Hotel Strangers

 She couldn’t believe she was doing this, the roads with patches of ice kept her alert but had she thought of everything she had told her good friend where she was going and would keep in contact by texting, she had showered, shaved and trimmed had spent a little more time than usual putting on her makeup and dressing 15 minutes away now, he texted her the room number, she should be nervous but wasn’t, excited better described it.
She pulls in to a parking spot, takes a deep breath pulls the keys and heads for the hotel entrance room 211 is what his text had said. As she climbs the stairs a thought occurs she should cover the peep hole when she knocks but dispels that thought he may not open the door. Here it is room 211 she knocks on the door no turning back now. She had seen one picture of him, handsome man not normally her type but it was his humor that had caught her attention. They had chatted on-line for a short time before Philip was coming thru and wanted to meet in person. The door opens and she isn’t prepared for her instant attraction to this man. Philip was tall a good foot taller than Anna and she was 5’7”, he had a trim body dressed casual in jeans and a button up top his smile beaming and just a little mischievous.
Philip is struck quite he as he takes in the site of this lovely woman, he helps her remove her suede over coat under that she is wearing a casual jacket with an orange button up blouse and wearing low cut jeans that accentuated her hips and butt quite nicely, her shoes were suede boots he wondered if they were thigh high boots, he knew he was just standing there with a dumb ass booties grin on but he was speechless. Anna says hi and gives Philip a hug. Is that a green light or maybe that’s just her way, he decides to take a seat on the bed nearest the window not sure what to do Ann sits on the other bed facing him he leans back casually on the bed and they start talking nothing sexual just a nice get to know you conversation. Anna follows the conversation but finds her mind wondering to other things. My goodness the effect he had on her, was he going to keep talking she watched is lips moving and so wanted those lips on hers.
Anna receives a text from her friend “are you alright?” Anna texted back “yes I’m fine no need to worry”. She tells Philip about the arrangement with her friend to stay in contact, Philip smiles and says “That’s probable a smart idea if you want you can text her my driver’s license number if you would feel safer, by the way how often do you meet up with a stranger in a hotel?” Anna giggles she knows of course this is not what an upstanding woman should do, but Anna marches to her own tune. “This is the first time” and that was of course the truth she never had, never would till now and why she had agreed to meet this man in a hotel was beyond her grasp.
Philip asked Anna if she wanted to go out for a drink she was thirsty but didn’t want to go out she suggested going to the pop machine down stairs. As they start to descend the stairs Anna laces her arm thru Philips, another signal perhaps. They make their purchases and again climb the stairs, Ann’s’ arm laced thru his.
Once back at the room they take a few drinks and Philip decides to make a move the most that can happen is she rejects him, well it wouldn’t be the 1st time that has happened. She is standing by the bed he moves towards her leans in and kisses her lips softly. Anna responds enthusiastically and the kiss deepens. Without even a thought Anna climbs up and wraps her long legs around Philips waist, her arms wrapped around his neck she pulls him in closer. Philip at this point is ecstatic and thinks “what have I lucked into”. He kisses her harder and bites her bottom lip he then pulls her head back and kisses and nibbles at her neck, a moan escapes Anna lips. At the same moment both struggle to remove the others clothing within just seconds both are standing there naked taking in the site, their hunger evident to both. Philip picks her up and tosses her on the bed placing himself on top of her. He kisses her deeply biting on her lip he moves down and nibbles at her neck, Anna arches up to meet him.
His fingers find her nipples he pulls and twist one then the other, his mouth moves down to take one in his mouth as he is sucking and nibbling Anna is moaning and wiggling on the bed beneath him. He bites down hard on her nipple, to his amazement she responds with another loud moan and pulls his head even closer and wraps her legs around his waist, pumping her hips up and down against him. Anna grabs his ass and squeezes pulling him in closer. Phillip licks and nibbles his way down to her nicely trimmed mound he does like that and buries his mouth in. She taste as he imagined heavenly and probes with his tongue every sweet spot. “Oh My, that feels so damn good” the little nips and licks, his figures doing things she could never have imagined, she wasn’t even sure what this man was doing to her but hoped he wouldn’t stop. Philip slows down to a steady rhythm of licking and using three fingers moving in and out of Anna’s hot, wet pussy she slows down and meets his rhythm. Her body soon starts to quiver “cum for me baby, cum for daddy, that’s my good girl.” She can’t hold back, she moans out loudly “Oh daddy” the orgasm makes her whole body quiver her pussy wet and throbbing the tickling in her abdomen she holds onto it as long as she can, not wanting it to stop.
Philip moves up beside her kisses her deeply “Taste that, you taste wonderful” She can taste herself on his lips, she has of course tasted her own fingers after she had played with herself but had never been offered a taste from her lover before, he aroused her more than she had ever been making her greedy for more of what this man had to offer.
