Hot 30+ Aunty Sex Stories Part 2

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Hello friends thank you so much for your feedback and mail. I am Rahul from Chennai, age 28. I am fair, tall and strong man. Also doing massages, hair trimming, gigolo and donating sperm directly into pussy. Ladies from Chennai can contact me at any time on rahulrole.chennai via hangout or gmail. Many of the readers asked for part 2 so that here comes the story for you. After the movie we both got separated and waited for our time to enjoy. 2 weeks later the time came where her husband went to out of station and he will back after couple of days.
Her husband left the house at morning 6 and I reached her home on 9 in the morning. It was a day on weekday so the crowd was not much. So I entered her house easy and before entering her house I bought jasmine flower and dairy milk chocolate. I rang the bell, when she open the door immediately rush into the house and she locked the door.
I hugged her with very tight and she was moaning also got to breadth difficult because I hugged that much tight. Then I started to kiss her lips in a romantic way and pressed her ass. After 5 mins of kiss we both sad on sofa and still I was eating her lips and tongue wildly. I open the chocolate, took one bar and share to share from my mouth to her. We ate the chocolate like a mad.
Now I started to unwrap her saree by pulling from one end. She was rotating according to my pull and finally I remove her saree. I kissed her boobs over the blouse and rubbing my dick on pussy over the petticoat. Then I remove her blouse, started to kiss and bite her cleavage. After 15 mins of action she started to remove my shirt and inner. She also started to kiss my upper body and I want to feel her boobs on my chest so I removed her bra with my two finger and thrown away. We both hugged each other with upper body naked. Hmm wow what a soft body, she was really so soft.
After some 30 mins of action I took her to bed room and throw her on coat. It was a very big coat so she landed safely. I fly over her and roll over the coat. Then I removed her petticoat also her inner. She is completely naked and I removed my pant and inner too. That time my brother was standing at 90 degree. I went near to her pussy and to rub gently also kissing it. In few minutes I increase my pace and was on cloud nine. I was doing for 20 mins and she release organism 2 times. I drank all her organism then she started to suck my dick. Wow she sucked really nice and I enjoyed it. Then within few minutes we both started doing 69 pos where we suck and lick our downs to each other.

Now I started to insert my dick into her pussy she was moaning and I was doing in and out slowly in the beginning. When the rhyme of my action is good started to increase my pace that time she was moaning loudly. I was fucking for 10 mins and I shifted her to doggy position and started to fucked from back. When I started to fuck from back that time the sound was loud and echoed around the room. In a time of 20 mins of fucking I release my sperm inside her pussy.
We have the session for nearly 1 hour 30 mins and got tired. So we both slept together by cuddling each other. After 1 hour we both got up and had some food then again one more session went but that time I oscillate into her pussy for more than first session. Thanks for reading the story and please give me the feedback for this story also.
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