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//I hope you all enjoy the story. I'm still pretty new here so feel free to comment or message with feedback if you have thoughts. Thanks!
"Thanks again, Kyle. I'm really sorry to make you do this. I just couldn't stay there another minute with that lying bastard."
"No problem! What else are brothers for?"
Julie looked down at her boots. She gave the slushy curb a weak kick as she leaned against the car door. Despite being bundled up in a heavy red parka and keeping her auburn hair tucked under a wool cap, she was only wearing a tight fitting set of black leggings over her legs. Kyle had felt bad for how cold she must be, and on the drive back to his apartment he had cranked the heat. But now, on the street, he couldn't help but notice how they accentuated the graceful slope of her legs. He shook the thought from his head as he popped open the back of the car.
"I'm just glad I saw your call."
"I know, and don't get me wrong, I appreciate it," Julie said. "But it's so late, and it's been snowing, and I'm sure you'd rather be doing other things with your Friday night. It's gotta be a hassle for you, coming to your sister's 'rescue'. I mean-"
Holding up a hand, Kyle said, "Hey, I said don't worry about it. Jeff's an asshole and you're my sister. I'm gonna take care of you. You can stay as long as you want."
He shot her a quick grin over the box of his sister's belongings, as he slid it out of the car, careful not to drop it in the snow. His breath fogged in front of him, but he still caught the tail of Julie's own small smile as she shut the trunk.
Kyle thought of himself as fairly fit, and the cardboard box wasn't particularly heavy, but it was awkwardly big and he still found himself struggling. If he had to guess, Kyle would have said it probably held some clothes and maybe a few smaller things. It reminded him of the box she had brought with her when their parents had decided to move in together. At the time, he'd been a punk kid and hated the idea of sharing the house, but now that they were in college, he kind of missed those days. He hiked the box up with his knee for a better grip as they approached the steps of the apartment building. Trying to balance the box with an elbow, he reached for his keys. Damn, it was big.
"So this is where you've been hiding," Julie smirked, eyeing the frosted brickwork and dim light of curtained windows.
"Yeah, this is the place. It isn't much, but it's privacy." Kyle chuckled in between small frustrated noises. Trying to get out his keys while not dumping his step-sister's belongings in the snow was proving to be a tricky proposition. He gave a weak grunt as he shifted the box again.
"Come on, stop messing around. I'm freezing out here," Julie said, shrinking into her parka's hood.
"I'm tryin', I'm tryin'! Can't get my key."
Kyle felt a hand brush against his, then the feeling of fingers fishing into his pocket.
"Julie! What the hell?"
"What? You've got your hands full, and I'm freezing."
Her fingernails pressed against the thin liner of his pant's pocket. Julie's hands had been in her parka the whole ride over and they were still warm as they hunted for the keys. The feeling sent an electric jolt coursing through Kyle's thighs and up into his groin.
"Damn, where are they?" Julie muttered.
Licking her lips, Julie leaned down as she probed deeper, and Kyle coughed as the friction in his pants made his dick twitch. He closed his eyes and tried to think of literally anything else. In his mind, he imagined a scoreboard in a highschool gym. Why did that leap to mind?
"There they are." Julie triumphantly yanked the keys out of his pocket and opened the door, rushing inside and making room for him to follow. "Jeez, you ok?" Julie asked. "You look all flushed. The box isn't that heavy is it?"
As they stepped into the apartment, Kyle set down the box with a heavy thud. The warm air made his cold skin prickle and his jacket was starting to feel oppressively hot.
"Wow, I'm impressed," Julie said, looking around.
"About what?" Kyle said, hanging up his jacket on the back of the door with a sigh of relief. It wasn't a big apartment. Just a studio really. A bed. A couch and tv. A glass patio window facing a balcony covered in snow and too small for any furniture. It was a castle to him, but he didn't have any illusions. It was a decidedly unimpressive apartment.
"Aren't all you college guys supposed to be horrible slobs? The place actually looks pretty— clean," Julie said with a murmur of surprise. Her smirk fell away with a nervous look of hesitation. "Oh, god. You weren't expecting erm- 'company' before I called. Were you?"
Kyle had to stop himself from laughing. "No, nothing like that. Don't have the time between work and classes. I guess, well, when it's yours, you want to take care of it, you'know?"
Shaking her head, Julie let out a soft chuckle, "Yeah, I get that. Jeff never really did." The bitterness in her voice seemed to chill the warm apartment when she mentioned her boyfriend. Well, ex-boyfriend, Kyle now assumed.
