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tagIncest/TabooHis Sister Becomes a Cam Star

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.
All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.

Rob sighed, leaning back on the sofa, the news on the TV playing all that he had already seen about the virus. It had happened before but it was still something that he couldn't quite get used to, resisting the urge to run his fingers back through his dirty-blonde hair that was getting a little too long again. He wasn't about to trim it himself after how wrong that had gone last time on his own but, well, it didn't seem that he was going to have much luck getting it done professionally again for a while.
Ninety-days? Out of work because something horrendous was happening to the world? He groaned and shook his head, though there was little he could do about it. He understood just why it had to be so for the safety of the people involved, the people around that he cared about and the people that he didn't even know. It was all important to follow the rules, even if it meant that he had to be home and his studio closed.
There still felt like there was something he should be doing, even if the country had, once again, decided to ensure their safety by shutting them up at home. He could not really blame them for any of that, of course, but the change and shift to reality could not help but render him antsy and itching with energy that had nowhere to go. His fingers drummed on the arm of the chair, though it was not enough. It would never be enough.
"Jesus Christ…"
It was not quite like him to swear, even though it was hardly something that offended him, shaking his head and glancing back where his sister, Anna, sat at the table. Of course, the drop-dead gorgeous blonde (hey, even he could appreciate the fact that she was good-looking, even if she was his sister) shook her hair back from her face, puffing out a held breath as her cheeks rounded out. It was not as cute a look as she may have liked it to be but her features slowly softened back to light beauty, her make-up minimal during the lockdown period (as was the case for so many), a light curl to her hair that made it wavy, lifting lightly from her shoulders as she toyed with and spun her fork.
"Aw, jeez… Does that mean I'm stuck here?"
Anna poked at her food, her meal only half-eaten but sure to end up in the bin again. Rob frowned. Her hair dangled forward, surely dropping more and more of the blonde strands everywhere. Did his sister ever stop shedding hair? He couldn't remember having to vacuum up so much of it even back when he had had longer hair too.
"Yeah… Unless your dorm is open again?"
He could not stop the hopeful note from entering his voice but, well, that was not to be helped. All his sister had done since visiting him at the start of the outbreak was eat, sleep and whine — or that's all that it felt like. With everything closed down, he couldn't even escape her to get on with tattooing, which made up a large part of his livelihood along with the bog-standard art of piercing, though she was the very worst of roommates. Her ear buds were never out of her ears, her conversation was dismal, that nasal, high-pitched whine of hers grated on his nerves, she didn't clean and, to say the least of it all, she left a trail of destruction in her wake for her brother to clean up.
Of course, her dorm was not open and he knew that even without the roll of her eyes. Rob tightened his lips into a thin, hard line. Brat. He knew he should have dumped her back with their parents but, to be fair, they hadn't wanted to take her in either. They'd had to deal with her already for eighteen years so why was that going to change.
The days blended together, together but not with another human being who, half the time, did not even seem to acknowledge his existence. She walked around in short-shorts as the weather warmed up and, if it was not warm enough for her, turned the heating on in the house too. Grumbling to himself, he was torn between talking to her, or at least trying to, and avoiding her at all costs — though it was not as if he was left with any other chances to socialise with another actual living human being bar in the digital world. That was the thing with house lockdowns: there was little one could do to see others.
Maybe that was why he investigated that night, traipsing down the hallway with a weary tread in his step. He was tired even though he hadn't done anything all day and to say that he was bored would have been an understatement. It was a moan that caught his attention, seeming to slide out from under the guest bedroom door to grasp him by the throat and drag him in, yet Rob would never have been a man to not investigate when something held such a teasingly tantalising appeal to him.
There it was again — a groan and a grunt that time. He shook his head. Maybe his prissy sister was watching porn, wouldn't that be something? For all her uppity ways, she was just like the rest of them, dirty-minded at heart and craving something too. It was the way of it.
