How Far Can They Go? Ch. 01

tagIncest/TabooHow Far Can They Go? Ch. 01

Author's Notes: If it's not made clear enough in the story, all of the people participating in sexual acts in this story are over the age of 18.
Despite the similar title and theme, this story has unfortunately nothing to do with JPokay99's game show story from a few weeks ago. If you have time, I'd recommend for you to check out his work, it's quite good.
This is the first installment in a longer series serving as a sequel to one of my earlier stories, "Boundaries, Shattered", which was posted at the beginning of the year. It is not at all necessary to read it before reading this, as both of those stories can stand perfectly on their own and that story's events are recapped at the beginning of this one anyway, but I would recommend it if you wish to get a better understanding of the main characters, the setting, and how the events of this story came about.
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+++Quick Fun And Arrival+++
Every single time they hit a crack in the road, her massive, almost fully exposed tits shook wildly along with the limousine they were in, sending a wave of blood into his erect cock every time.
Eric couldn't stop ogling her, no matter how hard he tried.
It was far from an unusual situation for them by now, but the fact that she was his daughter, Selena, still made it feel rather delightfully taboo.
Just a month ago, such a situation would have been much more than just "delightfully" taboo to him, however. Just a month ago, their relationship was nothing else than a typical relationship between a father and his only daughter.
Or so he thought.
Little did he know then, that his little girl had other plans for them. The world was changing, and their relationship was going to change with it.
It all started earlier in the year. Coming almost from nowhere, efforts to legalize incest nationwide suddenly overtook the political scene. Quite surreally, it went away almost as soon as it appeared. After a few months of talking heads, preachers, and so on all over the country going crazy about it, talking about nothing else than it twenty-four/seven on TV, it passed both houses of Congress, the President signed off on it, and boom, what was once legal only in a few states now federally ceased to be a crime.
He didn't pay much attention to it then. Months later, he realized he should've, because his hot, big-titted daughter did pay attention to what was happening, a lot of it.
While he remained completely clueless, his daughter watched the changes that were unfolding, and a plan started to form in her mind. When it was announced that TV shows will be produced, basically realizations of the incest-themed game shows which were a staple of the incest porn genre ever since Howard Stern and other shock jocks started pushing the boundaries on this front a little and Japanese porn companies in particular took the idea and mastered it, his fate was sealed.
It was a text conversation with his wife he had one Friday evening while returning home from work, a completely ordinary activity during a completely ordinary day, which revealed to him that his life was set to completely change forever, whether he liked it or not.
It was that text conversation where it was revealed to him that, to deal with their family's not exactly ideal economic situation once and for all, his daughter had decided that the two of them will become contestants on one of those game shows, a show called "How Far Can They Go?", competing with other incestuous couples for the grand prize of one million dollars and other smaller sums.
To say he was stunned when his wife revealed it to him would be an understatement. As would be saying that he felt betrayed after his wife revealed that the temporary celibacy he agreed to was not an attempt to bring some passion back into their sex life, but a ploy to get him horny and desperate enough for a release for his daughter to seduce him.
Which, despite how angry and disgusted he was when he came home, was exactly what happened.
And then, later that same day, it happened again after both of them processed the full weight of what happened.
And then, it happened every day, mostly multiple times.
And now, a month later, they were going to the studio where the show was to be filmed, driven in a luxurious limousine, with her massive, bouncing tits right in front of him.
He had to speak. Staring silently at her bare skin and kissable tits, his cock in his pants begging for a release all the while, was unbearable.
"Ah, erhm," he stammered and coughed to get her attention, continuing to speak as her large green eyes locked onto his face "Have you been thinking about, about what we'll see when we'll, well, finally get there? We soon will, you know," he said, mostly to break the awkward atmosphere in the limousine created by the silence from both of them and his continuous ogling of her curvy body.
"What do you think?" she replied teasingly, before shaking her tits with her arms which rested crossed under them, enjoying the effect her body had on him as he blushed and looked away from her "If that's what you're gonna do every time you're gonna see a nice pair of tits, prepare to get your neck broken by the time we'll get here."
