Hot Wife Katie Chapter 1: Katie’s First Facial

Hot Wife Katie Ch. 1
Katie’s First Facial

Katherine Jackson sat in front of the family computer checking Facebook. She had just gotten home from work and had poured herself a glass of wine. It had been a long day as she had to fire an employee for incompetence and had to discipline another for repeated violations. Mrs. Jackson loved her position at the Bank of America and the power associated with being a manager. She moved up the organization after being hired years ago as a teller after she completed her Master’s Degree from the University of Kansas. She was respected at the Bank of America and in the community where she volunteered her time at the local soup kitchens and other charity events.

She had married to Frederick Jackson for seven wonderful years and they had been blessed with two beautiful children. The 35 year old hard-bodied wife kept her 5’6 frame, which weighed only 125 pounds, in great shape by exercising daily and leading a yoga class every week at the YMCA. The happy couple was the envy of the neighborhood.

But even though she was physically beautiful Katie was shy about her body. She had sexy hazel eyes and long brown hair that curled on the ends. Her face was covered in freckles that showed little wrinkles. Because of her sensual look she usually wore little makeup. The married woman sipped her wine as she scrolled down her Facebook news feed. She paused and looked down at her b-cup breasts when she saw Michelle, a friend from Facebook, in a very skimpy outfit that displayed her ample cleavage. The sexy wife sometimes wondered if she should dress sexier and if it would invigorate her sexy drive with her husband. She glanced down at her black knee high pencil skirt with a white tight button down blouse that clung to her curves. She wore a black blazer over the top with black designer high heels with a glistening silver buckle. She pondered her attire for a moment. “I’m a professional,” she whispered to herself as she didn’t feel the need to dress like her friends or some of the young tellers who left little to be imagined in the outfits they wore.

Growing up in a strict Catholic household Katie had limited experience with sex. She went to an all-girls private school and graduated with honors. She went against her parents’ wishes and attended the University of Kansas on a regent’s scholarship where she met her future husband during her junior year. They dated for years before they were married as Katie wanted to be established before settling down so they would be financially stable. She was still a virgin when she married Fred and she had high morals and it showed in her experience with sex. She had dated a few boys while in high school during the summer breaks and early in her years at college but only a lucky few were lucky enough to touch her tight pussy. The sexy woman would easily secrete her love juices when she became excited and it made her dizzy when they touched the delicate folds of her cunt.

She had given a handjob once to her drunk boyfriend but he came in his pants after she tugged on it for only a few seconds. It was the first time she had ever touched a cock. It was so smooth, hard, and hot. She could feel the blood pulsing through the veins as she slowly stroked it. She remembered when it erupted in her hands. The young woman felt his hot sticky cum trickling down her hands as he humped her fist violently. He then fell asleep as she wiped her hands on his bedspread. He dumped her for a big chested sorority girl the following week. It wasn’t long after that she met Fred. He was kind, gentle, and very patient with her. He repeatedly told her he respected her wishes to wait but sometimes she wanted him to be more aggressive with her in the bedroom.

When they made love Fred nibbled on her long nipples as it sent shivers down her spine. Their love making sessions usually consisted of missionary style sex with the lights off. Occasionally she would consent to allowing Fred to fuck her doggy style which made her feel naughty and dirty. But it felt so good. They were never spontaneous and, if they had sex, it was planned which unfortunately meant by the time they made dinner, cleaned up, ran the children to their activities and finally crawled into bed there was little time left in the day and they were exhausted.

With her limited experience the sexy mother had never given a blowjob, in fact no cock had even came close to penetrating her perfect thin lips. Fred hinted at oral sex while they were dating as an alternative to sex but the sexy woman had no experience and was frightened at the prospect. She brushed off his suggestions but sometimes she regretted her decision. Katie lacked sexual experience and was frightened to step outside of her comfort zone while in bed with her husband which was completely opposite of her risk taking at Bank of America. She would take risks in the market and ultimately end up in a windfall for the organization.

