How I Became a Cocksucker Pt. 02

tagIncest/TabooHow I Became a Cocksucker Pt. 02

…everyone in this story is 18 or older and in college…
I knew that while I was away at college I'd had fantasies but after sucking my brothers cock and my cousins I knew that I was hooked. I had always fantasized about being a girl and pleasing men so when the chance arose I'm glad I took it. A few minutes after I had serviced my cousin and brother the lights came back on and with it the cheesy porno. It blared loudly and made me jump a little. The two of them went back to watching the porno and I focussed on the box of mags my cousin had brought out. A lot of the mags were just straight porn but some of them were about shambles and sissies. I skipped the straight stuff and took a sissy mag and went back into my cousins room. I'll have to admit that stuff was hot and my little cock twitched as my eyes took in all the pictures of the sissies.
I didn't like the ones who were dressed like little girls but those that were wearing thongs and garters and lingerie really got me aroused. I pulled my jogging pants down and stroked my cock. It looked a lot like the sissies in the magazine. Smaller and thinner like a big clit.
Mine was rock hard and I was super focussed on the pictures when my cousin whistled, "Well look what we have here, a genuine sissy faggot." The words stung just a little bit as I blushed but there was also something else that stirred in me. "So you like all what you see there, baby," he said sweetly. I just nodded and kept my hand around my hard cock.
My brother walked in about that time and looked at my cousin and said, "So you like sissies? It really turns me on too." He strode across the room and pulled my jogging pants completely off. Next he grabbed my shirt and took it off as well.
My cousin walked over to his dresser and dug out some clothing and handed them to me. "I think you will be more comfortable in these," he said as he grabbed me by the hand and took me to the bathroom. "Get dressed you little slut," he hissed and shut the door.
Thoughts just raced through my mind. What had I gotten myself into? I mean I had thought it was hot but now I was a little timid. Especially with my brother and my cousin. I pulled the clothes apart and it was a black thong and thigh highs and a nightie. The fabric felt good in my hand and as I rubbed it over my hairless body it made my body shiver. I got and idea. I grabbed my cousins razor and jumped in the shower quickly and started to clean my self up. I had not facial hair yet except peach fuzz over my top lip and a few stray hairs on my chin. Those were gone quickly. The little bit of hair over my cock was easily shaven away. I shaved my body smooth everywhere.
As I dried off I found some of my aunts body lotion and I rubbed it all over my body. So smooth and clean. I put the thong on and adjusted it. My little cock fit perfect in the pouch and the fabric rubbing against my tight asshole was exhilarating. The thigh highs slipped on nicely and came up to mid thigh and then the nighty. It fell just below my ass and cock and when I looked in the mirror I hardly recognized myself. I looked over and saw my aunts makeup. I applied some lipstick and promised my self that I would learn how to fix myself completely up. I was really nervous but wanted to see what was next.
I looked in the mirror one last time and then opened the bathroom door. I wasn't really expecting to see what I saw next. My brother and cousin were in a 69 on the bed sucking on each others cocks. My cousin obviously knew how to deepthroat as well and he would take my brothers cock all the way to the base and then run his tongue over my brothers balls. I gently cleared my throat and both of the paused and looked at me.
"Can I play too?" I asked sheepishly. They both almost fell off the bed to get to me. My cousin got to me first. He was a good 6 inches taller than me. His wide shoulder and sexy manly chest honestly made my heart rate soar. He pulled me in close.
"Ive fantasized about this for years," he said as he leaned down and kissed me full on the mouth. I didn't know what to do except kiss him back. He grabbed my ass and picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. Our tongues danced together as he walked me over to the bed. He gently laid me down like I was his girl and then ran his hands all over my freshly shaven and smooth body. He smiled and grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke it. He moved up until his cock was at my mouth as he stood beside the bed. I opened my mouth and started to lick his beautiful cock head. 