He knew in his heart that he shouldn't do it but, well, it was the spilt house-plant that made him do it, or so he told himself. Dark earth scattered the carpet where Miss Prissy had clearly knocked it over earlier that day and he swore under his breath, cleaning it up late at night when he should have been sleeping. If he caught her in the act…well…he didn't need to see anything but a little blackmail to stop him having to do every last damn bit of the housework wouldn't go amiss.
Lockdown twisted his perception of reality, though he felt like a little boy again, laughing softly under his breath, as he installed the camera in her room, up in the corner of the wardrobe where he was sure her eyes would not go. Anna was not the most perceptive and a box hid it well enough to bypass her attention, he was sure.
All he had to do was wait.
The video footage revealed all and Rob slammed the volume down on his computer as his jaw dropped, the light from the computer screen illuminating his face as he watched. He should have looked away, he knew that, but he just couldn't, his sister on the bed, naked from head to toe. Of course, that was not the least of it and should have been more than enough blackmail for him to get what he wanted, though it was the fact that her legs were all the way back behind her head that had him wobbling in his chair.
Something pulled deep inside him but he couldn't drag his gaze away, breath coming shorter and sharper in his chest, clawing at his windpipe as it passed. He didn't bother counting them but there were several dildos marked with porn star names across their meaty length lying on the bed inside her, ones that should have only have been seen in porn films where the actresses well… To say the least of it, they should have been better-used to taking huge dicks for a performance.
"Come here, big boy…"
He'd never heard that croon on her lips before as Anna took a pink toy in her hand, the silicone wobbling as if it could not support itself on its own, it was that big. There was no warm-up or anything of that sort as she giggled, slamming the toy into her already sodden pussy in a single thrust. She cried out, toes curling and flexing over her head, yet if there was any strain to taking that toy she did not show it, trying to rock her hips up to meet her thrusts even in such a passion.
"Yes, that's fucking it, fill me… Fill me fucking good…"
Rob juddered. His sister…swore? Of course, that was not the grandest revelation to be had there but it was the one that his mind chose to lock onto as Anna moaned like a whore and thrust the toy in and out, the slick slide of it captured all on camera. From where he had placed the camera, he had the perfect view of what she'd gotten up to the night before, how the toy gleamed with her juices so wonderfully…
He shook himself. What was he doing? What was he even thinking? No, it was wrong, very wrong, but he could not take his eyes off her, hungry for more, as she moaned and licked her lips, parting them as if to take yet another cock into her mouth and throat.
"That's not enough, is that all you've got, hm?"
Licking her lips salaciously, Anna grabbed a second dildo but did not pause to remove the first fat length from her hungrily dripping cunt before grinding that in alongside the first. Jumping, Rob tipped in closer to the screen, barely able to believe his eyes, though it was right there before him and he could play back the video as many times as he liked, her cunny stretching around the two toys as if it was nothing at all to her.
She did have to work for it, however, even as Anna moaned for more, one hand on each toy, ensuring that they were both balls-deep in her as she used the heel of her hand to press them in deep. Her flesh trembled, legs lean and yet perfectly womanly, the perfect legs, the only legs that he could have imagined on a woman, need rising, something tightening between his thighs. But he would not think of that, no, not as she thrust, ramming them both in with raw, hungry abandon, seemingly without any care for her wellbeing as they plunged in over and over again.
"Mmm, that's how baby likes it…" She cried out through what had to be orgasm, her tone softer than he had heard it, yet there was an edge of lust there that could not be denied. "Stretch me… Stretch me so fucking good!"
He shook his head and pushed the chair back from his desk, but it was not over yet as some final words teased down, her cries fainter, winding softly to the divinity of the afterglow. Her juices drooled around the toys as if even that could not be contained by her cunt, as much as it had been strained and stretched, a flush picking at his sister's cheeks.
