House Party – (Group)

I am Vinod , an engineer by qualification and profession in a reputed company. I had few sexual encounters during high school and college life. Two of them were co -students from neighborhood. I enjoyed with few call girls also.
I got married at age of 25 with a 22 year young attractive girl ,Divya. She was very fair, tall of 5’5” , well proportionate figure , at time of marriage her vital stats were 34 x22x32 but after two years of marriage her bust ,waist and hips increased to 36 x 24x 34. I was insisting for a baby but she wanted to wait for some time. After 2 years of marriage , I got a jump in career and purchased a house , it was spacious row house with 3 bed rooms, one at ground
floor and other 2 on first floor .  
We looked out for furniture. We visited all reputed shop in the city but we could not decide what to purchase or what not . Immediately on shifting to new house she got a job in the office of a private company. Her timings were 10 to 6 where as I was leaving home at 9 and returning back at around 7 in evening. I did not like but she got her hairs trimmed upto neck. She had dense hair and I liked it long ..but her choice . Most of neighbors and colleagues suggested to get furniture made at home only, it is economical as well as we can have of design of our choice.  We opted for same. We visited few sites where furniture were being made at home and finally we selected on carpenter ,
Jatin of around 35 yrs of age , only about 5’4” tall, shorter than my wife but of nice physique. He was on darker side. He visited our house .We gave him list of furniture we wanted .After taking measurements he gave list of items required to be purchased. Since we were working, we advised him to start work on next Sunday. In the mean I purchased all items as he listed and got it delivered home before Sunday.
He started work on scheduled day. He was coming at around 9.30 after I leave for office and stopping work at sunset. We were leaving entire house to him. Of course, we have shifted all our valuables in the bank locker. He was having 3-4 assistant working with him. They work regularly for about 45 days and all items as we wanted were made to our satisfaction. On that fateful evening when I returned home at 7 ,I saw them working. On enquiry , Jatin said that they will complete this last piece ‘double bed with box’ tonight itself so that they can start another assignment tomorrow. He said that they may have to work till late night. I asked my wife Divya and she agreed so I . We permitted them .
While having evening tea, Divya commented that Jatin and his assistants are nice people .
“we left house to them for 45 days but they did not touch any thing.” She said that we will hire them only for future work also..
“ I am very much impressed by their decency and honesty.”  She said.  I nodded .I also had no complain. Divya got busy in kitchen & at around 8 in night I went up to see what they are doing.. That night Jatin has only one assistant named Pawan. They were working in one of the two bed room upstairs. I climbed stairs and came near to door of the room in which they were working . Then I heard ,
“Jatin bhaiya , I will become mad ..”
“kya huaa ..why you are so restless .. “ jatin asked  .
And I heard ,
“bhaiyaa ..ab bardaast nahi hota … aaj raat jaise bhi ho , madam ko chodna hi hai… “  Pawan expressed his desire to fuck my wife Divya . I got upset to hear this so was carpenter Jatin ..he scolded his assistant ..
“saala tu paagal ho gayaa hai” he scolded him and said that he is in this business for last 15 years and no one ever raised finger on him and now because of him he will be defamed and put behinds bars. He was so much irritated with desire of Pawan that he offered his wife to him..
“tujhe bahut garmi chadh gayee hai to aaj apni bhabhi ko chod lena , mai kuchh nahi bolunga …waise bhi wo tujhe bahut pasand karti hai..” he added and warned him that he must not think about madam .
But Pawan’s desire for my wife was too intense. He said that he is working with him (Jatin) for over four years but had he seen him asking for any girl or woman before but now he can’t leave without enjoying with my wife .. He pleaded & instigated his boss also..
“sach bolo, tumhe madam pasand nahi hai kyaa…?”
Both remained quite for some time, then Jatin replied what other man wanted to hear ..Jatin said that he liked my wife at first instance and he also has masturbated many time fantasizing about her . But he can’t put his name and fame on risk because of a woman. He again invited his assistant to fuck his wife .