With a grunt he pushed his cock into my mouth and my whole body shuddered. MMMMM. I wanted to do something I'd seen in a few pornos so I pulled away for just a moment and laid on my back with my head off the edge of the bed. I opened my mouth and he knew what to do. His cock went in and I felt it pop into my throat and his strong sexy hand wrapped around my throat as he started to fuck my face.
MY cock strained against the thong material. I reached down and pulled it to the side and started to stroke my cock. Without any hesitation my brother slid over and took my sissy clit into his mouth and started to give me amazing head.
The spit was building all around my mouth and face but he wasn't stopping any time soon. In fact the lubrication my saliva brought just made him fuck my face more demandingly. My brother pulled my legs apart and spit on my puckered tight asshole. The warmth of the spit made me want more and I didn't have to wait. His tongue started to penetrate my boi pussy. I could feel it loosen and soon enough a finger was pushed in as deep as it could go. My brothers finger piston in and out, in and out. Then he placed two and I could feel everything stretch. I whimpered just a little bit.
My cousin moaned and let out a huge yell, "Im cummmming." He pulled that huge fuckstick of his out of my throat and filled my mouth. Since it was his second time humming you'd think there wasn't as much but he filled my mouth and it started to dribble out on my chin. He pulled his cock out and then kissed me on the mouth and we shared his cum.
My brother stopped fingering my ass and flipped me over. He got up and when he came back I felt something different back there… It wasn't a finger but his cock. He had rubbed lube all over it and was wanting to take my anal virginity. I did everything I could to relax as his head entered my ass. The pain was intense but as he pressed further and further the pain went from sharp to dull then to feeling like I was completely full. A warmth came over me and he started to slowly stroke in and out. When he would go in there was a new sensation, an overwhelmingly pleasurable and good sensation.
His pace was picking up and I knew he wouldn't last long. I looked over and my cousin was stroking his cock and it was starting to harden again. Pure lust was in his eyes. My brother increased his pace again and I felt him tense up and then a huge stream of hot semen flowed into my guts. My body shuddered as he emptied his manhood into me. He pulled out and I thought we were done but my cousin grabbed me and flipped me on my back he put my legs on his shoulders and without any mercy rammed his huge tool balls deep into me.
There was a momentary twinge of pain and then with his huge dick in me I felt pleasure like I never had before. He rammed me deep and with each thrust I became his bitch. His pace quickened and all of a sudden it hit me. My own orgasm. He had been hammering at Amy prostate and soon a flood of my own cum shot out my clit. Ropes of cum splashed onto my tummy and chest and even my face. My orgasm sent him over the edge and he unloaded in my bowels as well. As he pulled his cock out a flood of cum ran out as well.
A set of headlights appeared out the window in the distance. My cousin grabbed me up and there was a mad scramble to get everything cleaned up before my aunt and uncle got there. My brother threw my jogging pants and shirt at me and pushed me into the bathroom. I went ahead and got in the shower as I heard them scramble to clean everything up.
I got dressed and went out to see my aunt and uncle. My asshole throbbing but in a good way. My aunt looked at me almost with a knowing smile and said, "It looks like you had a good day."
I just smiled back sheepishly and muttered, "yes ma'am."
We soon were bedding down for the night. All of us were in my cousins room. My brother and I on the floor and my cousin in his queen sized bed. My brother was already snoring and I was about to drift off to sleep when I felt my cousins hand graze me ass. I wiggled my ass and he pulled at the waist band of the jogging pants. His hand stopped when he felt the string of the thong. I could hear him suck his breath in. I felt strong hands around my waist as he pulled me up onto his bed.
I snuggled up to him and rubbed down his chest and then stroked his now hardening manhood. He was laying on his back as I slipped out of the jogging pants. My ass was still lubricated by all the cum that had been deposited into it so I slowly mounted him and kissed him as I rode him.
I felt the feeling again and knew I was going to cum. My little clitty shot out another load as I felt him tense up and his warm man juice fill my bowels again. We continued to kiss and eventually I feel asleep on top of him. The last thing I remember was his cock sliding out of my ass.

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