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"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Jo could hear, a sexual cry that woke the petite her up at three in the morning. It was her first day in her new house for University and to be fair the other two girls had warned her of Sarah, the sexual siren whose bedroom was next to hers.
The duel wail of her man and her high pitched shriek was evidence that their midnight tryst was coming to its orgasmic end.
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Screamed Sarah at the top of her voice along with accompanying energetic male grunts.
She sat up in her bed and listened as she had no choice. It was the first time she had ever heard anyone having sex, and she found it quite a turn on. She was getting a little stirring in her loins until she heard to the laughable cry of,
"There she blows!" from Sarah's nautical lover. She laid back wide awake, 'two more years of this' she thought to herself, wondering if she would be able to get through? She was studying Theology, not exactly cool considering what her other new housemates were studying.
The noises had got her on heat and left her wide awake. Getting back to sleep was going to be a problem. She put her hand down between her legs and had a cursory inspection. She then heard a rustle in Sarah's room and a girlie cry of, "Oh Babe, not again!"
That was enough for Jo, she stood up and slipped on her robe and made her way down the corridor of the big Victorian house and down the stairs to the Kitchen. She entered to see another housemate Jane had already had the same idea.
"Can't sleep, darling?" She purred with a plum English accent as she filled the kettle, "we did warn you."
Jo laughed, "Yes, you did, but I didn't expect it to be that loud."
"I must confess Sarah's a little louder than usual, maybe the poor dear didn't get her typical maintenance during her summer break."
Jane came from money and looked immaculate in her long red satin robe and matching nightdress, lipstick and varnished nails. Her hair was long black and straight with a fierce parting in the middle of her head.
Just as the kettle was boiling Charlotte made her way into the Kitchen.
"Oh, I see you as well," she laughed.
Charlotte was the most amiable girl of the housemates. She was tall well built with smallish breasts, long legs with swept red short hair. She squinted all the time as she was short-sited despite wearing big black-framed glasses.
"Charlotte, my dear, you may pretend not to feel the cold, but your body is telling me otherwise," smirked Jane looking at Charlottes nipples.
"Hey, I didn't expect anyone to be here," beat off Charlotte covering her nipples that were standing prominently through her short translucent nightie.
With Jane in her red satin robes and Charlotte in her short nightie, Jo felt decidedly frumpy in her PJ's and heavy wooden robe.
"I'll make the tea's, unless you want a coffee, Jo?" Offered Charlotte making her way to the overhead cupboards where the cups were kept.
"I'll have a coffee please."
"Jo, how on earth do you sleep drinking coffee at three in the morning?" Asked a surprised Jane.
"Just a knack, it never bothers me," Jo answered, distracted by Charlotte reaching for the cups standing on tip-toe revealing her plump sexy ass.
"Charlotte, darling you're embarrassing our new housemate, do wear some panties if you must wear that tarty nightie."
"Oh sorry," blushed Charlotte, quickly bringing down her hands to cover her exposed bottom.
"Oh don't apologise to me sweetheart, I love that peachy ass of yours you must let me paint it sometime."
"I'm quite happy with the colour it is," joked Charlotte.
"Lame darling, lame," Jane bitchily nitpicked.
"It'll cost you, "smirked Charlotte turning to Jo. "Janes doing FineArt, as well as being a dyke so don't be surprised if she tries to get you to model for her," she illuminated while filling the three cups with hot water.
"I wouldn't mind modelling," Jo surprisingly offered.
Charlotte looked around while idly stirring a cup of brew, "you surprise me, I didn't think you were that sort of person."
"What do you mean?" Worried Jo feeling she was already being pigeonholed because of her subject.
"Darling when I want you to pose, I mean, au naturel."
"Naked?" Jo exclaimed.
"Yes," sneered Jane, "In the raw, butt naked, tits out, pussy aired."
'"Oh!" Jo cut in stopping Janes litany of descriptions aimed at embarrassing her.
"So?" Teased Jane.
"Well darling, do you still want to pose for me butt ass naked?" She slurred with a wicked smile on her face.
"Yes, yes, why not?" she replied, calling her bluff.
"Watch it, she'll hold you to that," warned Charlotte pushing a mug of coffee towards Jo.
It was just at that moment Sarah came blustering in. Her large boobs were struggling to stay in her all too small robe. She held them in with one arm while her other hand trashily pushed a tissue to her vagina to plug in any deposits that had recently been made.