It bothered her husband while they were dating but it wasn’t enough of an issue that he was going to end their relationship. Fred was in love with her for whom she was, and not for what she didn’t do, but that didn’t stop the fantasies about what he wanted his wife to do with his prick. Fred lusted for animal type sex with Katie; the type of sex where they would rip each others clothes off while walking into the house and end up fucking on the kitchen counter, floor, or in front of the window for all the neighbors to see. While Katie’s lips had never came into contact with his cock; likewise his mouth had never came into contact with her wet pussy. He often tried to lick her between her sexy thighs; but she would grab his head and pull him away telling him it was disgusting. Fred respected her but lacked the confidence to ask or instruct her in the bedroom as he didn’t want to demand she do things that she had no desire to do. They focused on their family and took fun vacations and frequented Kansas Jayhawks sporting events.

One night after they were married but before the birth of their children, Fred tested the waters and suggested they rent a pay per view porno film. He said it jokingly but wanted to see if his wife was even curious to experiment. She quickly told him she wasn’t interested in watching “those films”. Her reaction was of disgust and dismay that her husband would even suggest such a thing. Deep down inside on that night Katie wished her husband would have just rented it. She wanted nothing more than to be more open with her husband and more sexual. Although a perfect relationship when viewed from outside of the home, they both knew they had problems communicating their sexual desires.

Fred always wanted to have his wife, even if just once, to suck his cock. His past girlfriends in college and high school had given him blowjobs and it was something that really turned him on. When he kissed Katie; he felt her mouth always felt warmer. Her tongue was strong as french kissing her was like a python entering his mouth, which added to his intense desire to have his pretty wife suck his cock. He always fantasized about Katie taking his cock down her throat and pulling it out and letting him cum on her face. Fred had reverted to watching pornography while home alone as a sexual release. He had witnessed hundreds of pornstars getting showered with cum across their face and had become infatuated with it. He had downloaded hundreds of videos that ended with a facial. It was a fantasy he had never experienced with any of his girlfriends.

Her phone chirped as it sat next to her wine glass that indicated she had received an email from work. She logged in on the computer and saw she had another form that needed her approval regarding the dismissal of the employee. She downloaded it as she sipped her wine. She sighed heavily as she sifted through multiple downloads in the file as she looked for the .pdf file.

At the bottom of the folder was the .pdf she had downloaded along with an obvious movie file which was labeled “Katie’s Blowjob”. Her eyes strained as her hand shook at the sight of the file. She blinked to make sure she was actually seeing it correctly. It didn’t take long to know exactly what her husband had done. She thought about just deleting it but out of curiosity she clicked on it. The file opened as a freckled faced brunette was on her knees with a cock that hovered in front of her and she slowly sucked it into her mouth. She watched in amazement as the woman bobbed her head up and down on the cock. She had read numerous articles in the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan about oral sex. It was something she wanted to try but she didn’t know how to approach it and her husband didn’t demand it. She was often unsure if she should just do it or if she should ask him.

She took another sip of her wine and closed the file. Katie quickly started clicking through Fred’s files that were stored on the desktop until she opened one titled ‘Work Spreadsheets’ that was buried in a few different subfolders. Hundreds if not thousands of videos filled the screen. Katie’s breath quickened. She immediately felt hurt and betrayed. As she scanned the titles many of them were titled “Blowjob” or “Facial”. She saw other titles that included “Anal” or “Amateur”. She found a video titled “Katie’s Facial” and the same brunette with a freckled face was frantically stroking a hard cock as she knelt before a well-endowed man. Suddenly it exploded cum all over her face. Stream after stream of sticky semen covered her face and as it trickled down she smiled up at her man enjoying it. The sexy wife was shocked and appalled but yet she kept clicking on different videos. She stood up and went into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of wine and returned to their den and sat back down at the computer.

Mixed in the emotions of rage and betrayal; Mrs. Jackson felt like a failure as a wife as she poured her another glass. Her husband shouldn’t have to resort to watching pornography. She knew there were problems sexually between them. She often wanted to be more desirable to her husband. She knew she didn’t dress as sexy as her friends either out to dinner with Fred or at work. She sipped her wine as she clicked on video after video. Many of the women in the videos were like her; middle aged with brown hair. It gave her little comfort to know that he had downloaded movies that looked similar to her. She browsed another file titled “Anal” as she saw women taking large cocks into their ass. She closed that folder and was aghast her husband was turned on by such things.