But Pawan was not ready to hear any thing. He advised boss to linger work and somehow stay overnight hear . Pawan said that once saab (me) sleep, .both will approach Madam for chudai.
Jatin discouraged his assistant by telling that even if they manage to stay overnight how they can approach madam. He said that madam would be sleeping with husband (me). 
Pawan said that he is aware of that. He expressed hope that when madam will know that we are staying here at night she may not sleep with husband fearing that we may pip into their room and see her body .
“bhaiya, maa kasam itni mast aurat pahle kabhi nahi dekhi…” and then he said that madam will certainly like them fucking her .He said that he has observed that madam is not satisfied with saab. He again requested his boss to do some thing to fuck madam…
“pawan, ab to mera bhi mann kar raha hai madam ke choot mey lund pelne kaa… dekho kuchh karta hun.. “
At that my time wife called me .I walked down . She enquired about the work and I said that they are working. I held her by waist and asked ,
“am I not able to satisfy you sexually ?”
“ I am very much satisfied ..” she kissed me and asked
,”why suddenly you are asking so?”
“I don’t know, it just came into my mind.” I replied and hugged her again.
That time we heard their foot steps and we got separated. I thought that they have come with a plan to stay overnight.     
I was right. Jatin said politely that they would have to finish work tonight as from tomorrow they have to start work at somewhere else and he said that for that both would have to work till late night. So they have  come to seek permission to stay overnight. Divya looked at me and I at her. I knew the reason but not see. I wanted to see how far these men can go to trap my wife. After some discussion
Divya agreed but warned them that they must not make much sound. I saw smile at face of Pawan, younger one . They wanted to go out for dinner but wife told them to have dinner at our house only. She told them to caary on work .She will call them for dinner . , 
By the time dinner got over, it was 10.30. once again Divya warned them against making much sound . Pawan advised her to lock door from inside and said that they will also work inside room with door closed. Both went to their work up stairs and I pulled wife on bed in bedroom on ground floor just beside stairs. She allowed me to fondle her for some time. I undressed her to panty but she did not agree for fuck or me sleeping with her .
“See Vinod, if you sleep with me they will guess that we are fucking and they will certainly pip at us .” 
It was exactly what Pawan had guessed .She told me to sleep in other upstair room. I persuaded her a lot but she did not agree. It was past 11. I walked upstairs . I talked with them for some time and then on pretext that I am sleepy , I came to other room. I switched off light and lay on bed,  concentrated my attention to them. Sound of wood work and hammering stopped. I looked at watch. It was 12.15 of night means I was on bed awake for over an hour. I walked to door and pulled door a bit and I could see the room in which they were working . Soon both came out of room. Both were only in their underpants.
As I said before, Jatin was shorter than Divya, he was skinny but with good broad chest. I could see his strong upper arms and strong looking legs and thigh. Pawan had a handsome figure. He was 5’7” tall, looking strong with broad chest. Though he was only 21-22, he had much hairs on his chest. Like me Jatin has no hair on chest . Pawan had strong flat belly. But  I got worried . Both had small hacksaw used to cut wood.
I thought that both are going to hurt Divya if she don’t agree. I felt weak. If they harm my wife , I would not be able to protect her. I could not here what they talked. They walked downstairs. I waited . But I did not hear any scream or shout of my wife. It must be over 10 minutes and none of them came up . I was unable to accept that my wife will so easily succumb to them. I also walked down. I came to bottom most step which was adjacent to door of Divya’s room. Door was wide open . I could never knew that whether door was not bolted from inside or wife opened door for them and let them in. Neither I ever came to know what they talked during last ten minutes.
I heard my wife asking ,
“why you both have come with this blade ? to kill me if I don’t agree for your demand . “
“no madam.” Pawan said and Jatin added that they can’t even dream of hurting her .
“ agar aap hum dono ko abhi chodne nahi dengi .. to hum apna gala kaat kar yanhi mar jaayenge.. “ jatin said that if they are not able to fuck her now both will die here only.
My wife countered them..
