Holy Fuck Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooHoly Fuck Ch. 03

Dear reader, as you may have noticed Mark's family isn't exactly normal. Not that Mark notices anything strange. He just seems like a more or less normal and innocent boy. But he will not stay that way for long. The story may start taking a few dark turns. But hey, there can be no light without darkness right?

Why had his mother made pictures of herself peeing on the bathroom floor? Mark had thought long and hard about this but couldn't find an explanation that made much sense. Of course he could just ask her. Mark smiled behind the screen of his laptop when he thought about that. How would that go?
No, that was not even remotely an option. The Johnson family did not talk about personal stuff. Certainly not about anything that embarrassing. Work, school, church and friends. Oh and of course the news, weather and politics. But that were about the only topics of conversation in their house. Not counting the bickering and fighting.
Mark had started the program where he had found the pictures. He took a brief look at the trash folder but there was nothing out of the ordinary there. Earlier he had stored his mother's pictures safely on his own computer. He wasn't sure whether he was relieved or disappointed that there were no new pictures there. But that wasn't why he was looking here in the first place. No, Mark had gotten an idea on how to find out more about why his mother had taken those photos.
He clicked around and found the settings he was looking for. It showed him that currently the pictures of Linda Johnson and Mark Johnson where synchronized automatically. There were more options there but they were grayed out. When Mark hovered over them he got a message Synchronization settings can only be adjusted on the mobile device of a user. Mark groaned when he read that.
So.. getting his mothers phone. That should be doable, right?
Mark quickly changed in something that wasn't damp (and stinking of his sweat) and he went downstairs. His mother was sitting in the living room and looked up from the magazine she was reading. Mark looked around to see his mom's phone but it was nowhere to be seen. He walked to the kitchen and got a glass of water. He heard his mother walking towards him.
"Your father will probably be home again soon," she said. Mark looked at her but she didn't look any different than normal. She was obviously not going to address the issue of their earlier conversation. Mark nodded and walked past her. His mother started preparing dinner so that was an excellent chance to look around.
But no need, because he immediately saw his mothers phone laying on the chair that she had just been sitting in. He quickly picked it up and looked over his shoulder. His mother was still busy in the kitchen so Mark opened the phone and dived straight into the settings of the operating system. Synchronization, synchronization, how hard could it be to find that? Mark hated that he hadn't looked that up before he went downstairs. But then he found what he was looking for. Quickly he changed the settings and made sure that his mother's phone would sync everything there was to sync.
"Mark?" he suddenly heard behind him and he froze. "What are you doing with my phone?"
Fuck, fuck, fucking fuck!
"Uh.." Mark started eloquently. His first instinct was to say that he wanted to check a setting that he had helped her with before. But he realized just in time that this might bring her attention too much on the pictures and syncing. So instead he blurted out: "security.. I mean, uh, I read online about a security issue with your type of phone and I just wanted to fix it. You know, just in case. But don't worry, everything is fine now."
I'm bloody brilliant! Mark thought when he came up with that lie on the spot. He was more than a little pleased with how he had dodged that bullet. It looked like his mother had accepted the bullshit he had fed her. "Thanks honey, what would I do without you? – Oh, do you hear that? That will be your father. I'd better get back to fixing dinner. He will probably be hungry."
"I'm home," said Mark's father when he entered the kitchen. It was more a factual statement than a greeting.
"How was your day?" his mother asked out of habit. Mark could play out the rest of the conversation in his head. It went exactly as he expected. Exactly as every day. "It was fine, busy day at work. And how was your day?" "Good, thank you. Dinner is almost ready." It wasn't, actually. But nevertheless Mark felt the obligation to stay in the living room while they waited for dinner.
Luckily their conversation was short and shallow. After a while Mark stood up to help setting the table. Dinner was.. well like dinner always was. They ate mostly in silence, his parents asked a few things about Mark's day at school. Everything went just like it was supposed to go. But Mark thought he caught his mother looking at him longer than usual a few times. When he looked back she quickly averted her gaze.
