How I fucked Judith, our new neighbor pt. 2 | cheating story from Annonymous4

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As the days went by, J. Began to relax and actually seemed to,enjoy me fucking her. She also,seemed to like sucking my cock, but she said she still didn’t suck off her husbands cock. I finally decided I was going to fuck her tight little ass hole. I had her clothes off and had her on her knees at the edge of the bed. I began to open her ass cheeks and tickle her small litttle ass hole. She asked what was I doing so I told her I wanted to fuck her ass. She got a bit nervous and started crying a little. So I told her I would help,her relax. I used a method of hypnosis I knew from China and she was soon under in deep,sleep. I first decided to talk to,her a bit, so Inasked her if she liked me fucking her and she said yes, very much. I asked her other questions but finally asked how she felt about being fucked up the ass? She said she had heard it would hurt etc. so I,went over and over the suggestion that her ass hole would feel,very relaxed and would receive my cock very easily and with no.pain. I brought her back up and as we talked I inserted my finger into her ass hole. She immediately began following the suggestion that it would feel better than anything she had ever experienced. I went over and over this suggestion and then re-inserted my finger. This time she started moaning and saying how incredible it felt, so I inserted a second finger and began finger fucking her ass hole. She humped her back and started pushing her ass back against my fingers yelling it felt wonderful etc.Soon I had my cock balls deep in her hot, tight little ass hole and she was grinding and thrusting her ass back against me. We had a great fuck but I noticed she didn’t climax. I put her under again and asked her about this and she surprised me. She said when her father had spanked her once she had had a climax, which he never knew about.TheRe was another young married girl in the building I had fucked really good, so I asked her to come down to Judith’s with me. I,put them both under quite deeply and decided to try an experiment. I laid N. Down on the bed and removed her panties. I opened her legs exposing her sweet young pussy. I then had Judith get on her knees and gave her the suggestion I was her father and when I spanked her she would have a huge climax.I began to,spank her and as she got hotter I,pushed her face against N’s pussy telling her to suck her really good. At first she pulled back but as I spanked her harder she began to seriously lick Ns pussy lips and was soon sucking her clit really sweetly. While she did this Imgucked Js tight little ass hole going deeper and deeper each thrust. Soon both girls were saying how good it felt etc and I fucked J,hard while spanking her harder. She soon had a roaring climax as did N. I asked N. If she had ever had her pussy sucked by a girl and she said no. She said it felt good so several times after that the three of us met for a spanking good fuck/suck fest.

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