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My wife travels for work. She works in Hispanic Ministries, focused on young adults and holds conferences and trainings. Work will put her in a hotel when it’s an overnight. A couple months ago she was away three nights in Chicago. Our kids miss their mamá but I miss my wife I think even more. So we FaceTime. We often do it as a family, but that one particular night, my wife seemed unusually excited and was wearing a robe from her nice hotel.

After she was done talking to the kids, she told me to go to our bedroom so we could be alone. She takes off the robe, and shows me a bikini I never saw before. She said she just bought it, and asked it I liked it. I was like, “SÍ of course!” It was pearl white and tiny, and showed off her olive color skin tone. It barely covering her large, melon shaped breasts and the dark patch of hair between her legs. She turned around. It was a thong! I was salivating. She had always talked about getting one. Wow!

She said, “This is my bathing suit, mi amor. Should I use it tonight at the hotel pool?” She was grinning. I couldn’t believe her boldness. “No one knows me at this hotel. They’ll just think ‘Oh, these Latinas and their crazy culture.’” She laughed but she was serious. I said, “Ok. Do it.” I could feel my penis get bigger in my shorts. She said I will keep you on the call. So she walked me down the hall. Her robe open, and wearing heeled sandals. She walked into the swimming area. There were people there. I could hear the mix of voices, some young, some old. She found “us” a lounge chair and put her purse and towel down.

Turning the camera so I could see, she said to me, “Mira (look), there’s a hot tub.” It was a big one with a couple older men already in it. She asked me, “Should I?” I thought she was joking, so I said, “ok.” But she wasn’t.

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She left the camera on, facing the hot tub. So people didn’t know I was watching. She kept an ear pod in one ear so we could hear each other. She took off her robe and walked over to the hot tub. Her large, bare, Latina ass filled my screen, juggling. It got smaller as she approached the hot tub. She introduced herself and asked if she could sit in there, too. The men must have said yes because she quickly eased into the hot water.

She turned so I could see her side boobs,pletely exposed. The men smiled and were so nice to her. They were all talking but I could just hear mostly her responses. She was so sweet and they loved her Spanish accent. They asked where she was from andplimented her on her exotic features. She seemed to enjoy thepliments and talked about her husband and her kids.

They were very respectful. She even talked about her work. They were fascinated how this amazing Christian woman exuded such confidence with her body alone with strangers in the hot tub. I was beside myself excited, rubbing my hard cock through my shorts, turned on by this amazing woman of God, too.

After about 15 minutes, she told them she was getting tired and needed to go to bed. So she stood up and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Were my eyes deceiving me? As she walked back, toward me (her camera), her entire very wet white bathing suit waspletely transparent. Her large brown nipples and dark patch of pussy hair werepletely visible on my screen as if she was wearing nothing! I was shocked and overly turned on. My stiff cock erupted in my shorts! She smiled at me like she knew it was transparent the whole time! Then she threw on her robe and walked back to her room before kissing me good night through her phone.

I so love this woman! Thank you, Lord! We didn’t talk about it after but I am excited to see what she does in a couple weeks when she travels again. Lol