Hot Madurai to Chennai Bus Journey

Once I was travelling from Madurai to chennai in a SETC Bus(TTC).Iwas occupying a window seat at the last.The seat before me was occupied by a father and daughter aged around 22.They were from a village as d father was in normal dhothi.The girl was in Chudithar and seated on the window seat before me.The journey started.
I was very curious to find out if I had an exciting journey on hand.Once the bus reached the outer of Madurai the lights were dimmed.Now I started my act.I slowly inserted my hand in the narrow gap available at the window side.I slowly touched her upper hands.She showed no resistance. Still I was cautious and maintained my position.
Then after some time she voluntarily moved further towards the window so that I could feel her better.Now I understood that we got a big catch today.Now I started moving to her breasts.First I touched lightly and waited for her reaction.She never resisted.Then I started pressing her right boob like a mad guy.Wow it was a heavenly feeling.Her boobs must have been size 32 I guess.
I was enjoying each and every moment of it.She was allowing me to access her entire breasts.I was making an attempt to locate her nipples.In d process I had moved much below her nipples as her boobs were quite big.Then came the most shocking part of the journey to me. Know what?
As if reading my mind she volutarily took my hands in her hand and moved my hand to the upper part of her breasts where her nipples were present.I was in heaven.My joy knew no bounds.I was nibbling her nipples pinching it etc.Her nipples became erect and they were still growing in my hands.She was making exotic movements of her body as she was very much excited.
She was expressing all the pleasure she was getting on me feeling her nipples by her body movements and by kissing my hands,as she can’t make any noise with her dad sleeping in d next seat.Now I knew I can do anything to her.Only thing which made me laugh is that her dad was sleeping next to her facing the other side witout knowing what was happening to his daughter.

Anyway I must thank God and him for that.Now I had full freedom to do whatever I wanted.So I thought of touching her naked boobs.I tried to insert my hands through the top of her chudi.But that became impossible as she had a very tight chudi and the space between the window was less too.
I couldn’t take more than half of my elbow to the front side.I was burning with sex desires.So was she.Now I was moving my hands over her stomach. I touched her navel over the chudi.I tried to insert my hand inside the chudi near stomach.It was very tight even there.Both of us wanted to feel her naked body.V were burning.Now I thought let me touch her pussy.
Again I was surprised by her response.She moved her position seeing what I was trying to do,such that I cud reach her pussy without much struggle.I cud reach upto the beginning of her panties.But couldn’t proceed further due to lack of space between the windows.She was trying her level best to move to a position where I cud access her pussy in a better way.
But I had to curse SETC for the absence of enough space to move my hand.Then I thought let me enjoy her breasts again as it wasn’t possible to reach her pussy.Now I again went for her boobs.I was in heaven again.I thanked god for giving me this day.We were enjoying like this for almost 4.5 hrs.
Then much to my surprise suddenly she stopped me by holding my hands together like lovers do.I was trying to grab her boobs but she wouldn’t allow.We were nearing vilupuram.I thought may be she’s afraid that someone might see me pressing her boobs from outside in Villupuram bus stand.So I just heled her hands the way she wanted.
Then I could see her dad was waking up and he was taking the baggage.Now I understood that she wants to get down and thats why she had stopped me.However when the bus reached villupuram her dad got up with all the bags.She took some time to get up.I thought may be she’s giving me a last chance to feel her body.
Now I again put my hands in the window gap and pressed her boobs once.Then she got up and I had to part with my sex queen of the day.I felt very bad when she left. But I was happy that I got so much fun in the journey on that day. I still can never forget that day. The best experience in bus so far.