"So sorry babes, This guy just doesn't know when to stop." Apologised Sarah in her estuary Essex drawl. She started scratching her head, making her long blonde hair reveal its actual colour at the roots—her free boobs jiggling all over the place released from her arm bind.
"What, there's more to come?" Said Jane stamping down her cup of tea on the tabletop.
"Afraid so Babes, this one's a keeper, he's a fuck machine," Sarah giggled, "not that I'm complaining, I needed a good nailing after the loser summer I had."
"What, Just the six lovers, in the same number of weeks," sneered Jane.
"Seven actually," corrected Sarah oblivious to the insult, "anyway gotta go I've got a pussy to be stuffed! Ciao!"
And off she went.
Charlotte looked at Jo and laughed, "Don't worry, she'll cool on him in a week or so, she always does."
Jo smiled to herself with inward relief, too many nights like this would be unbearable.
"What exactly did our one-woman harem come in here for?" Asked Jane finding it hard to hide her annoyance.
"Just to show off I think," offered Charlotte as she sat opposite Jo.
It was the first time Jo had seen the promiscuous Sarah, and so far she lived up to all expectation.
"What's she studying?"Jo asked before quickly adding, "If that's not a stupid question."
"Only stupid if you mean whats her subject in the confines of the university," said Charlotte before delicately lifting her hot cup of tea to her lips.
Jane smiled, "You know darling, I love watching you drink tea in that little nightie, regardless of how much it turns me on."
"Thank you."
"It's so much fun to watch, you doing your upmost not to spill hot tea on those perky tiddies of yours," she sighed.
Charlotte blushed, "You'll have to forgive Jane, she's bi-sexual, we couldn't mention it in the advert," she laughed.
"I don't have a problem with that," Jo informed, wondering if she and Charlotte were an item.
"Just as well darling," she sighed with a slightly affected Prussian slur of a Marlene Dietrich, "especially when I have you in the nip posing for me," she teased.
Jo quickly realised how sheltered her first year at Uni had been. She was already feeling right out of her depth with her new exotic housemates.
It was then Sarah's new Bo made an entrance at the kitchen door.
"Hello girls, Sarah tells me I've been keeping you up," he disingenuously apologised. On his face, the smirk declared that he was proud to have an all-female audience listening to his performance on the willing Sarah.
"How much longer are you going to be?" Asked Jane with a hint of hostility in her voice.
"Oh, not long, just got to get rid of this boner and I'm done," he replied to Jane gripping and shaking his swollen penis under Sarah's ill-fitting robe. Answering Jane while studying Charlotte.
"Hello, and what's your name?"
"Never mind that Don Juan, you've got Sarah to finish off first," Jane boldly cut in.
"She can wait, I've got the bitch so horny she'll be good and ready for a good poke for at least another hour," he rudely boasted.
"My God," vented Jane," what on earth does she see in you?"
"This!" John Proudly declared standing back with his robe held wide open, revealing a prominent erection. Jo openly gasped at his fine specimen.
"Oh good grief put it away, do you really think we're impressed by that thing," rebuffed Jane.
"I'm impressed," Laughed Charlotte," And so is Jo by the look on her face."
Jo realised she was spellbound by his manhood and quickly closed her mouth and averted her eyes after Charlotte's disclosure.
"Like a poke form this?" John brazenly joked, pushing his erection in Jo's face.
"Please, it's a little early in the morning."
"Leave her alone," interjected Jane, "we're not impressed by your little cock."
"I am," laughed Charlotte.
"Charlotte, darling, please!" Exclaimed a shocked Jane.
"Leave her alone diamond knickers, she knows a good thing when she see's it," boasted John, "you'd have to pay for a cock like this."
"I will," shockingly replied Jane," Fifty pounds for an hour with you."
"Wot!" John reeled in confusion.
"I said sweetheart, fifty pounds for an hour with you naked."
"You serious?" Asked a baffled John.
"She means she wants you to pose for her," smirked Charlotte.
"That's correct darling," affirmed Jane rummaging for a card in her handbag."
"Fifty quid, its a deal. When?"
"Tomorrow, 11 o clock, at my studio," answered Jane sliding her card across the kitchen table for John to pick up.
Jo swayed back as his erection came a little too close for comfort as John leant over the table to pick up Janes's card. Charlotte laughed at Jo's discomfort, watching her lean back from John's appendage.
"John, get your cock back from over the table, we don't want your dribbles on it," admonished Charlotte with a smile at Jo.
Jo looked at Charlotte and smiled, thanking her for her intervention, knowing it was for her comfort.