“you both are mad ..” I dared to look inside. Divya was seated on bed with legs hanging down. Both men were standing in front of her and both had a blade each in their hand ,.She said that no woman is worth a man’s life. She said that both are young and looking strong and they can get as  many women as they wish. She was still in same dress in which I left her , a loose pajama and a loose top over it. She never wore undergarments while sleeping.
“lekin madam, humey koi aur nahi buss aap hi chaahiye .” Pawan stressed that he likes and wants only her .
Jatin added , “madam I am in this business for over 15 years. Many time I stayed alone with young girls and women but I never felt like touching them. He also expressed his feelings like his assistant
“but from the very first day I looked at you , I liked you…I never knew that this boy also likes you so much ….” He looked into eyes of Divya and said in open words ,
“aur uss pahle din se lekar aaj tak roj aapke naam par lawda ko hilaakar paani giraata hun…”
Before my wife could say a word Pawan seconded him and said that he also like Jatin masturbates every day thinking just of her ..He said that she is the first woman whom he liked and wants to have sex with her.
“you don’t know , if my husband knows that you have even kissed and fondled me , he will divorce me and throw me out of house .” Divya said , I love my husband very much.
Pawan has ready answer .
“Madam don’t worry at all . I will marry you immediately and keep you like a queen .I assure you that you will never have any difficulty with us… “
“ohhhh My God …” my wife exclaimed ..”if both of you liked me and my body so much, you could have raped .
“no madam….we want to love you ….not rape ….”  Jatin added , ‘you are too good to be raped ..”
And then there was silence for few minutes . My wife must be thinking what to do…
“ok…I think you both are fascinated by my body…” she was first to say after that silence , “ you undress me, fondle me as much you desire and then go out …”
“no madam, we want to love you like a husband loves his wife , please don’t say no…” Pawan insisted .
“are you not afraid that I am complain to police and send you jail…” she threatened them..
“madam , now you kill us or sent to jail we will not go out of this room without enjoying with you…” it was Jatin , “ and if you still not agree, we will not harm you  but we will kill your husband “
I saw she closed her eyes with both hands and after 2-3 minutes she lay on flat on bed . She had surrendered.
“okkkk….you won….you do whatever you wish …” she invited them ….”fuck me or in your words mujhe chodo…”
I heard scuffling of clothes…
“ohhhh..madam ..kya jabardast jawani hai app ki….ohhh ..itna mast body kisi aur ka nahi hogaa…” I heard voice of Pawan..
“lekin tum dono kaa lawda to chhota hai…” Divya said , “ I am used to 8” long cock in my choot… “
I peeped in and saw that she was laid flat and both were seated nude on her sides. She was fisting their cocks in both hands .
“to madam aaj inn chhote lawde kaa mazaa le lo…saab se kum mazaa nahi dungaa … “ Pawan assured her and positioned himself on her body.. she continued to fist jatin who was fondling breast, Pawan kissed her , positioned lawda on cunt . she also helped him to position lawda , he lifted hip and gave a hard push….
“ouch….dheere …” she moaned ..
Pawan again kissed her lips and cheeks ..Jatin told him to
push his hands under her arms, hold shoulder of Divya and fuck her hard. He followed instruction and I saw lund getting inside Divya’s cunt . Soon, entire lawda was inside and he started to pump fast …
“Pawan, itna jaldi jaldi chodega to 5 minute bhi nahi teek paayegaa…” his boss advised him pump slowly but with full might.
“pahle tu aaraam se chod lo ..phir mai rani ko chodungaa ..” Jatin was not in hurry.
Pawan slowed down but continued pumping .I was now
watching live fucking show of my wife that also in my house and by two persons.
“Jatin , bring that box of Nivea Cream ..” my wife told Jatin
… I knew why she asked for it. Jatin  got down and soon came back to his place beside Divya on the bed.
Divya took out some cream on her fingers and applied it on Jatin’s lawda. She applied some more cream and then with one hand she massed lawda and balls and with other hand caressed Pawan pumping her .  
