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Hi guys & gals. My name is Reni, from cochin. This is my true story, I want share with girls like me. I left to cochin for my studies, as I’m a brilliant student and I got admission in engineering, which is far from my city, so I joined in ladies hostel. In hostel I got a room with three beds so I have to share with two other girls, out of the two girl’s one girl is new like me and another girl is our senior.

I was very tired with the journey, and very uncomfortable as it’s a new place, I washed my face and started changing my dress to nightie, and I absorb that the senior girl Sangeeta is looking very curiously at me, and smiling. I fell shy, let me tell I’m a beautiful girl 17 years old fair, 5’6 height, 56kg weight and very big breast that can attract even the girls. 38 size, firm with dark brown nipples and pointed tits, with a good shape. My belly is round, deep and big. I’m having round beautiful ass. Long legs and good thighs, I removed my salwar kameez and I’m wearing only bra, which can’t cover my big boobs and panties. Sangeeta passed a comment wow you are beautiful, I received the complement with smile. Like all other collages in India in my collage also there was a ragging problem, around 10 pm at the night, my senior girls came to my room, there are six girls in that batch, they closed the doors.

First they caught the other new girl, who stays in my room and asked about her personal things, and asked to sing, dance etc, after Sangeeta introduced me to the girls. One of the girls asked about my bra size, I fell shy, another girl squeezed my breast and said wow it’s wonderful, and all other girls asked me to take of my nightie. I was helpless and I obey there order, and take off my nightie I was wearing pink color bra and panties which is very suitable for my color, sangeeta asked take off bra, and I refused but one girl pulled my bra and my boobs came out. One girl pulled my panties, and all of them saw my clean shaved pussy, with long lips, “nice count” one other girl passed the comment. And they asked how you masturbate, I said I won’t. “whom do you want to mate with?” one other girl asked, I got annoyed and shouted shut up you bitch, she slap on my face and said “we will not spare u”, and she took off her cloths. She is a beautiful girl with 34 size with black nipples, her unshaved pussy is having silky pubic hair, and she pushed me on the bed. I confused, I unable to understand what’s happening, she started kissing on my lips and I started protesting her.

Sangeeta started squeezing my nipples and she also took off her dress, and other girls also become naked. The girl started kissing deeply with her tongue in my mouth, one girl started sacking my nipple and some others started licking my thighs. My body becomes so light, and I started feeling like flying. That was my first kiss and I cooperated to that girl by opening my mouth, and she got from me. I was laying on bed naked, all other girls are around me with there naked bodies, I felt so hot and started sweating, one girl smelled my under arms, and started licking my right breast and another girl from left. Two girls shared my thighs and one girl started licking my wet pussy.

I wanted to be fucked by someone. And I asked the girls to fuck. They took the promise that I will keep open my wet pussy for them, to fuck any time, and asked me to choose any of them as it’s my first experience. All of them are beautiful, but I choose Pooja. She is really a rare beauty, fair long dark hair, 5.5″ height 36 size perfect breast with brown nipple, deep belly and sweet horny cont, with light silky hair. All others appreciated my selection, and asked me to open my legs so that they can lick my pussy for that day. After squeezing my breast and ass, all are taken a kisses from me and they took the new girl to lick there pussy’s.

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Pooja, Sangeeta and me left alone in the room, Sangeeta said she is my bitch and I can do anything with her and she is going to sleep with me in the room. First time I kissed Pooja on her lips it was really very sweet her boobs were very firm and I bite the nipples, sangeeta started licking my ass. I was surprised to see the Sex tool with pooja, I was seeing it for first time. The said it is an artificial dick used by girls sex to fuck each other, its called ‘dildo’. I haven’t heard of it before. And pooja with the dick (dildo) fucked my pussy with very fast jerks. That was my first experience.

Comment to [email protected] I am Malini I am an engineering student , I am from EC branch. I liked the boldness of all these writers in this site to speak to the world about your experience .

The incident happened when we had our tour. In our college Sanjeev was very famous. He was liked by every one because of his good character. I also liked him as a friend. We where 47 students in the bus .On the first night of our trip every body was on there heels, dancing merry making etc. When it was time for sleep I went to a three people seat. Sradha was already in the window side and me next to her. Sanjeev sat on the other end now I was between them. I fall asleep quickly. But I was distracted by some thing in sleep ,it was Sanjeev, his hand was around my neck. He slowly brought his hand towards my breast. I was wearing a churidar, it was not so low neck but I was sandwiched between them that there was ample space for him to put his hand inside my churidar. He slowly put his hand inside my churidar, he went till my nipples and started massaging it. He put his hand inside my bra and took my nipple between his fingers . Now I was scared and out of sleep ,I bent forward he slowly took his hand away. That night nothing more happened .

The next day Sanjeev came to as usual he gave me company like to others and we visited many points. That night also we were on the bus. This time I sat on the window side of a 2 seat and invited VEENA to sit besides me she was still dancing in the bus and the last girl dancing. Veena sat besides me and lights where off. I went to sleep comfortably. After around 30 minutes Veena turned towards me and told that there is vomiting tendency for her. She then opened the window and with her right hand she caught the front seat and her left hand was trusted on my lap. She then lean out of the bus as if vomiting mean while her left hand shifted from my lap to my stomach and then to my chest. She slowly caught hold of my breast and squeezed it in a fashion that she is vomiting. I did not care it and I massaged here back for her relief. Then she told me to massage her chest, and I did it but she adjusted herself so that I ran my hand over her nipples. Now I told her that she can sit in the window side and it will be convenient for her. She said no and sat on her seat. After some time she put her hand on my lap. I was wearing a midi .she raised my midi slowly as per the shaking of the bus. It aroused me but I did not like it. Veena was a very open minded and dynamic person.

She was one of my best friends. I was in two minds. Our bus braked suddenly and she put here hand inside my midi. She stated fingering between my legs. I closed my legs ,she then caught hold of my panty and started pulling it down. She then caressed my hair there. She then took her hand from there and put it inside her skirt .She may have masturbated but I was in a shock.

Now I feel more bolder in these matters and the latest happened in my hostel room. One day I was alone in my room, my room mate was at home. I was bathing and Veena knocked at the door. I thought it was my room mate and went to open it with a towel raped around me. Veena entered the room and I my put an edge of the towel between the doors and closed the door. Veena sat on the bed and I turned towards the bathroom, but my towel was stuck on the door and I was standing there naked. I rushed towards the door but as I thought Veena came in between and touched my nipples. She started kissing me here and there I stand freeze. She explored me completely with her hands and tongue. Then suddenly there was another knock in the door and I went to the bathroom. Please mail me your opinions. I now feel more relaxed and now I love to be explored by girls.