Anna leans up cradles his head and kisses him then moves her way down, nibbling on his ear then his neck, her hands gently caressing him. His cologne mixed with his own sent is intoxicating to her. She continues to explore her way down tongue and hands touching every spot. She finds her way to his thick hard cock and rubs her cheek along it, so soft and smooth she loves the feel. Anna licks and sucks around his hips and then down to his inner thigh, nuzzling her cheek against his cock. Philip takes in a deep breath she has brought him to a point of urgency, he grabs her hair and rams his cock into her mouth hard gagging Anna, it was without thought he had done this, he feared he had gone too far would she leave. Without missing a stroke Anna moved her mouth up and down his cock her hands and fingers finding his balls. Anna herself crams her mouth down on his cock Philip holds her head down Anna gagging he finally releases her she takes in a deep breath and continues to slid her mouth up and down her hand now stroking him at the same time. Philip is close his cock hard and throbbing in her mouth.” You want daddy’s cum in your mouth” she can only look up and nod Philip grabs her head and rams it down hard holding it there his cock deep in her throat “here you go baby” as he shoots his load Anna gags but sucks down every drop.
Anna moves up to Philips side both have a smile on their faces they kiss and Anna curls up beside him lays her head in the crook of his arm and in no time both are asleep.
Anna wakes first, her phone is going off. Another text, Call or text me please! I haven’t heard from you are you ok? She sends a text to her friend I’m GREAT!!! He’s a perfect gentleman. I’ll talk to you when I get home no more text please.
Trying not to wake Philip she rolls off his shoulder and heads to the bath room. She uses the toilet and then gets a wash rag and cleans herself up and gets a drink of water. Anna approaches the bed and sees Philip is already awake cigarette in hand; a smile on his face she smiles back at him grabs a cigarette for herself and climbs back into bed snuggling up close to Philip. They smoke in silence each having thoughts of passion still in their heads. He gently kisses her forehead she tilts her head up and kisses his cheek. She feels content laying in his arms like this a natural feeling. They put out their cigarettes.
Philip leans down and kisses Anna gentle at first but then becomes more urgent, he nibbles then bites her lip, Anna moans her approval. He continues to move his way down placing his mouth over her taunt nipple he begins to suck, his hand pulling and twisting the other. Anna arches up to meet him he sucks harder and bites her nipple while moving his hand down to grab her ass. Philip flips Anna over and begins to lick and kiss his way around her beautiful little ass. Anna accommodates him by rising up on her hands and knees He moves his lips to her ass hole, his tongue licks her ass hole and he is greeted with now familiar moan of approval. Philip can’t help but devour this sweet little ass his tongue licking and probing hungrily. Anna backs into him wanting even more his lips, fingers and tongue making her wild with desire. Phillip rubs his fingers over her wet pussy and back to finger her ass hole Anna again moans he then puts in a finger a slight gasps as Anna backs up even more as she reaches down and starts to rub her pussy. Philip removes his finger and starts to rub his now hard and throbbing cock against her. Anna reaches back and glides his cock into her ass.
Philip begins a slow rhythm that Anna picks up moving back and forth; soon his cock is buried deep in her ass. “You like daddy’s’ cock in your ass” Anna can hardly catch her breath “Oh yes!” Phillip pumps harder and faster Anna’s hand moving faster on her clit moving back to meet him so his cock was buried deep. “Cum for daddy” Anna can’t speak she’s light headed her whole body quivering as the climax over takes her. Philip had held off longer then he thought he could, but when he felt Ann’s ass tighten was all it took. “Here’s your cum baby”. He empties his load deep in her ass as he pulls her head back; holding her close whispers in her ear “Thanks baby”, then bites her ear. Anna just giggles; he’s amazed that not only has she not left but seems to be enjoying herself immensely!
Shit check out time he could always pay for another day, better not push it; Phillip told Anna he was going to shower and that she was more than welcome to join him, he doesn’t have to ask again in no time both were in the shower. Anna took the soap and started to rub a lather up, touching and rubbing a later over Philip, she was getting excited again. Philip took the soap from Anna and proceeded to later Anna up and then grabbed the shampoo and massaged the soap into her hair my it felt amazing. Philip never missed a spot, both standing there slippery and soapy exploring each other. Philip slowly inserts his finger into Anna’s ass and starts to move in and out then two fingers Anna bends over slightly and starts pumping back and forth against Philip matching his rhythm. He takes his fingers out Anna frowns slightly; she didn’t want him to stop. He pushes her back so that the water can rinse her off, he rubs her hair to get out all the soap he then moves under the water and rinses off.
They stand there under the water in a tight embrace she tilts her head up to look at this masterful lover, his smile contagious she smiles back, he leans down and their lips meet gentle feathery kisses, little nibbles, their tongues tasting each other it was a long and delicious kiss. Philip pulled away good thing because left to Anna she would not ever wanted to stop. She had no control over her own body which responded to this man like no other had; Philip grabbed a towel and help Anna dry she repeated the gesture for him. They started to gather their things and dress Anna pulled out her brush and to her shock Phillip took it and started to brush her hair out,” you’re going to spoil me if you keep this up” Philip kissed her ear and whispered “that’s the plan.”

Finally dressed and packed they check out of the hotel. “Are you hungry should we eat breakfast?” Philip asked. Anna was famished after the wonderful sex marathon she had just participated in, so they walk over to the restaurant and order breakfast. They sat across from each other and ate mostly in silence but nothing really needed to be said the look of contentment was apparent on their faces. With the meal finished they both knew it was time to go. Philip paid the bill and they walked out to were Anna’s car was parked, standing beside the car they embraced Anna climbed up wrapped both legs around Philip’s waist and they kissed good bye, finally Anna pulled away got in her car waved, and drove away.