John stepped back and slowly studied the card.
"My god, it can read," Jane sarcastically mused.
"All right it's a date," declared John oblivious to the insult, "right, I'll leave you, ladies," He started before coming to a halt, "hang. on I came in here for something."
Jo nervously watched his dick swinging from the corner of her eye, sipping her tea in defiance.
"You came in here to show us your cock," sniggered Charlotte.
"Oh, Was always going to give you a flash of this, he declared holding his erection and giving it a hefty tug. He pulled back his foreskin as he thrust his hips forward.
"Oh please!" Spluttered a disgusted Jane hastily dumping her tea on the table, "You're not that impressive, now go before we have nightmares.
"Yeah, wet dreams more like. That reminds me, any of you saucy girls got a spare condom?"
To Jo's surprise, Jane picked her handbag up and rummaged in it. She threw a sheath over the table. Jo went stiff in horror as again John leant over the table cock first to pick up the packet. She looked at Charlotte who smiled and her unease but thankfully didn't say anything.
"Cheers, diamond knickers, I'll wash it out and return it when I see you tomorrow," he joked.
"Don't mention it, anything to stop Sarah giving birth to an ape. Just one more thing, make sure you shower before coming to the studio."
"I'll do that!" Said John unwrapping the condom.
"What are you doing?" Jane asked Incredulously as John went about rolling the condom expertly down his shaft.
"Jo, jaw!" Quickly said Charlotte noting her shocked face once more. Jo quickly regained her, composure and mouthed a 'thank you' to Charlotte. She had assessed her inexperience rapidly and was grateful she hadn't mocked her.
"Right, ready for action!" John boasted, holding his cock and waving it about.
"Sorry girls, I've got a bitch on heat upstairs, and it'll be cruel not to finish her off! We artists like to finish our projects, don't we, Mrs Snotty?"
"Oh fuck off, and don't be late tomorrow," admonished Jane.
"Will do!"
Jo watched still in a daze as John turned on his heels and strode out of the door.
"On your back sweetheart," he yelled,
"I'm gonna tickle your tits,
and slap your bum,
I'm gonna spread your pussy,
and fill you with cum!'
John cried walking up the stairs.
"Charming," sighed Jane.
Charlotte burst out laughing, "My God is he for real?"
"This isn't a regular evening," Jo nervously put forward not wanting to show herself as a prude.
"Good god no, Its just the Sarah effect," informed Jane, "she's very active, to say the least, but even she's outdone herself this time."
No sooner as Jane had finished her utterance, the rhythmic sounds of sex could be heard reverberating through the ceiling above. Jo looked up, worried about the strength of the ceiling.
She lent back in her chair and noticed Charlotte and Jane both looking up as well. Very soon Sarah was crying out to every one of his thrusts.
They all looked at each other and burst out laughing.
"I think he's skipped foreplay," joked Charlotte.
"If he knows what foreplay is," coldly added Jane.
"Oh, Baby!" They all heard Sarah cry out aloud, her words echoing through the corridors.
"Good god, there is something to be said for Lesbianism,' offered Jane, "at least we spare the neighbours."
"Oh, really," smiled Charlotte, "You're not so quiet yourself."
"That was just the once and that was me trying to get you interested," smouldered Jane, staring at Charlotte with obvious intent.
Charlotte ignored Janes noticeable advance and turned to Jo, "I think the sounds are getting Jane wet," she joked. Jo smiled and kept silent, desperately wanting to escape.
"If you blank out the ape rogering her its quiet erotic isn't it?"
Signed Jane.
The rhythmic sounds of sex accelerated, and they all stared at the ceiling.
"Phew! I hope he cums soon this is getting me going," Charlotte exclaimed, her face slightly flushed.
"Is there anything I can help you with?" Purred Jane smiling at Charlotte's unease. Even the inexperienced Jo could see she was having a bit of a moment. She looked adorable, struggling to keep still on her chair. Shifting from side to side and then holding her boobs roving with-in her loose nightie.
Jane giggled looking directly at Charlotte struggling with her arousal until they all heard the cry from upstairs,
"There, she blows!" Came Johns nautical cry as he speared his grateful whale.
Jane busily tidied up her studio and put the kettle on to wait for John. She had become a little stale in her course work, which she put down to her uninspiring models. They were all strictly clothes on which bored the red-blooded Jane senseless. The Universities Grand painting competition was only a month away and Jane had nothing inspirational to offer.