It was a straight missionary fuck but that boy who was doing first chudai had good stamina ..and he pulled himself away from her body after about 20 minutes …
“Pawan.” My wife pulled him, kissed him passionately and said that she cant believe that it was his first chudai.
“Madamji, maa kasam, bhagwan kasam  maine aaj pahli baar ek nangi aurat dekhi hai…” he kissed nipples and lips and said that he never expected that fucking her would be so nice…
“mazaa aayaa..” Divya asked , “phir chodegaa..?”
“haa madam….lawda jhar gayaa lekin dil nahi bhara ..”
Pawan said that he wants another round of chudai…
“theek hai….pahle abhi Jatin ko chodne do.” She pulled Jatin on herself ….”tum to bahuto ko chod chuke gogey ..dekhu tere lawde mey kitna dum hai…”
She pressed Pawan’s lawda and said that , “ Pawan has fucked very nicely ..”
Divya kept holding Pawan’s now limped lund and parted thighs to accommodate Jatin’s lawda . he also held Divya’s shoulder and gave a hard jerk ….
“ahhhhh…Raja …..ahhhhh…..” she moaned .
Pawan watched his boss fucking his first woman and he watched keenly that how he fucks and sucks. He saw jatin fucking harder than he did and simultaneously sucked both breast and nipples. He kept pumping and caressing various limbs of madam. And madam started moaning on each and every  strokes. I could see Jatin’s 5-6” long lund going inside and coming out from my wife’s cunt. It was moving in & out like a piston. Her moaning was getting louder . Pawan kissed madam and warned that saab may listen and came down..
“let him see that how his wife is enjoying with others…Ahhhhh..Jatin bahut mazaa aa rahaa hai…..raja chodte raho…”
She was enjoying it fully and then like before she applied cream on Pawan’s lawda and thighs and began massaging lawda…. Now pawan also applied cream on breast and massaged her & she enjoyed chudai by Jatin… And after about 30 minutes she hugged him tightly, crossed her legs on his back , Jatin tried but he could not fuck her more and he discharged .. They remained glued for 5-6 minutes and both kept kissing …and then she asked loudly …
“Pawan , phir se abhi chodoge ki thodi der aaram karne ke baad…. “ she was not tired ..
“madam bahut mazaa aayaa….” Both replied together and said that they will lay beside her for some time and then start second round…
“haa ,mujhe bhi bahut mazaa aayaa .. aajaa mujhe lipta kar so jaa …“
Both sandwiched her .She lay on flat and both pressed her from both side. Now there was nothing more to see. Those 5-6 inch long lund has given her more pleasure than mine 8 inch long lawda. She has enjoyed both .. I walked back to my room upstairs …but I could not get sleep. It was 1.30 , means both have enjoyed with her for over one hour and likely to fuck her again.
I kept thinking. She was a graduate .And I was very happy to find her virgin. I remember, how she enjoyed her first chudai on wedding night. I did not want it second time but she forced me to fuck her again. I enquired through various sources but there was no story of her any affairs . in last two years after marriage ,there was no opportunity for me to believe that she is not loyal to me and now tonight she enjoyed with two low grade persons that also on our bed and with me around in home . once I thought to go and charge her for adultery but it was my fault . Having known that both desired to fuck, I should have thrown them out of house or at least would have warned my wife of their indecent intention . I kept quite and watched  ,my wife enjoying sex with two carpenters. I tried to sleep but could not. That night has been longest night in my life.
Finally, at about 5.30 at morning I again walked down and I watched . She was in doggy pose ..Pawan was fucking her from behind by standing on floor .he was holding her waist and she was sucking lawda of Jatin who had rested thighs on her shoulders .. I watched ..and watched Pawan pumping from back and Jatin was fondling breasts from down . now, Pawan was fucking her more forcefully and assertively. I heard ..
“Pawan, teri iss teesri chudai mey  sach bahut mazaa aa raha hai…..” Divya appreciated Pawan and added , “ Ab bhabhi ko chodegaa to ussey bhi bahut mazaa aayegaa … “ she asked Jatin ..