Suddenly she heard the door open as her husband walked into the house. She quickly opened a new window to her work account as Fred walked into the room, “Hi honey!” He saw the bottle on the desk and her wine glass, “Oh! Tough day at work?”

Katie’s jaw clenched. She wanted to confront him but only responded, “Yes.” She tilted her cheek up to him as he leaned down and kissed it as he disappeared into the kitchen.

She took a large drink from her glass and filled it again with the bottle. Her chest hurt and her stomach felt queasy. Her head felt dizzy and immediately blamed the wine. She couldn’t help but notice the ever growing heat radiating from her groin as she stared at the videos on her computer. She pondered for a moment of just deleting everything that he had downloaded. She could only imagine the surprise when he was home alone and discovered they were gone. She sat back in the chair and knew that would never help their problems sexually if she did that. It would only prolong a confrontation. Katie held her breath as she navigated back to the single video in the downloads folder, “Fred!” she called out, “Come in here please!”

Fred stood up from the kitchen table and walked into the room and stared at the screen behind his wife, the video he had downloaded last week played behind her. He glanced at his wife as he suddenly felt faint. He was embarrassed as he felt his face burning red.

“What the hell is this?” she demanded pointing to the monitor.

He was at a lost for words. His mind quickly thought of a way to try and cover up what he had done, “We must have gotten a virus or something,” as he leaned down to click to the video off.

“Bullshit!” as Katie slapped his hand away from the mouse as the video continued to play in the background.

“I don’t know,” he stammered.

“What the fuck Fred! What the hell is this?” Katie screamed.

Fred backed away, “It looked like you giving a blowjob.”

The hot wife’s face turned red. She was irate and looked back at the screen, “She doesn’t look like me! Why the fuck is it on our computer?”

Fred shrugged his shoulders. He planned on buying an external hard drive and burning the videos onto the drive but didn’t have time.
While the video played she opened his other folder and his downloaded sex videos and folders filled the screen, “Does this look like a virus!”

Mr. Jackson stood silent in front of his wife as she stared up at him waiting for his response. “I downloaded them,” Fred stammered. “I thought some of them looked like you,” as he pointed towards the screen. She looked up back at the screen as her husband continued, “I’m sorry. I’ll delete them.”

Katie clicked back to his large file and scanned the numerous movie files, “What the hell?” as she scrolled down, “Is this what you do in your free time? Watch porn? What are you some type of pervert?”

“No!” Fred sighed. He fully expected this reaction from his wife. He loved her more than anything but their sex life was horrible and had resorted to watching videos and living his fantasies through them. “It..” pausing to choose his words carefully, “I’m sorry.”

“Well?! Is that what you do when I’m not home? Download porn? Are you spending money on these sites?” Katie lips quivered with anger. She scrolled through the file as she shook her head.

Fred’s stomach dropped to the lowest point in his body. “I’m not spending any money. They are available everywhere on the internet.”

“What the fuck Fred! There must be a over a hundred oral sex videos!” as her eyes glanced over at her husband.

“It’s…It’s something I’ve thought about. The thought of you doing something like that turns me on,” Fred softly spoke, “but you don’t do it so..”

“You’ve never asked,” Katie yelled cutting her husband off mid sentence. She opened the ‘Anal’ file as the screen filled with videos, “and these? You want to do this to me?”

Fred looked down towards the screen and could tell she was upset about what she was seeing and he didn’t want to have this turn into a large fight. He regretted downloading the videos and his fantasies weren’t worth arguing with his wife about it or losing his marriage and family. He stepped back as Katie glanced back at the screen and towards him, “I’m sorry. I’ll stop watching them.”

She closed the file as the original blowjob video continued playing on the screen. Katie turned her head and looked up at her husband. Her hazel eyes stared into his. It wasn’t that she never thought about giving her husband a blowjob. The sexy wife had thought about taking his cock into her mouth more times than she could remember. She was curious about it and had wondered about the taste and the texture. But the fear of not doing it correctly and not pleasing him caused her anxiety.

“It..” as paused his words, “It was just a fantasy of mine. You are so sexy and beautiful and you doing something like that,” he swallowed hard as even talking to his wife about oral sex was turning him on, “really gets me excited.” Fred watched as Katie fidgeted on the chair in front of him, “But I understand why you wouldn’t want to. I just wished we were more open sexually with each other and more spontaneous.”