Jane's father was well off and paying for his little girl's education, even renting out a studio for her. At the moment though she was looking like a case of 'all the gear and no idea'.
At least John would be getting his kit off, and she'd have some naked flesh to work with, which hopefully would inspire her. There was also the promise of Jo stripping for her but thought she would chicken out once the reality of her commitment had dawned.
Jane wondered what she could do with her anyway as she wasn't exactly endowed with curves. Mind you, her pixie looks with a flat chest, and short hair really did it for some people, especially the more progressives in the art world who loved androgyny.
She thought of posing her face down on a sofa, her head propped up on the arm, her white body juxtaposed against her red velvet chaise lounge. Yes, that would really accentuate her divine little bottom thought Jane just as a loud banging was heard on the door.
It was her first project of the day, Sarah's Piltdown man come sexual athlete. Jane opened the door.
"Mornin' Sweetheart," John joyfully sang, rubbing his hands together.
"Yes good afternoon, would you like a cup of tea first or just get straight down to it?"
"Get down to it and tea afterwards, that's the way I usually roll," sordidly suggested John rubbing his hands together.
Jane sighed, "Yes all right I've heard and seen quite enough of your sexual politics, you're here to pose and not talk," she cold-shouldered turning on the lights over the bed, which she wanted John to pose on.
"Put your clothes on the back of the chair, and then we'll see the best way to pose you."
"Alright, Darlin'."
John quickly started ripping off his clothes, the top first and then trousers as he kicked off his shoes. He was soon stark naked and stood proudly with his hands on his hips, pushing forward his already rampant erection.
"Oh, God!' Sighed Jane.
"Like what you see love? Its all yours sweetheart," he boldly declared walking toward Jane with his arms open. He roughly took her in his arms and kissed Jane's quickly turning cheek in aversion as John pulled her body onto his.
"Come on Darlin' you know you want it?"
"Oh, do fuck off you moron, do you really think we're so impressed by your dick that we'll all fall down and worship you?" Jane said with a fit of controlled anger even though his hardness was pressing into her thigh.
"Most girls drop to their knees to start off with," John smirked into Janes face his breath stinking of stale alcohol.
"You're here to pose and nothing else, now get on the bed or go away," Jane seethed.
"Come on, let your mother down, let your father down, let your panties down!" He slurped, trying to kiss Janes ever evading lips.
Jane was slowly losing patience until she finally cracked.
John suddenly stiffened up as Jane grabbed him by the balls with an iron grasp.
"Oh! Kinky!" Croaked, John instantly bringing his hands to try and protect his balls.
"I'm not playing!" Raged Jane lifting him up onto his toes, "now if you don't want me to twist these off I suggest you lay on the bed!"
"Okay, Okay," submitted John, his hands tenderly lifting up in surrender.
Jane released him from his tender connection, and John gasped bending over to grasp his balls.
"Now, could you get on the bed, if you please?" Sharply Instructed Jane turning to get her paint palette.
She picked up the shaped wooden board liberally splattered with different coloured paints. She took a brush in the other hand and mixed in colour. She turned towards the bed and abruptly stopped and sighed in frustration. John was on the bed, still proudly supporting his massive erection.
He did have a good muscular body and a fine cock, but the pose it made him adopt, and the proud smirk on his face spoilt the aesthetic and made it almost impossible to paint anything worthy.
Jane sat on the bed next to John.
"Darling, we simply have to do something about your cock."
"Make up you're mind love, hop on the bed, and let's get rid of it," he suggested patting the bed.
"You know what I mean. Lose it." Jane requested pointing to his erection with the end of her paintbrush.
John looked up puzzled, "hey, I don't know what limp dicks you've been sleeping with but to make 'that' go, isn't easy."
"Oh come on even you have to revert to manual once in a while," Jane sneered giving a masturbation gesticulation.
"Na, I'm not wanking for anyone?" John informed lifting to go, "my wanking days are over."
"Oh come on," exhaled Jane in expiration, "You're getting paid."
"Yeah to pose not to put on a sex show for you," as he lifted from the bed and reached for his socks.
"Come on surely we can sort something out?"
"You got any ideas?"
Jane held John back on the bed, and he looked on expectantly.
She took hold of his cock and slowly pulled this foreskin back.
"Oh yes, that's more like it!" Gasped John.
"Shut up!"
Jane sat on the bed, looking away as she methodically wanked Johns cock as he lay back to enjoy. Time limped on, and Jane's wrists began to feel the strain as she jerked away.

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