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Hi, I’m Bob. I’m one of the contributing photographers of Young Cuties and Really Innocent, pulp magazines sold where other erotic magazines can be found. I work the Los Angeles area, although I’m often found in Hollywood where I have a studio. I have a couple of agents who keep their eyes open for young talent, but sometimes I find the talent on my own. This is one of my stories. It was late in the evening on yet another of those scorcher late August days. I was having a couple of hot dogs and fries at one of those rundown burger stands that have outdoor tables because they’re too old to have indoor seating. It was there that I saw her. She stood close to five four, with a thin build, long brown hair, a face that looked fourteen, and she had an accent out of the midwest. She walked out with the manager and sat at one of the adjacent tables. It was obvious that a job interview was going on. He was drilling her on questions about where she lived, her availability and phone number. I quickly surmised that she was a runaway, living in one the flop hotels, desperately seeking some course of income. I think the manager surmised the same thing and figuring she was a risk-turned her down. She tried pleading, but he just shook his head and walked off. She stood, sobbing, trying to keep from breaking into a cry. She slowly took a couple of steps. I got up, offered her a couple of my napkins and asked her if she was looking for work. She nodded, but was still sniffling. I told her if she sat down with me I had an offer for her. As she sat, wiping away the tears and blowing her nose, I saw her hungrily eye my fries. I slid them over to her. She quickly stuffed several in her mouth. I smiled and she returned the smile while chewing. I went over and ordered a burger combo for her. Several minutes later she was chomping down into a burger. Between bites, she asked what kind of work I had for her. I told her flat out it was nude modeling. She gave me a wary look. I handed her one of my cards, told her all she had to do was strip down, pose for a dozen photos, and would get seventy five bucks if she was eighteen. She fished out an identification out of her purse and handed it to me. I instantly recognized the work of one of the local shops. They had even spelled Arkansas with a “W”. I let her pretend she was eighteen. Minutes later we were on the way to my studio. It’s located off of Vine and not too far from the burger joint. As we walked in, I quickly decided that she need some spiffing up. I would need to see her strip down, and her unbrushed hair, yellow tube top and blue jean shorts weren’t going to work. I showed her where the bathroom was, told her to take a shower, use the conditioner after the shampoo and to also use the robe hanging behind the door. While she was in the shower I warmed up the equipment I would use around a bed. I also retrieved a makeup kit I had bought from one of those Avon women. When she came out of the shower, I started brushing her hair, making sure it dried in it’s long state and that it had a sheen. I also used the makeup kit to give her some freckles. I then asked her to take off the robe so I could see her body. She had small pointy tits topped with dark brown nipples. A little bit of pubic hair was beginning to grow in between her legs. I had her lay back while I retrieved a shaving mug and razor. A minute later I was using the shaving brush to put foam on her pussy. I carefully used the razor to get the thirty or so hairs she had growing making sure not to leave the area looking shaved. As the piece d’ resistance, I applied baby oil to give her now bald pussy a sheen. It was then that I spotted it. I saw her cherry and I knew what kind of shoot I had to do. We walked over to the closet. Starting with underwear, I picked out a maidenform bra that had a pink rose between the cups. I also picked out a pair of panties with “Jailbait” embroidered on the crotch. I added knee high white socks, a white button down blouse, and royal blue skirt. While she got dressed, I brushed her hair again and told her what I was looking for. We started the shoot looking like she was walking in from a day of school, carrying a couple of books under her arm. She would put the books down, and sit on the bed. I then did the shoot looking as if she was playing strip poker with an unseen person, only the poker hands in the foreground as in each picture she was wearing an article less of clothing. My dick was very hard as she was down to the underwear. When she was nude, I had her lay back and spread her legs. I moved in for a closeup and took a picture of the cherry I was about to pop. Then I unzipped and took my dick out. I told her I needed one last pic to finish the piece. I placed my dick next to her pussy and took a picture of it about to enter her. Then I laid the camera down and told her I’d pay her an extra hundred as I mounted her. “No” she meekly said as my dick went in. She gasped as I popped her cherry, biting her lower lip-tears forming in her eyes. As my dick went in her I told her I knew she wasn’t eighteen, she had committed a criminal act, and she had better take the fucking quietly or I would tell the Police about the fake i.d., and fraudulently trying to get an adult job. She just gently sobbed as I pumped her tight little pussy. I hadn’t popped a cherry in a while and it felt good. I came in fitful spurts as I pumped five shots in her. When I finished, we sat up. I counted out two hundred, giving her a bonus. Then I asked her why she needed the money. I had just forced myself on her. I didn’t think she would tell me anything, but I think the bonus money opened her up. She told me that she and her nine year old sister had runaway because her mom was a drunk, and her stepdad beat her and her sister every day. They rode two days in a bus to get to LA, and were now living in a hotel threatening to throw them out because they were behind on rent. I was surprised that the hotel management hadn’t made a sex offer, but I guess it was about the money. I told her she could keep the outfit I dressed her in because it might help her find a job. As she quietly folded it, I asked if she needed a ride back to the hotel. “Yes, please”, she answered. It was a seedy joint. I was concerned for the safety of her and her sister. I asked Julie if I could come by in the morning. I’d like to take pictures of her little sister. We made arrangements for me to come by at nine in the morning. The next morning, I met Lena. Lena looked vastly different from her older sister. She stood four six with short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very light complexion. As