When they had finished their meal Mark and his mom cleared the table while his father got the black Bible that was laying in the bookcase. Today his father read a chapter out one of the Old Testament books, describing how God punishes the Israelites for serving other gods. What followed was a prayer that was roughly the same as usual. Thanking God for the blessings that were bestowed on their house, praying for forgiveness and ending with the acknowledgement that 'we do not deserve anything and humbly thank You for anything You give us.'
After the 'Amen' Mark made himself scarce. Back in his room he looked at his laptop and to his joy he saw that his plan had worked. Well, at least the technical part. He could now see the emails, browser history and text messages of his mother's account. For a moment he got hit by a deep feeling of shame and self-hatred for spying on his mother. But then he saw the image of pee streaming through his mother's bush and those feelings were gone.
He hesitated a moment before diving into all the information he had just accessed. Mark didn't find anything interesting in her emails. His mom didn't use her email very much. Nor did she text a lot for that matter. The most recent chats were with himself, his father and his sister Julia. Julia was four years older than Mark and had gone to college. She didn't come home often and Mark didn't blame her. Mark was curious what his mother and his sister were talking about but he couldn't bring himself to cross that line.
Looking through the websites that his mother visited he saw some weird titles that didn't make much sense. He clicked on one of them and it turned out to be some sort of site that had loads of stories. He saw that his mother visited this website quite often. When he clicked on one of the pages she had visited recently he started reading.
What the fuck was he reading?
Mark's eyes were getting bigger and bigger as the story unfolded. His mouth dropped and with a look of disgust on his face he continued reading. It was a story about a woman who liked to be humiliated and hurt. Mark was getting sick and he started to breath faster. It was absolutely appalling but at the same time he couldn't stop reading. The woman in the story got beaten and kicked. And then she was tied up outside and left there laying naked in the mud. The story ending described how people came and laughed at her, pissed and pooped on her but the woman didn't mind at all. In fact the writer said she was in heaven.
Feeling sick to his stomach Mark stared at the screen for a moment. Until he noticed another feeling, somewhere deeper down. It took him a while to recognize that feeling but when he did, he spurted out the door and into the bathroom, where he emptied his stomach. He washed his mouth to get rid of the taste of puke and he freshened up a bit before returning to his room.
When Mark looked down he saw what he had feared. He had a hard-on. Mark started to panic. He did not want to feel turned on. Never again did he want to feel that, especially not in combination with what he had just read. The degradation of that woman, the strong feelings inside, it all awakened memories that he had so carefully killed.
Mark sat at his desk but he didn't see his room anymore. The panic made him start hyperventilating while he stared at something invisible. It wasn't the woman laying there anymore but it was Mark. He felt the wet grass and the cold air. No, no, no.. Please! I don't want.. I.. Please no.. But it was useless to resist. He heard the laughter again and felt the warm liquid splattering on his body. "Don't you like it?" the voice said mockingly. "Fucking disgusting pig." More laughter.
And a moment later: "Aren't you going to clean me?" It was that same horrifying voice. "Please don't make me do.." Mark whispered. But he knew what was going to happen. What had happened. He had gotten up on his knees and had crawled towards his tormenter, covered in his piss. Mark relived the memories like a film, unable to escape or do anything different then what he had done back then. He knew he would have to lick the dick clean of the person who abused him. To suck him off until his mouth and throat were filled with cum. But not until he had begged for it. He always had to beg for it.
There was Mark, sitting in his chair with the tears running down his face and hardy able to get enough air. And at the same time he was sitting on his knees in the wet grass, begging to be abused. Caught in this gruesome experience Mark could do nothing but relive everything, with the added torture of knowing what was coming. Who was coming.
The mental torture seemed to be going on forever and Mark was completely exhausted when he finally started coming back to reality. Lightheaded he tried to stand up, but he ended up falling on his bed, where he crawled into the fetal position. He was feeling so empty inside, like there was a gaping hole that sucked up everything around it. Mark had no more tears left to cry so he was just laying there, hating himself. The woman in the story might have been in heaven but Mark was certainly not. He couldn't imagine that hell could be any worse than this.
What the fuck is wrong with mom that she reads those things?
But then he realized something that made him feel even more awful. Despite everything he was feeling, his dick was still rock hard. Despite everything? Because of everything?
What the fuck is wrong with me?

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