Hot Bus Journey

Hi Everyone ! I have been reading stories in this blog for a long time now and I always wanted to post my own experience. Today I decided I will finally do it. This is my first attempt in writing and I hope it goes good.

My name is Nishant, I live in Bangalore. I am a tall, skinny, fair and good looking guy. I work in a very well known IT Company.This incident happened when I was traveling in a KSRTC Bus from Bangalore to my hometown near Udupi.
I was to go to my Hometown for Diwali and during that time, all bus tickets are booked in advance. I had booked my ticket a week and a half ago. I was traveling in the night after finishing the day’s work.
When I got into the bus, I had the window seat to the left and the seat next to me was empty. I wondered if a beautiful girl would sit next to me, I knew it was a dream because in KSRTC as far as I have seen, you never get such chances. Ladies traveling alone will be seated next to other ladies traveling alone almost all the time and men with men.
Only tickets that are booked together will sit together and I have seen this all the time during my journeys to my hometown. And it happened that day again, a middle-aged man sat next to me after sometime and within minutes the bus started and we were off the bus stand. The man sitting next to me seemed to be very familiar with the bus conductor and the driver, he went to the drivers cabin and was talking to them. I went asleep.
I woke up after half an hour or so, it was a bus-stop and some more passengers were getting in. There was some discussions going on and the man who was to supposed to sit next to me was still not there, I looked out of the window to see what it is. There was a couple who had not booked tickets but wanted to check if there were seats available.
The conductor said there is just one seat and both of them cannot go, the man who was sitting next to me offered that he can sit in the drivers cabin and give his seat to one of them. The husband agreed to this and they got in. There was one sit in the very end of the bus and another next to me.
I saw the wife, she was around 35 to 40 years old, fair, a bit on the plump side, I could not get a good look since she had wrapped a shawl all over her, a scarf to cover her head and ears. She was not fair but was not dark either and quite good looking. She looked at me and turned, she then told her husband she cannot sit in the back since she will feel like vomiting if she sits there.
The husband said he will go there and asked her to sit in the seat that was next to me. The bus started again and I fell asleep again. I woke up after another half an hour to notice that the lady was resting on my shoulder. I dont know why but I felt she was not asleep. I had not taken any special interest in her anyways, but I did not want to ask her to sit properly.
I adjusted my seat so that her head rests against my seat and not my shoulder, I fell asleep again. When I woke up this time, the bus had stopped in front of a Hotel and many passengers were out eating or drinking tea. The lady next to me had also gone out. I did not have mood to drink tea, I just kept looking out of the window and I saw her talking to her husband in a distance.
She had removed her shawl and scarf as well, she was in a Selwar Kamiz and the first thing which hit me was the size and shape of her bust and ass ! When I had just seen her face earlier (Eyes, Nose and Mouth to be honest) I had not developed any interest towards her, but now I saw her ! Her hair were wavy and almost touched her ass.
She was about 5′ 6 and I thought her figure was 34-30-36, She had tummy and her waist was not as small as it would have pleased me, but the shape of her breasts were breath taking ! The driver horned and everyone started getting back into the bus, I saw her running towards the bus juggling her assets. I saw her coming towards her seat and she really looked a beauty this time, she saw me looking towards her and did not react, pretended that she did not see me.
The bus started again, this time I could not sleep. I decided I would adjust the seat back to where it was so that she may rest on me again and who knows what may happen next ! I was excited. I adjusted the seat, I also folded the armrest that was in between us and she ignored it. I could make out that she pretended to be sleeping and in another 10 minutes, she was resting on my shoulder again !
I knew she was not sleeping, I thought I should make a move. I have always been a very shy guy, never spoke to girls in college. I was always ashamed of my skinny body, I was very smart otherwise but I lacked a muscular body. How much ever I tried to exercise, eat etc.. I was just the same. I thought that was always the reason I was not able to have adventures with girls.
But this time, I wanted to make a move. I was afraid that she might create a scene, but something told me that she was resting on me knowingly and maybe she would not mind. Even if she does, there were more chances of her just reacting negatively and finishing the adventure there instead of creating a scene. I decided I will pretend to be asleep and slowly move my right hand to the right, to try and touch her.
I did, in sometime the little finger of my right hand was touching her left thigh. The bus braked all of a sudden and jumped and my whole palm went on her left thigh !! This was the moment she had to react, she had woken up with the jolt and she could definitely sense that my hand was on her thigh and as I had thought, she ignored it and continued resting on my shoulder. It was my time now !!
I started rubbing my palm on her left thigh slowly, I separated her top from her bottom and massaged her ! knee till waist I caressed her left thigh nicely. She pretended to be asleep. I ran my palm through her left thigh, I wanted to have a go at her pussy but I felt it was too early and maybe she would not like it.
