Hot Sex With A Divorcee Colleague

Hi All. My name is Harman and I am from Dehradun. 30 years of age and businessman by profession. This is my second story in n8story. My first story was about how I had sex with my cousin sister just two days before her marriage. This is my second story of how I had sex with one of my colleague who was a divorcee.. About me I am 5’4’’ in height, fair color and 6’’ tool. The best is I am able to fuck for a long time and fully satisfies my partner. I have a wife and a girl friend as of now. I am reading n8story for a long time and really like lots of stories. Believe me this is a true story.
I was in Delhi and working in a private company. There was lot of work and I use to be in everything new which company plan. I was one of the best performers. Then I was told that there is a new employee coming up who basically will be reporting to me and will get the work done from my subordinates. He was more of like my co-coordinator. Initially I was very reluctant but then company hired one. On the day of joining my boss told me that she has come and introduced us. When I first saw her she was damn sexy and hot. She was very young, hardly 22. Big boobs, equally great ass, not very fair in color but great figure. Her lips were like Angelina Jolie. I was staring at her when my boss said that Alisha will be under me. I said it will be great. 
She immediately looked at me and smiled. From then only I had a strong desire to fuck her. She use to always wear revealing clothes in office. Her bra and panty lines were always visible from top of clothes. Her top button of shirt will be always open. I sue to get a good view of her sexy body while working with me. I introduced her to her other people and told them that they will have to ask her for anything before coming to me. Her training period was for 15 days. She was very rude kind of girl to everybody which I got to know from my staff later on. She said that people don’t listen to her. Staff said that she is so new and we have to ask her for everything before coming to me. So everyday she use to spend a lot of time with me. Gradually we became open and started cracking jokes. But till then it was just like professionalism.
After few days I was preparing some reports in the night when I required some data. My wife was sleeping in other room. I messaged her that are u awake? She replied –yes. Then I asked her for the details over message and thanked her. Next day again I asked her some data over messages. Third day in the morning I saw a sms from her side saying don’t u require me tonight? Such a double meaning SMS was enough for me to proceed. But because being well known in my company I did not wanted to take any step. I went to the office and she wished me with a sexy smile. That was 29th of month and next day was month end and I had to do night shift as auditors were coming. In the night she again sent me a message saying lagta hai apki night bahut achi kat rahi hai? She had already told me that she divorced her husband after 8 months of their marriage as he and his family use to beat her.  
Next day I did not went in the morning as I had to do night shift. She called me up and I told her that I will be coming around 8 pm. At 3 pm she sent me a SMS saying I want to talk to you, can we meet at rajouri garden at 5 pm?  I said yes and went out. When I saw her in mall she was looking damn sexy and hot. She was wearing a top which had a knot just in front of boobs just like vidya balan was wearing in dirty picture. Almost half of her boobs were visible. Her waist curve was looking very sexy. Her black trouser was clearly showing her panty line from front and back. I asked her what happened to you and she said she is like this only. Almost everybody in mall was staring at her. Anyhow we went to food court and after ordering something started chatting.
I asked her what was that she wanted to talk to me and she said nothing she was feeling bore in office as I was not there. I was staring at her lips and cleavage all the times which she noticed and then she bent forward giving me a very clear view. My toll was fully erect by then. Then I asked her why did u sent me that message last night she said since you are married your night must be going good. I asked means. She boldly said u must be having sex with your wife that’s why you didn’t send me any message.  I was a bit stunned with her boldness. I said you will also enjoy the same once you get married. She said for this one need not to get married. I replied yes. 
Then she told me that she is a divorcee as her husband was not good and use to beat her. She was hardly 22. I was a bit sad after that and then she said that she also missed her nights wither husband who use to fuck her almost every night and it’s been 7 months since she had sex. Now when she was that much bold I also decided to move ahead. I asked her what’s your score and she said its 5 as of now and hopefully it will be 6 very soon and winked at me.  I also smiled back her. I told her that I am married she said she is not looking for marriage just more than friendship. 
After that we decided to watch a movie as it was still 3 hours for my shift. I took two tickets and we went in. show had already started and there were very few people. We took corner seats and there was no one around us. She only suggested the same to me. After about 15 minutes she lifted the arm rest of chair between us. Now our shoulders were touching us.  I took my right hand and wrapped around her shoulders and slowly started massaging her hands. She also came close to me. Slowly I took my hands and started touching her cheeks. I circled my fingers on her nose and then took it on her lips. She immediately took it in her mouth and started kissing it and sucking. I removed my finger and looked at her. Then I brought her closer and smooched her. She was like eating it. Her were very juicy lips. We both kissed for 5 minutes. 
After that she took my hand and put it on her boobs. They were huge and very soft like sponge balls. I started squeezing them and fondled with her nipples. Her nipples became erect and hard. Then I lowered her top from one side and took her boobs out and started sucking them. Her nipples were very good to suck. She started moaning. I took her hands and put them on my tool. She took it out and there was a shine in her eyes. She immediately said wow. I said why and then she said one is because she is seeing after a long time and it is one of the best till now. 
After moving her hands up and down for some time I asked her to suck. She said I like it most and I will drink your cum also. When her lips touché my dick I shivered immediately and pressed her head on my dick. She took it whole comfortably and was a great sucker. It was one of the best blow jobs I ever had. After sucking for 5 minutes i ejaculated in her mouth and she drank it whole. We again kissed for 15 minutes and then we decided to go out. After that it was regular contact between us. She was great in bed, Very passionate and energetic. When I fucked her for first time she asked me to start from ass as she likes it a lot. Her was very a very tight pussy and asshole. She likes to fuck for long time. First time we fucked it was for 45 minutes. She was one of my greatest sex partners.