Hitching A Ride To Pound Town

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By AlabamaSlamma Trixie ran away from home and ended up getting her chocolate pussy pounded by an older white cock.

Trixie is a 16 year old beautiful ebony girl who is 5’2″ and only weighs around 101 lbs. She has a perky set of B cup tits that are puffy cones. The rest of her body is almost a straight rail except for a bubble butt. To look at her you would think that she was around 18 as she looked older than she was.

Trixie is very unhappy at home as her mother is a drunk and her father is not even in the picture. Trixie has ran away from home a couple of times before however she never left the town that she lives in and she always ended up getting brought back home.

Today her mother was once again wasted and she was mean to Trixie when she was drunk so Trixie decided that she was going to leave and this time she was going to go to another town or even another state. She didn’t know what she was going to do.

Trixie had seen her mother trading sex for money many times in order to buy her alcohol. Trixie had a boyfriend before so she wasn’t a virgin but she hadn’t had much experience. As she walked down the road it began to rain. She only had a pair of shorts and a white blouse on which became completely soaked in a matter of minutes.

After about 15 minutes of walking in the rain a pickup truck passed her and pulled over to the side of the road. Trixie quickly ran up to the passenger side and the door opened up for her. She looked at the man sitting in the driver’s seat. He was a white man who looked to be at least 50 years old and had a gentle kind face.

“Well missy are you going to get in or just stand there staring at me?” He said with a smile.

Trixie immediately climbed into the truck. He handed her a roll of paper towels that he had behind the seat.

“I know that it ain’t much but hopefully you can get at least some of the water off of you!” He said as he drove on down the road.

Trixie used the majority of the paper towels to get most of the water dried off. Her clothes were still soaking wet. Luckily it was the summer time and she wasn’t freezing.

“Thank you for stopping mister!” She said as she studied him trying to determine if he was a threat.

“My pleasure young lady. Is there any particular place you are going?” He asked as he continued to look forward.

Trixie looked down at her feet not knowing what to say as she had no idea where she was going.

“I take it that you are running away from home or something seeing as you have no destination!” He replied as he started to pull into a gas station.

When they stopped he looked over at her sitting there. He could clearly see her plump tits poking out under her wet blouse that was clinging to her body. She was fiddling with a ball of paper towels as she wondered if he would try to turn her over to the police.

“My name is Frank and I am on my way to see an old friend from my military days. I have a long way to go and I am in no particular hurry. If there is a particular place that you want to go and it’s not too far out of my way I can take you there.” He said as he looked at her sitting there.

She looked up at him with a tears running down her face. “I don’t have anywhere to go. I just can’t go back home to my drunk mom. I don’t have any money for anything.” She replied.

“Well little lady I can definitely understand about not wanting to be around a drunk. I tell you what, you can ride with me for a while until you figure out what you want to do but you will have to go in the direction that I am going.” He said as he got out to pump gas into his truck.

After he finished filling his truck up he went into the store. He came back out with a bag and climbed into the truck.

“Here I bought you a shirt and a pair of shorts so you can get out of those wet clothes.” He said as he handed her the dry clothes.

“Mister I can’t pay you for this.” She said.

“First off my name is Frank so please don’t call me mister. Secondly I don’t expect you to pay me for anything. I have been in your shoes before and I had someone who helped me. All I am doing is paying it forward.” He said.

Trixie took the clothes and looked around nervously trying to figure out how she was going to change.

“The store has a restroom so I will wait until you get changed. Run along now and get those wet clothes off. Put them in this bag and we will get them dry later.” He said.

“Thank you Frank, you are a very nice guy. My name is Trixie by the way!” She said as she got out of the truck and walked into the store.

When Trixie returned to the truck she had the shirt and shorts on. The shorts were a little bigger than she normally wore but it was all they had. She climbed up into the truck and Frank had dried off the seat. As she sat down, she unknowingly flashed Frank her pussy as the shorts were loose around her legs.

Frank didn’t say anything as he didn’t want to embarrass her. He handed her a bag with some sandwiches and a drink.

“It’s not a 5 star meal but I am pretty sure that it will fill an empty spot if you are hungry.” He said.

“I could eat almost anything right now Frank. Thanks again!” She replied as she began to cry.

“Here here now Trixie, I will not have such a pretty lady crying in my truck. You just eat and don’t worry about anything!” He said as he wiped the tears away from her eyes and face with a paper towel.

He started driving again as she sat in silence eating her food. She watched the scenery go by and the next thing she knew Frank was waking her up. They were in the parking lot of a hotel.

“Trixie I have to get some sleep. I’m sorry but they don’t have any extra rooms. But my room has two beds and you are welcome to sleep in it. Or you can sleep in my truck if you don’t trust me.” He said.

“I trust you Frank, if it’s OK with you I will sleep in the other bed.” She said as she looked at him.

“Alright young lady let’s get into the room so I can get a shower and get some sleep!” He said as he grabbed his bag.

They entered the room and Frank offered to allow her to shower first. He watched TV as she went into the bathroom and took a shower. Afterwards she put on the shirt and shorts and walked out.