Katie looked back towards the screen and then glanced back at him. She was overwhelmed with emotions. She was irate at her husband but yet she was upset with herself for not pleasing him the way he wanted. He’s a perfect husband and father. He was also her best friend. They’ve shared so much together that she felt hurt that he couldn’t come to her with his fantasies or desires. “If it means that much to you I guess I could try it,” she sighed.

Fred’s stomach lurched as the words echoed in his head. Blood poured into his groin as he reached out and touched her shoulder.

Katie rolled her eyes and sighed as she she glanced up at him, “I didn’t mean right now!” she scolded her husband. The sexy professional business woman looked down at her watch, “We have to pick up the kids from daycare in just a bit.”

Fred pulled his hand away. He grimaced. His wife was always about planning. He swore spontaneity wasn’t a word in her dictionary. “Whatever,” he gasped. He felt his cock growing larger just talking to his wife taking his cock into her mouth, “Sometimes it would be nice to not have to plan something. How long has it been since we had sex?” He turned to walk away as he knew it had been at least 3 weeks since they had sex and it will probably be another 3 weeks now.

Katie suddenly felt flushed. It wasn’t something she considered doing right this minute but the thought of it made her stomach fill with butterflies. Maybe her husband was right. She wasn’t spontaneous. She wasn’t adventurous. She loved him more than anything in the world. He treated her like his queen and never forced her to do anything that she didn’t want to do. She looked back at the screen and all the videos he had downloaded. She felt a strange warmth between her legs grow, “Are you serious? You want me to do it now?”

Fred stopped as he was about to walk back into the kitchen and spun around. He took a few steps back into the room towards his wife, who still sat in the leather computer chair, and looked down at her. He reached out with his hand and rubbed her cheek, “I would love for you to do it now.”

Katie’s stomach fluttered as she felt her breaths quicken at the touch of her husband. He had always been so gentle but the look of lust radiated from his eyes. Her husband was serious that he wanted to do it now. His touch sent shivers down her spine as he rubbed her freckled cheek. She swallowed hard as she moved her head against his hand as she glanced back at the computer screen as the blowjob video continued. She felt her stomach tighten that she would actually consider his request at 3:00 in the afternoon. Her body suddenly felt warm and tingly but yet tense. She cleared her voice as she looked up at him, “Like I said,” as she picked up her wine glass and drank half the glass in one pour. Katie felt a release in her body that she was actually going to do this, “All you’ve had to do is ask.”

Fred’s mouth hung open as his heart skipped a beat. He looked into her eyes, “Katie,” he coughed. He paused as he was so nervous that he felt his legs shaking. He muttered, “Would,” almost scared to say it. Finally he blurted out, “Would you suck it?”

The sexy wife and mother quickly realized from the butterflies that erupted in her stomach that she probably wanted to do this as much as her husband wanted her to. With a hint of playfulness in her voice; she turned her head up to him and spun in her chair, “What do you want me to suck?”

Fred felt like he would collapse on the floor. His prim and proper wife looked incredibly sexy in her business attire. He moved his hand to her her lips and gently rubbed them with his thumb, “I want you to suck my cock.” He took a deep breath. It felt so good to finally say it out loud to his wife. He felt empowered as he stood straight up. His cock swelled in the confines of his black slacks that bulged out in obvious excitement. Fred couldn’t believe what was happening.

The way he said it caused Katie to feel faint. He had never used the word “cock”with her and they never talked like that in the bedroom. They were pretty quiet about their emotions during their love making. She never moaned loudly and if her body erupted in orgasmic bliss she would keep her mouth shut as she would be embarrassed if what she wanted to say was spoken. Katie opened her mouth and her tongue flicked around his finger. She closed her mouth around his thumb and sucked it. She was surprised that her mouth was so wet. She couldn’t believe she was salivating as much as she was.

Fred jumped as her mouth felt so warm. He pulled his finger from her mouth and it gave a little pop that echoed in the room. He felt her tongue on his finger and couldn’t wait to feel it against his prick. She looked up at him and glanced back over at the computer screen as the movie continued. The freckled face woman was sucking the cock slowly up and down taking it all the way into her mouth. Katie nervously reached out and poured the rest of the wine into her glass. She took a sip as she stared into her husband’s eyes, still not believing what she was doing. She reached up and offered it to Fred as he slowly took a drink.

