Hot Sex by Mistaken Identity

I am Nafeesa again. I had posted two of my stories which I hope you have read. Now I am posting another story, not a story but experience of my friend which she narrated to me most confidentially. She would not post it by herself. Hence I am posting it on her behalf. Of course names of persons and places are changed for the sake of confidentiality.
This relates to my friend Amina who was my age and very good friend of mine. We disclose everything which we consider close to our heart. She is beautiful, with nice body cut, 35 25 35 sized body, did her graduation and did go for further studies. She learnt computing and had a computer for her exclusive use put in her bedroom.
She habitually watches porn sites on line without the knowledge of her parents. She had a brother Abdul working in a city far away. He comes home only once in a week. He is tall well built with a athlete body and handsome. Somehow both the brother and sister remained unmarried. Amina had a servant, Beevu, 22 years of age and took care of every work in the house.
She was also good looking and very friendly with Amina. Amina’s father spends most of the time in his shop and in the mosque. Her mother prepares food and then lies down complaining of tiredness. Beevu after completing the household work prefers to spend her spare time in the room of Amina. Amina also welcomes it.
As soon as Beevu enters the room they bolt the room from inside and spend any amount of time without making sound. The secret is that Beevu watches the porno sites along with Amina and enjoy together. Beevu too had the thirst to watch porno sites as much as Amina. But she did not know how to operate computers.
With the association of Amina she too learnt computing to the extent of searching for porno sites and watching. Both of them wear while at home only a nighty type of dress and nobody know what they wear inside. I go to the house of Amina and hear about the stories of their computing experience. But they did not allow me to see it for fear that I may also join them for daily watching.
Beevu sleeps usually in the kitchen in a mat given to her. Amina used to ask her to sleep in her room. But Beevu prefers to sleep in the kitchen. When Amina insisted, Beevu revealed the reason behind her insistence to sleep in the kitchen. Whenever Abdul, Amina’s brother comes home, it seems he used to go to the kitchen for drinking water at about 11 pm or so when everybody in the house are asleep.
Seeing Beevu sleeping in the kitchen, He used to just lift her nighty and widen her legs and insert his cock in her cunt and fuck her. Though Beevu knows what is happening she used to pretend to be sleeping and Abdul will complete his work and pull out and go upstairs to his room. Beevu never showed anything in her face or bahaviour of what happened.
She revealed this secret to Amina most confidentially. Beevu said that she cover her whole body with a sheet while sleeping, but Abdul will just lift the cloth from the lower half enough for aoomplishing the task and go away. Amina got an idea. Why not substitute herself in the mat of Beevu and ask Beevu to sleep in her room. Beevu refused, but on insistance from the side of Amina, she agreed.
It was agreed that instead of Beevu, Amina will take her position in the mat in the kitchen and cover herself up fully with a sheet. Since both Amina and Beevu had the same body structure, Abdul is not likely to recognise the difference they thought. On the appointed day, Amina took the position of Beevu in the Kitchen and lied down in the mat. Beevu hid in the room of Amina.
At 11.30 pm Abdul came as usual, went to the kitchen, drank a glass of water, saw the figure lying in the mat, lifted the sheet and the lower portion of the nighty, widen the legs and sat in between the legs and placed his cock in the pussy and inserted. It was totally dark and he did not bother much about the different pussy he is using.
He pressed and pressed and got his tool fully into the pussy of his sister. He fucked her vigorously for about 15 minutes, ejaculated and then pulled himself out and rushed to his own room. After his footsteps receded, Amina got up wiped her pussy of all the fluids and went back to her room and hugged Beevu in gratitude.
Though Beevu was fucked regularly by Abdul this was the first time Amina was fucked by him, through a mistaken identity. Both girls enjoyed the experience very much. They entered into an agreement that they should sleep in the kitchen on alternative days. Of course they got themselves protected with the pill. This went on till they fixed the marriage of Amina and Abdul.
Poor Beevu was left alone. But Amina took steps with the help of her husband to see that Beevu also got married and settled in life. I heard this story from Amina after a long time. To get fucked by her own brother without his knowledge is a rare experience. how did you liked this story.