"You mean?" he replied instinctively.
"Have you ever read testimonials from people about how auditions for movies and so on go?" she replied with a grin "You'll have some high school star quarterback or prom queen going there for a role of some highly attractive character, sure they'll get it after a lifetime of being lusted after by someone every time they walked into a room, only to find all the chairs in the hallway occupied by people better looking than them. And then, they'll go home, their self-image destroyed after realizing just how ordinary even they were."
"So, you mean?" he asked, unsure of what she was getting at.
"Think about the hottest girl you've ever seen in your college," she said.
"Your mom," he replied, making her chuckle as the way he said it made it sound like an insult. It was clear he was quite used to spitting it out in such a way.
"Yes, Mom," she replied, holding back another chuckle, this time one aroused by the predictableness of his answer "I bet she looked almost unreal back then, didn't she? And that was just the hottest girl out of a few hundred ones. Think about how big of a competition she could face even in a beauty pageant organized by a mid-sized town." she said before her voice suddenly sounded like it dropped half-an-octave and she looked him straight in the eyes "But we aren't going to a casting held by some small town, are we?"
"It is held in a small town, though," he replied sardonically.
"Which doesn't change the fact that it's held by a company which advertised it nationally, all over the country," she replied "If you think chicks who are the hottest out of a thousand are irresistible, get ready to faint after seeing ones who are the hottest out of a hundred thousand and more. Now, I don't think the show itself will have all of the contestants being gorgeous, in fact, I think there will be at least some plain girls and their fathers competing with us if we get in, for balance and to have someone plain-looking people can relate to. But at this stage, before it's decided who gets in and people are there to compete for the spots in the show, expect to see nothing but a sea of tits as big as mine, bodies as curvy as mine, and faces as cute as mine. That's my answer to your question, about what I expect to see, that's the reason why I dolled myself up like this, and that's the reason why you can't take your eyes off of me."
"I get that," he replied, "So, it's all simply about who gets lucky?"
"Well, as I said, I dolled myself up as much as possible, as your little friend noticed by now," she said, making him blush again "So I'm pretty confident we'll get it, the company representatives seemed quite stoked about me. Still, there are gonna be a lot of chicks who look as good as me, so get ready to have problems if this is your reaction to the sight of a young, hot chick."
"Wouldn't be so bad if you, well, you know," he blurted out as his cock felt like ripping through his jeans.
"If I made you cum, right," she said, sounding slightly disappointed.
"Well, yup," he blurted out excitedly.
"I actually hoped your willpower will be stronger, seems like I overestimated you," she said with a sigh before saying "But then, I might've overdone it with this look."
That was, more-or-less, the case. It wasn't that she wore anything outstanding or extravagant, such as any expensive clothes or diamond jewelry, but then, she didn't have to. His daughter was a highly attractive young woman, who didn't need much, if anything, to make sure all eyes in the room were glued at her. So, when she truly made an effort to clean herself up, even a getup that wouldn't do much for an average woman would make her seem eye-poppingly beautiful.
As she repositioned herself to pleasure him and he unzipped his pants and took out his cock so she could do her work on it, he took the chance to check her out once again.
And, considering how little of her skin was covered, there was a lot to check out. His daughter was dressed in a two-piece, all-black dress, consisting of a strapless bandeau top and a short bodycon skirt. What that meant, was that the only thing covering any inch of her skin above her waist was a relatively small piece of black fabric wrapped around her chest which looked like it was going to be ripped apart by her giant juggs any second now, while the only thing covering anything below her waist was a piece of likewise-black fabric that seemed like it avoided the label of a "miniskirt" only because whoever named it was blind.
He saw her try on a lot of different dresses when they were getting ready for the trip, including this one, and he hoped, hoped, she would choose something different. Lots of dresses, corsets, and skirts, mostly black but also red, teal, or tinted white, none of which did much to hide her stunning figure, but all of which hid enough skin for him to control himself in her presence.
