How I accidentally turned my little sister into a slave

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By Nadia Ishmed A game of truth or dare goes wrong and opens up a whole new world for 3 horny teenagers

My mom was once again pulling a double at the hospital, the only time we ever see her is when she comes home for her ONE day off a week. She spends it high on pills, sleeping and fucking random guys she finds on the internet.

I call her mom but all she really does is pay the bills and sometimes not even that, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up to no electricity or my phone cut off because she forgot or didn’t have the money to pay the bill. She stopped taking care of me and my little sister after our father left, getting a job at the hospital she told me “Your sister is your responsibility now that I have to go to work”.

That was that, before I knew it I was taking care of her like I was her mom. It made me resent her secretly, I loved her sure but she took away all the fun I had and could be having. Everyday was spent at school and then taking care of her after. When she got old enough to start taking care of her self I went slack a lot.

At the time I was 15 and she had just turned 10, it was Saturday and I was just hanging with my friends, mom didn’t care what I did anymore she was either to high or tired to care about anything anymore. Anna was sleeping in her room and I was in the living room with my two guy friends Mat and Kyle.

We all liked to drink and smoke, sometimes do coke if one of us has it, living in a trailer park getting drugs was easy for us. I was sitting on the floor doing a line while Mat and Kyle were playing video games. Kyle losses and throws down the remote, “This is boring, let’s do something fun” he says in a whinny tone. “Like what?” I say wiping my nose on my sleeve, “We could play truth or dare?”.

He and Mat laugh while looking at me in a mischievous way, we all have been having sex with each other since we were kids. Weather is was blow jobs, or licking, or even intercourse we were almost always doing something sexual to each other. Before I could answer I heard my little sisters voice say, “I want to play”.

I jumped scared and then turned around swiftly, she was standing in the doorway to the living room rubbing her eyes. “No, Your suppose to be asleep. Go back to your room and fuck off” I say to her but Mat speaks up and says, “Come on let the kid join, it will be fun”. Kyle chimes in saying, “Yeah let her play, I’m bored” in that whinny tone of his.

Not thinking to much into it being high and drunk like I am I looked between their begging faces and at my sister who had the same begging face on as well I gave in. “Ugh fjne, but only if you promise not to tell mom anything” I say to her. “Yes! I promise won’t” she says jumping up and down, running she jumps onto the couch in between Kyle and Mat.

I move the coffee table away from the couch and sat in front of everyone on the floor. Anne sitting Indian style her Nighty had hiked up to her waist so from down here I could see her cotton cover outline of her pussy, glancing at it I tried to avoid looking and concentrate on the game.

“Okay since your new you can start Anne”, Kyle says with a smile at her, she blushes shyly and says “okay!”. Looking at me she says, “Truth or dare?”, I automatically say “dare” out of habit. Usually when we play nobody ever chooses the truth option it’s just a formality then anything. She puts her finger to mouth thinking for a few seconds before Kyle leans over and whispers something into her ear while grinning at me.

She giggles pointing to me she says, “I dare you to crawl around the room like a horse”. I look at Kyle anoyyed, wearing a skirt he knew my ass would show if I crawled around. “Horny fucker” I think and get on my hands and knees, shooting him the bird I start crawling around the living room floor. They all laugh and Anne said, “Your underwear is showing!”.

Before I could respond Mat says, “Thats okay, girls like showing off their painties for guys”. I look at him confused “that was a weird thing to say” I think but keep crawling around. “Okay that’s enough next” Kyle says, I go and sit back down where I was. “Truth or dare?” I say to Kyle, he picks dare as expected.

Now usually this goes very different and I would dare him to do something sexual but since my little sister is here I take it down and say, “I dare you to kiss the dog on the mouth.” I smile at him “Payback for making me crawl around” I explain to his face that has a gross expression on it. As time goes on our dares get more daring and I think because none of us picked truth neither did Anne.

Suddenly things took a change when it was Matt’s 4th turn, he was daring Anne. “I dare you…to kiss your sister” my head whipped around to him giving him a confused and anoyyed look. “A kiss?” Anne said and looked at me. “Yes a long kiss, like mommies and daddies do to eachother” Matt explained grinning.

