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Hi guys and gals, I am Raghav Arora, 28 male from Faridabad. I am well build, 5 11 , fair complexion. I am happily married and living with my wife in a rented house. We got married 2 years back. Lets come to story directly and it starts in March month only when I left my wife to my hometown as we are expecting a baby soon. Last week, when my landlord told me that they are going out of Faridabad for 5 to 6 days and that weekend.

I was feeling very hot as my wife is not here so I was masturbating in bathroom around 8:30 pm, I was about to cum and someone rang the doorbell. It was very ridicules for me to concentrate now. I came outside the bathroom. I was wearing bermuda only. I opened the gate and saw the neighbour has come and was asking me about the landlord. She saw me in the situation as my penis was in growing stage and she had a look over my bermuda. 
I told her about the landlords and was about to say her bye, she asked me suddenly that she need some water. I allowed her to come in and asked her to sit on sofa. I went to kitchen and given water. She was watching on me carefully. We start talking generally about family and all. She told me that her hubby is working and come late in night and leave early in the morning. I watch her carefully and she is in early 30’s and has nice pair of assets. 
She was wearing top and lower and I had a view on her boobs, they were looking nice in her top. She did not wear any bra (I don’t know why) by watching this I used to start heat up again. I asked her tea, she said Ok but she will prepare. She was looking my bermuda very carefully and I saw her eyes that become a bit red. I show her the way of kitchen, when she was preparing the tea and I was watching her very carefully her assets and all. 
She asked me what are you watching and I told her that you are very beautiful and she told me you naughty boy and passed a smile. I went behind her and hugged her from backside. She didn’t insist and then I put my hand on her boobs. Omg, how big boobs they are. I put my lips on her neck and start rolling my tongue. She starts moaning and turn towards me. I removed her top and put my lips on her lips and she responds me as well. 
I am pressing her boobs and one hand was rubbing her ass. I was also analyzing the depth of her ass crack. They were very nice and she holds my cock and starting to put pressure on it. I start sucking her boobs, they were getting big by this act and she was moaning very loudly now aaaahhhh uuuumm aaahhhh. I lift her in my arms and take her to bedroom. 
I make her naked completely and mine too and even she sees my penis and she took my penis in her mouth, I was in standing position and she was sucking it. I was feeling top of the world. I asked her to come in 69 positions and instantly she came in the same. I was licking her vagina, it was very wet already and she was sucking my cock and we both were enjoying a lot. 
Then she told me to put my cock in her love hole. I asked her, it’s all your come and ride me baby, I lay on bed and she come to mine, and start sitting on my cock. She told that she hasn’t taken such a huge cock inside ever and she was moaning. She sit slowly on it and I was feeling the vagina walls on it her pussy was tight, I don’t know wither my cock was big or her pussy was not fucked well till now.
My cock went inside and I put my hands on her ass and start pressing them. She starts jumping and moaning was like anything oohhhh raghav you’re a Sweetu fuck me honey fuck me hard. She cannot hold so more and got discharger, I felt her lava on my cock and I also get Discharge in her pussy. She seems satisfied and mine too. We laid for couple of minutes and then I start sucking her boobs again.
She was ready in while and then I asked her to fuck from back. She told me that she has not done this before. I told her don’t worry baby, It will not make u so much pain but for sure you put my cock inside her ass hole, she start crying and told me. Raghav take it out honey it is paining, I stop that time and hold her boobs and start press them and then put effort and make some bit of cock inside. 
Slowly I entered all cock in her ass and now she starts enjoying and I start to rub her pussy and put one finger inside, she moaned aaaaahhhh honey my jaaann then I start stroking hardly in her ass. This went on till 10 minutes and us both cum together. I watch the time it was 10 already and she told me that she need to go as her hubby come at 10:30 and she need to cook the dinner. I allowed her to go with smooch. This is all my true experience.