"Hey," Kyle put a hand on Julie's shoulder. "Let's not worry about Jeff tonight. He's done enough already."
Nodding, Julie wiped at the corner of her eye. "You're right." Sliding the wool hat off her head, she twisted it between her fingers. "Hey, thanks for picking me up, but you don't have to babysit me or anything. If you want to go out or had other plans-"
He didn't. Not specifically anyway. But looking at her, even if he had, he wouldn't have wanted to go.
"You know, actually, I've got some beers and a few frozen pizzas—the good kind that puff up when you cook 'em," he said gently. "I was thinking tonight might be a good night to stay in and watch a movie. Why don't you get settled and I'll get the oven going?"
Suddenly, Julie's arms were around him. Hugging him tightly, she pressed against his chest, burying her face in his shoulder. After a stunned moment, Kyle wrapped his arms around her, and felt the small shakes of silent sobs. For a long minute they stood there, and Kyle felt his sister's warm breath on his neck. He was acutely aware of the press of her chest against his and he swallowed as he again tried not to think about how close she was, how attractive and shapely the curves of her body really were. Again, the image of the scoreboard in a highschool gym appeared in his imagination.
After another few seconds, Julie let out a contented sigh. When she drew back, she tilted her head up and kissed him. He thought their lips would meet, but in the last moment their eyes met and Julie looked down, her lips trailing halfway between his cheek and his own lips. She looked away shyly, quietly mouthing thank you as she awkwardly stepped back, half tripping on the living room's low table.
Kyle's hand jumped as he made to catch her, but she waved him away. An embarrassed flush rose in her cheeks that filled Kyle with an uncomfortable feeling. He wanted to hold her again, to tell her it would all be ok, to press her lips against his and finish the kiss that she started.
Instead, he scratched at his scalp and said, "I'll—I'll get the oven started."
The scent of the pizza had reached every corner of the apartment. Kyle tapped his fingers on the counter and popped open the oven. The cheese had melted, but the crust still had a way to go. Shaking his head, he closed it again. The timer was broken and he'd forgotten to check the time as he put the pizza in.
"Just distracted, I guess," he murmured to himself.
Julie had grabbed a few things from the cardboard box and disappeared into the bathroom, and the sound of the shower—well, it wasn't irritating, but he couldn't seem to get it out of his mind.
Glancing towards the bathroom again, Kyle could see steam drifting out from the seam where the door didn't quite latch. Living alone, he had never thought how easily someone could see through that gap. You wouldn't even have to push the door and you could see—He shook his head again. "Stop."
However he phrased it, Julie was hot. A part of him protested that there was nothing wrong in admitting the fact. Even in highschool he'd seen how the red-brown of her hair lay across her slim shoulders, the way her firm breasts defined every top she wore. He remembered how his dad had forced him to attend her swim-team meets. She's your sister now, so you're going. He thought about how he had pretended to be bored, looking at the other team, down at his phone, or even up at the scoreboard on the gym's wall. Anything to avoid looking at her. He had felt strange, even then, at the way he felt when she slid out of the pool. The way she looked, wet from head to toe, her swimsuit hugging her pert butt and slim hips. How wrong it had seemed even as his cock told him how he really felt.
Without realizing, Kyle found himself standing outside the bathroom door. He saw the vague movement of Julie's body through the gap, concealed by steam and the transparent shower curtain. He could feel how his dick swelled and he nervously licked his lips.
And then he stopped.
Now that he was closer, he could hear sounds. He leaned in, turning his ear to listen. A soft moaning coming from the shower. Was she crying? Kyle paused. Jeff may have been an ass, but Julie had still been with him for nearly a year. They had been living together. Of course the night they break up, she might need some time to—cry.
'I'm such an ass', Kyle thought. 'What am I thinking? She's your sister'. He had used that phrase over and over in highschool. When she would come in sweating from lacrosse practice, her uniform clinging to her waist and chest, showing off the toned slope of her back… 'Stop'.
With a deep sigh, Kyle turned to step back. As he did, Julie let out another moan, high and tight.
The sound was definitely not crying.
Kyle's breath caught. He felt his heartbeat jump, his former guilt disappeared as he slowly leaned into the gap in the door frame. He could see more clearly now. Julie had one hand against the shower wall. Her auburn hair clung to her shoulders and across the swell of her chest. She raised one leg, bracing it against the lip of the bathtub, her shapely ass clenched and shaking. Another breathy moan managed to escape the clatter of the shower water. Following the curve of her ass, Kyle saw her other hand now, framed between the hazey outline of her thighs, furiously rubbing at her sex.