I adjusted my seat to go even backwards so that I can put my right arm around her, I did and she still pretended to be asleep. I pressed her shoulder with my right hand, felt her arm till her wrist and came back, caressed her back, felt the start of her butts and I was dying to cup her boobs. I was afraid, but at that moment, I felt I would risk everything to feel her boobs just once, I planted a passionate kiss on her left ear.
If she was asleep, she should have woken up with this but she did not. I got my final confirmation and moved my right hand to cup her right boob and GOD, SHE WAS BUSTY !!! more than the size, it was the shape that gave me a hard on, she had pointy boobs.
I started caressing her right boob with my right palm and enjoyed every second of it, she still pretending to be asleep adjusted her sitting posture in a way that it became more easier for me to do what I was doing. I slowly moved my left hand to her left boob and started rubbing them, I pressed them, I squeezed them and I felt that was the best time I had in my life so far !!
I do not have a girl friend and I was a 24 year old virgin !! I had watched porn movies, I had seen sexy girls walk around but this was the first time I was enjoying one !! a hot, sexy MILF whose husband was sitting in the same bus !! Everything inside the bus was pitch dark and there was no reason to worry about others watching us, I had to be careful about towns and cities we would pass on the way which would have street lights on.. but as of now, I was enjoying.
I had moved my one hand inside her selwar and had rubbed every part of her upper body and my woman was still asleep ! I wanted some action from her, I decided to get her to react. I planted a kiss on her forehead, nothing changed. A kiss on her nose nothing changed, a kiss on her lips ! My first experience, I loved it and still visit that moment back in my memory !!!
but nothing changed for her. I slip my hand into her bra and touched her nipple, cupped her naked boob and it was then she left out a moan in whisper, I kissed her lips again immediately and she kissed me back, and then she started smooching me.. I was so excited that I started squeezing her boobs like there was no tomorrow and at one point she stopped me, she spoke !
and I realized I was enjoying a woman who I had never spoken to, I did not know who she was, her name or anything !! all she said was “You are hurting me !”, I whispered in her ear that I am sorry and kissed her again. She took my right hand around her shoulder and said “Enough now, it has been too long”.
I was worried that she will stop me, I was beginning to enjoy her lips and wanted to kiss them again and again.. I then realized what she was up-to, she whispered “I liked it when you were caressing my thighs, do it again”, she kissed me on my lips and the said “and don’t feel shy to touch my pussy”, she kissed me again.
I started caressing her thighs again while smooching her, this time I ran my hands through her pussy, she had spread her legs to make it easier for me and I was liking the moans she left out in whispers near my ear whenever I touched her pussy. I wanted to put my hand into her pants but she opposed it, she kissed me again and said to me “You dont know how to handle a woman”, I told her that I was a virgin and she was my first one.
She then started asking me questions, where I live, what I do, where was I going to etc etc and I answered them all promptly like student to teacher. I did not ask any questions to her though, all I was interested in was her sexy body ! She started to run my penis, I was wearing a track pant for the journey and she could feel my tool very well.
She said “You are so soft ! huh “, I told her that it has been more than two hours and I have gone though the process of getting hard, going soft and getting hard again. She kissed me and said “Let me get you hard again then !” She kissed my lips once more and asked me “Tell me why you did not react when I first leaned against you and how did you become so brave after the stop at the hotel”,
I told her what happened and how I lost her mind after looking at her boobs and butt, she smooched me again and said “You are sweet !, tell me how you felt afterwards and what you enjoyed the most”, I described her features and told her how great I felt while playing with her body, I knew she was turned on.
She asked “What would you do if you had a chance to do anything to me?”, I said I wanted to make love to her as many times as I can and she agrees. She said “I said right now ? What would you do right now?”, I told her I wanted to kiss her boobs and suck her nipples. I always used ‘Breasts’, ‘Buttocks’ in my conversation and this was the first time I said ‘Boobs’ and ‘Nipples’, and she loved it.
I was hard thinking of all that and she noticed it since my dick was in her hand ! She said the second one is impossible but she will let me kiss her boobs, I bent and kissed her boobs and kissed her lips again, she said she will compensate for not letting me suck her nipples, she leaned over and slept on my lap and started kissing my dick, I felt in heaven, I started caressing her body while she did that.
And suddenly the lights glared from outside the window and she came back to her normal position with a shock, I felt like shit. We had entered a town and the lights inside the bus were also on in a moment. We came to a bus stop and a few passengers got down. Her husband came to us and told her that a few seats had emptied in the back and they can sit together.
She had to go and my dream had ended. I thought i’l finally get some sleep, but I was not able to, I kept thinking about what happened, fantasizing her and ejaculated in my pants. She came to me after sometime, told me that she came telling her husband that she has misplaced her water bottle somewhere and she wanted to look for it, she planted a kiss on my lips and said “Thank you”, she asked me my phone number, I gave it to her.
She said “I have to go” and left. I thought of the probabilities of her calling me one day and inviting me to make love to her and masturbated for weeks and weeks, and she did call. After two months !