How I fucked Judith, our new neighbor | cheating story from Annonymous1h

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When I lived on Oahu in Hawaii, I lived in an apt building near Ala Moana beach. One day I noticed a very petite young blonde who was cute as a button had moved in. She was a living doll. There was a platform in front of her apt that I used to lay on to sunbathe so I went there and was laying out, when she came out of her apt. She smiled and we started talking, and shortly it dawned on me she could see my Cock sticking out under the leg of my swim suit. I raised my knee so more of it was exposed and as we talked I noticed she began to fidget and act nervous. It dawned on me she was really staring at my cock. I asked her for some water and got up, going into her apt with her.She sat opposite me and while she got some water, I pulled more of my cock out so she would see more of it. When she returned I saw her start breathing heavily and staring at my cock. My cock isn’t huge. It’s about 9 inches hard but she really liked it. I decided to be brave and got up and walked over in front of her and bluntly asked her if she liked seeing my cock? She got all flustered and couldn’t answer me clearly. I unzipped my trunks and let them fall,to the ground. Now there she was just inches from my hardening cock. I asked her if she wanted to feel of it. She mumbled something so I took her hand and held it to my cock. Now she came unglued. She said “Don’t make me do it, don’t make me do it. I’m married, please don’t make me do,it.”I pulled her up and moved her over to the bed and pushed her down. Her legs were open slightly so I knelt down between them, lifting up her skirt so I could see her panties. I started saying things like, “Judith is showing another man her sweet married pussy. And look how hot Judith is letting mother man see her married pussy.” She began to moan and kept saying Are you going to make more do it? Over and over, so I told her Yes I am going to make you fuck me.I jerked her panties down exposing her soft sweet pussy and kept telling her things like, Judith likes letting another man see her married pussy. And see how hot Judith is getting letting me see her pussy. She started moaning and saying Don’t make me do,it. I’m married. And don’t touch me there.. so I reached down and started finger fucking her young pussy very fast and hard. She was crying and saying over and over Are you going to make me do it? I said yes you are going to give me your sweet pussy now. I asked her if she liked big cocks like mine and she just moaned louder. I leaned down and kissed her clit and she jumped like she was shot. I kept kissing and licking her clit and it got really hard. I pulled back the hood and closed my lips over her clit and began humming a vibrating tone and she began to,squeal and buck her hips so I stopped and said I really liked ducking her married pussy. I asked her if her husband ate her pussy like that but she just kept moaning, so I raised up and put the head of my cock against her wet pussy lips , rubbing it and saying I am going to,fuck Judithsbsweet married pussy so,good, so,deep,and hard. She kept saying over and over Don’t make me do it. Don’t make me do,it, but she was also,starting to push her pushy against my cock. I pressed and finally with a “plop” I,pulled it back, then pushed harder going in slightly. I told her your pussy is so tight I can’t wait to,fuck it. She pushed up,against my cock as I pressed down and I went in an inch or so. I started gently rocking back and forth saying I am making Judith give me her married pussy and she loves it. She fell back and started to moan and cry out as I,went deeper and deeper into,her young hot pussy. Then I began to really fuck her and as I,fucked her I kept sayin see how Judith likes being fucked by another man? She began to,push her pussy up to meet me as I came down and we fucked each other hard for a few minutes before she cried out and wrapping her legs around me so,tight she started to violently come. Then I made her sit up and we began kissing. Now she really kissed me back and I made her suck my tongue. I told her I wanted her to suck my cock, but she said she had never done that and itbwas dirty etc. I let it go and told her I,wanted her to,play with her pussy while i fucked her. She was hesitant but I put her fingers on her clit and moved them back and forth until she began to play with her self, as she did this I moved her to fuck herself by bouncing up,and down on my cock. She was soon fucking me like a hot little slut and fingering herself hard. Again she cried out and came violently.I rolled her over and opened her ass cheeks. I was really wanting to fuck her ass but thought it might be a bit to,much. Si I started to,rub the head of my cock on her ass hole. She jumped and asked what I was doing so,I said I was going to,fuck her hot little ass hole. She began squirming and trying to get away, but I kept pushing my cock head into,her ass hole. I may have just barely gotten it in and she started to,scream. I held her mouth and told her she had a choice. Suck my cock, or I,would fuck her ass. She began crying again and Said she had never sucked a man off and didn’t know how. So,I,held her hair and put my cock head against her lips. I,told her to,kiss it. She again started to cry saying are you going to make me do,it? I said yes it was her mouth or her ass hole. She slowly opened her mouth and took,part of my cock in. I told her she was doing good and really knew how to suck cock. She began to,suck,it like a pro. It wasn’t two minutes before I knew her virgin mouth could really suck me. I told her I was going to shoot all my come into her mouth and she was to swallow and suck until she had swallowed every drop. I kept pumping come into her and she sucked and swallowed like a pro.We lay there awhile and I told her I would come back from day to,day and she was to,open her legs and give me her pussy whenever I asked her. Over the next weeks, until her and her husband moved, I repeatedly fucked her. Did I,ever fuck her ass? That is a whole story in itself. As with all my stories this really happened. I fucked several,young, pretty wives in that building, so maybe I will tell their story also.

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