With Katie seated in their swivel office chair; Fred bent down and sat the glass on the desk and while doing so he moved his lips to hers. Her tongue entered his mouth. He couldn’t remember it feeling so hot and electric. She was moved it in and out of his mouth as their lips broke away from each other.

The sexy woman stared at his groin as she slowly moved her hand up and placed it directly on his engorged prick. It felt so hard and she felt the heat emitting from his slacks. She rubbed her fingers up and down on his bulge.

Katie glanced over at the computer screen as the pornstar was frantically stroking the cock as it suddenly shot out cum that covered her freckled face. Mrs. Jackson gasped at the sight of the erupting dick. She rubbed her husband harder over his pants while continuing to stare at the screen. She couldn’t take her eyes away the video as stream after stream of sticky cum trickled down her face. It was so dirty beyond anything she had ever witnessed. She had read about the act in an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. It was a repeated theme every few issues and how it turned men on and how some women felt degraded while others enjoyed it. Her fingers made an outline around the bulge in her husband’s pants as she rubbed his cock over his pants.

Katie was amazed as she watched the screen as the woman obviously enjoyed her cum facial, “That’s a lot of cum!” She didn’t know why she said it but felt the need to compliment what had happened on the screen. She didn’t believe in contraceptives so she usually had Fred pull out and his cock would spasm between their bodies as her stomach would be covered with his hot cum. It was hot and sticky and she usually used a bed sheet or a towel to clean herself afterwords. She felt flushed and her breaths had increased. She turned back to her husband as she felt his cock was as hard as she could ever remember, “You really want this don’t you?” as she pressed her finger against her bottom lip and looked up at his husband.

Fred felt like he was dreaming. He couldn’t believe his conservative wife was watching the blowjob video that ended with a facial. He had asked her to watch a video years ago and it increased his infatuation that she complimented the money shot, “More than you could possibly know!”

Katie unbuttoned his slacks while at the same time Fred loosened his tie and quickly threw open his shirt. He pulled his shirt off of his torso as the sexy wife looked up at him. Her husband was so sexy and had a beautiful hard muscular body. As he threw his shirt to the floor the sexy wife kissed her husband’s stomach just above his navel as her hands slowly unzipped his pants. As she opened them they fell to the floor and his cock sprang out in his boxers and formed a makeshift tent. Katie couldn’t help but giggle as she slowly pulled down his boxers to thigh level. His cock sprung out and hovered in front of her eyes. It hovered in mid air and suddenly it looked huge. She had never been face to face with his cock much less any prick. She breathed deeply through her nose. It smelled musty but yet sexy. This was something she never imagined she would be doing when she woke up this morning or when she fired an employee a few hours ago. But yet here she was ready to suck her husbands cock for the first time in the afternoon and in broad daylight.

Fred was fully erect as his cock twitched in midair. His cockhead appeared to be bigger than usual. His body shook as he breathed deeply as Katie stroked his love muscle in her hand. Her face was so close to his cock that he felt her breath on his bare skin. He shuddered at the thought of her taking him into her moist mouth. She looked up at him as he starred down at her knowing his fantasy was about to come true.

Katie stared into his eyes as she stroked it and gave him a little smile in the corner of her mouth. Her eyes returned to his dick which was now only inches away from her mouth. She stroked him slowly in her hand. Although her eyes were fixed on his cock the lovely wife was unsure what to do. At one moment she thought she was going to take her first taste but then backed her head away away. She was hesitant to do anything besides stroking him; she looked up into his eyes and gave him a puzzled look.

He sensed his wife’s hesitation, “Just..” he stuttered, “Just kiss the tip,” as he tried to give her some sort of instruction, “Please…”

Katie nodded her head as she stroked him in her hand and closed her eyes. Her stomach was in knots. The folds of her pussy lips swelled with excitement in the tight confines of her silky underwear. Her breasts tingled. She opened her eyes and stared at her husband’s cock. It was beautiful. The mushroom head extended from his stalk. It was so smooth but yet hard as iron. She composed herself and leaned forward and pressed her puckered lips against the tip of his prick. She immediately pulled her head slightly back. Katie licked her lips and savored the flavor for a moment.

