Holding brother’s rod

I am Vedanti. I have two brothers. One is two years my senior, his name being Bansilal . Bansilal is twenty-one years of age, and is a freshman at the college. I am the middle kid, being nineteen years of age, and am having a year off to find myself, and then to also go to the same college. The best description for me is, that my tits are a size 34″ which are pert in nature and stand up. I have a flat stomach, and although I am 5’9″ my legs seem to take up most of my height, or so I have been told. Mukesh(Mike) my younger brother, by one year is currently in grade twelve.

Our parents are high-powered executives, and although we have a cleaner, she only does the cleaning and makes the beds. I have to make the suppers each night, except the weekends when we would all go our separate ways, and naturally, we would wind up at a diner, in the early hours of the morning.

On many occasions we would be left to our own devices. I can always remember teasing Mike, by lounging about on the pool deck, and wearing a bikini, which left very little to the imagination, and when I got the bikini wet, it became completely transparent. Mike would often get a hard on just from watching this, and his cock would want to jump out of his shorts.

One day he brought his girlfriend Ankita round for a swim, and she was wearing the same type of bikini, which I wear. This really pissed me off no end. Mike started to have a heavy petting session with her, eventually leaving her topless. He was kissing her tits and I could see that he was on his way to getting laid.

Naturally I went onto the pool deck, and Ankita made a grab for her top, and tried to replace the skimpy material, but in her hurry, she fumbled, and it took much too long for her to replace the bikini top than was anticipated. So in a manner of speaking Ankita “had been caught with her panties down”. I naturally made out like I saw nothing and began to swim across the pool, beckoning both Mike and Ankita to join me. But they both declined the offer, and left the poolside. The next day I went to the boutique and bought a swimsuit, which would beat Ankita’s any day. The suit consisted of a throng bikini top, and a string g-string panties. This left virtually everything exposed except for my pussy and my tits. This was just barely covered. The next day I went outside and lay on my back to suntan when out came Mike for a swim, this time he looked at me, then remarked on my new bikini, and jumped in the pool wetting me in the process. Obviously, he was still irate about yesterday. I turned over and grabbed my towel and began to dry myself off, very slowly, putting on a show. Mike bought this, and even in the pool, I could see his costume beginning to grow. Mike got out of the pool wrapped the towel around him, and in so doing hid his erection. Finally I turned back over after pulling the bikini bottom up thus leaving the material clinging to the crack in my ass. Mike could not stop looking and eventually, he dropped his towel, and I definitely saw that he had cum in his costume, as the front was covered was covered in his white gism. His monstrous cock although still tenting outwards had definitely decreased slightly in size.

Mike was embarrassed, went inside to clean off, and change into a Speedo costume. Mike invited me into the pool with him, and becoming very hot, from both teasing Mike, and the sun, I climbed onto the springboard and jumped in. As mike was already in, he just played around the pool, and once again he started to look at me with those hungry lustful eyes, and even in the water his cock began to find it’s way out of the top of his Speedo, and I could see the purple tip, which had already began to release the pre-cum.

I swam closer to Mike but he just swam away, and eventually he just exploded in huge torrents of gism.

I was so hot by this scene that I just wanted to lick as much of the goo, as I could possibly get my mouth on. I swam through the stream of sperm, but I could not even eat a bit as the water had combined with the gism, thus leaving only a white trail.

After this event I dried off, and went into my bedroom, and put on my g-string panties and my cut away jeans, which believe me, I had really cut away. I also had a boob tube without a bra. I always thought that a bra was a waste of energy, to put on, and also hide one’s figure.

I later found Mike busy in the kitchen eating a pizza which he must have just ordered, and asked whether I would like a piece. This was very unlike Mike, as usually he wouldn’t care if I dropped from starvation, but I suppose I may have softened him up.

During lunch I caught Mike looking down my boob tube, he had seen me wear this, article of clothing on more than one occasion. I enquired whether I could ask him a personal question, at first he began to hesitate, then he told me to ask, but there was no guarantee that he would answer. That was good enough, so I asked whether Mike found me sexy, and if so what made me sexy. He really became uncomfortable with this question, and began to mutter that I was beautiful in all aspects, and that I had a very vibrant and daring personality.

With this put behind us I asked whether my costume was also very daring. Naturally knowing the answer Mike answered in the affirmative.

I now went in for the kill, what do you think of my present clothing, which I am wearing now. I could see that he wanted to reply, but if the answer was not what I wanted to hear I may leave the table immediately. Mike began to stammer that the present outfit was a fantastic choice. From this I could only imagine Mike to be on the edge of cumming again.

I put the kettle on, and Mike asked if I could make the coffee. This I did, and placed the cup in front of Mike giving me an unobstructed view of his cock. It really bulged, almost coming out of his pants. In the meantime I hand bent down so as to give Mike a complete view of my tits, as I knew he could see my nipples through my blouse, but I wanted to work Mike up even further.

We drank the coffee, and Mike excused himself and ran up the stairs. I followed in close pursuit, and as he closed the door to the toilet I opened it and went inside and gasped at the size of Mike’s huge, monstrous 9″ cock, which I was sure, would choke me if I tried to give him a blowjob. Mike turned around not in amazement but actually in expectancy, and then told me that I had two options, one to suck him off, or the other to jerk him off and allow him to cum all over my tits.

I told him that as I had never had such a brute in my mouth before I would give the blowjob, a try, if I couldn’t succeed he could fuck my tits and cum wherever he wanted to.

I opened my mouth as wide as possible, and began to jerk, and suck Mike off. I tried my utmost to place his gigantic cock into my mouth, but I was not used to it, so I took about 6″ and sucked and jerked Mike off, till eventually I felt Mike’s balls begin to get hard, and he groaned and moaned in ecstasy that he was going to cum, and just then he came in a great gush. I had trouble keeping up with him, and most of his juices came out of my mouth, and over my blouse. I quickly removed by boob tube, and the rest of his gism went all over my tits.

Mike was very far over, even though he had just cum, he was still raring to go again.

He then told me that it was now my turn to cum, and he would try and get me to do so. I was led to his bedroom, where we both undressed, and Mike led me to his bed, and began to French kiss me, then he went lower and started to kiss my nipples and thereafter, tweaked both my tits with both hands.

He licked my stomach, and even went into my naval, which made me want to climax instantly as this had always been my soft spot. Eventually Mike reached my pussy, and started to eat me. Mike turned around thus giving me his cock, to suck off, whilst he began to eat me. Then I was being sucked off, and eventually Mike started to lick my engorged clitoris, and I could feel that I would soon reach my point of no return. I began to moan softly, of lust, and I built up into a crescendo, of ecstasy.

I had cum, and my sucking and jerking Mike off was paying dividends. Mike penetrated me but as he had a monster of a cock, he went in very slowly, suddenly even though there was some pain, I wanted all of Mike in me at once, but Mike fucked me at his own slow pace. I was being driven frantic, and eventually I began to cum again, but Mike was only about halfway in. My pussy muscles began to contract as I had a massive orgasm, which left me shuddering, and only at this point did I realize that Mike was all the way into my pussy, and was touching my clitoris with each rhythmical, motion. Eventually Mike gave a loud moan and he blew his juices into my hot waiting pussy. I had my last climax at about the same time as Mike did.

We were both exhausted, and fell asleep, one upon the other, Mike’s cock was still in my pussy when I awoke.

After this Mike and I would screw each other silly.

I remember the time when Mom and Dad came home early, and found us in the same room.

Still holding mikes penis Vedanti

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