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On the eve of the summer solstice, June 20th Barbara Miller placed the call to Jerry Howard's phone, anxious as the fourth ring sounded at her ear.
"Hello," she heard.
"Jerry, its Barb."
"Oh. How are you?" he asked.
Barbara noted the surprise in her brother's greeting. There had been a falling-out on the Sunday before Memorial Day. An inappropriate gesture had been made. While Barbara meant to stir her brother's memory and his libido as to what she had offered so many times in the past, the gesture disturbed her brother given the number of people at the gathering. Though none of the guests present were privy to 'why' Jerry and Gayle Howard departed in such a rush, Barbara's misadventure put a damper on the festivities. His sister's actions were so perverse; Jerry kept the actual reason for their sudden departure from his wife during their ride home.
In the privacy of his film room he reveled in the desire Barbara brought to the surface. Twenty-six pictures of his sister in varying stages of undress hung from the drying rack by the time Gayle called out, "Bedtime, Jerry."
He filed away the negatives before making his way up the stairs.
Three days passed before Jerry heard from his sister. Each of the three evening found Jerry back in the basement film room reliving one or more of the erotic adventures he shared with his sister.
"I have a problem," Barbara said at his ear. "The sump pump has been running for about thirty minutes, and there's no water in the hole. I was wondering if you might come over and check it."
There was a hesitation at her ear before Jerry responded.
"Gayle's out and I'm not sure if she took her key. Mom drove. So here's what you do. Go into the laundry room and trip the breaker. It's numbered 'seven' on the panel."
"Okay. Then…?"
"Keep it off for ten minutes and flip the breaker to on. That should do it."
"Thanks. I'll call either way."
Barbara Miller did as she was told. Twenty minutes later, she reported her findings to her brother.
"Jerry," she said into the mouth piece, "it's still running. I'm afraid to keep the pump off, with all the rain…"
"I'll be there in about an hour, Barb. It depends on the weather. Put on the coffee. De-cafe," he stressed.
From the candle-lit great room, she looked out onto the stormy night attentive for her brother's approach. At ten minutes to ten the headlights of Jerry Howard's Impala flashed across the Miller's front lawn and brightened Barbara's mood. Jerry arrived at Greenhurst somewhat confused.
"Thanks, Jerry," Barbara said from the landing at the side door.
"Welcome," was Jerry's only response. He took the steps to the laundry room on the lower level without looking her way
Barbara sensed his misgivings and turned away from the side door without a solution.
For ten minutes, Jerry tinkered with the pump. He switched the breaker to 'on', and smiled at his handy work.
"I'll have that coffee, now," he said as he stepped up the stairs and into the kitchen.
Barbara was leaning against the counter scooping de-cafe into the filter basket.
"It was just as I suspected; a faulty on-off switch. I had a spare in my workshop."
Jerry was happy to see Barbara dressed appropriately in an over-sized sweatshirt, loose gray trousers, and black slip-ons.
De-cafe and an apology were offered up once Mr. Coffee completed his task.
"I never should have believed you are interested in something so out of touch with reality, Jerry."
"Enough, Barbara."
Jerry sipped the coffee still too hot to silence words that threatened propriety.
There was no need for either to amplify. The emotional tension was palpable. Barbara's strategy was simple. Through the glass topped table Jerry watched Barbara kick off her shoes and bare her feet.
"I can't help what I feel, Jerry," she said, a confession pre-offered for what followed. "I know this is wrong but remember this is something we started more than ten years ago. I just can't get it out of my head. I'm fearful I may drive you away again but nobody else does me better…"
On that stormy Christmas Eve going on ten years since Barbara had more than her share, one too many cocktails once Father determined the family snow-bound. Barbara was giddy with delight; Jerry and Gayle were going nowhere soon.
"At least until morning," Father said.
Barbara was eighteen still living at home and just into her relationship with Robert Miller when the urge overtook her usual sensibilities. She was in the sitting room tending to the Christmas music Father requested when Jerry noted her profile at the bodice of her shirt.
"Are you cold?" he asked of his sister while he kept his desire a safe distance removed from the source.
"Yes, I am," Barbara answered thrilled he took notice. "Why don't you warm me, Jerry?"
He came close and put both hands beneath the tan Henley Barbara wore. The orgasm was unexpected. Jerry slipped his hands away when his sister softly cried out the satisfaction that exploded in her groin and radiated out to the tips of her fingers and her toes. The incident discussed often when brother and sister were alone always ended in too many kisses, too much clothing removed. Those discussions tempted and put the siblings together on more than a dozen occasions during the ten years since their first on that particular Christmas Eve.
Tonight on this humid stormy night the results were similar.