She didn’t know what she expected but it tasted normal. It was hot and hard but yet spongy. She almost imagined it to be repugnant. She eased her tongue out of her mouth and leaned in and flicked the head with her agile tongue. She felt her husband’s knees buckle as he stared down at her. She slowly gave long sensual licks on his hard cock. Her taste buds exploded.

As smooth as her husband’s cock felt in her hand it felt even smoother on her tongue. She felt the heat of his pumping blood as she moved down and licked the stalk with her outstretched tongue. It felt like hard rubber but hot and flesh flavored. The sexy wife felt a molten mess between her legs and realized how she turned on she became. She felt empowered as her husband melted in front of her.

Fred gasped loudly. He had thought of his wife doing this to him for years. It felt incredible to have her tongue dancing on his shaft. He watched in amazement as his wife slowly kissed his cock with her puckered lips. He shuddered as Katie finally stretched her small mouth around the head. The sight her mouth around him, her lips stretched to their limit to get around my head was something he had fantasied about, “Oooooh fuck baby! I’ve wanted this for so long,” he moaned as his knees buckled.

As the head of Fred’s cock moved back and forth on her tongue her mind was in a constant daze. She loved the feeling of his hard prick in her mouth. It was something she didn’t think she would enjoy but it was so exciting. She moved her head faster as she took half of his cock into her wet mouth. At the entrance to her throat she backed away as she felt herself beginning to gag.

Without warning she tasted a salty sticky liquid coat her tongue. The sexy wife panicked and pulled her mouth off of his dick. She held him gingerly at the base. She gazed at his cock as she stroked it gently as another dab of precum erupted from his piss hole. It was clear as it dribbled down the cleft of his swollen head.

The sexy wife licked her lips again as she realized she had tasted her husband’s cum. Nerve endings fired across her entire body. Her lower lip shook as looked up at him. “Don’t..” she stuttered, “Don’t cum in my mouth, okay?” She didn’t know why she said it. But her tongue was electrified. It didn’t taste bad. It tasted good. It was sticky salty sweet. Her taste buds were set on fire.

Fred nodded in approval as he stared down and almost couldn’t believe this was happening.

She pressed her lips against the tip of his cock as she coated her lips with his precum. She licked her lips again as her body suddenly felt warm as she melted into her chair. It was something unlike she had ever tasted. It tasted so good. If sex could taste like something she figured this was it.

Katie leaned back towards his groin as she pressed her hot tongue all around his shaft. She slowly put his cock back inside of her mouth. Her lips were all around him as he felt her tongue dancing underneath. She pulled his cock out and looked up at him. She smiled up at him and hoped she was making her husband feel appreciated.

Fred grabbed his wife’s hand and pulled her up from the chair. He pulled her closely and pressed his lips against hers. She immediately shot her tongue into his mouth as she wrapped her hands around the back of his head. It was the most intimate she had ever felt with him. She cradled his head in her hands as she felt his cock throbbing between her clothed body and his nakedness. He led her to the couch where he sat down and spread his legs slightly. Mrs. Jackson, didn’t need to be told, and kneeled between his legs. She scooted closer so his cock was in front of her. Katie looked up at her husband as she took him back into her hand. Her hands trembled in excitement.

She stared at her husband and whispered, “I love you.” She slowly and deliberately kissed the inside of his thighs as she slowly worked her way back to his throbbing member.

Fred reached out and pulled her head towards his cock, “Just start licking it,” he pleaded. Katie stretched out her tongue and licked the shaft from top to bottom. She used just the tip of her tongue and after a few licks she placed the head back in her mouth and sucked gently.

The sight of his wife sucking his cock and the warmth of her tongue and breath working together were ecstasy, “Grab it with your hand and stroke it while you are licking it.”

Katie grabbed a hold of him and slowly stroked his cock while her tongue danced around his spongy head. Her eyes were fixated on his and she saw the lust in his eyes. His reaction to her tongue bath was intoxicating. She wanted to please him more than ever.

“Put the head into your mouth,” Fred groaned.

Katie leaned forward and stretched her mouth open and slowly eased the head into her wanton mouth. Her lips stretched to their limit.

“Oooooh God! stroke it with your hand,” as he twitched on the couch.

