Hot Seduction With Sandhya Aunty

Hi readers and I hope you are doing well and I love the stories which are posted on this site and it’s a pleasure to know others real time experience. My Name is Nithin (Name Changed) 27 years old and post my graduation, I moved from Chennai to Bangalore before 5 years in search of job when I moved to the new city, I have a desire to have an affair with married women and so did it happen a month ago. My wish had become true.

I live in the second floor and house owner on the first floor. House owner is also from Chennai and they treat us as their relatives. I share the room with my sibling. The ground floor was occupied by old couples and one fine day my house owner called me and informed that the ground floor is going to be vacant and if I know somebody who could occupy the ground floor. I informed him that I do not have many contacts in Bangalore.
I was busy with work and after a month I saw a new family who visited the ground floor and after a week my house owner aunt informed me that family would occupy the ground floor. Day’s passed by and the ground floor was also occupied. One day when I was heading to my office for my surprise the lady who was a new tenant is the one whom I always notice a lot when ever she crossed me while going to work.
I was so surprised to know that she is the new tenant when I got to know this, immediately my dirty mind triggered dirty plans to get closer to that lady as and when I get an opportunity to talk to that lady, I spoke to her and gradually I got to know that she is married and her husband was deputed to Australia for 2 years project and so they shifted their house close by their relatives. Her name is Sandhya (5.4) (Name Changed for good reasons) fair complexion 32 30 34.
Such a sex bomb she is and when I ever I look at her and her lips, the very next moment I want to take her to the room, make her naked and fuck her in standing position. However I did not let my intentions to her and initially our conversations started with Hi/Bye and during weekends I would talk to her while passing by her door when my working hours changed to an evening shift, I joined a gym and when I return back from the gym.
I would get to see her helping her mom to go to work. She approached me once and asked me if I can share my number with her since she is new to the place and would like to know where and whom to approach for the bill payments when I got her number, I started sending messages asking her how is she and then started to probe about her background and then she revealed that her hubby is on deputation for 2 years and she lives with her mom and her mom goes to work.
She also mentioned that she will be all alone at home the whole day. One day around 11am when I returned from the gym, I saw that the door was slight open and I thought I would peep in to say Hi to her and when I went in, the TV was switched on and when I went inside the house, I saw Sandhya had fallen as sleep on the couch. I called her twice and she did not wake-up. Taking this as an opportunity, I went close to her and she was wearing a nighty and I can see the melons moving up and down.
Knowing that I can’t do much with her melons, I just placed my palm on the nipples and I felt the hard erected nipples and she did not wear bra and it’s just the petticoat, hence I can feel the hard nipples. Then I slowly lifted her nighty to see the pubic reagion and since it was not visible, I pulled the nighty til her knee and I was very conscious while doing it. Sandhya was still as sleep and now her pussy was visible and I was controlling not to touch it to be caught.
I pulled my erected tool and stared shagging it slowly by admiring at her cunt and after a while when I was about to cum, I went close by her thighs and pulled the nighty bit higher and made my cum land near her pussy. It was such a pleasure to watch the cunt which you want to fuck and shagging it. Once I was done, I moved out of the house with the disappointment that I was unable to fuck her and after a day when I was retuning home from the guitar class in the morning.
She was sitting on the stairs and was looking dull. I asked her if everything is alright and she said no issues and she went inside. Then I went home and messaged her to see if she has an issue. I was bit scared as of what if she doubts about the incident. She said she is missing her hubby and she did not prepare breakfast. Now I was bit relaxed and not to miss this chance, I rushed to the near by hotel and packed some food for her and went back home.
My dirty mind did say that what if I add a Viagra in the food and but what if the consequences become worst? So I did not add anything in the fold and when I reached home, I went to the first floor to check if the house owner is at home and my good luck, nobody was there. I went to the ground floor and I knocked the door and she opened the door and asked me what the matter is. I gave her the breakfast and asked her to have it.
She was so surprised and thanked me for the care. She asked me to sit on a couch and offered me if I can wait so that she can finish the breakfast and to have cup of coffee with her and I was sitting on the couch and from the hall, the kitchen is visible as and when she walked to the kitchen, I admired her assets and the round ass (such an ass to describe it) she came sat opposite to me on the couch and started to have breakfast. I noticed her curves.
I wonder how a man could leave such a sexy lady when she finished the food, she bent down to carry the plate which I was waiting for and I saw her boobs and she did not wear her bra and the two melons were hanging unused. I decided to go for it and she prepared coffee for both of us and I was enjoying her ass view. She got me a cup of coffee and I asked her to place it on the table so that I can see her melons again.
She placed the cup and she noticed that I am watching her assets when she got to know, she become conscious and she said that she has some work and if we can have our coffee soon, she can start her work. I was completely disappointed and finished the coffee soon and left the place and after an hour, she sent me a message stating thank you for the breakfast. I said you are welcome and then the messaging conversation started.

