Honey Life- (Preparing for sex show)- Part- XV

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By Honeypee944 In this Myself is attending high school and will be completed within more six months and I will attend the age of Nineteen and definitely will start my new journey for life after High School.
At present myself and Mom Goldie is captive of my three friends and their Girl friends though Abraham did not like the fact but none of them listen to him. Both of them were scared about there future if their sex video go viral in net, in porn sight and totally confused and they made a call to Pamela their friend cum philosopher as she knew the perverted thought of Goldie to be gangbang along with her daughter. Now both Mom and daughter are trapped
They rang to Pamela and told everything, Pamela after listening to them replied you both whores don’t worry call Murphy when all six will return in the night to sex torture you.
Goldie rang to Murphy and told everything and after listening asked Goldie are you ready to marry me. Tomorrow we are getting registry married. Send video of those bustards to me. Immediately Honey sends all the sex video of them and Goldie and herself she recorded.
Murphy ring back to Goldie and told all six will be good whores and Gigolo for my business. You don’t worry and I will go to the flat and you just share the location.
All six Tommy, Kelly and Ben along with their Girl friends Nancy, Kathie and Matilda along with arrived and today their main target Honey. They bed spread Honey thus her pussy is wide open. Tommy started licking Honey’s pussy and Matilda stared licking Tommy’s dick. Kelly put her dick in Honey’s mouth and Nancy started to lick Kelly’s scrotum and penis when it is coming out of Honey’s mouth. Last Kathie told to Ben you put your dick in between the voluptuous boobs of Honey and I will lick your bulbous head when it will come through her boobs. Only Abraham left to join the Orgy and Goldie spread her vagina and told Abraham to enter her cunt as she is feeling too much itching inside her cunt.
Now those three changed their position and Kelly put his dick in the anus of Honey and Honey screamed and Ben put her humongous dick n Honey’s pussy leaving only her mouth open in which Tommy inserted her cock to mouth fuck Honey and Abraham was busy in fucking Goldie but Goldie is recording everything in her mobile. Suddenly a message came in Goldie’s mobile and Goldie silently opened the main door.
Suddenly about 10 people lead by Murphy enter the Apartment with fully armed. All Six were went in fear sexcluding Goldie, Honey and Abraham and Murphy told all of them this woman Goldie is my wife and you all gang bang her and you all will be prosecuted under legal action. They all started crying specially the teenage girls and Honey started laughing and told them all three will be good whores under the training of Murphy my would be step dad.
Honey: Dad Murphy all three will work beside Abraham as Gigolo for your business.
Murphy: I have to spare you and Goldie after six months as per business contract and I was worried about how to run my Whore Ab, Sex drama, porn industries, blue film industries but these three woman along with my Sister Norah and Daughter Emily will fulfill that.
All sexclaimed and told OMG: you are a incest and taboo man.
Murphy: Yes and believe me I will awake the incest and Taboo in all of your six family but now you all six has to dance on my mobile tune otherwise Jail door is open for you all as you are 18+adult.
Next day My mom marriage Goldie and Murphy was done and we all along with Pamela left our apartment and shifted to Murphy’s home to share with Norah and Emily. It was revealed to Murphy that Pamela was a she male and he was very very happy to accept Pamela in his sex business as some of the high class lady wants them to keep the secret of fucking and also for fear of getting pregnant.
Now in Murphy’s home Honey started to know about her Granny’s pen drive details and Emily is her sister now and both were trying to know everything about them. It was revealed that their people are dying day by day. They love to fuck Mother and Daughter duo together. They love piercing of nipples, clits and rings around nipples and clits.
Next day arrangement was made for piercing of nipples and clits of Honey and Goldie and it is very astonishing that the clit of Honey is sexceptionaly one and half inch long and thick like a finger, Now Goldie told to Honey that your Granny gave me a ring which belongs to your Grand dad and you wear that in your clit and for locking it towards the base a clit ring was inserted and that cylindrical type ring fitted in Honey’s engrossed clit snuggly.
Next day Murphy brought a Irish Wolf hound dog and it is just like more or less like a small tiger. Now Murphy first told Goldie to lie on a bench and spread her legs so that labia opens and placed the cock of the wolf hound dog against her labia and the tip of the hound’s cock was being rubbed by Norah and slowly and slowly the cock is coming out of dog’s sheath and opening inside Goldie’s pussy and the total cock around 10 inch+ entered her pussy then Murphy ordered to take out the hound’s cock from Goldie’s pussy and order Honey to take bitch position. The Hound needs no more inspiration and jumped on Honey bitch and Emily guided the cock of the Wolf Hound inside Honey’s cunt and the fat Wolf’s penis totally went inside Honey’s vagina and the wolf started fucking Honey for about 20 minutes and with a thrust Honey fell down as the wolf Hound released his sperm inside Honey’s vagina and Honey takes the position of a bitch on her hand and knees as her cunt and wolf Hound cock is cling to each other as naturally seen in dog and bitch fucking scene.
Murphy: Delicious, Marvelous, OMG: I have heard of bitch girl but thought those are gossip. I am very much amazed to find Honey as a bitch girl.
After half an hour the flaccid lymph cock wolf hound came out of Honey’s pussy and there was a stream of sex jism coming out of Honey’s pussy.
All Honey’s friend Nancy, Kathie and Matilda watched the sex show and they also are in fear.
Murphy : You bitches be ready to be fucked by not only by my Irish Wolf hound but also pussy tearing cock of my Bulldozer man who is very well known in Porn Industry.
Next day Honey has to perform the open sex stage show with this Wolf hound first then the Bulldozer man andafter that day Goldie has to perform and next Nancy, Kathie and Matilda to follow and after this show Honey will be released from Murphy’s hand.
Lets wait until tomorrow to observe how Honey pass the sexam (Sex Exam) tomorrow.

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By Honeypee944 #Blackmail #Group #Teen #Zoophilia