Hot chat friend Sarika

I am a regular visitor myself, and so thought of sharing this incident with you all friends. Over a period of time I have visited many sites and read plenty of stories and initially though
I was not able to differentiate between a true story and a fantasy, now I can make out the difference with ease and I found out that most of them are fantasies and very few people actually share their true stories
After reading so many stories I wanted to experience one such event myself so I started chatting regularly on the net and posted my profile on some of the sites also, then I did get a few replies some of them just to kill time and of all,
one girl who is from a professional course from my own state invited me for a serious chat and I accepted to meet her on the net. After the initial discussion she told me about her problem and I offered to help her then we became chat friends.
After a period of 3 months she gave me her phone number and wanted to hear my voice and when I called her she was in a practical and couldn’t speak and as I was very busy I couldn’t contact her for the next 2 months.
Then one fine day we started to speak on the phone again and thus our trust and friendship grew to sharing everything. Though the initial discussion was casual later It went around sex and she expressed her desire for safe sex and we decided
to meet each other and after chatting for hours and months on phone it was like we knew for months and we had no hesitation about the discussion. She met me in a preplanned place and both of us went to the room and briefly about her looks
she is about 5 feet 6 inches with a and about 54 kilos. I asked her how she felt looking at me she said she got more than she expected and I said the same. I went on to discuss about her clothes and about her body she said she felt shy, then I asked her if she felt uncomfortable.
She replied I could do whatever I wished to. I told her that her breasts were very erotic and waist was not very sexy but bottom was. We went out had a cup of coffee and came back and asked her if she wanted to see mine then she said yes
I sat in a chair and showed her mine, because of the phone sex we had for such a long duration we didn’t feel the initial discomfort and the trust for each other helped us. My dick grew to a good 7 and a half size and she was very happy
with the thickness and hardness and said she would be lucky to have a husband with such a dick. She was feeling a bit shy so she asked me to sit a little distance apart raised her top and pulled her bra aside and asked how her breasts were then
I said they were very firm to look at with erect nipples dark areola around nipples and very erotic and I could say they were never handled before. I went and sat beside her and touched her breast and felt the firmness she kissed me so hard
that the gums started bleeding and I kissed her all over her face and hugged her tightly and went down to suck her boobs I took the right one and part by part I took the breast inside and sucked while playing with the other side and then changing sides.
I removed her panty a light blue colored and told her that it was very sexy and the kind I wanted to have. It was fleshy and a little dark and being that of a virgin very small and tight I saw her clitoris after separating the lips while she was sitting on a chair
and asked her to spread her thighs as much as she can and carefully inserted my thumb inside and found that she was wet and tasted the juice which is my favorite. Both of us were so hot that I went down straight to her pussy
and started sucking bit by bit and then took whole of the fleshy part inside my mouth. She was pushing her pelvis up and down which was a real turn on for me and I pushed my tongue inside and it was great to see her body moving.
We gradually shifted to the bed and with a condom over mine and after checking she was ready for it I pushed mine slowly and gave her good pushes while she would beg me to do it hard. She got 2 to 3 orgasms and after my ejaculation
I hugged her tightly and we both rested for some time. She has taught me a lot and I have also gained from this friendship. we keep in touch regularly and its a nice thing to do. This was the first ever experience in my life, though I am not good at narration but I have tried my best.
I waited patiently for this incident and being a doctor I got quite a few opportunities but I was careful not to spoil my reputation or harm my profession and was waiting for the right time and person. There is lot more to share but less space.
I found another friend a housewife from south India again after a few days of chat and we share a good friendship as I do with this girl. When you look for good friends and when you share their problems you will get everything u want.