“kyo Jatin , ab wife ko Pawan se chudwaayega naa… mujhe teen baar chodkar hee pura chuddakkar ho gayaa hai….”
But Jatin said that his wife as such likes pawan very much and now she gets chudai with him she will leave me… he said that Pawan is now more forceful than him..
“nahi raja , Pawan abhi bhi bachchaa hai…. Jatin tere lawde mey bahut masti hai….. “ she took deep breath and said that till now her husband never fucked her more than twice but she herself can’t believe that she has fucked six times in one night… “ohhhhh..lekin bahut mazaa aayaa…tum dono  ne  mujhe chudai kaa nayaa mazaa diyaa…”
“madam, mai to kabhi –kabhi apni wife ko subah se puree raat nanga rakhta hun aur 5-6 baar chodta hun…. “
Then Pawan discharged . three hugged themselves and after some time Divya advised them to go to their room and sleep for some time. She said that she will also bolt door from inside and sleep for two hours . They kissed each other and I walked back to my room.   
I came down at my normal time Those two bastards were still asleep. My wife’s room was also closed from inside .. I knocked and after few knock she opened the door . She was still nude and there was no change in cunt after having fucked six times in one time.
I did not touch her. She asked for time & I said that it is past 7.30. I told her to freshen and  like other morning I went to kitchen for making tea. I like tea prepared by myself and every morning I have one . I came out with four cups of tea. She joined me and enquired about four cups.
“you forgotten, both carpenters are here .” I looked at her and could not miss a broad smile on her face by hearing about them. I told her to take tea to them. She refused first but I insisted and she carried three cups with a plate of biscuit upstairs. I did not hear any knocking, means they had just pushed door. I drank tea and recalled live fucking show of night. She came down after about 15 minutes , both must have fondled her. But now she was looking furious and came down scolding them . She abused them that instead of completing work both slept. She addressed them as lazy, cheater and finally said  that if they can’t complete work today neither she will allow them to come inside house nor she will pay any single penny.
“mai kisi dusre mistri ko bula lungi…”
And both men pleaded with folded hand .they said that they can not come in day time as they have to start work at another house. They promised that tonight they will certainly complete the remaining work. Jatin said that he will come with another man who is expert on making such bed.
“no, I am comfortable with you two…no need for third person…” she responded.
“madam, he is our guru, I am sure you will certainly like his work much better than us..he is around 45 years and we all have learnt from him only. “ Jatin said , “Madam , you please see his work once,you will like him to work more and more…”
“I don’t know anything .work must be completed tonight ..” Divya said that she can’t have any more disturbance in night ..And she told them to come exactly at 6 in evening.
Both went out happily. I went to my factory at usual time. That live fucking show remained in my sight whole day. I smiled at their drama & acting in morning . I returned home at 7 in evening .At the gate I enquired from security guard whether madam has returned . He replied that Divya has returned at 4 only and Jatin along with other two were waiting since 3.30. I reached home and got surprised to see my wife . She was wearing saree with sleeveless blouse. I don’t remember when she wore saree last
She took my bag  and went to bedroom in which she enjoyed last night. I switched on TV and watched news channel. She soon came back with tea and snacks .
And for first time in day I hugged her, kissed passionately and squeezed breast. I said ,
“Divya, you are so damn sexy in this saari “ I pushed hand inside saari..and palmed cunt . As I expected she was thoroughly oiled . As she likes to oil lawda and fist it, likewise she enjoys oil massaging all over her body.
Undoubtedly, three lucky bastards have oiled and fucked her. In three hours, with oil massaging they could have fucked her once only.
I palmed cunt and whispered ,”let us ..”
“you are shameless ..” she kissed me and pulled away.
