic fiction website called Literotica," Gray said. "I've typed in my user name and I'll give you my password so you can log in. Once there you'll be able to see the few stories I've written but more importantly, you'll see the ones that I've favourited, the ones that make me think about you."
He rhymed off a complicated password and Susie must have entered it because her hand went to her mouth as she browsed the site.
Susie was crying now, Shawn later learned that the first thing she'd read had been a poem Gray had written called simply 'Susie'. As he found out himself later, it certainly wasn't Shakespeare but it did make Gray's desires towards his mom patently clear.
"Oh Gray, we've wasted so much time," Susie wailed as she got up and slid into her son's arms.
"No mom, our adventure is beginning at exactly the right time. Any earlier and I was still your little boy and you were still coming out of the divorce. Now we're together as equals, as adults. It's perfect."
And it bloody well was, Shawn realised. He'd never seen two people in love like this before. His parents had been together and been in a great relationship for over 25 years. But he'd never seen looks like these, heard words like these from them. These two had been together just over a day. It was epic!
He began clearing up the dishes as Susie and Gray were kissing passionately at the other end of the island.
"Oh Shawn," Gray said, breaking off the kiss. "This must be so confusing for you mate."

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