How about me part 2

In the security of my apartment I stripped, laid across the bed on my back, pulled my knees up…, and yes…I did…I started finger fucking myself wishing it was Paul pinning me to the bed. My phone playing Paul’s ring tone snaps me back to reality, timidly I answer "hey I am trying to call her now, just give me a few and I will let you know". "Don’t let me down bro I will owe you a big one" he pleaded. "Owe me a big one huh, yes you will" as visions of Paul’s cock filled my mind it was right there I decided to go all the way. Quickly I showered and got into girl mode complete from painted toenails to makeup and dark brown wig. I called Paul back and I told him that I had reached her and that she had agreed to meet him but that I couldn’t be there. The plan was that when she got to my place she would call him from my phone. If the job was good then I give her his apartment number and she would show up, and see how things went. She would stop back at my apartment when she left. "Fuckin A" he instantly agreed and thanked me for hooking him up.

"Ok Becky now or never" I said out loud as I got dressed. White lace panties and bra, my favorite red sun dress then white stocking and red pumps….I stared in the mirror at the hottie before me..grabbed my phone and dialed Paul’s number as I walked to the door. When he answered I spoke in the girliest tone possible "Hi this is Becky, the girl your friend called. I am at his place now, soooo is it ok if I come over and hang out with you?". "Hell yes it’s more than Ok it’s great." Paul’s voice filled with excitement. It had been a very long time since he sounded this happy I thought as I walked towards his apartment. When I got there the peephole was blinking meaning he was constantly checking to see if I was there yet and the door sprang open almost before I rang the doorbell. I had my back to the door and told him to turn all the lights out…but to leave the the TV on….he quickly complied then invited me inside. I could not resist giving it a twirl letting my sundress float around me exposing my thigh high stockings before walking in.