Holiday Share – Part 1

As the plane flew towards it’s destination of Greece sixteen year old Marcus was sat at the back of the plane sulking, he did not like the idea of going on a shared holiday with his next door neighbours, his mum and dad had told him that to save money they had joined a holiday share scheme where they shared the holiday with other people and the other people were their next door neighbours. Marcus looked first at sixteen year Tina who was a bully girl and known to be violent, then at her sister Tracy who was four years younger than what Tina was, Marcus thought it is bad enough to live next door to the white bitches but to share a holiday is worse, I am not hanging out with them, he looked at his dad and thought why could you have shared with a black family like us that would have been better, at the airport Marcus moaned even more when he had to carry the bags, at the hotel after Tina’s dad had booked everybody in he gave them keys and Marcus found he had to share a room with the two girls Marcus moaned and thought bet they snore, in the lift a boy said to his mate ” look we got niggers in the hotel” his mate said” yeah watch your money” before Marcus could retaliate Tina had thumped both boys and Tracy kicked them, Tina had told the boys to watch their mouths and leave their friends alone” and when Tracy said ” first time I played football in a lift did I score” her dad replied ” I think so the boys eyes were watering” Marcus smiled for the first time that day. After finding their rooms and unpacking Tracy went to explore the grounds Marcus went and sat on the balcony and after a few minutes Tina went out onto the balcony wearing a towel and after looking over the balcony wall said ” this balcony is secluded nobody can see in” then dropped her towel as she did Marcus’s eyes went wide Tina was stood naked, he looked at her cute bum and when she turned he smiled at the sight of her ample well developed boobs and along with the sight of her hairless tube he smiled and thought I have to put up with two weeks of this, Tina lay on the sun lounger taking in the sun while Marcus kept stealing looks at the naked white girl, after half a hour Marcus went inside just as Tracy returned and when she stripped naked revealing her developing boobs and smooth love tube and went out onto the balcony Marcus thought room sharing is going to be fun. After dinner Marcus returned to the room and had a shower as he stepped out of the shower he heard Tina and Tracy talking and walked into the room naked he saw both girls look towards his eight inch soft dick and noticed the pokies appear in Tina’s cotton tee shirt, Marcus started to dry and Tracy got up off the bed and left the room not long after when Tracy stood and removed her tee shirt, Marcus noticed that her nipples were well erect he smiled as Tina removed her shorts and sat on her bed naked, Marcus felt his dick starting to stiffen and saw Tina go wide eyed when he got a erection of nearly ten inches, he saw Tina’s hand go between her legs and slowly start to rub, he went over to Tina and cupped her boobs in his hand and started to massage them and gently squeeze her nipples, Marcus then felt Tina’s mouth sliding over his dick and felt her sucking it he stood there enjoying the blow job from the white girl and after ten minute he squirted his cum into her mouth which caused Tina to gag but she stilled swallowed most of the cum, after a minute Marcus gently pushed Tina back onto the bed smiling as he did so, Tina parted her legs and soon Marcus was sling his dick up Tina’s love tube causing her to groan out loud, Marcus started to slowly thrust in and out of Tina’s love tube while Tina moaned and groaned in pleasure, Marcus increased the speed of his thrusting and after ten minutes Tina cried out ” yes” as she climaxed, Marcus continued to thrust in and out with Tina still groaning, Marcus felt her cum three more times before he pulled his dick out of her love tube and squirt his cum over Tina’s stomach, after a couple of minutes Marcus stood away from the bed and looking at Tina’s eyes he saw that there was a deep glazed look in them, he smiled and said ” I am going to fuck you every day” Tina smiled back and said ” promise” after having another shower Marcus left the room and headed towards the swimming pool passing Tracy as he went, Tracy smiled at him and said ” don’t stay out late” Marcus smiled back and thought ” what I got for you I will not be out late at all.

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