"Maybe tomorrow I'll take you both in my slutty ass…"
That was hardly something that he could possibly have brought himself to miss, licking his lips and settling down to work. He was not only a tattooist but could tinker a little with pre-existing computer programs, though writing one from scratch, well…that was a little beyond his capabilities. He didn't pause to consider whether he should only that he could, staying up long after Anna was fast asleep, making the due adjustments to a program used to calm people down in his tattoo parlour when they were a little on the nervous side about needles.
Simple things could be used for nefarious purposes too and the fact that Anna always wore those wireless ear buds was about to work to his advantage…
He did not dally when it came to taking what he thought he deserved, wanting to know, wanting to see, something finally exciting him. It made it worth it to have her there and, well, a few things could be fixed at once. One, he would use the program to influence her into taking larger and larger toys, putting on a show even if she did not know that she was doing it. That should be the easy part but tempting her to do more would take more work, though he was able to try it out the very next time, watching hungrily as she slammed the two thickest dildos, as promised, into her tight ass.
It was so simple to turn her, so much so that he wondered, in part, why he had not done it before, but he had never before taken the prissy princess to be such a slut — and a whore that could be used too. Her anal play lured him in as he tipped in closer and closer to the screens, ensuring that he played the program for her over and over, experimenting and tweaking it, though it was designed such that the mind control did not seem out of the ordinary to her. No, his sister did not even realise what was happening to her, that her music was not playing anymore, influencing her with the tonal program day in and day out.
Her ass yawned as she yanked the toys out, whimpering musically, though they were only going to plunge back in again. That moment of emptiness was far too much for a slut like her, even then, and she groaned deep in the back of her throat as they sank home once more, humping and grinding as if there was nothing else more in the world for her, sitting up on the ottoman at the bottom of the guest bed and riding both of them for all she was worth. With each grind of her hips, they disappeared into her shockingly strained hole with a wet slop of lube, something that even Rob was able to catch through the admittedly low-quality of the camera microphone.
"Tight… Oh…" She moaned, a gaping hole that needed a cock crammed into it too. "Take me, oh… Fuck me harder… Stud me, big boys, both of you!"
Well, to be fair, it hardly looked very tight at all from his position, her ear buds in, the little, pink buds so innocuous in a moment that would change everything. With a tiny ringing in her ears, Anna's vision faded a little, becoming hazy as if she did not truly see the room around her. Her hand was on the third toy, a little smaller than the first two, and she crammed it in with a whimper and a grunt as if it was the most normal thing in the world, forcing her asshole to stretch and take them all.
Rob grunted, though any thoughts of stopping what he was doing, recording her and uploading to just one of many MyCam sites that he liked to frequent for himself (he wasn't that much of a big spender, however, to be fair). No, it would pay for her room and board and more, taking back something from her as he watched hungrily, his cock swelling in his pants. He did not deny his arousal but, frankly, anyone watching such a lewd show should have been turned on, even if was greedily distracted by striving still to work out just what he could get her to do next. The program, after all, could still be adjusted as he pleased and the initial test had gone well.
He had to do more. The money rolled in, Anna shooting to the top of the MyCam charts where she belonged, though he could not imagine her ever finding out what he'd done. He could fix any inhibitions, he was sure, with a little bit more of programming anyway, daring in his taboo desires, watching her night after night as he chose sections of her private shows to upload.
She followed his influence bit by bit, migrating quicker than he could have hoped for to larger and larger dildos, though he barely even saw her around the house anymore. That was not something that he minded, not when he knew that she was browsing sex toy sites and finding more things to try. She ordered and spent freely, using her credit card, though Rob was not averse to funding a little money into her account, telling her that it was for "living expenses". Anna, of course, had only rolled her eyes at that and not even spared him a "thank you", taking the money without any care for where it had come from. Although she had earned it, to say that he took and kept the majority of what she earned for himself was an understatement.