“Matt, stop it. Shes a kid and my sister” I said and started to get up. “Oh come on it’s a game it’s not like anyone will know right?” Kyle chimed in turning to Anne “You won’t tell anyone about our game right?”. She shook her head no ferociously and got up off the couch. “I don’t know, this is weird” I say to them biting my lip in nervousness.

“She has to do it or she’s out of the game” Anne kneels next to me and says, “Please! I want to keep playing, I won’t tell it’s just a game”. I looked her face and thought for a few seconds, the drugs and alcohol must really be kicking in because before I know it I’m agreeing “It’s just a kiss, what harm is that?”I think, little did I know that kiss would awaken something in me I never knew was hiding in the darkest parts of my mind.

“Fine, go ahead” I say glancing at the guys, they are sitting closer together now intently watching us. I roll my eyes and adjust so I’m facing her, she shyly closes her eyes and puckers her lips leaning towards me. Bring my mouth to hers I peck her on the lips. We pull back and they boys groan, Mat says “No I said a long kiss, Anne you better do it longer or your out of the game”. She gasps and before I can react she leans over and smacks her lips onto mine, almost tackling me.

Surprised I lean back a little but she follows leaning forward even more till she is half way in my lap. Her little hands on my thighs for support, her chest almost touching mine, and her knee was in between my legs rubbing on my panty covered pussy accidentally. Something broke inside of me, be it because of the booze or drugs I don’t know but suddenly i grabbed her face and started kissing her harder.

I moaned slipping my tongue into her mouth full on making out with her. About thirty seconds in she began trying to pull her head back but I kept a firm grip on her face and sucked her tongue into my mouth sucking it and licking it with my tongue. Finally I realized she was trying to pull away and I let her face go, she fell back on her ass hard not expecting me to let go. “Ow! Why did you do that?” I couldnt tell if she was upset about the aggressive kissing I did or her falling either way i apologize saying.

“I’m sorry I was just following the rules it had to be like a mommy and daddy kiss” I glanced at the guys, they were in shock mouth opens and I could tell their dicks we’re hard in their pants. “Oh fuck I just kissed my I made out with my sister and I liked it! What the fuck is wrong with me?” I think my clit is throbbing and I can feel my panties getting wet.

She stares at me for a few seconds and says, “o…okay” getting up hesitantly she gets back on the couch in between the boys. Expect the space between them was smaller this time so they only had a little bit of space between her and them. “Your turn” Kyle says but now he’s looking between me and Anne lustfully, Mat and him both are.

I look at Anne and say, “Truth or dare?” She says, “Dare” as expected. “I dare you to get 12 spankings” I say in a light playful tone. Her eyes got big and she bite her lip, “But..but spankings are for kids!” She declares looking around at us. “It’s part of the game” Kyle says and Mat puts his hands on her shoulders almost like he’s preventing her from running away.

She looks at them seemingly a little afraid and looks at me, I shrug and say “He’s right, you have to do it or you will be out of the game and you won’t be allowed to play with us anymore since you chickened out” I explain nonchalantly like I could careless. She looks down at her hands that are on her lap and says, “Okay”. “Good, you will get 12. 4 from each of us that way it’s fair. Kyle first” I say and get up, taking her hands from her lap I pull her off the couch to stand.

Taking her by the shoulders I guide her next to his knees and legs. Using her shoulders I push her to bend over till she is laying across his legs, her feet starting to come off the floor some. Grabbing the end of her Nighty I pull it upwards till her back and little ass are showing in her white teddy bear panties.

She immediately tries getting up but Kyle puts is hand on her back pushing her back down on he’s legs, “My butt is showing!” She says trying to fight to stand up. “This is how you get spanked, remember mom use to pull down our pants and spank us when we got in trouble? Even our panties, it will be fine my butt was showing too remember?” She turns her head to look at me nervous but stops moving.

Kyle takes his hand and traces it along her little ass, Mat is watching intently and so am I. Quickly he squeezes her left ass cheek roughly, Anne squeals in discomfort but before she can protest he lifts his hand up and swats her on the ass. She gasps and arches her back, squirming to get away.Kyle repeats this process till 4 at this point Anne is softly crying but trying to be a big girl and tough it out.