She worked her fist up and down along his shaft while her mouth was fixed on the top of his cock. Her saliva drooled down his beautiful prick. As her hand reached her lips, “Now follow your hand down with your mouth,” he instructed.

The sexy wife slowly took his cock further into her mouth. She held the base tightly as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock. The heat of his prick was intense. The taste was incredible and unlike anything she had ever tasted. It was hot and salty and scrumptious.

Fred gasped, “Move your tongue underneath it while it’s in your mouth!”

Katie quickly understood what excited her husband. She worked it up and down in a combination with her mouth and hand. She pulled her mouth off and lathered his head with her tongue. She looked up at her husband and then returned to his cock. The warmth and wetness of her mouth and the sight of her was almost all he could take. The tongue, as expected, was so strong against his shaft. She licked from the base to the tip and then took him back into her mouth.

Her tongue flicked at the piss hole as she held it firmly at the base. The precum was oozed out as she squeezed his shaft and watched in ecstasy as it bubbled up from the slit. Her tongue flicked around the head as she lapped up his cum.

Katie developed a rhythm using her hand and mouth. Fred placed his hand on the back of her head and tried to have her take more of him into her mouth. She stopped and pulled off as she gagged unable to take more than half of his cock into her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled as she continued to stroke his saliva covered dick. Her eyes widened as the head was becoming increasing engorged every time she sucked.

The sexy wife looked at her wide eyed husband and whispered, “Am I doing okay?”

“Oh yeah! I’ve dreamed of you doing this to me,” as Katie took him back inside of her lips and increased the pace.

She pulled off and looked him in the eye as she stroked his cock. She gently kissed the tip and rubbed it against her lips. She tasted the saltiness of the clear liquid that oozed from the tip. Katie returned her lips around his cock and shaft. She released him stared at his cock, as if she was proud of what she had done to him and how excited she made him..

He wanted more and when their eyes met as she sucked on his head, “Would you kiss them?” Fred’s voice softly trailed off as he reached down between his legs and lifted his ball sack. Katie gave a playful smile as she held his cock gingerly in her hand as her wedding ring glistened from the afternoon sun.

She moved her head down and licked and sucked his testicles as his cock rested on her freckled forehead. Her fingers continued to caress the spongy hard head. She rubbed it with fingers and thumb. The sexy wife coated them in precum and moved them in her mouth as she licked them clean. She then quickly returned to licking and sucking his scrotum. After she lathered his balls with her spit she put the tip of her tongue on top of his pee hole as she then puckered and pressed her lips against it. She squeezed the ridge under the head and squeezed tightly as she ejected another bubble of juicy precum onto her lips. She sat back and smacked her together and closed her eyes as she savored his taste.

Fred moaned as he stared down at his wife, “Do,” as he swallowed hard, “Do you like the taste of it?”

“I do,” as she licked the tip. Katie paused and looked up at him, “I never thought I would do something like this,” as she giggled to herself.

Fred’s breaths quickened as his wife returned his cock to her mouth. Her head bobbed in his lap as her long hair tickled his thighs. He bucked his hips towards her mouth as Katie did her best to keep it from gagging her, “Oooooh shitttt! I’m going to cum!”

Katie released him from her mouth and stroked his cock with her hand. She stared at his 7″ inches of rock hard muscle as she lapped at the head with her tongue. She then pushed his cock forward as though to aim the cock onto her husband’s stomach as she stroked it up and down from head to base of his shaft.

Fred had fantasized about this moment and it seemed like no better time that ever. He was overcome with lust as he blurted out, “I want to cum on your face.” His voice had a sense of urgency and desperation.

Katie suddenly stopped stroking but held his cock in her hands. She looked up at him with her wet mouth and lips. Fred cringed and thought he had just screwed up the perfect blowjob as she brow furled but then her face calmed as she stared into his eyes.

The sexy wife’s mind was reeling. She could sense the desperation and the desire from her husband. “It will wipe off,” she told herself repeatedly and contemplated, “It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would. In fact it was incredible.” They stared at each other for what seemed like eternity but it was probably just a few seconds. She saw the way just a blowjob had excited her husband. She understood what he wanted and desired. “What could it hurt?” she rationalized, ” If that’s what he wanted she could fulfill his fantasy.” She remembered her Cosmopolitan magazine and all the articles she had read. Katie slowly moved her hand around his groin. A sexy smile appeared on her gorgeous lips. “Like what’s on your videos?” her head nodding towards the computer screen only a few feet away.