Barbara's sweat shirt was tossed aside before the De-cafe cooled. Both her breasts were swollen beyond anything Jerry had ever imagined. Both her breast were wrapped with lengths of the green floral wire Barbara used in the garden center in Jamestown where she worked. Her loose fitting, gray trousers followed. There was nothing else to shed but the guilt they might feel after they sinned, if in fact they did.
"I understand I am taking advantage and putting you on the spot but I have to try. You're the only one who understands these needs I am living with, Jerry."
Barbara lifted her swollen breast as an example of the needs of which she spoke.
Jerry rose up out of the chair and looked to the foyer.
"Don't leave me like this, Jerry."
Barbara put the emphasis and a finger into the fold where the plump flesh glowed bright pink. The labia rubbed raw by the earlier preparation administered by her own hand.
"I won't, Barbara," he claimed. But he realized he was no longer in control of his senses or his conscience.
He came around the glass-topped table. He held out his hands and his hopes. Barbara brought his fingers to her lips. With her face in his hands he pushed at the corners of her small mouth and put the smile back before he asked, "Are you sure?"
When she nodded her affirmation he put his smile to hers. Jerry tasted the coffee on her tongue.
"You understand what might happen, Barbara?"
"Yes, Jerry," came her answer before she circled his scrotum with a length of green floral wire.
"I'm sure most brothers don't treat their sisters with such obvious affection." The advice, spoken softly in the darkness, ruffled the hairs on Jerry's chest. A moment later, Barbara's bite took his right nipple tenderly.
"By the way, you could bite harder if you'd like."
In the dark of the bedroom Barbara usually shared with her husband, Jerry detailed to his sister other needs in which his wife refused to participate in. Thankfully Gayle believed those conversations simply male exuberance and there was no further talk about riding crops, leather straps and ropes.
"We all have our fantasies, Jerry."
"Yes, we do."
"It is something to think about," Barbara said, making it clear, "I might…"
As the tall Hentschel in the living room chimed 12:30, Barbara pulled her brother in place.
"Do you think God cares? I mean, will we be damned for eternity?"
"She got bigger problems to worry over, Barb, my sweet, little Barbara."
She heard him purr his words into the pillow beneath her head as she slipped back the hood and pressed him into her flesh.
"I'm sorry I couldn't wait, Jerry," Barbara said, panting at Jerry's throat. Stop for a minute or ten. Please. Let me catch my breath."
While Jerry balanced his weight on his elbows heart rates slowed somewhat though it would take more than minutes before both returned to normal.
With all the strength she was able to muster, Barbara rolled her brother onto his back. Though the motion jostled the placement of his cock in the position they assumed his cock went deeper still.
She raised her hips high and came close to losing Jerry's cock. But before his cock cleared the labia that guarded the entryway she fell back hard. Between the loud grunts that came from her throat she whispered love and worked her puffy nipples with her fingertips.
The stars were bright at her bedroom window once the cloud cover cleared. Jerry watched her sister's shadowy image rising and falling, the tempo measured and steady until they were both taken unaware. One violent flash followed the other. Their cries echoed loudly over the hum of the air conditioning and the thunder now miles to the east.
"You just have to let me know when you're ready for a proper day-long indoctrination," Barbara said. "I have some implements that might come in handy, Jerry. Things I keep hidden even from my husband. Like your wife, Robert doesn't understand the needs we live with.
"There's another thing. If we get into the abuse we've discussed there will be no time out. Enough for you to know I will not permanently damage your body nor draw more than a trickle of blood, if this goes that far.
"Barb, I am yours to do with as you please. Never again will I refuse your demands. But for now, despite this pleasure I have an exam to correct and grades to turn in by three tomorrow afternoon."
"Purposeful procrastination?" Barbara questioned.
"No, just lazy, Barb," Jerry answered while beneath the single sheet he unraveled the green floral wire from his scrotum.
Barbara watched her brother slip out from beneath the cotton sheet. She reached for the light switch above the night stand.
"Would you please turn this way, Jerry?" She rested her chin atop her steepled fingers expectantly.
He did as she asked. With a hand on the bed post he attempted a foot into the waist of the gray briefs he retrieved from the carpet.
While he continued his struggle Barbara decided he should be aware, 'why'.
"Do you know why I brought you to my bed, Jerry?"
"Of course, the problems you're having with Robert."
"No. I've been able to please myself, for more than a year now. It's your cock, Jerry. After twenty-eight years, I finally get to use that uncircumcised cock. I've heard Gayle rave about it. And by the way you are the most affectionate lover I have ever had, circumcised or not. For that reason alone I will hurt you each time you ask from this day forward.
"Now go, and correct your papers. Call me when you can stay the night.
"And, Jerry, prepare yourself."

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