Hot Summer (After)

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This is a continuation of Lisa's story "Hot Summer Day"
I wish I could tell you how skinny dipping with my cousin and her boyfriend, and witnessing my first handjob, was the beginning of my sexual awakening and a summer of unbridled teenage sex. Sadly, though, Tracy never invited me to join her on any more escapades, so I settled into a pleasant summer of work and farm chores.
On the plus side, I used my memory of that hot summer day to induce my very first orgasm. I had masturbated a few times in the past but never quite made it over the top. That day however, even though my underwear quickly dried in the sun, my panties remained damp with my arousal.
That evening, as soon as it seemed reasonable to head upstairs to bed, I excused myself to my room, stripped down and let my hand wander down to my dripping pussy as I relived that mornings' experience. I was wishing I had accepted Tracy's offer to touch Brad's cock and was so caught up in my fantasy of being the one to make him cum that I didn't notice my own building orgasm.
It hit quickly and so intensely I didn't have time to stifle myself. I think I gasped, then began to moan loudly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. Even after it ended and I gently massaged my mound I was oblivious of everything except the afterglow of pleasure I had never experienced or imagined.
That is until there was a knock at my bedroom door and my cousin Tracy said, "Everything OK in there?"
"Um, yeah," I said, "I, uh, just stubbed my toe."
"Right," she said with a chuckle. "You go girl!"
I was mortified that she knew what I had been doing but she left it at that. The next morning she gave me a knowing wink but never spoke of it again. But my new found orgasming became an almost daily event after that.
Summer ended and I headed home for a week before college started. My friend David and I immediately met up for pizza and a chance for him to regale me with all the local gossip from the summer gone by.
He had tried, unsuccessfully, to lose his virginity but confessed that he had gotten to third base with Allie McKendricks. She had a reputation of being easy but David hadn't managed to get her to come across.
"Not even a handjob?" I asked.
David shook his head sadly. "Nope," he said. "The only action I got all summer was from my own right hand. Although I did use my left a few times, just for variety."
I giggled.
"Too much information?" he asked.
"Not at all," I said, "I love that we can talk about anything. Speaking of which . . ." I looked down at my plate demurely.
"What?" he said.
"Well, I was offered the chance to give a handjob." I said.
Then I proceeded to tell him all about my experience with Tracy and Brad.
"Holy shit!" David said. "That's really hot!"
"Oh?" I said. "Getting turned on?"
"Maybe a little," he said sheepishly.
I laughed and finished my last bite of pizza.
"So can I ask you something of a, well . . . of a personal nature?" I said.
"Of course."
"When you do it, you know, when you jack . . . I can't believe I'm asking you this. When you, um, masturbate how far does your stuff, you know, your cum . . . how far does it shoot?"
"It varies," he said.
"Brad's hit him in the chin," I said. "I've heard that it spurts out and all, but I didn't think if could go that far."
David laughed. "One time I got myself in the eye," he said. "But sometimes it just kind of oozes out".
"Does it feel different if you shoot or ooze?"
"Not really. I mean some orgasms are stronger than others I guess, but the distance I cum doesn't seem to influence the intensity all that much".
Then later that evening while watching a movie we'd rented, Bad Girls with Drew Barrymore, there was a scene where a bunch of girls are skinny dipping in a river.
David paused the movie and said, "Is that how it was with you and Tracy?"
"Not quite." I smiled. "I mean, Tracy kind of has Drew Barrymore's body I guess but the water was cold so we didn't stay in too long. And there was no playful splashing. And my boobs never saw the light of day."
"Tracy looks like Drew Barrymore?"
"No," I said, "I said their bodies are similar. Tracy isn't as pretty and she has dark hair and — wait a minute. Are you going to jack off later thinking about my cousin and me skinny dipping?"
"Well, technically you weren't skinny dipping."
"Answer my question!"
"Truth? Yeah, probably."
"Thought so, perv!" I laughed and hit him with a pillow.
David started the movie again but after a couple of minutes it was my turn to pause it. He looked at me.
"So, I'm just gonna put this out there," I said. "I was just thinking that since you're planning to, well you know, pleasure yourself later. And since there's a pretty good chance that it might involve thoughts of me in my bra and panties . . ."
"Yes . . .?"
"Well, I just thought maybe you should let me watch."
"Yes. And I would be willing to provide you with some, um, inspiration."
"You'd let me see you naked!" His eyes went wide.
"No!" I said quickly. "I meant in my underwear."
"Don't look so disappointed," I said. I paused then added, "I'll tell you what. I might let you see me naked if . . .".
"If what?"
"If you let me, you know, if you let me do it".
"Whoa, down boy!" I said. "Not 'it' it. I meant if you let me, well . . . jack you off."
"Uh, yeah! Right now? My parents won't be home from work for another hour."
"What about the movie?" I asked, smiling.
"I don't think I can concentrate on a movie right now," he said as he turned off the tv.
A couple of minutes later we were upstairs in his bedroom, standing a few feet apart from one another and neither of us knowing what the next move should be. Finally I said:
"I think for this to happen you have to lose those pants."