Kyle picks her up by the waist and gives her to Mat who’s right next to him, putting her over he’s legs he starts rubbing her ass like Kyle. I notice him slipp his hand and rub her pussy slightly she starts protesting but he says it was an accident and starts spanking her. They weren’t as hard as Kyle’s but still stung I bet.

When he was done I practically dragged her over my legs, something had awaken in me that left a burning desire for my little sister. I immediately grabbed a handful of her ass and squeezed, “Fuck her ass feels so bubbly and small” I think and spank it hard once. She jerks on my legs not expecting such a hard hit, “Ow!” She yells and covers her ass with her hands.

Frustrated with her hands in the way I grabbed them and shoved them away from her ass. “Stop it, you will ruin the game” I say in a anoyyed tone and continue to fondle her ass, I spank her again harder and she jerks now crying a little harder and trying to get away from me. I put my hand on her back and shove down so she has no where to go, putting my hand on her butt i trace it down her ass crack to her panty covered pussy and rub it slowly feeling her lips and clit.

“It’s so small” I think already loving the feel of it. Raising my hand I brought it down on her little ass hard twice, enough to leave a huge red mark and some of my finger imprints on her ass. She screamed, bucked and covered her ass up with her hands again. Coming out of the little trance I was in suddenly Kyle says, “Fuck that was hot, let’s play with her” he looks at Mat and Mat shakes his head agreeing.

Both of them suddenly crowding around me and her, “wait what?” I think and pull her into a seated position in my lap arms around her back and her head in my chest. “No you’re not playing with her, she’s a kid” I say my voice shaking knowing I’ve crossed a line and opened things up to this.They look at me confused and say, “Your really going to say that after what you just did to her?”. I gulp knowing they are right but I try anyways, “It was stupid, you know drugs make me horny I just lost myself for a minute that’s all!”.

I’m panicking and Anne is crying into my chest, Kyle reaches into his back pocket and brings out his phone. He unlocks it, does something for a few seconds then turns the screen to face me. There on his phone is 2 pictures that I’ll never forget, the first one is of me and Anne making out.

I have her head in my hands sucking her tongue and she is very obviously trying to pull back and looks scared while I look like I’m in bliss. He scrolls to the second picture, she’s laying over my legs, her little ass out and red from my spanks and crying. I’ve got my left hand on her back I’m raising my right hand back for the last spank with the most evil smile I’ve ever seen on my face. I sit there in shock for second, “I can’t believe that’s me” I think and then realization hits.

Pushing her off of me roughly I stand up grabbing for the phone, “What the actual fuck Kyle! I could go to Prison if someone sees that!”. Meanwhile Mat grabs poor Anne who was taking this opportunity to run to her room, grabbing her by the waist he hoist her up so she can’t run holding on to her she starts screaming but before she can even get a good one out Mat covers her mouth with his hand.

Kyle shoves me away from him and says, “whoa whoa calm down, your right IF someone sees this your going to prison.” Before he can finish I yell, “so will you guys, asshole!!” But Mat speaks up saying, “Well actually we haven’t done anything except spank her, we don’t have photos of us molesting our little sister now do we?” Mat states condescendingly. I stop in my tracks and think, “Fuck ! They’re right, I would get in huge trouble and it would only be me.”

Looking at both of them in desperation I can tell neither of them is going to budge, “Please, we have been bestfriends since we were kids!” I beg tears in my eyes. “Oh come on, we saw how much you loved touching her. Stop the act and let’s get to this, I can barely hold her by myself”. Looking at her, I watch her struggle in Mats arms with her mouth covered, thrashing, kicking, crying and scared I couldn’t NOT admit to myself that my pussy was soaked and somewhere in my mind I wanted this.

“Make up your mind now” Mat said loudly still struggling to keep her contained. “FUCK!” I yelled frustrated that I had to make this decision but in the end I knew I didn’t want to go to prison. “Fine I’ll do it” I say to Kyle tears running down my face for having to condemn my little sister to save myself. Looking at her face I can tell she is shocked and heartbroken to hear my response she even stopped struggling and just stares at me tears running down her face too.

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