Hot sex with widowed sister-in-law

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Hi, my name is XXXXX. I am from Palakkad, and currently living in Chennai. I am 36 years old, 6′ with above average looks, athletic body and 7” tool. I got married 11 years ago with a beautiful woman named zzzz, and we have one son. My wife comes from a well to do family; her family includes her elder sister and her mother.
Her elder sister is 32 years and she has been widowed since the last 2 years (her husband died in an accident). My wife’s father also passed away a few years ago. I and my family live in Chennai, while my in-laws live in PKD. This is between what happened between me and my widowed sister-in-law (SIL). This is a real story, and not a work of fiction.
But first let me describe my SIL, she is of wheatish complexion, 5’ 7” with a fantastically built body and boob size of 36D. She was neither lean nor fat. She was less beautiful compared to my wife, but when you see her walking from behind, you will go crazy looking at that swaying hips and her juicy butt. I laid my eyes on her the very first time during my marriage and since then I had a hidden lust for her.
As always when we sometimes go out with the family, men stare at my SIL like crazy. Oh and her name is yyyyy. She also has a son of 4 years. She is a nice friendly person, and we used to talk on a lot of things. But after her husband has passed away, her entire life crashed. She became completely reserved and was never the same again.
And my wife told me that she and her husband were really crazy about sex, and even after 2 years of marriage they almost did it every night. But well, that was all in the past. Now coming back to the story, this happened in 2009. I had to go to PKD on a business need and I had to stay there for 2 weeks to oversee that everything was going well.
My company was putting up me in a hotel. But on the insistence of my wife and in-laws, I decided to skip the hotel and stay at their place. I felt that a golden opportunity had presented itself, and that this was going to be my only chance. But still I felt it was impossible because of the presence of her little son and my MIL.
One week before I was due to depart to PKD, every second seemed like a day to me, and I was so anxious of how I am going to kill the time till I reach PKD. I knew that yyyy was also a young woman and she had all kinds of unfulfilled fantasies ever since the passing of her husband. But being a very conservative type, she was not the kind to flirt with guys. All her desires were hidden inside her, and I had to find a way to bring them all out.
So finally the big day arrived, and I reached PKD. I went straight to the office, and after a tiring day’s work, I reached my in-laws house. I bought gifts for her young son, and they were all pleased to receive me. After dinner, my MIL and her grandson went to bed. There are 2 bedrooms in the house. Usually yyyy and her son sleep in one room, while my MIL sleeps in the other.
Sometimes Kamimi’s son sleeps with grandmother. Since I arrived, my MIL, Kamini and her son agreed to share one room between them, so I had the other room to myself. After they went to bed, Kamini and I were watching TV and chit-chatting. There were some hot scenes from some film. I was a naturally turned on and asked her if she misses her husband.
She understood what I meant. She didn’t answer directly, and replied if that is God’s will to take her husband away, then there is nothing she could do but accept it. I really didn’t know what to make of her answer. Was she trying to say something or maybe she’s just not interested in these things anymore. 2 more days passed, and I was getting really itchy.
I had to do something before time runs out. Usually in the evenings, Kamini’s son goes to his friends’ house nearby to play and my MIL goes to temple for an hour and half, almost every evening. It was 7.30PM, jus me and Kamini in the house. Suddenly Kamini came and said they were running out of groceries and needed to buy them today, as tomorrow was a national holiday and all shops would be closed.
She said she’ll go to the store and be back soon. Sensing a great opportunity, I insisted that I help her, and that we pick her son while returning. She agreed. So I took her husband’s old bike. She sat behind me, I asked her to put her arms around my hip as the roads were full of potholes. The ride from our house to the supermarket was heavenly.
I drove slowly and deliberately ran the bike into potholes, so she fell on me and I applied brakes very often. Her boobs were rubbing against my back and it was driving me crazy. I think she was also feeling the heat of being close to a man, after a long time. After we finished the purchase, I was about to start the bike.
I had a big bag in one hand and was about give it to her, but I acted as if I lost my balance, and when she came forward to support me, I used my other hand and held her hip for support. For a few seconds, she just stood there as if in a daze unaware of what was happening. She was looking at me dumbstruck; I think my touch had worked a magic on her and triggered all her feelings.