the two girls got in the car, they were chatterboxes. Both of them thanked me for being able to pay their rent and having the first real breakfast in a while. They were all aglow about the stacks of pancakes, the whipped cream, and strawberries. It was, for them, like living a dream. When we stopped at the studio, Julie said she was going to continue looking for work. I took Lena into the studio. I knew right away what I wanted to do. I had a little bo peep outfit I wanted her to put on. While she got dressed I went next door. The Chinese cook next door had a mongrel, mostly lab who was very friendly. Boo was small as labs go, almost completely white, and he was pretty old. I had used him in several shoots. Lena took right away to boo. As she played with him on the bed, I took several shots. Then I had Lena undress as I took pictures of her removing each article of clothing. When she was nude, I had her pose with boo. Boo began sniffing her crotch and I knew what was coming, so did boo. As he began licking her little bald pussy, she was giggling. I told her to lay back and let him lick away. She laid back and continued to giggle. Boo was totally into licking her little girl pussy. I saw his pink dick come out a couple of inches and his hips start to pump. I told Lena to get on her hands and knees. As she did, boo mounted her. “What’s he doing?” she asked. “He’s making doggy love” I answered. Boo hugged her close and moved his hips in. I moved in for closeups. She felt his dick begin to enter her. “What’s he doping now?” she asked, concern creeping into her voice. “He’s only going to be a few minutes, hold still Lena”. As his dick reached her cherry she complained that it hurt. I told to continue holding still. I knew boo well enough to know that he was quck on the draw. “Ow-ow” Lena continued to complain. I kept telling her to lay still. I heard her gasp as his doggy cum filled her pussy. Boo got a goofy look and climbed off of her. He continued to pump his hips for about thirty seconds before he sheathed his dick. I had Lena roll onto her back and spread her legs. I took a closeup of the pink froth that was his doggy cum and the blood from her popped cherry. I told her to lay still as I got a washcloth from the bathroom. I cleaned her up and told her how good she was for letting boo make doggy love to her. Little did she know this set of pics would be entitled “Little Bo Peep Gets A Sheep Dog”. I had her then get dressed and told her as I was taking her out to buy clothes and toys. She was very excited as she dressed. We hit several stores. Several outfits and dolls later, she became taken with a large white teddy bear. He was going to be the center of our next shoot. We had lunch, then headed back to the studio. I had her undress and climb back on the bed. I covered her with a sheen of baby oil to give her that fresh from the shower look. Then she posed with the teddy bear, sucking her thumb. She ended up laying on her side. It was then that I moved in. I took off my pants and spooned in next to to her. I put baby oil on my dick and placed it next to her asshole. Lena squealed and protested as I entered her. I assured her everything was going to be all right, that we were just making love. “But it hurts” she complained. I told her it always did the first couple of times, but that it would get better later on. I chose her ass because I figured her pussy would still be sore from boo. I ended up only sticking in three inches, but it was all I needed. I made slow easy strokes. The “ows” dropped off to deep breaths as we quietly had sex. “You like it?” I asked her when she was quiet. “It’s good” she whispered, then asked if she was going to have a baby. “Of course not dear, you’re too young”. I shot my load in her, then felt my dick soften as it popped out of her. She turned to face me. I kissed her and told her how wonderful she was. I stroked her soft blonde hair and kissed her several more times. She smiled and held me close. My dick was laying on her thigh. It was still oozing, but the sight of it next to her bald pussy turned me on more. I directed one of lena’s hands to my dick, which hardened on her touch. I took pictures of her little hands holding it, then had her lower her head and kiss the tip of my dick. I then had her take my length in her mouth. She wasn’t crazy about the taste of her ass, and my cum, which she quickly overcame. Then I had her lay back and spread her legs. I took a picture of my dick next to her pussy, then I jacked off onto her little body. Two of her holes were still aching and I was going to give her several days to recover before I did her again. We took a shower together afterwards. After drying off, I had her watch TV, while I developed the film from both sisters. It made my dick hard seeing the pictures. While the pictures dried I went into the TV room. Lena was still nude and laying on her stomach. I had the baby oil with me. I put some on her ass, then I used the crack of her ass as a place to lube up my dick. I didn’t need to enter her. I just fucked her little crevasse. Lena seemed to like this as she smiled and softly moaned. I shot my load onto her back. I was going to clean her up, but she suddenly turned and started kissing me. I was in a sitting position and she was squatting over my hips. My dick got hard from feeling the little nine year old naked holding me. I moved her so that my dick was right at her opening. I pushed her down onto my dick. She gasped, but took over pushing down until I had reached her cervix. I gripped her tiny ass. I moved her up and down on my dick. As Speed Racer did his thing on the TV behind her, the nine year old fucked my dick. I shot my load filling her tiny cunt with my cum. I fell back with her on top of me. We drifted off into a nap. The news coming on woke me up. I stirred her awake, then cleaned her up. We got dressed, and headed back to her motel. It was a seedy place. There was holes in the walls and the paint was peeling. The radiator was a piece of rusted junk. We cuddled together on the bare mattress that the girls called a bed. I made a decision. I asked Lena if she would mind living with me, and of course Julie too. “OH, yes, yes” she happily replied, covering my face with kisses. It was then that Julie walked in. I asked her how it was going. I saw her face begin to crumble. I took in her in my arms. She broke into a full cry. Lena hugged her sister. “Don’t cry Julie, we’re going to live with Bob”. Julie looked at me with seeking tear filled eyes. “It’s all right” I assured her. It only took us ten minutes to pack, but we left that shit hole behind. It was going to be the beginning of a wonderful cum filled friendship.