Are you not hearing , those three bastards are at home …
I let her go and requested her to wear saari more often
…”but darling , I have never seen this saari before …! “  saari was brand new , I could see price tag on bottom portion of saari..May be these bastards have brought her this saari. She went to kitchen and I walked to GF bedroom to wash and change . My eyes fell on bed. Seeing condition of bed, even a child could have said that people have fucked on this bed. There were many spots, it was badly crumbled and on the side table there was a bowl having some leftover oil. I smelled it and it was a hair oil. I went to bath room and there I saw her undergarments , I lifted it and found three used condoms of Kohinoor brand . Last night both fucked her without condoms but today , thanks she made them use condoms. I lett things as it were and after changing clothes I walked upstairs .
I saw third man, he was in mid 40s looking very strong, lanky but muscular. He has dense hairs and was tall  around 6 ft. he was certainly looking handsome ,dark and strong. He did prannam to me with folded hand . I enquired his name, he was Bhavin Patel, a gujarati. I enquired about the work and he said that the work is delayed because of faulty channels and wheels . He assured that tonight they will finish work. While talking I was keenly looking at them. There were oiled. Their body were shining . These three bastards gave oil massage to my wife and she oiled their body.
I enquired when they came and they lied to me. They said that they had come at 5 only but madam came only at 6.30 .
Guard had told me that she and carpenter , all came at four. After staying few minutes with them I came down and enquired Divya whether she came early ,
“No darling , I tried but could not come before 6.30. She said that those were waiting for her .  Thereafter, till dinner I did not go up but Divya visited them for giving water or just like that and every time she returned after 10 minutes or more . She and her lovers were thinking that I am a fool and would not guess what they are doing.  Just before dinner , all three came down and said that they are going out for dinner .Divya did not offered them dinner like last night. We also had our dinner. They returned after 30 minutes and said that some 3-4 hours work is left so they may have to stay overnight.
“I don’t mind” Divya replied and warned them again , “ but remember if work is not over tonight to my satisfaction, you will not get any more money nor you will be allowed entry in to this house again.”
I thought that why they should come again. They already had fucked her. But no, they were not satisfied and the new person Bhavin wanted more of her . He asked ,
“aur agar hum aaj pura kaam aapki pasand kaa kar denge to..”
“ to phir hum tumlogo ko hi bulaayenge ..” she assured them that she will be available to them in future also.    
They walked upstairs . We heard sound of wood cutting & scraping ..I had no interest left in my wife . She remained in saree. I asked whether she will not change to her usual night dress .
“Let me see how it feels sleeping in saari …” she replied.  She went to upstairs and returned after about 20 minutes. I kept watching TV till she asked me to sleep .
“why don’t you go and try to sleep ..I am also feeling very sleepy.” She said and went inside bedroom and pushed door shut . Having watched live chudai of wife by two carpenters last night, I was not interested in keeping awake and watch slutness of wife . Instead of two, tonight she will be slut for three persons.
And thanks ,amidst those wood cutting sounds I slept peacefully . I had left my room’s door open. Though, I slept nicely, my unconscious mind woke me up. Door of my room was pulled shut. I came out of room . none of three persons were in that room. They left light on. I went in and first thing saw that bed is fully made. Just to check, I pulled box and I saw what I expected least .there were three pairs of bra and panty of Divya and all were sticky at places . these must have been used to wipe cum and /or cunt juice . my attention got diverted …
“off …kitna chodoge ? “ it was my wife ..”shaam se abhi tak 3-3 baar chod chuke ho…I will die ..”
I came out of room and heard someone telling her to take
one more joint and then she will enjoy more ..
I came down and from behind stairs wall I saw she and other two were smoking where as Pawan was sucking cunt. In one hand she had a lawda ..which was limped but still not less than 6-7 inch long…and “my God’ she has taken this monster cock also thrice. She was fisting cock of eldest man..and Jatin was enjoying with both smoke and boobs ..
She sucked deep breath and coughed …
“today saab will certainly catch me red handed..fucking with you all..” she took another deep smoke.
Then Jatin replied that he really wants that saab should see his wife enjoying with three persons together and how happy she is.