In that moment she saw me, I could clearly see all the pain and agony that she was going through. Now I had to just make it happen. Nothing happened for another 2 days. She seemed very normal, as if nothing had happened. I didn’t know what to make of her behaviour. She didn’t give show signs of interest at all.
On Saturday, I took Kamini’s son to a film, a promise which I made to him on the day I arrived. Since I didn’t want my MIL to come, I told her we couldn’t get tickets to the evening show, and booked a night show (she never goes to night shows). I booked the tickets in advance, 3 corner seats in the last row.
The movie started @ 9.30PM, Kamini’s son took the corner seat and Kamini was in between me and her son. After 30 minutes, the movie started boring and I decided to do something. Kamini’s hand was on the armrest between both our chairs. I put my hand over hers, she didn’t say anything. I got a little brave and then put my hand behind her chair, just above her neck.
She looked at me and I just smiled. I slowly slid my hand down her chest, she didn’t react at all. I slowly let it fall on her breast. I touched her breast, and took it back. Still no reaction. I got brave, and now started playing with her tits. I was rubbing them, and mashing them. I could now hear her breathing; it was getting louder and louder.
I explored both her breasts to my delight all the way till the interval. After the interval, I started biting her earlobes and neck, and it was totally driving her crazy. And then we had our first kiss, her lips were delicious and we were kissing for a long time. I then lifted her saree, and inserted my fingers in her pussy and started playing around, at the same time we were also kissing.
It was wonderful. I was about to explode. Seeing her son had fallen asleep, I asked her to give me a blowjob, and she gave me the best one of my life. She was an expert, her husband always make her do it before he fucks her. And after we returned home. She hugged me tight on the way back and I wanted to fuck her brains out after I got home.
After MIL had slept, she tiptoed to my room, adorned in the new saree. I took her to the bed, and started kissing her, all parts of her face and then we had a long french kiss that lasted for minutes. This was better than anything I ever had with my wife. I removed her blouse and stared sucking those 36D boobs of her. I couldn’t stop and she was moaning in pleasure.
At the same time, I inserted my fingers in her mouth, and she was sucking my fingers while I was playing with her heavenly titties. After sucking them to my heart’s content, I removed her petticoat and her panties. I then got a good smell of her panties, and licked them crazy. She asked me to stop playing with the toy (her panties) while the real thing was waiting to be enjoyed.
I smelled her pussy and started licking it. I started with clitoris and then was circling my tongue around her vaginal area. Her juices started dripping and I didn’t even waste a drop. She was yelling now I wanted her to taste her juices, and with my face full of her juices, I made her lick my face. She said she never tasted it before, and it was wonderful to be licking it from my face.
I then turned her around in bed to get a bite of that million dollar buttocks. As promised, it delivered. I am crazy about woman’s butts and I wasted no time in biting her juicy parts, the noises she was making were adding to the excitement. She then said; don’t make me wait any longer, fuck me like there’s not tomorrow.
I don’t care even if I cannot walk tomorrow; just fuck me like a crazy man. My pussy is your private property hereafter, come and tear it to bits. I am your private slut, do whatever you wish with me.I heeded to her request and started to pound her. I took it slowly, I was on top of her and moving up and down. After all the excitement, I didn’t want it to end all too fast.
She was also enjoying the slow nature of fucking, and after a few minutes both of us climaxed. And I lay on top of her. I was tired, she wasn’t. She didn’t want to waste a drop of my cum, and licked till the last drop. After that, we continued fucking till the wee hours of the morning.I woke up the next morning @ 11AM. And for the next 2 days, we were having a lot of fun around her house.
I used to sneak on her, while she was in the kitchen and play with her boobs from behind. And I even used to take ice cubes from the fridge and slip it unknowingly into her jacket. We once even made out in the kitchen, while my MIL was watching TV in the next room.
It was scary, but really kinky. And I bought her some really sexy nighties which she wears for me every night. Finally 8 days had passed by, So this is how I got lucky with my SIL, I appreciate your feedback.