His mouth went dry and Kyle's hand instinctively pressed against the bulge growing in the front of his jeans. She was—masturbating? Kyle didn't judge, hell if he hadn't rubbed one out in that same shower, but the surreal image of his beautiful sister in front of him, her body taut with the mounting sensation and only a slim gap in a door between them—Kyle's dick strained against his pants as an animal urgency numbed his thoughts.
Groping his crotch over his clothing, Kyle struggled to contain himself, but he couldn't bring himself to walk away either. He watched as Julie's blurry outline continued to work feverishly at her clit, trembling and letting out small, squeaking groans.
"Come on…" Julie muttered. "Come on, please. Please." Her small voice pleaded inside the cascading shower as she tilted her head back, biting down on her lip. "Please, come on. Come on."
Listening to his sister's quiet begging, Kyle's free hand slid to the door of the bathroom. He touched it lightly as the twin desires to not be noticed and to throw the door open struggled inside of him.
"Come on," Julie whimpered. Her voice cracked and Kyle hesitated, sensing something was wrong. Her pace slowed. From within the shower, Julie gave a frustrated groan. Lowering her leg, she swore and covered her face with her hands.
She hadn't finished.
For a long moment, they stood on opposite sides of the door. Kyle felt the urgent desire draining out of him and scratched at his arm. It had been a strange night. Strange feelings and old desires were uncomfortably close to the surface. Unsure what else to do, Kyle hesitantly knocked on the door.
"Hey, Julie. Everything ok in there?"
He felt stupid as the words left his lips, but he forced himself to stay and wait for an answer. After a moment, the shower handle closed with a groan as the water pattered to a stop.
"Yeah," Julie said, her voice weak. "I'm ok. I'll be right out."
Kyle nodded to himself. He took a step back, then added, "The pizza's ready."
As he retreated to the small kitchen, he wiped his palms on his jeans. He didn't like seeing her so miserable. He wished there was something he could do. But he couldn't help her with 'that'. Could he?
As he settled the pizza onto the coffee table in front of the couch, Kyle set out a couple beers. "Here. Seems like a good night for a drink."
Julie gave a weak grin. "Yeah, seems that way."
She gratefully accepted the drink as Kyle popped the caps. Through his patio's glass door, the twinkle of small Christmas lights caught the bottles.
"I wish I had something hot to offer you," Kyle said as he sat down beside her.
Julie pulled her baggy t-shirt close to her, absently smoothing out the flannel of her pajama pants.
"It's ok," she said. "Beer is great."
Kyle nodded. "But this seems like a night for hot cocoa. Or maybe some mulled wine."
Giving him another smile, Julie put a hand on Kyle's knee.
"Really, it's fine. You've done so much already. I—I couldn't call mom or dad. I was afraid to call you, but," pausing for a moment, Julie squeezed her brother's thigh, "but you came. Thank you for that."
Kyle took a pull from his beer. Trying to ignore the flush of heat he felt at Julie's touch. The tv mutely flowed from preview to preview and in the dark reflection between them, Kyle saw Julie edge closer to him on the couch. The cushion sank under their shared weight and Kyle found himself sliding against her. His shoulder stiffened and for a moment Julie seemed to go still as well, then she relaxed and rested her head against his shoulder.
A warm sensation filled his chest as Kyle's heart stuttered. He could see down the wide collar of Julie's shirt and into the swelling folds of her cleavage. She seemed to still be flush from her shower and each breath pressed her breasts out against her shirt. Shifting his shoulder, Kyle wrapped his arm around her, his fingers coming to rest on her forearm. He wasn't sure if the goose-prickles he felt on her skin were just his imagination. Was she cold?
For perhaps half an hour, they sat on the couch like that. Each sipping at their beer, the pizza slowly cooling, but neither willing to stir to reach for any. On the screen, the characters played out a silly rom com. The main actor and actress gave each other looks full of temptation and desire just before their idiot friends would burst in and spoil the mood. Julie watched it intently, chewing her lip with some hidden thought.
"Kyle?" Julie said softly. "Why don't you have a girlfriend?" The question hung in the air. And for a moment Kyle found himself floundering. He didn't have to force an answer though, as Julie continued. "You're so kind. You would be a great boyfriend."