Sometimes he watched her live, though that made it more difficult to do his job in cutting and putting together videos, even finding ways to stream her live, though influencing her with the program so that her broken mind responded to requests made by her ever-growing list of fans took a little work on his part. That was still a work in progress but all that people really wanted to see was her stuffing herself full, even trying to work some of the toys into her mouth and throat, lips pressed lusciously around the thick shafts of her toys, barely even able to look down the length of them as she struggled to focus.
But a slut like her did not need to be able to focus when she was only there for so many nuances of pleasure, her greedy watchers sending her money that she would never see. The program made her not worry about where the dildos, purchased for her by her fans from the wish list that Rob had created from her, the larger and more extreme shafts stirring up a deep desire with him. They arrived daily, at least one at a time, and, for one show that she did not know she was giving, she lay in the middle of the bed with the toys surrounding her, some further than others, made from silicone and glass and wood and all manner of materials. They appeared to be too large to be any use to her, some so thick that the mere notion of closing her fingers around the girth was laughable, and yet she proved her hungry, yearning fans wrong every time she went on camera, slamming them in, more than one, most often, at a time.
More… Rob made her want more even if she did not know where her needs were coming from, how she hungered for the toys, grinding two into her pussy at once and then a third into her ass, on all fours and humping back at the camera. Her brother had added more in there, some in less secret places than others, but anything that seemed out of place was simply not something that she could focus on anymore. The program took care of that, funnelled through the wireless signal to her ear buds and ensuring that her worries, truly, were nothing that she needed to pay attention to, nothing at all. All she had to do was to stuff herself full, the lewd, wet sound of the dildos grinding into her needy holes all that she had to worry about. And that in itself was something that a woman like her did not need to worry about at all.
She pushed her limits under his direction and guidance, trying out new positions, though all the ones that he fed to her, playing with the program played through her ear buds, were ones that would leave her gaping holes on show. It was hard to imagine his sister ever again tightening up, her pussy and ass gaping and yearning to be filled, but it was just as well that he was not the one fucking her. No, that was for the toys, feeding the pleasures of her adoring fans, hungry for more, always wanting to do more.
Of course, there was a way for fans to put in personal requests too and Anna giggled at the pack of temporary tattoos as she scurried back to her room with them. That was something new that she hadn't tried and her mind did not find it strange at all that they were addressed to her, the tattoos not being something that she would have ever have considered for herself. No, if she wasn't too chicken to get a tattoo, something like the Chinese character for peace or love would have been more up her street, not crude tattoos with words like "whore" and "slut on them. Some of the tattoos were only degrading words and others were of naked women doing all sorts of things, though Rob played with her mind even then, making her feel curious with the program, enticing her on to try them out all the more swiftly.
She rocked her buttocks back at the cameras, a moan on her lips, the words "fill me" splatted across each buttock, another temporary tattoo depicting a cum shot as if a tattooed cock was creaming onto her ass. She plastered them over her tits and above her cunt too, the arrow on her crotch showing viewers just where she wanted to be filled, lips parted and moaning on her skin. A tease could be light and the tattoos marking her skin more haphazardly ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other, drooling pussies filled with cream-pies lined up against a tongue licking a lollipop as if it was a cock. The money that night was the highest yet and Rob raked it all in, greedy for more, letting her play up to the private request as more and more custom orders came in for his sister to perform for them and them alone.
Anna would never know. But that was the beauty of it.
Her holes grew looser and Rob even got the chance to tease his fingers around them while his sister was deep in a trance on the tattoo table that he had brought home. It was not as good as the one at his parlour but it would have to do as he fired up his needle, the ink ready, a sense of calm sweeping over him despite the hardness of his cock. No more would she have to bear the strain of painting herself with temporary tattoos when her viewers loved how slutty they made her, adding one tattoo at a time to her previously pristine skin. They were more graphic than even the temporary ones that had been fun for a time, ranging from a man filling a woman, pinning her hands above her head, to lips devouring a cock, fluids pouring from around the point where their imaginary bodies joined.

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