"You first," David said. He had look in his eye I'd never seen before. In retrospect I guess it was lust, but I'd never been lusted over before so it was new, and a little unnerving to me.
"Fine," I said. And before I could chicken out, I pulled my t-shirt over my head, then unzipped and stepped out of my jean shorts, as gracefully as I could. I stood there with my arms wrapped around myself as if I was cold. "Now you."
"You said I could see you naked," he protested. "I've seen you in a bathing suit before."
"We'll get there, hotshot," I smiled. "But first take off hose jeans. And your t-shirt. I want to see those abs of steel."
Now David definitely did not have abs. He was tall and thin. Lanky. I mean he looked good, but no particular muscle tone. He rolled his eyes then proceeded to peel off his t-shirt. He unbuttoned his jeans then looked up at me.
"This is really happening?" he asked.
"Yes, I'm still game if you are."
He nodded seriously then unzipped his blue jeans and stepped out of them, much less gracefully than me I might add. I remember he wore light blue briefs and his erection was pretty obvious. I licked my lips nervously.
"Ok," I said, "on the count of three we both strip right down. 1-2-3!"
I pulled my bra straps off my shoulders, spun it around and unhooked it. As I dropped it to the floor I looked at David and he was standing there, wide-eyed, still in his underwear, with a wet spot forming on the front. I put my thumbs into the waist band of my panties and nodded at him. Then in unison we both pulled down our underwear and kicked them to the side.
My breath caught in my throat. His cock was standing proud and pulsating . Like Brad, David was uncircumcised and even with a hard on his foreskin was mostly over the head. Just the tip was exposed and it glistened with precum.
"I'm going to touch it now," I said as I stepped towards him.
"Ok," he said.
"It's so warm," I said. I looked at his face and he was holding his breath and eyes were squeezed shut. "Are you alright, am I hurting you?" I asked.
"No," he said opening his eyes, "I just feel really close".
"To cumming?"
"Uh huh."
I pulled my hand away and for the first time became fully aware of my own nakedness and the wetness between my legs. I resisted the urge to cover my breasts but I wasn't sure what to do with my hands.
"So what do you want me to do?" I asked.
"I don't know. Gawd, this is embarrassing".
"Sit on your bed," I said. He sat and I knelt in front of him. His cock stood straight up, throbbing, and I noticed his balls for the first time. They looked small and tight with a smattering of fine hairs. Brad's had been bigger and much hairier. Vive le difference, I thought.
I remembered what my cousin Tracy had done and reached forward and took his foreskin between my thumb and forefinger and slid it downward. It slipped easily behind the head and the precum practically flowed out. I took some on the tip of my finger and put it in my mouth.
"Doesn't really taste like anything," I said. "Just kinda sticky. Have you ever tasted it?"
"What?" David's eyes were tightly closed again.
"Your precum".
"Have you tasted you actual . . . you know, semen?" I asked.
"And . . .?"
"I dunno. Not really my cup of tea," he said, "kinda bitter". David opened his eyes and smiled. "I can't believe we're having this conversation."
He sat there on the edge of his bed, resting back slightly on his hands, his rigid cock pulsating with his heartbeat. We'd been best friends, buddies, for years and this was the first time I found myself feeling attracted to him. Looking back I realize I was caught up in the moment, but in that time and place I was more aroused than I ever remembered being. I resisted the urge to reach down start rubbing my aching clit.
"Well, I plan to find out for myself," I said reaching my hand out towards him again.
I wrapped my fingers around the base of it and slid my hand up the way I remembered Tracy doing it. I think I managed to stroke up and down about three times before David groaned.
I looked up at his face and in that instant he came, sending a long, thick rope of cum up onto his chest. I shrieked, partly in surprise and partly in delight and pulled his cock in my direction. The next shot caught me square in the chest. He continued to shoot three or four more times, coating my chest and boobs, each ejaculation seeming just as powerful as the first. I remember how warm it felt on my skin and the musky aroma that filled the room.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," he said. Our eyes met and he smiled. "That was amazing, the most intense orgasm I've ever had."
"Yeah, totally amazing," I said. I continued to stroke his cock slowly and could already feel it becoming a little less rigid. "And quick. We probably have time to finish watching that movie before your parents get home." I grinned at him.
"Or . . ."
"Or what?"
"We could have a do-over. I'm pretty sure I'll last longer the second time."
"Really?" I said, increasing the tempo of my stroking again.
"Whoa, not so fast!" David said, pushing my hand away from his cock. "I need a couple of minutes. It's kinda sensitive right after. Besides you probably want to clean up before it dries. I'll get you a towel."
David stood and left the bedroom, heading down the hall to the bathroom. I looked down at my cum covered breasts and swirled it with my thumb over my nipple. The sensation went straight to my groin and my other hand slipped down and I began to slide my fingers slowly up and down my moist slit.
I could hear David peeing down the hall and I wondered if I had time to get myself off before he returned. I heard him flush and realized it would have to wait.
He came back into his bedroom with one of his mom's decorative hand towels. I rolled my eyes and said,
"We're not using that you idiot! What would your mother think when she does the laundry? Just hand me that box of Kleenex."