But eventually, she simply threw all of them into her suitcase and walked out to meet him in this. And just to twist the knife further, she soon added into the suitcase her thigh-high overknee socks, saying that they "Were too cutesy," and "Didn't really fit the look,", and would be better to wear in the show itself, making sure that there was truly nothing on her that would cover even an inch of her skin more than the bare minimum, and that here would be something his horny mind will be excitedly looking forward to seeing.
Now, it was true that her look wasn't all that outrageous or eye-catching. It was something you could easily see a more-adventurous-than-average woman wear to a nightclub or a similar establishment on a summer night to impress strangers. Something to look at and get hard doing so, sure, but nothing memorable. On his daughter, though, it was something that made her look mouth-wateringly sexy.
And just to go for the kill, she finished her look with red lipstick to make her naturally already red lips even more noticeable, and large hoop earrings, both of them things she knew he loved. Attraction to red lips wasn't exactly unusual among the general male population, thanks to the resemblance they held to a vagina. His love of large hoop earrings, however, was a little less common. He wasn't sure why he loved them so much, though he thought that it was simply because of how much of a feminine piece of jewelry they were. Large hoop earrings hitting the cheeks of their owner while they were busy bobbing their head on a hard cock was a sight only a man being pleasured by a woman could expect to see.
Apart from all of the above-mentioned, she also wore black high heels which looked like they were a part of a French maid's uniform, and a pair of butterfly wings-resembling purple-colored plastic rings on both of her middle fingers.
"Hope you'll enjoy this, this'll have to be quick," she said as she knelt in front of him, staring at the erect cock in front of her face for a few moments before taking it into her mouth. With her soft hands and black nails on his thighs for support, she started sucking it.
He grunted in pleasure the moment her full lips started moving across the length of his cock.
This was going to be very quick. He was already on the verge of cumming, and her mouth had just enveloped his cock. It was simply too much and he had no chance to hold back his orgasm for long. Just staring at her incredible body with his cock straining against his pants was enough to bring him to the edge of cumming, and now that she knelt in front of him with his hard cock in her wet, warm mouth, her half-naked body exposed for him to enjoy looking at, it was a question of a few minutes at most until his salty cum filled her throat.
As he continued to grunt and moan in pleasure, she stepped-up her assault on his cock, going from teasing and playing with it into sucking it like an experienced hooker. Soon, her head bobbed wildly up and down its length, her black hair flowing all over and her large hoop earrings bouncing all over her cheeks.
Further down her body, her massive tits, now just a single bad move away from being completely exposed, were likewise shaking up-and-down to the rhythm of her bobbing head.
As her right hand left his thigh and went between her legs and into her panties to play with her wet pussy, she likewise started to moan with her mouth still enveloping his cock, sending pleasurable vibrations through his cock as she slowed down, switching to working on his cock with her wet, soft tongue instead of wildly and hungrily bobbing all over it.
"Oh yeah, fuck, Selly," he blurted out in between deep, guttural moans, as her tongue twisted, circled, and swirled all over his cockhead.
Slowly, she slid her tightly shut lips off of his cock, freeing his rock-hard tool from her oral grasp with a loud "Pop!" and, as her left hand took over working on his spit-covered cock from her mouth she said, smirking "Enjoying this a lot, aren't you daddy?"
"Gonna cum soon," he blurted out, quite bluntly.
She giggled loudly as she slid her tiny, band-like top down from her large tits, finally freeing them. "Waited for this, haven't you?" she asked cheekily, as she grasped his right hand and brought it on her now-freed tits "Play with them, Daddy, fucking play with them and squeeze them."
"I wanna fuck them," he said as he squeezed her breasts tightly, forcing a loud yelp out of her, followed by a deep moan. Then, he remembered what he wanted to do before she pulled them out "And also, I wanna cum in your mouth."
She just grinned as she looked him in the eyes, knowing what he expected her to do to him. "Well, tha-kyaaah!" she yelped loudly as her answer was cut off by the limousine hitting another deep crack in the road, which sent the whole vehicle into the air for a few milliseconds, and her tits jumping all the way to her face.