Between his heavy breaths he begged, “Yesss! Please?”

Katie’s freckled face looked up at her husband. She could instantly tell this meant to him as much as her sucking it. She took a deep breath and released it. She closed her eyes momentarily with a final reminder “It will just wash off no matter how disgusting it is.” She licked her lips as she opened her eyes and stared at her husband, “Okay,” as her heart skipped a beat, “Just do it.”

“Are you sure?” He spoke quickly as his cock swelled in her hand.

Katie shrugged her shoulders, “If that’s what you want.”

Fred bucked his hips as she pulled it towards her face as she stroked him harder than ever before. She put his cock back into her tight mouth and got it wet with her saliva. The slurping sounds were unreal. Her mouth salivated with the taste and pulled it from her mouth as she stroked it.

His breaths became short as he bucked harder against her hand. Fred shook his head to say ‘”yes” as he grew closer. Katie mewed at the cock that was aimed directly towards her.

She stroked and licked the underside of his head. Katie felt the hardness and his cock expand and closed her eyes as he felt his body tighten.

Fred writhed in pleasure, “Ohhhhh! Don’t stop Katie! Keep stroking it! I’m going to..”

She looked her husband in the eyes and she knew he wouldn’t last long. She closed her eyes as she immediately felt his cock expand as though she could feel his cum rushing towards the tip. Her delicate hands aimed the tip of his hard prick directly at her face as she stroked it. She flinched as she felt a hot stream splatter on her forehead. The thick splatter cooled as it rolled down. She continued pumping her husband’s cock as the second blast landed on her left cheek and dripped down. The next shot came out and splattered across her whole face. It immediately streaked down across her beautiful freckled face.

She cringed slightly but realized it felt sexy. It felt exciting. The smell was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She continued to stroke him with her hand and she opened her mouth and extended her tongue. Cum sprayed out and ricocheted off of her tongue. She wasn’t even thinking as it startled her as a glob of cum dropped into her mouth. She quickly spit it out with a mixture of her own saliva and semen.

Fred’s cum went everywhere. Katie shuddered and moaned as the final shot went across her thin lips. She was in a frenzy as she stroked his cock as fast as she could as she felt it soften in her hands.

The beautiful wife and mother felt sexually alive for the first time in her life. Her panties were soaked with her juices. It turned her on beyond belief of what she had done and how it turned her on to fulfill her husbands desires. She took his deflated cock back into her mouth as he emptied the rest of his cum into her wet mouth. Katie’s tongue was all over his cock as she wanted more of his delicious cum

The sexy wife sucked him until every last drop at been spent in her wanted mouth. Fred reached out and used his thumb to wipe a glob of cum from her eye. She opened her eyes and gave her husband an incredible sexy smile as his cum dripped off her face.

Katie slowly let go of his cock as it flopped down between his legs as it continued to deflate. She licked her lips and fingered the cum off of her face and into her mouth.

“I never thought it would taste like this,” as she glanced up at him as she licked her lips repeatedly.

Fred could only muster, “You were incredible,” between his breaths. He felt for sure he was dreaming.

She looked so sexy with his cum that dripped off of her face. She bent down a gave his cock a little kiss on the tip, “Was it what you expected?” She flung her head to the side to get her hair from her face. She felt her own crotch was on fire. Her pussy lips swelled in excitement. She was embarrassed at what sucking her husbands cock had done to her.

“Better,” he gasped, “It was unbelievable.”

Katie smiled as slowly stood up. Suddenly she felt dizzy. She felt his semen as it ran down her face. She stood still for a moment as she felt light-headed. She took a few steps towards the steps to go upstairs. The sexy woman glanced down at her black blazer that was streaked with cum stains that ran down across the fabric. She gently placed her hand on her face as she rubbed her husband’s cum into her cheek. She looked over at him and giggled, “You better go pick up the kids because I need to take a shower!”

Fred laughed, “That’s the least I could do!” He glanced over at the clock and back at his sexy cum covered wife. They smiled at each other and knew their sex life had changed forever.