“Hey you clean up pretty good!” He said as he chuckled.

Trixie blushed and said “Thank you! I don’t have anything to wear to bed so I guess that I will have to wear these.” She said as she looked at her clothes.

“Well I might have an old shirt that would probably be like a sleeping gown that you can wear if you want!” He said as he dug into his bag.

He handed her a shirt and went into the bathroom to take a shower. She changed into the shirt and was naked underneath. She climbed into bed and was watching TV. When Frank had finished his shower and walked out of the bathroom Trixie was sound asleep.

He covered her up with the blanket and climbed into his bed and turned out the lights. Sometime later Frank was awakened by the feeling of something wet rubbing back and forth on his cock. He opened his eyes and found Trixie backed up against him. She had his hard cock between her legs and pushed up against her soaking wet pussy with her hand.

She moaned as she worked her pussy against the shaft of his cock. He didn’t know what had happened that she ended up getting into his bed. He didn’t want to startle her and freak her out as he was enjoying the feeling of her hot wet pussy grinding back and forth on his cock. He just laid there watching her by the light of the TV.

It had been a while since he had been intimate with anyone. His 7 inch cock was hard as a bar of steal and he desperately wanted to shove it into her hot little pussy. He reached around and cupped her tit with his hand. She gasped loudly as she realized that he was awake and aware of her playing.

She went to pull away from him but he pulled her back against his body and whispered “shhhh don’t stop now baby girl! It’s OK to continue your playing. I am actually enjoying it myself!”

She immediately relaxed and doubled her efforts of riding his cock. He pulled her shirt off of her body and rolled her nipples between his fingers as he thrust his cock back and forth across her swollen lips and pulsing clit. She moaned deeply as she felt herself orgasm on his cock.

He felt her juices spraying his shaft as she trembled with excitement.

“Have you ever been fucked before?” Frank growled into her ear.

“Yes I have but only twice by my ex boyfriend!” She whimpered as she felt his cock throb angrily.

He reached down and grabbed his cock and aligned it with her soaking wet tight little pussy. She hissed out loud as she felt his cock stretch her pussy open. He slowly pushed his cock deeper into her tight little pussy as he pulled and twisted her nipples. She was very tight and hot as a furnace.

“OMFG THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” She moaned as all 7 inches of his cock sliced into her depths.

Frank grunted as he felt her butt pressed against his crotch. She orgasmed again as she ground her pussy back onto his cock. He began to work his cock in and out of her vise like pussy. He was slow and deliberate. He didn’t want to cum to quickly and end it. He let her dictate the speed of their fucking.

Trixie had never experienced such tenderness and caring with her boyfriend. He was really only interested in getting his rocks off. She loved how his cock throbbed inside her hot wet tight little pussy. He began to kiss and nibble her neck and she immediately gasped loudly as she felt herself orgasm stronger than she had ever experienced before.


Frank had began to thrust deeper and harder into her pussy. She rode her orgasms over and over again as he continued to pound her pussy from behind. Frank her over onto her stomach and lifted her ass up until she was on her knees with her head down on the bed. He could see her plump ass jiggling as he drove his cock into her depths from this position.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS FUCK ME FRANK!” Trixie screamed out as she clawed at the sheets.

Frank had a double handful of her hips and was pulling her back onto his cock as he drove it as deep as he possibly could.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK TRIXIE WHAT A PERFECT LITTLE PUSSY YOU HAVE!” Frank groaned as he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock.

She was so light that she was basically a rag doll that he could toss around into any position that he wanted. Her chocolate colored skin was the perfect contrast to his white cock. The sounds of wet pussy filled the room along with the delicious aroma of her sweet nectar.

Frank’s balls slapped her clit with every thrust. She mumbled incoherently as her orgasms ripped through her young body. She was getting fucked thoroughly and she loved it.

Frank pulled out of her soaking wet pussy and she immediately got up and turned around. She wrapped her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. She dropped her pussy back onto his cock and began to bounce up and down on his shaft.

Frank leaned her back in his arms enough so that he could take her hard throbbing nipples into his mouth as he fucked his cock into her tight little pussy. She hung on for dear life as her body shuddered uncontrollably as Frank fucked her relentlessly. She moaned and whimpered loudly as he sucked and chewed on her nipples.

He was thrusting upwards into her pussy as he continued to slam her body down onto his cock. She was as light as a feather and he used her like a fleshlight. She was chanting “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!”

Frank couldn’t hold off any longer as he felt his cum boiling in his balls.

“I am going to have to pull out as I am about to cum baby girl!” He groaned.

Trixie had other ideas. She immediately clamped down on his waist with her legs even tighter and rolled her hips around grinding her pussy along his cock.


That was all it took for Frank. He grunted as his cock exploded inside of her soaking wet tight little pussy. She screamed out again as she felt his warm cum splashing her insides. His cock pumped stream after stream deep into her womb as she continued to stroke her pussy against his cock.


Trixie kissed Frank deeply and passionately as she knew how. She had never experienced anything like this before but she was determined that it wasn’t a one time thing. They collapsed onto the bed still clinging to each other and they fell asleep with his cock still buried in her pussy.

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