“yes Jatin, I am really very happy ..all three of you have given me a different pleasure ..” she took smoke out and kissed Jatin on lips and cheeks . That time only Pawan lifted his head , pushed both legs away and lifted one on each shoulder ..and soon his penis was again inside cunt …
She positioned her hip and said , “it seems Pawan will die in my choot only …”
“I want to…that will be luckyiest day for me…” Pawan replied and began pumping her again.. Jatin got up , his cock was also tight , he position legs beside her body and began fucking her in mouth . She continued to fist
Bhavin… After about 10-12 minutes ,Jatin requested Pawan to change position and they did. Without wiping lawda ,Pawan pushed it in mouth of Divya and she helped him fucking mouth .Jatin had also fucked her by lifting thighs on his shoulders. Third person enjoyed fisting of lawda by a girl of his daughters’ age and I was astonished to see the size. It was not less than 11 inch..any woman would have enjoyed suck cock, even my mother . I knew mother’s few extra-marital affairs . I did not keep track of time . Pawan discharged in mouth , Jatin pulled lawda out and he also discharged over her face and lips .
“Divya rani, ab kutia ban jaao…” Bhavin said , he positioned her head on sofa edge , he parted hips and sucked entire slit for few minutes . I thought that he will fuck her in ass but he pushed lawda in cunt itself ..and she moaned very loudly ….
“ohhhhhh…maaa……raja thoda dheere …..aaahhhh….” it was very clear and loud sound ..but no one looked up .they were sure that even if I see them ,I can’t stop them fucking my wife.. I watched ..he was giving nice, assertive and hard push . Divya was moaning with every stroke .. other two began to fondle her booobs and back and Bhavin continued chudai in same pose . I watched Divya enjoying his strong and hard pumping over her . She crossed her legs tightly over him and said ,
“pawan , mujhe biswaas nahi hota ki eise lambe mote lund se mai char baar chudwa chuki hai….baap re baap meri bur jarur phat gayee hogi..” she expressed  deep satisfaction without looking at any one ..and Bhavin consoled her that her cunt is so elastic that soon it will take its shape like cunt of virgin girl. 
“madam , it is only 4 , ek baar aur chodunga ….” He asserted himself over and kissed her back at many places .” aap daro mut , aapki iss bur ko kuchh bhi nahi hoga. “ He said that when in morning husband will see her , he will not know that his wife has been fucked repeatedly by my his  big cock and other two.
But Divya was still afraid , she kept him tightly in his embraces so that he could not move & push over him.. 
“Today I will certainly die…” she looked at Pawan and said
, “Pawan you better find a new girl.. your guru will destroy  my cunt for ever….you will not be able to fuck me again.. “
“ahhhhh….baap re…..ohhhhh…” she moaned and Bhavin asked her to loosen her grip so that he fuck fast and discharge in choot.. .
“Pawan , juldi se ek katora /bowl lekar aao..”  she loosened her grips by loosening hand & legs .I saw that Bhavin’s speed has increased .He was pumping fast and hard & simultaneously was squeezing breast .
“bhavin “ she spoke out loudly and said that he should let cum fall in bowl. “don’t waste a single drop .” she said .
Bhavin pulled lund out and Pawan gave bowl to him. Bhavin pushed away from her body and without wasting a moment Pawan again started sucking cunt ..
“ohhhhh…Pawan..! “ I could see pleasure on her face.
“Divya” Bhavin squeezed each and every drop of cum in bowl and even at  a distance of I could see thick white cum filled in bowl almost to half. He gave bowl to Divya and said that Pawan  has become mad for her .
And to my surprise she responded that she don’t know whether Pawan is mad for her or not but she is certainly love him.
And I heard , “ Bhavin, I liked him not because he and Jatin fucked me last night but I liked him at first sight some 45 days ago.” She said that she waited for any move from Pawan and she would have opened for Pawan any time . “  she continued “ maine kabhi nahi sochaa ki saala mujhe khud to chodega , apne dosto se bhi chudwaayegaa..”