I started to wipe the viscous mess off my chest and breasts and noticed that David had already cleaned off his own chest. Probably on his mom's good towel, I thought. Then I remembered that I had wanted to taste it.
"Shoot, I forgot to sample it! You got anymore in there?" I said reaching for his now flaccid penis.
"Yeah, of course, but you're going to have to work for it."
"There wasn't much work to it. I don't know why they call it a hand 'job'," I giggled.
David sat on this bed again and patted the spot beside him. I stood then sat next to him.
"If we're going to do this again," he said, "Can I ask you something?"
"Sure. What?"
"Well two things, actually. First of all, would it be of if I touched your, um, breast?"
"Just one?" I smiled.
"Or both." He smiled back
"I guess that's only fair." I turned to face him. David reached out and gingerly cupped my left boob. Then he took the right one in his other hand. He stared at them intently and moved his thumbs across my erect nipples. I heard myself moan. He looked at me and smiled.
"Do you like that?" he asked.
"Oh, God yes," I sighed. I looked down and noticed his cock was already hard again. "And apparently you do too."
"Mmm hmm." He continued to massage my breasts and I slowly fell backwards onto his bed. Then I propped myself up on my elbows.
"You said two things. Did you mean both my boobs or was there a second request?" I asked
"There was a second request . . .I, uh, wondered, well since we've gone this far, I . . . well, um, could I watch you . . . you know. Jerk off?"
"Watch me masturbate?"
"Oh, you so totally can. I am so freaking aroused right now".
And with that, I pulled myself up completely onto his bed, parted my legs and began to stroke my sopping pussy with two fingers.
I was totally unabashed, just caught up in my own arousal and an overpowering need to climax. Usually there is fantasy involved and about ten, or more, minutes of stroking with one hand, massaging my clit with the other. But this time I just closed my eyes, rubbed my juices sloppily over my entire vulva and reveled, almost instantly in my impending orgasm. It hit me hard and quickly and my whole body tensed as wave after wave washed over me. I don't remember much else; although David told me later how intense if was hearing me moaning in pleasure.
When I opened my eyes, David was standing at the foot of the bed, staring at me in complete awe. His hard cock was in his hand and he was stroking it.
"Bring that here," I said, huskily.
He climbed onto the bed and knelt, straddling me. I reached out and cupped his balls. I guess I expected them to feel smooth or slick or something and I was surprised to feel the ridges in the skin. But they were as warm as his cock had felt.
"Did you want to take over?" he said, removing his hand from this throbbing cock. Looking up it was an interesting view, seeing the ridge on the underside and the point where his foreskin attached to the shaft. The head was shiny with precum again and a long string dripped down. Still cupping his balls I used my other hand to reach up and capture the precum and lick it off my finger.
I marveled at the sight my soft, white hand sliding up and down his cock. It wasn't as thick as I remember Brad's being, but about the same length I think. More veiny though, and darker. The head was a pretty rosy-purplish color.
I looked up at David's face, expecting to see his eyes squeezed tightly shut. But he was looking down at me, smiling.
"What are you thinking right now?" I asked.
"How incredible this feels. How glad I am that I haven't cum already. What an amazing friend you are."
"I agree with you, on all counts," I said. "But just so we're clear, this is a one-time event. And if you ever tell a soul I will find you and cut these off with a dull knife!" I smiled as I gave his balls a gentle squeeze.
"Our secret, I promise."
"And, no pressure, but his angle is tiring my wrist out. So don't hold back on my account."
"Do you want me to take over?"
"No, just guide me. Tell me how you like it".
"Well if you want me to cum faster, you need to speed up. No, not that fast, I don't want you to rip it off! Yeah, like that. And there's kind of a ridge just behind my balls. Stroke that with your finger. Yesss, gawd yesss. Just like that. Now slow, slow . . . yes, slo . . . fuuuccck!"
There was a little less cum this time, but more than enough to coat my face. The first shot surprised me and instinctively I turned my head and it flew across my cheek and into my hair, but I turned back to watch. To this day I am still mesmerized by the sight of a man's cock ejaculating, the pulsating explosion of thick, white ropes of cum arcing through air. The subtle splat against skin, and a smell that reminds me of freshly cut grass. Sometimes when I finish mowing the lawn I have to go in the house and rub one out.
But that first time, lying under David's throbbing cock as his cum erupted all over my face and chest is an enduring memory and one of the greatest turn-ons of my life. And, for the first time, as David knelt over me gasping from his own pleasure, I came again. Hands free. My pussy just began to throb and I was overwhelmed with ecstasy.
David rolled off and lay down beside me. I turned and watched him continue to milk his cock as the cum continued to ooze out onto his abdomen. I reached down and ran my fingers over my mound. I was soaked and I smiled at him and said, "I think I made a huge mess on your bed spread."
"Nothing compared to your face, I bet." David smiled back.
I ran my tongue over my lips then took a finger and spooned a generous dollop of cum into my mouth. Then I sat up with a start and sputtered . . .
"Yeah, nope. Definitely not my cup of tea either!"

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