For a few moments, he looked at her with a blank, terrified yet strangely dazed look on his face, as if waiting for something to happen.
"That shit almost made me cum already!" he finally said as she looked him in the eyes "Get your mouth there already!"
She breathed out a small sigh of relief when she saw that he was OK, and did as he instructed. For a man with a normal-sized penis and a woman with a pair of average-sized breasts, it would be quite difficult for them to achieve such a position considering how their bodies were positioned.
Luckily for Eric and Selena, this was not the case for them.
Almost immediately after he instructed her to do it, her massive tits were tightly wrapped around his large, hard cock, jerking it dry, while her full lips enveloped his cockhead and her wet, warm, hungry mouth lovingly sucked and slurped on his hard tool.
"Oh fuck!" he cried out as she felt his body stiffen and prepared for the inevitable "I'm cumming!"
And cum he did. Just as he started yelling, Selena's mouth was filled with several spurts of salty, sticky cum, each of which she quickly, dutifully swallowed.
"Oh, fuuuck!" he blurted out in-between loud grunts as she kept on sucking his cock for a few moments after he came, looking for any stray drops of cum that were still hiding there instead of going down her throat.
The feeling of her warm mouth vacuuming his just-emptied, ultra-sensitive cock was completely overwhelming. As she, once again, slowly slid her tightly shut lips off of it, ending with a "Pop!" sound as her mouth finally left his sex, he shook uncontrollably.
"Goddamn Sel," he said, in an annoyed and rather high-pitched voice, "Told you to stop doing that."
She just looked at him with an expression of mild annoyance on her face as she licked her lips slowly a few times, still kneeling before him, her freely hanging breasts just an inch from his deflating cock.
"Goddamn is right, Dad," she said cheekily as she stood up and moved back to her seat "I'm such a bad sister, I deserve to be damned. Yet another batch of my brothers and sisters will never be born, instead being lost forever in my stomach. Truly, I am evil incarnate. Eeeviiil!"
They both laughed softly.
"We," Eric said before the limousine bounced on yet another crack in the road. Her big tits once again jump back and forth, his eyes mirroring their movement.
"Really like what you see, don't you?" she asked when she saw the reaction "Well, you always say those are the best tits in the world. Unfortunately, they'll have to go back to hiding," she said as she started to put her top back into place, covering her chest, however slightly.
"That's not much of a hiding place for them, and you know that," he replied dryly "But, they are the best tits in the world for me, so I'm happy they are ´hidden´ in such a way." he said, making quotation signs in the air with his fingers "Anyway, as I wanted to say, we should soon be there, don't you think?"
"We're almost there," the driver said, stunning Eric who all but forgot about his presence in the vehicle, the shocked expression on her father's face drawing a sharp chuckle from Selena "I'll just find a place to park and that's all. Get your stuff, you're going out." the driver added.
Quickly, Selena moved toward her suitcase which laid near the opposite end of her seat, preparing to get out of the limo as soon as possible. Eric chose a much more relaxed approach, locking his gaze on his suitcase which laid quite close to where he was sitting, preparing himself to take it only when the limo had already stopped.
"We're here," the driver announced a few moments before stopping the car.
Regardless of the different approaches they chose in preparing to leave the vehicle, both of them were, suitcase in hand, out of the limo in a few seconds after it stopped.
"Hah!" she laughed loudly as she looked at the building they were brought to, "Told ya so!"
He looked at the building and chuckled. Just after they boarded the limo, which was sent to pick them up at their home, just something over an hour ago, they had a brief debate over what they can expect when they'll come to the studio building. When they searched for it on the internet, the building looked quite different than what most people would expect from a company preparing for the shooting of a TV show that was going to be broadcast nationally.
In the images they've found, the exterior of the building seemed quite beaten down. Cracked walls, graffiti all over, the whole package. Simply put, the building was a great contender for a stock image of the term "urban decay". It did look ultimately stable beneath the unnerving exterior, but nothing for a multi-million media company to shoot in, or even base itself in.

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