Why was she asking him that? Kyle's thoughts floundered for a moment. When he spoke, Kyle quietly said, "I must not have the looks."
Julie sighed, squirming subtly against his chest. Kyle felt his cock stir, the front of his jeans swelling as Julie pressed her cheek against his chest. He hoped she didn't notice. How would she react if she did? He thought of the scoreboard again, this time its dead display flashed red, but it did nothing to calm his growing erection. Julie put her hand on his thigh, too high for a friendly pat or a sisterly touch.
"Bullshit," she replied. "You're handsome. Better looking than fucking Jeff. And you're there for people. You're there for me. You're… here."
Her fingers traced across his inner thigh, and the front of his jeans stretched as Kyle's cock pulsed in response.
There was no way that she hadn't noticed that, he thought. His heart jumped as his breathing came quicker.
Julie's hand froze. For a long moment, neither of them moved. Then, with a small, hesitant stroke, Julie's fingers moved to brush the swell of his bulge. Even if it was through the fabric of his jeans, she had touched him. With her fingertips still on him, his erection fought with his zipper, pressing urgently against her palm.
His hand, seeming to move on its own, slid around Julie's side and cupped her breast, gently caressing the warm nipple under the fabric. It was hard.
Julie drew in a gasp and she turned, wide-eyed, to look up into Kyle's eyes.
His other hand traced down across her stomach, gently dragging the soft fabric up across her skin and revealing her midriff. Her stimulated body gave a small shudder as Julie took Kyle's groping hand, lacing her fingers around the knuckles, and slipped it beneath her shirt. Her breathing quickened. Her hips began to unconsciously roll.
Kyle groaned. Dropping his chin, he pulled her against his body, softly kissing the slope of her neck, smelling the shower-fresh scent of her hair. As he massaged her chest, his fingers teased and tugged at her erect nipples.
His other hand slipped into the waist of her pajama pants, sofly tracing the sensitive skin around her hips and thighs. Julie reached up, touching her fingers along his jawline.
"What are we doing?" she asked in a breathless whisper.
In answer Kyle closed his eyes, pressing his lips against hers. He took a small nibbling pull of her lower lip, and as he did, he slipped his exploring fingers into the folds of her labia. Julie gasped as Kyle traced the hot, wet nub of her clit. With each press and stroke, he felt her wetness making his fingers slick and the pulsing heat of her eager snatch as she squirmed sensually in his arms.
Abruptly, Julie reached down. With a sudden urgency, she fumbled for his fly and jerked the button loose. She turned and hungrily moaned into his ear, her hot breath skimming across his neck.
"Fuck me."
Kyle's mind went blank. The scoreboard fell off the wall with a crash as his mind pushed away every other thought beyond that single, fierce request. He dragged Julie's shirt up over her head and tossed it on the couch beside him as he quickly moved to remove his own top.
Julie stood and precariously shimmied her loose pajama pants to the floor. She dragged her panties along with them, bending over and giving Kyle a full view of her tight, round ass and soaking pussy. In response, Kyle feverishly dragged his pants and boxers down to his knees.
Without waiting for his pants to reach his ankles, he grabbed Julie by the waist and pulled her butt against his chest. Riding on instinct, years of pent up desire breaking free like a dam, he bit down on her smooth ass cheek, sending a sudden gasp out of Julie. Her legs shuddered and buckled. She threw her feet apart for balance as she tripped over the couch's edge, sitting hard against Kyle's chest.
With his pants and boxers gone and his sister's legs spread over his lap, his eager cock stood up hard and ready, a small drip of eager precum already leaking out to lubricate the tip.
"Holy shit," Julie said, her voice breathy with shock and desire. "How long have you been hiding that?"
Before Kyle could reply, Julie reached down between her legs and took his cock in hand. She stroked the precum over it, as Kyle let out a harsh breath. Her soft hands felt amazing, and he had to bite the inside of his cheek to stop himself from cumming on the spot.
Pressing against his chest for balance, Julie lowered herself down.
Kyle held her by the hips. He guided her down, and as the lips of her pussy kissed the tip of his cock, he felt a jolt of electric desire that pulled his hips up. His cock head pressed between her folds. Julie let out a shuddering breath, her legs trembling as she hoarsely repeated 'Holy shit. Holy shit.' Held up by Kyle's hands around her waist, Julie eased herself back, sitting into his lap as his dick slid inside.

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