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By Dubya All good things must come to an end, including our joint family vacation. Other good things start though…

So we spent the rest of the week all fucking in every possible configuration that 2 males and 4 females can contrive. Jade had the pleasure of having all her holes filled at the same time for the first time. She rode my cock while she sucked Andy’s, Trish ass fucked her with a strap-on. Later we did the same for Kasey and then Sheri too. Trish took her turn with Jade taking on the strap-on duty.

The girls continued to grow closer. We could hardly get them apart with a crowbar if we tried. The classic 69 with Sheri on top seemed to be their favorite thing to do. They were constantly lapping at each other’s cunts.

We all really grew closer. Real friendship and love developed between all of us. We were able to connect beyond just sex. Jade and Trish treasured their “ladies who lunch” time, while Andy and I enjoyed fishing and exploring the woods. We did manage to slip in a few one-on-one fucks in the great outdoors before it was time to go. And unfortunately, the time to go had come.

When we got home, we had an important detail to address. Jade and I officially remarried in a small ceremony with just our respective parents attending. Kasey served as maid of honor and best man. We did it the day after our original anniversary, figuring that the second date would symbolize the rebirth of our marriage.

We had a torrid threesome with our daughter for the wedding night. We fucked every which way we could and indulged in plenty of piss play. Kasey fisted her mother for the first time too.

Life got back to normal for a while, but a few weeks later we received an invitation to our first gathering of the family group that Andy and family had recruited us into. As usual, it was Andy’s parents’ ranch in Northern Michigan. We were given the date, then later we were given the address and directions to the ranch. A few days before the event, we were given a code for the gate.

The gathering was to be a long weekend in late summer. We were able to get the time off to go, so we made the long drive up there, leaving early in the morning, arriving in the evening. It was a beautiful, scenic area, the ranch very isolated. I punched in the gate code, then drove up to the main house as instructed. We could several campers and tents set up with people running around, mostly naked, especially the kids. Jade perked right up after our tiring drive at the sight of all the pedo pussy on display.

Andy, Trish, and Sheri met us on the huge front porch of the mansion sized main house. I don’t know what Andy’s parents did, but they obviously had some bucks. We were introduced to Andy’s parents, Al and Sue, as well as Trish’s, Tom and Louise. All four were attractive people in their 60’s. We had learned during our joint vacation that the two families were de facto leaders of the group, and that Andy and Trish’s marriage was treated as a kind of royal one in the group. They had consummated the union when Andy was 12 and Trish was 8.

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We were given accommodations in the main house as honored guests being that we were new members and friends with Andy and Trish. After some dinner and drinks, we adults sat and chatted. The two girls went off together as soon as they could get away. They were ecstatic to see other in person after being apart for a few weeks. In the meantime, they had texted and video chatted pretty much every day, watching each other fingering themselves or fucking their parents.

Andy’s mom Sue, and Trish’s mom Louise had placed themselves on either side of me on the couch. We were all still clothed but neither one was being too discreet about feeling me up. Louise was blonde, petite and trim like Trish, whereas Sue was a voluptuous brunette. Her huge tits were turning me on. I started pawing at them, so she pulled them out and asked me to suck on them. Louise undid my pants and started sucking my cock. Andy came over and stuck his cock in his mother’s mouth. I looked over and saw that Jade was nude and straddling Trish’s face while she was sucking the cocks of both the dads.

I loved sucking Sue’s monster tits and Louise was certainly an expert cocksucker, but I wanted to fuck. I pulled Lou, as she preferred to be called, up and took her dress off. She sat on my cock and rode it with the vigor of a woman half her age. I sucked her still perky tits and shoved two fingers up her ass. She squealed with delight. I reached over with my free hand and grabbed Sue’s huge milkers again. Her nipples were bigger than the end of my thumb, the areolas as big as saucers. Andy was lucky to suckle on those as a baby! Hell! He had been suckling on them his whole life.

Sue got up and bent over the arm of the couch so Andy could fuck her from behind, but she was still close enough for me to play with her swinging udders. Lou continued to bounce up and down on my cock. I couldn’t hold back anymore and shot a load up her hungry, hairless twat. She had a pretty wild orgasm herself, as did Sue from her son fucking her doggy style. Then the two old ladies got down on the floor in a 69 and sucked the cum out of each other’s cunts. I grabbed Andy’s dick and cleaned it off, then he did the same for me.

I looked over at the other group and saw Trish licking cum off Jade’s beautiful tits. Both the dads had shot their loads over them. Afterwards, as we all sat back to take a breather, Al spoke up and said, “Andy, son, you did good recruiting these two. And I can’t wait to have a go at that hot, little redheaded daughter of theirs either.”

Andy said, “You can thank Sheri, Dad, she’s the one that chose to fuck Mike in the first place. It was just fortuitous that he’s such a good fuck and the two hot redheads came as part of the package.” We all chuckled at that. Sue suggested that we get cleaned up and get to bed as it was going to be a long sex filled weekend, and we would need our energy. There would be a big, communal breakfast in the big tent near the barn at nine o’clock.

Sue showed us to our room. It was almost as big as our house, with an en suite bathroom. Kasey was bunking with Sheri, not surprisingly. Jade and I showered together, then hit the sack. It had been a long day. We both fell asleep right away.

Our first full gathering the next day…

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By Dubya #Group #Incest #Mature #PreTeen