She started asking me if I have a girlfriend and I said no and then she asked me what my wish is. I said I have a peculiar wish and I asked her to promise me only then I will tell her the wish. She promised and I told her that I am eager to know how the sex experience would be and want to explore it once so I am going to Goa with my friends. Post that message, there were no response to it and I thought she is not interested for an affair and when I was about to sleep.
She sent me a message asking are you sure that you want to have sex only once? I responded stating yes only once and I just want to feel how it is. Then she asked me if I have had an opportunity to have sex before. I said no for that too and then the topic continued and finally she said she wants to see me. It was such a shock for me to see that message and I asked her if she wants to see me now. She responded yes to that and I went to her house and the door was kept open slightly when I entered the house.
She asked me to sit on the sofa and when I sat on the sofa, she asked me if I want to have something and I was bit tensed and said I will have coffee when she went in, I noticed that her ass is very visible than before. She came back with a cup of Badham Milk and she placed it on the table. I saw her tits till the nipple which seems to be very fresh and untouched for ever. She sat opposite to me and I did not speak a word. She asked me why am I quite.
I asked her would she mind if I ask her something. She said no, and then I asked her if I can hug her once. She said only once and she asked me to go to the bedroom and she will follow me and when I stepped into the bedroom, she locked the main door and she followed me and when she came in, I was waiting to hug her and she repeated its only once. I hugged her and when I kissed her lips, I can feel the heavy breath in her and it’s been almost 8 months.
She did not have sex and it’s the right time to ignite the fire and then I kissed on her ears and she had held me so tight and I got to know that is the secret place to be hit. I kept licking her ears and slowly I had run my hand on her belly curves. She started moaning and then I lifted her Salwar. She did not stop me and now the untouched melons were in my hands. She was moaning and breathing heavily. I started licking hear nipples and every time I lick it.
She would bend towards me and knowing that she loves me licking her nipples, I teased her nipples by licking it so hard and she moaned ahaaaaa after a while I pulled her panty down and started to insert my fingers in it. She liked it so much and she started to move her pussy closer to me every time I inserted the fingers in her and after all she is having sex after a while and she is enjoying to the fullest.
I asked her to get a bottle of honey and she asked me why, I have read that in the porn books and it’s a pleasure to lick a pussy with a drop of honey on it. I did not reveal it to her and asked her to get it and when she got it, I made her to sit on the couch and poured a bit of honey on her wet pussy and she blushed with a surprise and without wasting my time, I slowly started tasting the sweet wet honey dipped pussy and every time I lick it.
She would push my head deep in to her cunt with a sexy moaning voice. I loved it and I wanted to lick her pussy more and more but since she was in such a hurry to have my dick in her hole and since she was unable to control it, she started rubbing her fingers on her pussy. I got up and I pulled her to lean on the wall to fulfil my desire to fuck her in standing position and since she is of my height, I slowly lifted her left leg and inserted my dick in her wet pussy.
It was bit tight and slowly forced in and she held me so tight with a moan and when I started stroking, she started licking my chest as and when my strokes gradually became faster, she said nithin fuck me hard, fuck me hard please. I love to hear those dirty words from my sex queen and to make her happy, I humped it so hard and deep and before I cum, I felt that she had cum and still she was moaning much and just before I cum. I humped her so hard deep and fast that she started screaming loudly.
Then I did not take my dick out from her wet pussy and hugged her for a while by holding her ass cheeks then I carried her and laid her on the bed and we slept naked for an hour or so when my mobile rang I got up and said bye to her and reached my room, took bath and was all set to start to office and a message arrived from sandhya stating I loved it so much and would love to have it again. My play still continues and I meet and mate sandhya whenever it is possible. I have tried various positions and this will continue till her hubby returns home permanently.