How I fucked a women who I got into argument over my meth use

It all started when I showed up to a anti drug council meeting in LA. Let me start off by saying I’m a casual meth user I love to snort fat lines of meth but one day I got invited to this anti drug ceremony by a friend of mine.

I went there early in the morning around 9:00 am. It was boring. People were just conversating among them selves, then we had to take turns speaking about addiction and why drugs are bad. It was my turn to speak on the microphone. I laid it down and spoke what I thought about addiction. I spoke the truth, I said I am not a addict but I like to use meth once every 2 weeks, and I’m a functional meth user.

Then that’s when it all started. All hell broke lose!. People in the crowd saying “get this guy off the stage”. As I walked out of the ceremony a mean angry mature old lady in her 50’s approached me and that’s when it began. She was upset with me and started saying that I was promoting meth.

I told her off and said there are many people who can use meth responsibly. She then replied with anger ” No they can’t and you’re ruining lives by saying that”. I replied – shut the fuck up I smoke meth and love the high it gives me. Then she walked away to her car. As I was going to my car she got out of her car in a hurry and approached me again saying, you know “my ex used to abuse meth”. I replied so what it’s not my fault.

She then told me her long story about how he was abusive towards her. I then said “listen lady I got to go “. She replied saying you are going to rot you’re brain using that stuff.

I replied its not my fault you’re Ex BF abused you, maybe you are just mad at me because you’re Ex Boyfriend wasn’t treating you right.

She then replied – “how dare you say such a thing. I then told her to screw off bitch not my problem anymore. “Are you mad because you have cobwebs” I said.

Then she said, what do you know about cobwebs?.

This turned me on for some reason I don’t know why but I suddenly realized I was talking to a curvy women with a attitude. Then it hit me. I suddenly knew in my head that maybe I should fuck this women I thought. So I replied saying I know allot about cobwebs, I know the reason why a women like you has cobwebs is because you’re pussy is to tight and needs to be loosen up. She then chuckles at me saying ” so you know how to loosen my pussy”.

I then replied saying – yes I do, all it takes is one hit of meth and my cock will grow up to 7 inches enough to separate you’re walls. She Then smirked at me with a half smile and said “so you think you can fuck me better then my ex when you’re high on meth”.

I replied saying I don’t think, I know I can fuck you better then you’re Ex. After I told her that there was a few seconds of silence and then she told me “so you think the meth will make you fuck better?”.

I then said, yes. I can fuck all night and make you forget about you’re Ex.

This is when she suddenly choose my side after all 🙂

She replied saying maybe you can. But how would you know how to hit my spot she said. I then told her- I can make you orgasm with my 28 years old young cock. She started smiling at me saying I bet you can.

This is the moment I know she wants to fuck. So I told her “I can get a hotel for us and we can do 69”. She then said what’s 69?.

I told her 69 is when I eat you’re pussy while you suck on my cock. She was aroused at this point and said “wow that sound relaxing”. Then she giggled and said she was up for the challenge.

Then I said, ok want to meet me at the motel 6 down the street?. She swiftly answered yes. I drove there with sweaty palms and my heart beating knowing I’m about to fuck this women I just got into a argument with.

I arrived at the hotel. She was already parked waiting for me. She then got out of her car and said “so are you going to fuck me high on meth”. I replied yes! That way I will fully clean out you’re cobwebs in that tight pussy of yours.

We Then checked into the motel. We went to the room and out of no where she started taking off her jeans and said are ready to see what my big round ass looks like?. She took off her jeans and panties and turned around. I was amazed and erected once I layed my eyes on her big milf ass. I then pulled out my meth and crushed it with my credit card and snorted a line.

Then after I took off my close and showed her my huge cock. She grabbed it firmly and calmly said “so this is what can my cobwebs go away?”.

I replied Yeah! It sure can.

She Then started kissing my cock working her way up to the tip of my cock. Then she started sucking it. It felt so good hearing her gag. Knowing only a hour prior to this we were arguing. Now she has my cock in her mouth.

Then I told her you want to do 69 now?. She said yes.

We then hopped on the bed and she sat on my face with her big ass. I started eating her small tight pussy as She sucked my cock simultaneously.

Then once that was over I said – can I fuck you now?.

She replied hell yes!.

I shoved my cock in her pussy missionary style. And started fucking her hard as possible. You can hear my balls clap against her ass hole. She was moaning loud saying “keep going, don’t stop I need my cobwebs cleaned out “. I then bent her over and we started fucking doggy style!. 2 Minutes in doggy position I placed my foot on her head while ducking her doggy style. She then started screaming “yes ! Yes!, Dominate me ! Take my pussy”.

At that point I was so horny I pulled out and came all over her big huge ass!. It felt so euphoric! Because I was high on meth.

After we were done ducking she gave me her phone number and I said if she wanted to be fuck buddies for now on?. She replied yes and kissed me on the lips then she left to car.

Fast forward to today. Me and her fuck once a month.

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