How dad seduced her daughter

She wanted this soon so I am in a hurry to finish please forgive me for any mistakes.

Friends this happened a while ago during those hot summer days. I completed my days work and began walking out of the building. As I started walking out I saw a slim, tall and attractive women walking towards me, she was in her late thirties. I said to myself I am seeing this lady for the first time here. She was walking slowly and less confidently. I could immediately understand that she is a new recruit. As I began walking towards her she just passed me and I was right behind her. She wore a long sleeveless gown which had a very deep cut on her back. Because of her deep cut her black bra hooks strap and the hooks were clearly visible. Oh my god this was so arousing and I really got turned on looking at this. I looked around to see if there was no one watching me.

As I approached very close to her back my breathing speed increased and my heart was racing due to fear of being caught. I wanted to take a good look at her bra from very close. I took courage and came very close to her back and inspected her bra very closely. What I saw there was sexually very arousing. She had a mole on her back to her right side and above her bra hook strap. God this was so arousing, in my mind I thought to myself I have to seduce this women to have sex with me, my dick got erect spontaneously while she noticed all this from the corner of her eyes. No one was around but when she suddenly turned her face and caught me looking at her bra I got shocked. My voice chocked and I immediately said hi to her to hide the fact that I was watching her bra hook strap. She responded immediately and smiled at me.

We both introduced ourselves and started walking out towards the parking lot. As we were walking together we were rubbing against each other my thighs with her thighs, my arms with hers and occasionally my arms touching her breasts. It was pure pleasure. My bulge increased in my pants and was ready to burst out and my mind was loosing control, I was talking unrelated things. She seemed to be in the same mood. As my arousal increased and realized that she was cooperating I took courage to slowly rub her buts from behind. Her voice of talking immediately changed with excitement and ecstasies. I started caressing her buts and moved my hand between the but cheeks and took my hand all the way down between her thighs and she seemed to enjoy more now. I quickly fondled her pussy from behind and she moaned. It was pure lust in my mind and I wanted to seduce this lady to have sex with me now.

As we reached the parking lot she said good bye and gave me a hug. When our bodies came close my bulge was touching her mound and my arms were around her shoulders and my hand touched her bra hook strap. My lips were touching her ears I quickly whispered in her ears “you are so sexy and I want to fuck you she immediately nodded to say yes” and as we hugged each other my cheeks rubbed against hers and I gave her a quick kiss. She immediately breathed out with a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh sound and moaned I could realize that she had an intense orgasm. She was so much aroused that she even forgot where she parked her car and instead walked with me to my car. As we reached our car we both laughed at this and I offered to drop her near her car. She immediately accepted and sat in my car besides me.

After reaching her car she immediately bent and gave me a kiss and to this I hugged her again and started kissing her. She seemed to be happy with this so I slowly put my hands in her shirt and fondled her breasts. She started saying thank you, thank you! And I knew she wanted more so I took her to the back seat where I unzipped her pants and fingered her pussy while she unzipped me and started rubbing my cock. She was so horny she immediately lowered her pants and panty. I lowered my pants and my underwear. I began rubbing her clit in circles slowly while she looked at my fingers eagerly while moaning. As I looked at her she bent her head back wards and tilted downwards.

She was thoroughly enjoying my rubbing. I asked her ” do you want more” and she immediately replied “yes please I want more do it more vigorously, please baby and suck my breasts mmmmmmmmmmm” I mouth kissed her and I pulled her tongue into my mouth. Then slowly went down her body to take her right nipple into my mouth and started sucking it. She had a nice and big dark brown areola with pointed nipples. I sucked it like a hungry puppy. For this she held my face in her hands and started caressing my face. She ran her hands into my hair several times and kissed me. She even started licking my ears and cheeks with slurping noise. It was pure excitement. I noticed some people passing by but we did not even care about it. My rubbing her clit continued while she guided my fingers into her hole. My two fingers entered her vagina and I started finger fucking her. Her clitoris was throbbing and her pussy lips were lusty and swelling. As I saw her face her mouth was open and she said aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh and her pussy was so wet and she came with an intense orgasm.

I took my dick out and rubbed against her clitoris and her lips for few minutes until I saw her hole enlarging and contracting. I inserted my dick into her vagina. I fucked her pussy very hard for almost 15 minutes. While fucking her I made her to sit on my lap facing me so that I can have access to her ass hole. I fondled with her ass hole for sometime while she gave way for my finger to enter her ass hole. We both breathed hard and were saying aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh and finally I said I am cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmming, cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiing, cuuuuuuuummmmmmmmiiinnnngggg for you baby. We both screamed and laughed and stayed in each others arms for sometime, while in that position she took my pen from my pocket and wrote her telephone number and name Mona on the car seat. She wore her gown and went back to her car. She forgot to take her panty and I use it to masturbate when alone. She started talking to me and we even exchanged our telephone numbers. She was calling me at nights when I was about to sleep and we used to have a great time together masturbating and having phone sex. We both used to talk for a while and we directed each other to touch ourselves and cum at the same time. We really had a fantastic time together. Many more hot and sizzling stories ahead for my horny honey!!!