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Note from the author: I have some experience with writing stories in my native language, but this is my first English one. Feel free to give constructive feedback.

Dear reader,
I want to tell you the story of Mark. What you will read might shock you, or arouse you – or maybe both. So who is this Mark you will get to know better than you might like? Well, when we first meet him he really is an innocent and normal eighteen year old. Or at least that's how he sees himself and how everyone else sees him too.

"Mark!" yelled his mother from downstairs. "Can you come help me please?" When Mark heard his mother he sighed and paused the music he was listening. Standing up from behind his desk he walked through the room. For a teenage boy his room was really tidy, although his mother seemed to disagree.
"Yeah, I'm coming!"
The boy stumbled down the stairs and asked: "What do you need?" His mother was walking back into the living room and answered over her shoulder: "My new phone, it's not working." Well that was specific, thought the boy. He looked at his mother. She was over twenty years older than him and she looked.. well how does a mother look to her teenage son? He kind of liked her, but he was also ashamed because she would embarrass him like mothers tend to do.
When he would have been pressed to give an assessment of his mothers looks he would probably just say 'she's nice I suppose'. His mother liked to dress in a sensible fashion as could be expected of a good Christian wife in a small town. When he looked at his mother's face he could see the lines that were caused by stress. Mark didn't have to guess where that stress came from.
"What's wrong with it?" he asked when he grabbed his mother's phone from the table and sat down.
"I want to view the pictures on my computer. Why doesn't it sync to the cloud?" his mother said. Mark looked at his mother, slightly impressed she had managed to use the words sync and cloud correctly in the same sentence. "What?" his mother reacted, "you may think everyone older than you is from the stone age but I'm not your grandma, kid."
"Yeah sure, I will take a look," said Mark and he started trying things. Mark didn't have a lot of friends – you could say he had no real friends after Peter left – and he wasn't a very outgoing kid. He did fit certain stereotypes by also being really handy with computers. Whenever there were any problems with electronics his parents just asked Mark to look at it.
"How was school?" asked his mother from the kitchen. "Uh, good I think." Mark sounded a bit absent while he scrolled through the settings of his mother's phone. And when his mom asked about that test he had to take he didn't even answer.
"I think I've got it," he finally said.
His mother came in with two drinks and put one in front of him. "You're the best Mark!" she said and gave him a kiss on his head. "Stop it mom! I'm not a kid anymore you know." His mother laughed and he couldn't help but smile. She sounded genuinely happy for a moment, but when he looked up at her he saw that it had faded away again.
"Love you mom," he said and then blushed. Why did he say that? He quickly decided to focus on the drink she had got him. "Mark," his mom said softly but he interrupted her. "Yeah, yeah it's all right." They sat there for a while chatting about ordinary things and when it was almost half past five he went upstairs again.
Shortly after he heard the front door of the house and he sighed. Quickly he turned up the music and opened his laptop.

A few weeks later on Sunday morning he heard his parents in one of their heated arguments again. They were in their bedroom. His parents hardly ever argued in front of him, but he could hear them when they were downstairs or in the garage – or the bedroom – or the bathroom. They acted like everything was fine when they came out and Mark pretended that he hadn't heard them. He had no idea what was going on today and he really didn't care.
He quickly got dressed and grabbed his Bible. As every week they went to church. He went downstairs and a few moments later his father came down too. His father was almost ten years older than his mom. Mark respected his dad but he didn't like him as much as he liked his mom. His father was a strong man, both physically and mentally. He had been working for years in construction. And he was righteous but stern.
"Your mother is staying home, she has a headache," his father said. Mark shrugged his shoulders. Soon after they drove to church and he sat through the service. Afterwards they always had to stay for a while so his father could talk to some other members of their church. There were a few younger kids and some older ones but no one of his own age so Mark just went to the car and waited until they could go home.
When they were home his mom was up again and the coffee was ready. "Feeling better?" his dad asked. "Yes, thank you," his mom answered. For a moment Mark got annoyed by the fake conversation his parents were having. He wanted to scream at them but as always he did nothing. Just sitting silently at the sofa. Maybe if he pretended everything was okay then things would get better, he told himself.

"Fuck," Mark said quietly when he deleted the picture from his phone. He immediately looked up hoping his parents hadn't heard him swearing. "No, no, where did it go?" Mark searched his phone but couldn't find it. He had been looking at old pictures on his phone and there he had found a really nice one of him and his mother, where they both looked so happy. But instead of making it his background he had deleted the picture.
An idea popped up and he ran upstairs to his computer. He clicked around and found the service where his pictures got sent to automatically. Maybe they were there somewhere – and behold there was a trash folder with some files in it!
He quickly clicked at it and saw over a hundred files there. He scrolled through it looking for the one he so desperately wanted back. He recognized some of the pictures but there were also a lot he didn't remember taking. He saw a few very dark pictures and curiously clicked on one. Mark couldn't make out what it was he was looking at and quickly clicked next a few times until his heart dropped. Immediately he looked at the door of his room. Closed of course. Then he looked back at his screen.
There was a very naked woman there. At least a certain part of a woman. He saw a belly and legs. And between those legs he clearly could see a dark bush of hair. He panicked. How had that picture gotten on his phone and what if his parents would find out he had pornographic photos? Mark quickly clicked next and there was another picture of that same naked woman. Next. Next. There were five pictures. The first three were roughly the same but the last three shocked him even more.
Number four was the same woman but now he could see here bush and ass. On the fifth he could see more. The woman seemed to be sitting on her knees with hear legs spread. She was sitting on a floor and there was urine streaming from her vagina onto the tiles below her.
The tiles!
Mark's mind went numb as he stared at that last picture for a long time. Then he heard someone coming up the stairs and he panicked. Quickly he tried to close the window and ended up pulling the power cord from his screen. At that moment his door opened and his mother came in. "Mark, do you have any dirty clothes laying around here?" she asked and Mark looked at her shocked and with a very guilty look in his eyes.
Luckily his mother was looking around the room and started picking up some clothes. "Okay, thanks," she said and left again leaving a still panicking Mark behind. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he screamed in his head and then he ran to the door. His mother was walking down the stairs when he entered the bathroom.
Mark looked down. Yes, these were definitely the tiles from the pictures. So that meant.. No, that was impossible. His mother? Really?

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