Honey’s Jungle sexpedition –(Horse Riding)Part-IV

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By Honeypee944 Xinto and Mablo by observing the sex show got sexually arose. Sex fire ignited in them but they can not fuck them in the room in front of Montos and Bandung and told them tonight we two father and son will fuck them and tomorrow you two can come to us day after tomorrow if you want to fuck them but don’t forget to bring the widow bitches with you.
Both Xinto and Mablo came with their horses and decided to Carry Goldie and Honey by their horse. Mablo will carry Goldie with him and Clan Leader Xinto will carry Honey. Now Both of them arranged Goldie and Honey to seat in front of them instead of sitting back. Xinto slowly lied Honey and her vagina lips were open and Xinto placed bulbous head of his humongous penis about 11 inch+ against the labia of Honey and same was done by Mablo to Goldie. Both Honey and Goldie Astonished how their cock will enter in their pussy but Xinto is one of the most sexperienced Horse riding man to fucked more than100 woman 10 to 50 yrs.
Now both the Horse started walking and as the horse is walking in up and down roads their vagina is going up and down rather cock is entering their pussy and slowly and slowly speed of the horse is increasing and the cock is entering more and more in their pussies. Now Xinto ordered Goldie and Honey cross their legs behind them to hold them so that they does not fall from Horse back during fucking and these are totally unexpected new sexperience for Goldie and Honey but both of them are enjoying instead of fear.
Suddenly Mablo stopped his horse and so stopped by Xinto.
Xinto: Son what is the problem
Mablo : Dad this bitch’s pussy is like a unfathomable ditch and my penis is getting lost in her vagina and my only 9 inch pecker is not getting enough sex pleasure. Let us sexchange these two ladies and fuck.
Xinto: See my boy mu 11 inch+ humongous cock is already engulfed by this whore’s pussy. The daughter’s depth of pussy is more than her mother I hope and you will not get enough joy from daughter’s pussy. Now let’s take bath on the river and have lunch then we will proceed for our village.
All four Goldie, Honey, Xinto and Mablo went to river for taking bath and during bathing Mablo put his two fingers inside Honey’s pussy but she without refusing separated her labia and Mablo put entire her two fingers inside her pussy and Xinto fondling Goldie’s voluptuous boobs and both enjoying their daughter and son’s game. Now Mablo as sexperienced easy entry of his finger in Honey’s pussy as it was easy entry of his cock inside Goldie’s pussy.
Now Mablo fisted her hand put that inside Honey’s pussy and Honey has not sexperienced bulbous penis head larger than Mablo’s fist and Goldie sexclaimed: You mother fucker Mablo leave my daughter.
Xint: Carry on my son Mablo fixed the whore with your fist and to the most surprising is that Mablo’s hand up to his elbow more than one foot went totally inside Honey’s pussy and Xinto sexclaimed OMG: she must be a witch.
Goldie: Laughingly answered yes she is a sex witch
Now the horse in which Mablo was riding a Pony and they also know about sex and that Pony with neigh has taken out his schlong from his sex sheath and Now Mablo took out his hand’s from Honey’s pussy and gave some signal to his pony and the pony lifted his front two legs on a stone and told Honey to place her labia mouth against the coarse penis head of the Pony and Honey has taken the cock of Irish Wolf Hound but this cock is bigger, fatter and her penis head much more bulbous and shocking as if a base ball will enter my pussy.
Honey was quite thrilled to sexperience new sex challenge and now Goldie came forward to help her daughter and Goldie put her tongue on Pony’s bulbous cock head and salivated it and slowly placed the bulbous penis head against the labia mouth of Honey and started to rub the penis head against the labia and suddenly Xinto pulled clit ring of Honey and Honey gave a sudden jerk as a result the pony’s penis head entered inside into Honey’s labia but got struck and now Mablo hold the tail of Pony and the pony with a neigh gave a thrust all his one foot schlong entered Honey’s pussy and all three got astonished.
Now the Pony went on fucking Honey for about 15 minutes and released about 1 lt. of sex jism in her pussy as if Pussy of Honey is over flooded with Pony’s cum and honey pussy is now Pony cum fountain.
Again their journey on horseback started and this time Xinto took Goldie instead of Honey to fuck her in Horseback but Mablo made something with jungle rope which can be describe as a bra fitted at Breast Base and from the two sides rope coming into Mablo’s hand to support so that Honey does not fall from the Pony during her ass fucking by Mablo.
Now with every jerking in Horseback Goldie is getting another fathomless fucking from Xinto and her pussy is continuously releasing sex jism on the other hand Mablo put some banana type one foot long jungle fruit in Honey’s pussy and running his sex piston into Honey’s ass and Honey is quite accustomed with that type of penis in her ass and she also released her sex jism and Mablo also splitting a large jism in her ass hole. After reaching to the spot both Honey and Goldie both are limping and Mablo one on the perverted cunny-vorus took that fruit from Honey’s cum filled vagina and ate it with a great joy uttering marvelous and Xinto also supported his son.
Lets see what more have been store in Honey’s jungle sexpedition.

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By Honeypee944 #Interracial #Rape #Teen #Zoophilia