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I’m Bee 49 little overweight and divorced and my 2 children have their own lives. My ex left and doesn’t pay me anything like he was supposed to. So, I got a job cleaning for a 33-year-old lawyer, and I was getting better pay than others cleaning jobs I done. The lawyer wasn’t around much at all, and it was a easy job as he was very tidy. Which led me to believe he paid extra because the job was so quickly done. He must’ve had trouble keeping cleaners, so he paid extra. Anyway, he was promoted and didn’t have to travel as much anymore. So, I started seeing more and more often, then one day he asked would I do his cleaning on Sundays, and he offered double wages if I did. I accepted his offer straight away the money would be a blessing and make my life better. The first couple of Sundays nothing happened to make me think he had anything in mind for me than cleaning. Then he asked if I wanted extra work and at double the Sunday rate. Of course, I was interested and asked what the extra work was. He said he had a fetish for older woman who bossed him around and made him do things for them like cleaning and being their sex slave. I was shocked and reluctant, he responded by offering more money and I started to think why not. So, I agreed, and he got me leather clothing you could call it at a stretch and a whip. I had only seen clothes like it in the movie Dodgeball when their uniforms were mixed up Anyway, I would give a try and the first time we tried out his fantasy. I somewhat enjoy it and I made him clean his apartment and there was no sex. The next weekend he wanted me to come on Saturday and Sunday staying the night. I was a bit reluctant but decided why not. The Saturday was almost the same the Sunday before, except at night I had him do things to me. I wasn’t sure what he wanted, but I had him suck my toes and lick my whole body. Including my ass, after he had done my pussy, no intercourse that night. I had him wash me in his shower and in the morning make me breakfast, I made him eat his breakfast off me. After breakfast we showered together, and I was rather horny then and got him to fuck me or as I told him service me. Everything continued almost the same each weekend that followed for several months. But my lease was up, and I’d told him and he asked me to move in with him rent free. I was already fucking him, and he asked me to only work for him. Which I agreed as I would’ve no living costs rent or food. That’s how it is, he pays me a great wage and he does all the cleaning, cook and services me according to my directions. I’m living like a Queen, and he does as I say no matter what. That’s why I started reading erotic story, to get ideas for him to do.

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