She picked up cum on one of her finger and licked it ..she expressed satisfaction and pleasure with chudai of both Jatin and Bhavin but she certainly prefers Pawan over other two…
“dekho ,kya pyaar se mast lekar bur chaat raha hai…”
She began jerking hips slowly and I got astonished to
see. She began licking cum like dog licks milk. In about 3-4 minutes she licked bowl clean and kept empty bowl aside .
“ab tum dono bhi lawda kaa ras isi bowl mey giraana ….mujhe mazaa aaya chatne mey…” she pushed
Pawan’s head on cunt and Jatin stood up…He again pushed lawda in mouth and began fucking mouth . After few minutes, Pawan poked tight lawda in his darling’s cunt and began thumping over her. Bhavin also participated . He pulled her head and let it rest on his limped lawda and began squeezing breast and caressing of her body. Pawan fucked her for about 15-16 minutes and then he pulled lund out. She pushed Jatin away and gulped lawda of Pawan which was drenched with her cunt juice . Jatin took Pawan’s place and her cunt was getting pumped by Jatin. Bhavin was still caressing her frontal body. After few minutes Pawan pulled lawda out and let cum fall in bowl. We all saw that she again licked each & every drop of cum .Quantity of Pawan’s cum was more than that of Bhavin’s . After bowl got empty , she kissed Pawan. He took place of Bhavin and I saw Bhavin pushed his limped lund in Divya’s mouth. She held his thighs and gave blow job.
She was giving me blow-job occasionally . I also had sucked cunt few times but I never liked the taste and aroma. Now, Divya was enjoying Pawan’s hand over her cheeks, breast and other limbs. Jatin was fucking her the way he can and there was smile and satisfaction all over her face. And then I became conscious of myself ..
I had dropped pajama and fisting my was smaller than lawda of Bhavin ,the elderly man but certainly longer and thicker than of other two. I wondered that how she liked normal sized lawda of Pawan..,Till that time, I was not knowing that majority of women do not bother for size of lawda but they want some thing extra from her partners. I don’t know how much time passed and Jatin pulled lawda out and like other two he also let cum fell in bowl . She pulled Bhavi’s lawda out of mouth and it was again in full form over 10 inch long & thick…and without wasting a minute he turned Divya upside down…
“Divya , Kutia ban jaa…” he helped to position herself in doggy pose ..and now he began sucking and licking cunt from back side. She took lawda of Pawan in mouth and began giving her blow job..
“madam , mera ‘ras’ nahi chaatogi….” Jatin asked whether she will not eat his cum …She nodded and said that she will have it after sucking off Pawan…
I ejaculated and let cum got sprayed in the room. I was tired of her slut ness. I got tired of watching her chudai but she was taking lawda of all three one after another. I walked back to my room, bolted it from inside .
On bed I promised to myself , “mai iss kutia ko asli randi banaunga.. “ I promised to myself to make her a whore , a call girl. I slept peacefully and woke up with knock on my door . I looked around . It was broad day light outside window. I looked at watch, it was just past eight .I might have slept for 3 hours. I put on pajama and opened door .
Those three were standing there . All were fully dressed. They said that work is over and showed me the bed & box. Jatin said that he will come on daysfter tomorrow to clear all payments . I nodded .
Pawan  said that before going he want to see & talk to madam . I smiled .They fucked her whole night and still not satisfied . They still wanted to see her before going out. I climbed down with them and pushed bedroom but it was bolted from inside . I knocked softly. But there was no response ..I increased knocking sound and even took her name . After lot of knocking, she opened door and she was nude . My eyes immediately fell on her cunt but as Bhavin has said ,it was same as I had fucked two nights before .
“why wake me up..I was having such a nice sleep..” she was certainly sleepy and I said that it is already eight and I am getting late for office.. then I said that these people have completed the work and want you to check it ..
“no need , they are very good in their work..” she replied
…She was not at all bothered that she is standing nude with husband standing beside ..
“thank you , for every thing..” she looked at them and said
that they should not mind of her scolding ..
“nahi madam…” it was again Pawan .he said they enjoyed working with us and would like to work in future also. Neither she was trying to cover her nudity nor they made any comment on her . But then she went inside room and I saw them off .